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Date: August 1 2010
Location: Munich (Germany
Summary: Object was very light and seen with blue skies and bright sunlight. I guess the distance was 5 to 8 km above ground. First I thought it was a plane but the object stopped, made a circle and then turned in another direction with incredible speed.  Duration: 30 seconds
Source: National UFO Reporting Center

Date: August 2 2010
Location: Lacombe (Canada), AB
Time:  1:50
Summary: Driving home in a clear night when sudden flash of blue light which was followed by a long line of a blue streak across the sky and stayed there for a couple of seconds Duration: 10 seconds
Source: National UFO Reporting Center

Date:  August 3 2010  
Location:  Nebraska
Time:  2:30 – 45am
Summary:  On August 3rd of 2010 me and my buddy left for Vegas from NJ. Driving thru Nebraska we have stopped at nite to look at the Sky’s it was about 2am. About 30-45 min later I have mention to my friend while driving about 80 mph what is that way back behind us about 5-10<15 miles away (cant tell since it was very dark and only us on the road at this time) back with a huge bright light going towards us ” is this a bike , what is it? its going to hit us its going super fast !!!! ” We both look at it and it seem to us like we were standing still while the other object was moving at speeds that our way beyond driving of any objects i have and him ever seen. I even mentioned please pinch me and tell me maybe I am just tired and maybe need to pull over … He replied no i see same shit man …. this object pulled at super speed towards our car within a 1-2 foot distance VERY CLOSE!!! We didn’t what to do at this moment…we looked thru the mirrors since the car was packed and the light brightened up the whole car (98 clk 320) and we could see the reflecting light bouncing back the sides of the object about 3 feet or more to each side..This object was following us for about 30sec within 2 feet away . It disappeared behind us by dimming the light out completely and just disappeared . We pulled over in 5min later shaking and scared to sleep for the nite in 5 disbelieved what happened that nite and till today have a hard time understanding it. I would never ever drive thru Nebraska at nite again!!!!
Source:  UFO.Net

Date: August 3 2010
Location: Toronto Canada
Time: 15:00
Summary: i am living in Toronto (Canada)last week i was in my backyard,at 3:00 pm and for fun, i took a picture of sunny, clear sky and i became shocked by looking at my picture. I had taken a very clear picture of a classic shape of UFO with very clear blueish wings light traveling from South to East. (i have two pictures) According to the distance and the size of the shape, i believe was a huge one
Source: National UFO Reporting Center

Date: August 4 2010
Location: Edmonton (Canada), AB
Time: 01:40
Summary: Standing looking at Northern lights from CME on Aug 1/10. Observing Venus, Saturn, Mars triangle formation to the east when I looked directly overhead and saw 5 small lights (slightly more luminous than the stars) in rectangle formation moving to the east. I thought…”What the hell kind of plane is that?”…..when they suddenly broke formation, moved around one another for a quick second, like they were jockeying for position, and formed a triangle. They jockeyed again to form a circle, back to a triangle, a straight line North to South, back to a triangle…..all while travelling East. Approx. 20 sec from when I first saw them…they had moved out of eye view. No sound at all. Best guesstimate of altitude….possibly ISS altitude or less. Duration:Flyby approx 20 sec.
Source: National UFO Reporting Center

Date: August 4 2010
Time: 23:00
Summary: Stationary, pulsating beam of green light from cloud to open ground. It was dark and the sky had hazy cloud. We were walking by the lake in a suburban setting and noticed a semi-translucent beam of green light coming straight down from the clouds, stationary and flashing on and off on a cycle of about 3 seconds. The beam was too wide (6 inches perhaps) to be a joker with a laser, and anyway it could be seen in front of the houses at a point on the ground. There was no sound of a helicopter or any other craft. We have often seen police helicopters over the district with their white searchlights, quite different from this event. Also, their engines make a loud noise overhead. I was with my gran, who is very sceptical about such things, but she was frightened by this, and wanted to get away. She described the clouds as having a strange two-dimensional appearance, with the one emitting the beam being dome-shaped. The beam went off suddenly and nothing occurred since. My gran is very straight-laced, so to see her so affected is a measure of the strangeness of the event.

