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Date: January  2009
Location:  Benton Harbor, Michigan
Time:  9am.
Summary:  The road I was on headed due west towards Lake Michigan before turning north. At the point in which the road turns north, there is a brief elevation increase that allows for a quick view of Lake Michigan. I was about 3/4 mile east of Lake Michigan, it was approximately 9am. I saw a bronze disc rising from the water about 1 mile west of the beach access area of St. Joseph, MI. This disc was HUGE. Massive amounts of water could be seen falling from it. The disc was facing the shoreline during it’s assent. By this I mean, it was like looking at the face of a quarter. The disc then rotated 90 deg. Much like looking at the edge of a quarter. Mid-way through the rotation, a flash of sunlight reflected. The detail was several spherical structures on the surface, equal distant from the center. To this fact I would add, that the geometric proportions of this craft were similar to a quarter. It was very thin as compared to it’s diameter. After completing the 90 deg. rotation, (now looking at the edge) the craft hovered for a second looking like a black line in the sky, then accelerated roughly due north at a very high rate of speed, it was gone in 2 sec. The whole event was over in 8-10 seconds. 
Source:  UFO.net

Date: January 1 2009: Southampton England Sighting

Date: January 3 2009
Location: New Paris, Ohio
Time: 2026
Summary: The witness (possibly involved in other encounters) was about ready for bed, letting his dog “Dudley” out for an evening walk. The dog then began barking and used his tail to cover his genitals in fear as he cowered behind the witness. The witness suddenly felt what he would describe as an extreme static charge in the air that seemed to cause droplets of dew to quickly evaporate. Even the frost on the ground turned to steam and he could fee intense heat. This quickly turned his attention towards the tree line in front of him as he heard the same high pitch sound, only this time much more painful. He dropped to his knees and noticed blood dripping from his nose onto the ground. This came to a sudden stop as a warm intense blue/gray light surrounded his body and seemed to have a heavy weight on his back, pushing him to his stomach and making his face lie on the blood from his nose. He woke up shivering and nude in his bed nearly six hours later. “Dudley” seems to have been scared and barking all day. He wouldn’t eat and wouldn’t let the witness touch him. He found scratches on his nose and suffered from migraines all day. During the night he heard the following thoughts in his head, “its ok we are scientists, you will feel pain shortly, and think of it as a study.”
Source: NUFORC

Date: January 7 2009
Location: Al Qasim region, Saudi Arabia
Time: evening
Summary:  Arabic language forums are abuzz with Saudi citizens claiming to have witnessed what is even being described by some in the normally conservative Saudi Arabian press as a possible UFO either crashing to earth or simply executing maneuvers designed to scare humans. Others are claiming the object was an asteroid or a satellite. Witnesses are reported to be waiting for an explanation from local meteorological bureau’s but have received no answers yet.
On Wednesday 7th of January after evening prayers a large noise was heard in the sky followed by the sighting of an intense large light heading from the west above a region east of the capital of Riyadh. Many locals had seen meteors prior to this but claimed this one did not fit the description at all: it was a blue green color and was shooting out green lasers (flashes?). One witness, Khalid, commented, ‘No one has ever seen anything like it’. Amazingly for an incident that hasn’t even made the news in the West it was seen as far away as Kuwait. Locals in the region where the object appeared to be heading claim they heard an explosion and felt a large tremor indicating that the object crashed. The Saudi government has not released information regarding the crash site but is reported to have sealed the area.
Source: www.allnewsweb.com in: http://www.abovetopsecret.com

Date: January 9 2009
Location: Near Chinle, Arizona
Time: night
Summary: Rangers from the Navajo Nation Department of Resource Enforcement reported that a Navajo elderly couple and a girl saw a UFO land near their house in a rural area northeast of town. According to the ranger, the occupants of the object went up to the residence and used what looked like flashlights to look around the house and the outhouse before leaving. An area of flattened grass was reportedly found at the site of the landing. Navajo Nation rangers have yet to interview the witnesses for additional details. No other information.
Source: http://mufoncms.com

