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Date: December  2010  
Location:  Howland, ME
Time:  night
Summary:  My friend and I were driving around in Howland one night on a back road that had nothing but trees and houses on it. There is nothing else anywhere around this area that could explain what we saw. We noticed a circular object in the sky with some bright lights under it. The lights were red and white. At first we thought it was a plane, but those lights blink and planes travel in one direction. The lights on this object weren’t blinking and the craft wasn’t moving. We drove a little further down this road because we thought we would eventually figure out what it was, but as we got closer to the object, we realized it farther above the trees than any kind of lights or anything like that and that it was lower than an airplane would be. Also, it still wasn’t moving from its original position. My friend and I started to freak out a little bit and we turned around and drove the other way. I wish we had gone a little further, but when we figured out what we were looking at, or rather what it WASN’T, we got scared. Now, I am a rationally 20 year old and I’m very down to earth (no pun intended), but I really have no explanation for what I saw other than that it was a UFO.
Source:  UFO.net

Date: December 2010   
Location: Between El Rocio & Villamanrique de la Condesa, Spain
Time: evening
Summary: Several farm workers on their way home in their trucks were forced to stop in the middle of the road as they came upon a strange humanoid about 90 centimeters in height blocking their way. The figure was brownish green in color with a large head, large pointy ears and huge protruding eyes and stood in the middle of the road staring at the startled caravan of workers.
It stood staring at group moving its head constantly from side to side as if trying to say ‘no’. It finally moved off to the side of the road and disappeared from sight. Once this happened the witnesses were able to continue their trip.
Source: http://www.looculto.260mb.com/ovnisenspana/elgasco-2.htm      Translation by Albert S. Rosales

Date: December 4 2010   
Location: Cypress, Texas
Time: 02:10
Summary: I was sleeping and I awoke by the covers on the bed being pulled tight arounds me at all corners of the bed. I couldn’t move…I heard a loud humming noise in the room, so loud that it hurt my ears, and then a bright light came pouring into the room and I lifted my head and screamed to for my husband who fell asleep on the couch…I screamed as loud as I could and it wouldn’t come out loud, it came out so soft but I could hear what I was yelling….then a small blue circle of light came out of the ceiling and beamed down to my husbands side of the bed…I was still trying to yell for my husband but nothing was coming out and I was comletedly paralyzed…Then all of the sudden the blue light went back up through the ceiling and the covers were loose again, I pulled back the covers and when I came up out of the bed, a red beam of light shot out of the bedroom window….I told my husband, I’m not nuts but I know what I saw and felt….I never believed in this ! kind of stuff before, and so when I told my husband what had happened, he told me to go online and read the stories and this is so true as to what happened to me.

Date: December 25 2010   
Location: Tennessee, exact location not given
Time: midnight
Summary: Around midnight the witness and his girlfriend were on their way home after meeting a friend to get a guitar he bought from him. On their way back, the road was very iced over and with snow. They were traveling at 25mph or less. As they were going around a right handed curve something on the right side of the road caught his eye. Then when his headlights hit the being or figure, it got on its knees and placed its very long and skinny arms on the ground. The arms were 3’ or longer in length and 1” around. As they passed the being, it remained very still, as if it was trying to conceal itself. The being was about 5’5” on its knees so standing it would have been over 6’ tall. Very dark gray, with no fur or hair, the eyes were about 3” and almost round. One thing he thought was strange was when his headlights hit the being its eyes didn’t glow like a deer or other animal. There were two large black bag-like items not far from the being. After they passed the being he looked at his girlfriend and asked what the hell that was. She said very fast she didn’t want to talk about it. Less than half a mile up the road he turned around and rushed back to try and figure out what it was. When he returned to where the being had been it was gone and the big black bag-like items were gone with it. He took less than three minutes to get back to where the being had been. He got out and looked and found no footprints or any other signs that something had been there. The snow on the ground was untouched. At this time he became frightened thinking that the being might had been just past the tree line looking at him. So he got back into the car and drove home.

Date: December 30 2010  
Location:  New York
Time:  Late Night
Summary:  This occurred near NYC, very early on the morning of 12/30/2010. My dad was driving and my mom and I were asleep because it was so late. My dad pulled over and woke us up. He was royally flipping out. We didn’t know what was wrong. He pointed to the overpass and all you could see were these intense glowing bright red eyes. At this point, we didn’t know what it was so we just start driving again. When we reach the overpass the thing was still on it so my dad decided to stop. Then the thing swooped down and landed on the hood of our car. This thing landed with such a force it dented the hood! It then proceeded to stand up on the hood and it was 6-8 feet tall, black, and had wings! We were all terrified at this point. My dad takes out the phone and calls the New York highway patrol and they laugh at him and hang up saying they didn’t like prank calls. The thing was just sitting there. I took out my camera and photographed it (with the flash on). The thing then jumped off the car and took off, like it was afraid of the camera flash! When we got to my aunt’s we told her and she said their were countless reports of this thing. Then I showed her the picture on my camera and she got REALLY freaked out. I have been doing research over the past couple of weeks and trying to find something that resembles it. At this point, I believe it was a Mothman.
Source:    Phantoms and Monsters: Pulse of the Paranormal.

Date: December  2010  

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