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Date:  July 2008
Location:  Near Bear Lake, Utah
Time:  0200am
Summary:  The witness was at a scout camp and had suffered a concussion while playing around. One night he woke up with a headache and walked outside the tent. He took a few steps and then decided to go on a walk for more fresh air. He walked for a few minutes when he decided to go out to the lake and check if there were any rabbits or squirrels drinking water. He started to walk down the path to the lake, at first he couldn’t see part of it so he went down further, starting to fast walk down to see what was happening, being curious. Much to his surprise, about 200 ft away from the lake, he saw a giant, weird animal, it had legs and feet, but it move in a slither. Its head was that of a lizard and so was the body, but it had some eel-like features to it. Being very excited and scared at the same time, the witness attempted to approach even closer. He must have stepped on something because it suddenly went into the water and swam away.
Source:   Your True Tales, October 2008

Date:  July 2008
Location:  Taua, Ceara, Brazil
Time:  various
Summary:  In a rural area locals asked for police help, scared with sightings of an individual “half man and half wolf” that was stealing sheep and breaking into houses. At the time the police investigated the case, suspect that a gang was using costumes to scare the locals and commit the crimes. Nothing was ever heard of the results of the investigation.
Source:  http://forgetomori.com/2209/skepticism/a-brazilian-werewolf-is-back/

Date:  July 1 2008
Location:  Apple Valley, near Barstow, California
Time:  2215
Summary:  Three witnesses looked up at the sky and watched an abnormally large oval or round shaped flying object. It was very shiny and silvery. Although id did not hover, it did crash. It fell straight down from the sky and burst into flames twice. Yet there is no evidence of a plane or helicopter crash. Shortly after the sighting, two or three local planes were out circling the area in which they had seen the “UFO” crash. When it fell it came in at a 45degree angle then suddenly fell to a complete 180-degree drop. There was no sound and no movement caused from it. There is nothing out in the desert that even implies that an aircraft landed or crashed let along blew up twice.
Source:  HBCC UFO Research http://www.hbccufo.org

Date:  July 5 2008: Holly, Michigan Encounter

Date:  July 8 2008
Location:  Santa Rosa de Quives, Peru
Time:  afternoon
Summary:  A family in an outing in the woods filmed a strange thin humanoid creature lurking behind some brush. It appeared to be walking hunched over and was carrying some type of wand or stick.
Source:  http://naturalplane.blogspot.com

Date: July 9 2008: Glasgow, Scotland Alien Encounter

Date:  July 24 2008
Location:  Holly, Michigan
Time:  0340 am-0400 am
Summary:  As the witness (same witness in previous case) was heading home on I-75 from a friend’s house a strange figure appeared in the ditch right before he approached the Holly Road exit. He couldn’t see the body because the ditch was deep but he did see the head of what appeared to be the long eared Chupacabra type creature he had seen earlier that month. The head appeared to be hopping forward as he was driving so he didn’t get the best look at it. It didn’t react to the vehicle. It hopped a total of three times before the witness passed it going at about 55-60mph. The gray head appeared to have long ears, big eyes and a long face looking downward. The witness stopped the car and veered to the side of the road and backed up to see if the creature was still there, he didn’t see it. There are plenty of trees and bushes in the area.
Source:  http://mufoncms.com

Date:  July 2008

Location. El Yunque, Puerto Rico
Date: July 25 2008
Time: afternoon
William Cruz had spent the day at the famous Caribbean rain forest and had taken several photos of the surroundings. One he returned home he was studying the photos when a friend noted something strange in one of them. He had taken a photo of the waterfall area and in the water they noticed something strange that appeared to be coming out. After zooming the photo to see additional details they noticed what appeared to be a head with disfigured facial features. They could see what appeared to be eyes, a nose a mouth a neck and hair. This area is the site of several other purported photos of anomalous beings and objects. According to the source it could be a simulacra created by a leave in the water.
Source: Andrew Alvarez Chardon PhD and Lucy Guzman