Date: August 7 2010
Location: Hillsboro, Illinois
Time: 02:20
Summary: I went to bed at 12:45 am. Awoke at 2;20 am. pain in Right Lower Leg. Itching and burning deep in my leg. Part of my leg bone was missing, 4-5 inches long, 1/4 inches deep, and appx 1/2- 3/4 wide. Plus in this area was a hole going into the bone about1/2 -5/8 wide and deep. Photos are taken. Skin is not broken and there is no blood. Skin is Discolored, similar to brownish stretch mark. 2 witnesses to this mark and depression in leg bone. wrote a few notes and had 2 witnesses w/ me at time next incident happened, Approx 25- 30 mins of missing time, and then bone started to regrow. Memories of incident then flooded my mind. Blackish Grey Insect like creatures had had me under their control. I was questioned about when I was going to chicago many times. I would not answer. I was struggled to be free of this control. I was Bitten Or had medical procedure done. I have more documentation on this event. I have undeveloped film showing muscle mass loss and bone depression. Any help Plz?
Source: Davenport, Peter 

Date: August 7 2010
Location: North Kenai (Daniels Lake; east end), AK
Time: 00:30
Summary: Around 0:30 began seeing flickering flashlight type light through leaves of trees. The lights were initially low behind the tree line and observed through the trees. After about 20 minutes the flickering light rose above tree line into a clearing and there it appeared more like a super bright white star. The light floated side to side up and down and gradually worked more southern but worked a range north to south while gradually fading west. It was visible for at least an hour. Sometimes moving down and disappearing for 5 minute and then returning. During the last 10 minutes of watching, a second bright star like floating object jetted toward the original and then quickly shot north west like a shooting star in speed. The original object was slow and bounced in the sky much like someone moving a flashlight across a ceiling. We checked for reflections. The window was open on our home and there were no reflections. There was no noise and the sky was clear. Normal star patterns were seen in the sky that were not moving. The object was not moving fast enough to be helicopter nor airplane. We watched from the blackness of our open bedroom window until the object seemed to fade away. The object was star like in appearance but brighter and resembled a bright white round ball that had occasional bright white beams flickering like a super shiney flickering diamond. (Star-like, diamond-like object hoovering over treeline.)

Date: August 7 2010
Location: Larkhall, UK/Scotland
Time: 22:00
Summary: I had been returning to my home by car (approx. 10.00pm) and spotted a spherical orange light moving from right to left (south to north) high in the sky above Larkhall (Scotland), moving at what looked like the speed of an aircraft on it’s landing approach speed and moving continuously. As the object passed from right to left the colour dimmed and then disappeared. Moments later a commercial aircraft on the normal flight path into Glasgow Airport (Scotland) passed overhead. Given that the two literally crisscrossed each other, I’d be amazed if the flight crew of the aircraft didn’t see the orange light I saw as it would have been passing left to right from their point of view. I stopped my vehicle and spoke to another car driver parked outside a shop. I asked if he could see the light I’d seen, and he confirmed he had. I returned to my car and drove about 300-yards to my home and I then stood outside my home and looked to see if I could spot the light again. Minutes later a light appeared , again going in a south to north direction. Once again the light passed to my left (northwards) the light dimmed then disappeared. I waited for about five minutes, searching the sky from horizon to horizon and suddenly I saw two orange lights, one following the other some distance apart but both going in the same direction high in the sky, south to north (right to left from my viewpoint), again as they reached the left of me (north) the lights faded then dimmed to nothing. This fading convinces me that the light was shining at the front of the object and I could see no light from the rear of any of them. These lights made no noise I was aware of and the weather conditions were clear in a bright sky with no wind. I have no idea what I saw but I’m convinced these were not these floating Chinese lanterns I’ve read about recently, nor were they any recognisable aircraft.

