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Date: 2008
Location:  Lajas, Puerto Rico
Time: various
Summary: A young child reportedly goes to the nearby forest to speak from a “being” from the “moon”. He has apparently done this on several occasions since he was 3 years of age. There is no additional information and the case is still under investigation.
Source: Andrew Alvarez & Ovni Net.com

Date: 2008
Location: La MesaNew Mexico
Time: 0136a
Summary: The witness was lying in his room listening to music when he heard a loud crash. He thought that it was his dog getting out, so he went to the window and he was there in the corner looking at the roof. The witness began to wonder what was up there, so he went outside and looked on the roof and what he saw scared the living hell out of him. He saw what looked like a human hunched over….eating an animal. The creature was only about 3 feet tall. He stared at it, too afraid to move. Then all of the sudden it turned around and the horrifying noise it made still gives the witness chills. He would say it sounded like the vampires from ’30 days of nigh’ mixed with the Bigfoot sound he had heard on television. Finally his fear kicked in and he ran into his house as fast as he could, screaming and locked the door. He heard it leap from the roof and he doesn’t know where it went.
Source: Your True Tales—-July 2009

Date: 2008
Location: Halifax, West Yorkshire, UK 
Summary: My friends and I were enjoying a barbecue around 2008 when a 16 year old noticed strange lights in the sky with absolutely no alcohol in her body whatsoever. The reaction you hear is my friends and I getting excited. Hope it helps spread awareness a little.


Date:  2008

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