Date:  July 2008

Location. Rural area Georgia, exact location not given
Date: July 25 2008
Time: 0300am
The 18-year old witness and his grandfather were out in the woods in a hunting expedition, walking on a little rocky road heading for a site where his grandfather often sees deer. As normal there were a lot of sounds going on at night in the woods. They ignored most of them and remained quite so not to scare away anything. Suddenly they heard an unusual noise they never heard before on their many hunting trips. His grandfather looked at him and listened. Then he raised his finger in front of his mouth to show him that they shouldn’t make any more movements. He heard a lot of movement and more of the noise. He couldn’t really describe the sounds. They just kept listening to the sounds and suddenly something came walking slowly out of the bushes and onto the road maybe 150 yards in front of them. Both witnesses were amazed at the sight of the creature and did not move. Incredibly they were staring at something that resembled a Raptor from the popular Jurassic park movies. It had a long, stiff tail, walked on two feet and had short arms. It looked lizard-like and had a huge claw on both of his feet and smaller claws on its arms. Since the creature appeared to the witnesses that it could run fast, they decided to just not move at all. It raised its head in the air and it seemed like it smelled the air. The witness estimated its height around 5 feet at the shoulders. After sniffing the air, it made those strange sounds again and turned around and ran off into the bushes. Both witnesses waited until they felt safe again and then quietly made their way back to the truck and drove home.
Source: Your True Tales—April 2009

Date:  July 28 2008
Location:  Plymouth, Minnesota
Time:  around 8:00pm
Summary:   I was sleeping around 8:00pm and I noticed a hum outside of my window. It was the extra terrestrials on their ship aiming to come down to me. They stunned me with a red laser as they flew into my bedroom. The leading extra terrestrial, known as Zorbaq, shot my eyebrow center on my head with a stun laser and it caused me to stay laying down. Then the female lead of extra terrestrial said lets take him to Jupiter. Then a light went in to my window and picked me up with the aliens holding me to go to the bottom of the ship where I was inside a window. They then drove me around the world in less than 2 hours. They showed me some spacecrafts shooting lasers at each other. Then the ship drove me down over a town with big houses that each had a large wall and fence around their yard. The ship slowed down and I said to the extra terrestrials psychically, I want to stay riding on the ship, they said “no, you must get back to the people, we hope we have made you more refreshed and stronger for your position on the planet that you rule.” They laid me down on to my bed and 2 minutes later I woke up fully and gasped for fresh air. I was tired. I told no one about it seeing that they probably would have a hard time contemplating it.
Source:  MUFON

Date: July 28 2008
Location: Houston, Texas
Time: 08:15 pm
Summary: Me and my little sister and my friend was walking to my house.We where at the end of my street when suddenly as we were walking this bright light lit up the area we was in.First we stopped and then we noticed a light shining down onto me and there was a bright blinding white light shining onto me turning everything around us green.My little sister and my friend ran off to my house while I dived into the bush right next to a house I was by.and when I looked up to see where the light came from all I saw was a bright light up in the sky with 4 other lights around it.there was no light,and the lights around the unknown light started to flicker.I looked and suddenly there was sparks all over my body like as if I was a robot with buttons on it and I ran off to my house and till then i haven’t seen anything.
Source: Davenport, Peter 

Date: July 30 2008
Location:  Zenta, Serbia
Time: evening
Summary: Serbian Radio Stations have been flooded by calls from this town where a cluster of cars leaving the town westward have been halted on the road as two craft identical one to the other landed on the road. One was covered in a hazy mist and a blue glow, the other one was more visible and cone-shaped with a flat top. One hovered and a being described as gray-green in color, four foot tall with large black eyes a small mouth and no ears floated to earth to a height of merely one meter and then quickly returned to the craft and both then sped off. Witnesses included two truck drivers, a town manager, and other laborers. The authorities responded to the scene, dispersed the crowd that had gathered. Local police were claiming what was seen was a set of party balloons, however all witnesses say that was out of the question, since the crafts appeared very sophisticated, hummed, glowed and shot upwards. The humanoid figure reportedly moved like a human. One witness, Alexander Petrovic was quoted as saying, “this was the strangest thing I ever saw and cannot accept that it was a balloon.”
Source: http://www.abovetopsecret.com/forum quoting Newspaper Politica, Serbia

Date:  July 2008

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