Date: August 8 2010
Location: Brisbane, Queensland, Australia
Time: 00:00
Summary: The witness had gone to bed around 11pm and sometime later was woken up by three creatures in a brightly lit egg-shaped room; the light was coming out of the walls, ceiling and floor which emitted a soft luminous glow. They were ‘speaking’ to him as they woke him before he opened his eyes, so that he might not be afraid, they said, “do not be afraid of scared, we love you and care for you” in gentle penetrating words that echoed in his head and strangely enough not in his ears. The creatures introduced themselves as, “one, two and three” one was on his left, two was behind the top of his head behind him and three was standing to his right. When he opened his eyes, he was shocked, yet there was a strange familiarity with them, as if they had ‘known him all his life’. He was naked (he wears pajamas to bed) felt dazed, even drunk (yet he doesn’t drink) and went to sit up and ‘two’ placed its huge hand underneath his neck and back to help support me, they were chatting incessantly using telepathy yet he could hear them talking in clicks & pops, 54 sort of like crickets chirping but quicker and more complex and meaningful. They said they were looking for signs of tampering on a genetic & physical level (by whom?) ‘three’ had a device in his hand and starting at his right foot he brought the hand held device up his right leg about ten cm as he watched the screen so that he could see it too. ‘Three’ flicked through the different resolutions so the witness could see the bone and muscle tissue or just the nerves & vascular. The beings reminded the witness of ‘ants’. Their deep dark eyes, their tiny noses & mouths, their powdery white skin that reminded him of the roughness yet smoothness of shark skin. They were tall & thin, yet strong. The witness was about to ask where he was when the walls, ceiling and floor changed to match his thoughts just like it was projected somehow from outside the craft and he could see that they were high over his suburb and he could see the blue cross on top of the church up on a hill he lived at the foot of. He could see all of the city lights below twinkling like a million candles. He is convinced that these particular aliens would never hurt humans. He later woke up late for college by almost three hours and he could not help but realize that it hadn’t been like any dream he ever had.
Source: Rosales, Albert

Date:  August 8 2010  
Location: Ash surrey
Time:  10:00pm approx
Summary:  I was in my back garden and saw a low flying saucer but it was still for about 2 mins and then it lit up like a fair ground going all different colours around the side and then shot off flashing all sorts of colours until it went past the last highest star in the sky and disappeared, why don’t the government just tell the people the truth ?????
Source:  www.uk-ufo.co.uk

Date: August 11 2010
Location: Midlothian, Illinois
Time: 15:6 
Summary: The main witness and her boyfriend were playing pool in her basement. They had started another game and she had just lit up a cigarette. Both suddenly felt a “flicker.” They awoke in the same position by the pool table except that the cigarette was gone and no lighted cigarettes were found. The boyfriend said that he saw a flash of light and then a “time lapse.” He thought that around 15 minutes of time was missing.
Source: Rosales, Albert

Date: August 14 2010
Location: Glasgow, UK/Scotland
Time: 22:20
Summary: live in the north east of Glasgow Lanarkshire Scotland. On the 8th.of August 2010 I looked out of my window and saw in the sky, a light, travelling in a SE. to NW. direction. I went outside and looked up at the light, it was red to orange in colour and in a figure of eight configuration with the two balls of the eight off set. I watched this light and when it was almost directly overhead it slowed, stopped, then faded into two little white dots, and disappeared. I realised that what looked like a single figure of eight shaped light was actually two separate round red lights. On the 14th.of Aug, my wife and I saw a red ball of light come over the Campsie Fells (which are 10 miles distant to the north) and fly towards us in a N. to S. direction. When at a distance of approximately one quarter of a mile to our left it slowed, stopped, then disappeared. About 30 seconds later another red light appeared over the Campsie Fells and travelled towards us, it slowed then stopped at exactly the same spot as did the first. This went on at very regular intervals for some time, red lights travelling towards us, stopping and then disappearing. Although I didn’t time them, the lights took about one and a half minutes to travel the 10miles from the Campsie Fells. Later that night I looked over towards the Kilsyth Hills which are really a continuation of the Campsie fells and saw a red light, then another come over these hills and disappear at some distance from us. There is no way these lights could be Chinese lanterns. They travelled at speed in the same trajectory, stopped, then disappeared in exactly the same place. On the 17th.of August we saw two more red lights travelling in a NW. to SE. direction then disappear.
Source: National UFO Reporting Center