Date: January 10 2009
Location: Rocklin, California
Time: 0100 am
Summary:  The 21-year old witness had stepped outside his backyard to smoke a cigarette and let his 65 pound pit-bull go to the bathroom. It was dark outside and there were no lights on in or outside the house. However the moon was rather full so he could somewhat see his surroundings. He was staring up at the moon which was in the westward direction and his dog was at the fence also in the west side of the yard. He was about halfway through his cigarette when he had the feeling that someone was watching him from behind. When he turned around he saw the outline of what appeared to be a person standing by the corner of his house near the fence and he/she seemed to be facing the witness. Immediately the figure started to run away from the house towards the back of the property (only about a 15 to 20 foot distance), when the witness dog heard its footsteps it ran towards it. Thinking that he was dealing with a trespasser he ran back into the house through the sliding glass door but left the door open so he could attempt to call his dog inside fearing for his safety. As soon as his dog reached the figure, it flew straight up into the air at a height of approximately 10 feet and then flew directly to the far back edge of the property and either landed on the fence or hovered directly over it for about 2 minutes. The witness could see the outline of what appeared to be wings or some type of a cloak. The witness was too scared to let go of the door in fear that the figure would come towards him. After a minute the witness realized that he could turn the outside backyard light on so he did. As he did he could barely see the figure as it went over the fence. His dog continued to paw at the fence as he called for him to come inside. After about a minute of calling the dog came inside and the witness went directly upstairs to wake his girlfriend and tell her what had occurred.
Source: http://mufoncms.com

Date:  January 10 2009
Location: Grimsby England
Time: 19:00
Summary: bright orange light like a fire in the sky took my camera to take picture it was low at first when i went to my backyard it had gain height immensely took 2 snaps then zoomed in o my camera not sure what it is but it looks good would like to no what you thing am no expert thank you
Source: National UFO Reporting Center

UFO_867Date: January 10 2009
Location:  San Diego

UFO_866Date: January 22 2009
Location:  Cordoba, Argentina

Date: January 23 2009
Location:  Clevedon, Somerset, England
Time:  before midnight
Summary:   A UFO has crashed at a local primary school—giving the clearest sign yet that aliens do exist. The object, described by witnesses as an alien spacecraft, crashed on the playing fields at Yeo Moor Junior School shortly before midnight on Wednesday. It then took off again, but as well as leaving a trail of debris behind, footprints were also found. Police are not confirming what it is but a crime scene investigator exclusively told the newspapers “he had never seen anything like it before” and that in his opinion it appeared to be alien. Mrs. Symes of Baytree Road said she was walking her dog about 2300 on Wednesday when she heard “an amazing noise”. She said “Initially I thought it was an aircraft having trouble, and then I spotted this strange-looking rocket type machine falling to the ground.” It crashed at the school and there was a huge explosion. Her dog was going berserk and she suddenly felt very frightened so she ran home and immediately called the police. “When I was on the phone I heard engines start again and saw the rocket take off and disappear within seconds”. The police cordoned off the school field.
Source:  www.thisissomerset.co.uk

Date: January  2009

 Location. Sao Sepe, Rio Grande do Sul, Brazil
Date: January 28 2009
Time: night
Summary: According to police, 20-year old Kelly Martins Becker claims to have been attacked during the night by an “animal” that looked like a big dog that was standing on its back feet and walked as if it were a man. According to the complaint the creature scratched the face and arms of the victim. The policed informed that Kelly underwent medical examination, where the wounds were confirmed.
Source: http://forgetomori.com/2009/skeptcicism/a-brazilian-werewolf-is-back/

Date: January  28 2009
Location:  Eastern Georgia (USA), exact location not giv
Time:  2200
Summary:  The main witness was driving with his girlfriend and was just about to pull on her road when he saw in the trees something that almost looked like a bird. It was 2.1 meters long, and about as thick as a good sized tree trunk. It was maybe 20 feet off the ground and moving away from a tree, it looked brown and almost feathery. The witness had lived in these parts his whole life and has seen every type of known bird that lived in the area, but was convinced that what he was looking at was not a bird. It was huge, far too big to be a bird. He thought out loud to himself when he saw it and his girlfriend asked him what had he seen, he blinked and said nothing and there was no sign of the creature, just the calm swaying of the tree branches. After he dropped his girlfriend off he had to drive by the area again so he figured he’d see if he could spot anything. He only found a good size pile of branches on the ground right under where he had seen the creature.
Source:  http://forums.about.com

UFO_868Date: January 31 2009
Location:  Guerilla Bay, Australia

Date: January  2009

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