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Date: 2010
Location: Maine (exact location not given)
Time: 02:00 a.m.
Summary: The witness was visiting his mother and late at night left the house to visit a longtime friend who also lived in the city. It is only a 10 minute walk. However while walking his next memory was of having his eyes closed and hearing a calm, relaxing, soothing almost hypnotizing female voice saying, “Kevin…Kevin..Is ok Kevin we are here to help, it’s ok we are not going to harm you. We’re going to make you feel better.” He then opened his eyes and at first there was a blinding light that vanished and he could now see a room and in the room he saw two ‘Grey’ aliens, very tall. He remembers that the room was of two different colors , 1 on the top of the wall and on the bottom almost like a trim around a room, the top color was purple and the bottom color was blue, it was a thin line of these colors trimming the room as light, as light seemed to emanate from them. He asked the aliens if they were going to harm him and what were they going to do. They replied telling the witness, “We are going to help you and fix you”. The witness was sure that his mouth was not moving as he ‘spoke’ to them. His next recollection was of each Grey on each side of him; he was then placed against a cold metal object and brought to a hall to the left of the room. The hall was dark and cloudy or misty like a fog and it must have been about 40 to 50 ft long. Before he got to the next room he saw to the right in the room a huddle circle ‘formation’ of at least 7 to 8 gray humanoids, they were all very tall. There was an ‘exit’ to another room next to them into a white colored hall. To the left of the groom was a smaller group of about 5 grays. The room itself was round and dark and also foggy, there was also a dim light across the room. The walls of the room were indented almost like a V-shape he also noticed an odor in the air resembling Peroxide or Ammonia. As he was taken into the room he remembers looking at one of the grays that was so tall that ‘he’ had to bend down and looked directly into the witness’ eyes. Strangely at this point the witness felt no fear. Suddenly one of the gray humanoids inserted a small back tube inside the witness’ nose, which made a small noise. The humanoid had long fingers and had a small mouth which seemed to move up and down ‘like a fish’ but did not say anything. He remembers screaming after that was done. All the time he could hear a voice saying, “It’s going to be ok we are here to help”. It was a soft calm voice. He next remembers being ‘slammed’ down into a metallic table and moved to another area of the room. At this point the witness became defensive and began kicking the humanoids around him, one of the creatures fell against a wall and then fell down. The other ‘grays’ then quickly backed away, his next memory was of being on the side of the road again. He felt confused and tired. A police officer drove next to him and stared at him in a strange manner but did not stop to assist. It was now nearly 06:00 a.m., the witness had lost nearly 5 hours of time. He additionally described the ‘grays’ as at least 7ft to 8ft tall with long fingers, slits for mouths and small black eyes. They communicated to him and among themselves telepathically. The witness used to have a ‘crooked’ nose before the event but is now straight. The colors inside the craft were white, purple and blue.
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Date:  2010
Location:  Unknown
Time:  Night
Summary:  in 2010 a man working the night shift was taking a break when he saw two teenage boys across the street. And these teenagers were very still just staring at him and this really freaked this guy out so he went back inside. And a couple of minutes later the intercom at the front door buzzed. So he went to go look at the monitors to see who was there, and it was these kids. So he pressed the button to see what they wanted but they didn’t speak they just stood there. Then they communicated with him with their hands telling him to come outside. And he said no and he told them that they needed to go. And these kids just continued to stare into the cameras. So this man was getting very angry and about 10 minutes or so later he decided to go to the door to try to get them to leave. But before he opened the door he wanted to get a good look at these kids through the one way glass. And that’s when he noticed that they both had solid black eyes. But he still opened the door anyway and he was going to tell them that if they didn’t leave he was going to call the cops. But before he actually said that they said that won’t be necessary as if they were able to read this man’s mind and they told him that they just needed to use the phone. But he told them they can’t cause no one was allowed inside the building. Then he closed the door and went back to the monitors to see if they were still there. And one boy still remained but the other went to the back and once there he just started to stare into that camera. Now this man was really freaked out it was like a scene from a horror movie so he finally had enough and he called the cops. And right after he called the cops these black eyed kids left it was as if they knew that he had contacted the authorities. And when the police arrived they were nowhere to be seen. Now later that day he told his buddies about this creepy encounter and they told him that he had just come face to face with the black eyed children and he was now very thankfully that he did not let them inside.
Source:  paranormaljunkie.net

Date:  2010
Location:  southern Ohio, about 10 miles north of Chillicothe
Time:  evening
Summary:  I live out in farm country in southern Ohio, about 10 miles north of Chillicothe. I have 5 acres and always at least 3 dogs, usually Black Labs or the like. One evening I was looking for my dogs out back, they love to roam the fields looking for whatever dogs look for. I called and heard them in some bushes a hundred yards or so away. I shined my LED flashlight out their direction and saw them come running toward me. Nothing unusual, not running like they were alarmed, just the usual trotting toward me. They joined me on my porch and plopped down doing the usual paw licking. As I ran my light around the back yard just looking (it was dark and I don’t like outside light…I like to look at the stars) I observed two round objects approx. 2 feet in diameter and about 6 to 8 inches apart. These objects were about 12 feet off the ground and probably a few hundred feet behind my house. There was nothing visible supporting them. Just those two objects that really made me feel like I was looking at large eyes, nothing else but darkness. I am a very logical person and have worked in engineering/scientific jobs all my life and this was just fascinating to me. I sensed nothing evil or dangerous and frankly if the dogs aren’t alarmed, neither am I. I observed that whatever these things were, they did not emit light, only reflected it. My first experiment turned out to have the most profound result. I picked up a shot gun I have by my back door, aimed it at the “eyes” and said, “perhaps I’ll just blow you away!” The eyes immediately went dark…or shut. I thought, my God, it understands English! I put the gun down and said, “I promise, I won’t harm you.” They popped back open. I stood there reflecting several different types of flashlights (LED, incandescent, blue, yellow, etc.) to prove to myself that these eyes were not emitting light and discovered that the different color light I shined on them didn’t always reflect the same color. This went on for about 15 minutes and I should point out that these “eyes” never blinked, except in the beginning when I made my threat with the gun. After this, the eyes seemed to slowly turn from facing me to 90 degrees to my right and never losing their aspect ratio with each other or relationship to the ground, and vanished. I live alone except my dogs, so it was pretty depressing not to have had a camera or a witness. However, a few nights later a friend of mine brought his girlfriend out and as they were climbing my driveway (900 feet at 25 degree incline!), his headlights shone on the “eyes” at the top of the drive way and his girlfriend screamed bloody murder and scared the hell out of him…so did the eyes when he saw them. She has always been convinced it was a demon and never came out to my house again. I believe I have come across evil in my life and this just didn’t feel that way. I really felt that whatever this was, it was as curious about me as I was of it and let me do all my lighting experiments for 15 minutes before becoming bored with me. To this day, when I come home at night I still shine my lights around the fence and trees to see if I can see it again. If anyone out there has experienced anything like this, I’d love to hear about it…by the way, I have heard the theories about it being a bear or some other creature, but every creature I know of have eyes that MUST blink and having any animal stay dead still with non-blinking eyes for 15 minutes is a stretch!
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Date:  2010

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