Date: August 15 2010
Location: Sharjah, United Arab Emirates
Time: 03:34
Summary: My brother-in-law, family and i were at our rooftop yesterday when my neice noticed something strange in the sky. Looked at me like an aircraft flying very fast but when i noticed it for more than 3 seconds, it wasn’t only going in one direction. It was like, going left, right, going far away and then coming closer, looked like a bulb in the sky playing around. i could only see a light… it was too far off for me to notice if there is any craft. ONLY LIGHTS … dull bluish white light. Almost like a star… It kept going left, right, up and down for about 10-15 seconds approx and then it was joined by another 3 lights, all lined up horizontally and they shot up in the sky all of the sudden. Very strange.
Source: National UFO Reporting Center

Date: August 19 2010
Location: Dallas, Texas
Time: 05:00
Summary: A 47-year old nurse reported that her 58-year old spouse woke up feeling short of breath and his blood pressure was elevated…nothing new for he has been going through some cardiac issues for some time now. Nonetheless, she snuggled up to him, reassured him that he was going to be fine and they fell asleep. At 5am she remembers waking up to a strange sound with this green light coming in through the bedroom window. She sat up in bed and reached over to her husband and asked him “What the f…. is that? He then jumped out of bed and walked out of the bedroom, she thinks to the living room, but she thinks he actually opened the back door to take a better look. Then ‘something’ encouraged her to go to the window. She pulled the curtains back to look and there was a strange short creature/being staring right at her. it was not like the classical ‘grays’ she often saw in moves and other media. This being had a dark-like skin of sort and large dark eyes. Terrified the witness raised her hand and waved at it, saying “Hi”. It just stared, she then spoke to it and told it that it shouldn’t be here that people/humans would be afraid and might shoot it. All of the sudden, she found herself on a weird contraption sort of caged in, not tied, there were strange noises in her mind and some pain. She could move her arms but not the rest of her body. She then “saw” numerous images racing through her mind. Apparently images of past life events. Then everything changed, and she heard a horrible high-pitched sound in her head, and a hand is trying to get a hold of her head and something is trying to place an object on the back of her head. And every time the object touched the back of her head, she would hear the high pitched noise and feel pressure in her head. She 56 then awoke lying on her bed in a fetal position scared to death. She didn’t want to move, unsure if she had experienced a bizarre dream or not. At the same time her husband woke up again short of breath and told her that he had experienced a strange ‘dream’ that there had been a presence of two aliens behind him, and that they had been pulling something resembling a fishing line from his abdomen. The main witness reported later having strange dreams about random numbers.
Source:  Rosales, Albert 

Date: August 21 2010
Location: Basel, Switzerland
Time: 17:45
Summary: On this day, the 21st of August, 2010, I and three other people witnessed a formation of between 3 and five bright objects in the sky over Basel, Switzerland. I made the initial sighting while walking my neighbour’s dog in the park behind my house, seeing 4 intensely bright white objects high in the sky to the south of my location. Initially I dismissed the objects as airplanes as Switzerland lying at the crossroads of Europe sees lots of air traffic. My initial assessment was deemed incorrect on the basis of other aircraft moving across the sky at altitudes that made it clear that they were indeed aircraft (shape, contrails, speed of movement). The four objects remained almost motionless, until I witnessed a smaller and less bright object break or drop away from one of the objects. At this point (after five minutes of viewing) I determined it necessary to gather other witnesses. I went into my house and asked my girlfriend to come outside with me, and to bring a camera. When we returned outside, the 4 objects were now 3 and we watched them for approximately 10 more minutes before going inside to look for another camera with! a telephoto lens. The objects moved slowly, and were hard to see against the brightness of the clear summer sky, often fading into the blue back ground and then returning with intensity in a new location making it difficult to judge their exact location. The objects moved closer to each other over time, one after the other, never at the same time. I stopped two other passing strangers to confirm that they could also see the objects, which after a moment of searching (again, bright white objects on a bright blue sky) they found and confirmed. At this point my girlfriend and myself went inside to look for my camera and telephoto lens. Upon returning outside the objects had vanished.
Source: National UFO Reporting Center

Date: August 21 2010
Location: Sanger, California
Time: 22:00
Summary: A triangle-shaped craft reportedly crash landed on a mountainside in Sanger, California (just outside Fresno) on the night of August 21 2010.… A triangle-shaped craft reportedly crash landed on a mountainside in Sanger, California (just outside Fresno) on the night of August 21 2010. A family who observed the “hard landing” reported the incident to California Mutual UFO Network (MUFON) state section director Jeffrey Gonzalez. According to Gonzalez, while taking the phone report, he heard a woman in the background say, “It’s trying to take off, It’s trying to lift!” The witnesses claim that the downed craft ascended 30 to 40 feet trying to take off again, but was unsuccessful. The crash site is private and inaccessible from public roads, which prevented MUFON investigators from reaching the area, but unmarked vehicles allegedly managed to swarm the scene shortly after the incident. From a public vantage point, Gonzalez reported seeing something resembling an arc welding light coming from the crash site during the evening, which led him to believe that the individuals who arrived in the unmarked vehicles were either attempting to repair the craft or dismantle it. The following morning, Gonzalez was able to see scorch marks on the ground, and surprisingly, the craft was still there. He supposedly has video footage of the crash site and the “stingray-shaped” craft, as he described it, and will make the video available after it has been processed. According to Gonzalez the videos are being transferred to his computer, but are taking longer than usual because the camera he used doesn’t have a digital output. The witnesses have called Gonzalez in the past, and they apparently see frequent UFO activity in their area. (A video posted on YouTube shows a triangle shaped craft flying over Sanger, the day after the craft). Additional information on the above intriguing case indicates that the main witness, “Justin” and his wife and mother had gone outside to see on the side of the mountain what appeared to be a triangle shaped object sitting on the side of the mountain. He said it had white lights on each corner and a bright light underneath in the center with some blue and red lights on the sides. He said the shape was definitely a triangle. After observing it for a couple of minutes, he said the craft lifted up about 30 to 40 feet as it was trying to take off but could not and the craft again fell to the ground. It attempted to lift off again with no luck and again the craft slammed back down. It did not try to take off anymore. He even said it looked like the craft was damaged on one side. After a few minutes went by, the 3 witnesses started to see vehicles—cars and trucks—arrive at the scene. These vehicles came from over the mountain and from below. He said they just came out of nowhere. He did not know if they were military or not. By this time it was dark and they see the vehicle’s headlights on the hill and what he says are helicopters flying overhead…but he wasn’t sure. By the time Gonzalez arrived he could only see 3 lights on the hill. At around 2300 he began to videotape other vehicles coming to the site, and on a couple of occasions captured very bright blue flashes of light coming from the area. Gonzalez stayed in the area all night and claims that in the morning around 5:45 he was able to see what appeared to be a bunch of pine-trees and what seemed to be a house, and then he noticed what looked to him to be a gray or metallic object lying right in front of that house. He said he tried to zoom up but it was still too far away. It was hard to tell the shape of the craft but it eventually it starting taking the shape of a triangle or sting ray in Gonzalez’s eyes. (Additional information is still pending on this alleged incident)
Source: Rosales, Albert 

Date: August 26 2010  
Location: South Greensburg, Pennsylvania
Time:  20:10
Summary: There was a sighting of a monstrous bird in South Greensburg just as it was getting dark, four people were sitting around in the yard having a barbecue and enjoying the beautiful weather when suddenly, their attention was drawn skyward by a sound like a “swish” or a “swoosh” or as one witness stated, “like the air coming straight down.”
Several of the observers at almost the same time yelled out some exclamations including one man who said, “What the hell is that?” They were all startled to see a tremendously large bird that was flying over a tree in the yard about 30-40 feet overhead. The man who was going the cooking turned and looked up to see the creature fly above him at a distance of about 40 feet away. As the bird passed the tree, it veered slightly to the right and went straight down the road ahead maintaining its low level path. When first observed the massive wings of the creature were in an upward position and were beginning to drop slowly, almost as if they were rolling to the bottom. The swoosh sound could be heard when the wings were moving. The powerful bird had flown about 125 yards down the road, at which time the wings were coming back up. The creature was observed as it continued to move steadily down the road, passing just above the roof top of a house with its wings flapping slowly and steadily about 3-4 times until it reached a group of trees about ¼ miles away, where it was lost from sight. It took about 20 seconds to go the ¼ mile distance.
As it passed over, it appeared as though it was peering below, with its head and beak positioned downward. It was estimated that if the bird was on the ground it would stand between 4 ½ to 5 feet tall. The entire body was the same dark color, either darkish brown or black. The body width was about 25-30 inches wide. One witness said the body, “was very bulky and husky.” The head was oval shaped, and the beak was short for the size of the animal, about 8-10 inches long. The tail was about 2 feet long and came out wide to a point. It was the size of the wingspan of the creature that impressed the witnesses which they estimated at 10 feet or more in length. When asked why nobody thought to take a picture, they pointed out that while there were cell phones lying there with camera functions, all involved were mesmerized by the encounter. One witness felt as if he was almost ‘in shock’.
It was later learned that another witness who lied along the road where the big bird flew over also reportedly saw the creature. One witness has been a long time hunter and is very familiar with birds native to the state and is certain that he saw something quite unusual. The area where these observations have taken place, while surrounded with some wooded locations, is well populated, and nearby Route 119 is a highly traveled roadway.
Source:Stan Gordon, paufo@comcast.net  

Date:  August 29 2010  
Location:  Alexandria, Virginia
Time:  night
Summary:  Shape(s) of UFO(s): squarish Size(s) of UFO(s): twice as big as a star Color(s) of UFO(s): grayish with lights Number of UFO(s): 4 or 3 Direction of Travel for UFO(s): east Other Known Object(s) (For possible reference, or contrast): trees Further Description of Sighting: i was staying up late i started to see blue lights flashing out of my window and i saw this object with red and green lights travel it soon disappeared in trees i was like what the and i kept staring and another one appeared this one was slightly bigger and it again disappeared into the trees and then another one appeared and this one came towards my house and it got bigger and bigger and i was scared so i got out the window this one was the size of a huge moon then i look out all my windows it was not there
Source:  UFO.net

Date: August 30 2010  
Location: Lee’s Summit, Missouri
Time: 22:50
Summary: A witness had initially woken up at 3:00 a.m. because his dog was acting strangely. The animal was growling and smelling around the bedroom. So the witness thought that it needed to “use the bathroom”. He went outside and smoked a cigarette while his dog went into the yard. He was looking up at the sky trying to find the moon and he saw a large blue light. At first he thought it was an airplane, but then it started moving closer toward his yard and he saw two other blue lights with all three forming the shape of a triangle all moving together toward his yard. He kept looking to see what it was then got scared and decided maybe he should go back inside so he called his dog and went inside. Later on that night around 2255 the witness went to let his dog out again. He was acting strange again. He smoked a cigarette looking at the sky and once again there was the big blue light, but a little bit farther to the side of where it was the first time. This time he only saw two blue lights and he was looking at them trying to see what they were. The next thing he knew he was looking down at the ground had no cigarette in his hand anymore and he got up to looked for his dog which acted as if he had “seen a ghost”. He started growling and smelling toward where the light was, but the light was already gone. He went inside and it was now midnight. He doesn’t know what happened between the hour he was outside and does not remember. A couple of months before his brother told him about a weird shaped light outside his window, but nobody believed him. (10). (Missing time perhaps an abduction event?)
Source: Rosales, Albert 

Date:  August 2010  

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