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Date:  February 2011
Location:  El TaboChile
Time:  02:00 a.m.- 03:00 a.m.
Summary: The witness, 27 year old Paulina was sleeping in her bedroom which she shared with her younger sister when suddenly in the middle of the night she was awakened by a powerful whitish light that entered the bedroom through the door, at the same time she becomes totally paralyzed and is unable to move. She was now wide awake and could only move her eyes. She now watched in horror as three very tall humanoid figures with thin bodies and whose heads scraped the ceiling began to approach the bed where she and her sister slept. One of the beings stood by the headboard and gently touched the witness’s forehead, at that same moment the witness remembers seeing a bright light and heard a sound resembling a popping balloon, after that happened she lost all her memory. The next day she heard neighbors talking about the sighting about a luminous object that was seen hovering low above the trees nearby.
She said that the beings exuded a strange ‘beauty’ and caused her to calm down. Their bodies were covered in a tight-fitting dark garment which was almost skin-like, without any seams or zippers. Their eyes were somewhat larger than that of humans and their heads were completely hairless.
Source: Fredy Alexis, Santiago Chile 2012    Translation by Albert S. Rosales

Date: February 19 2011
Location:  San Antonio, Texas
Time: 03:25 a.m.
Summary: The witness was a guest at his son’s house located in the Woodstone Subdivision. Before sunrise he was awake and lying on the bed reading a real estate investment book. He was lying on his stomach with the book propped up on the headboard and using the light on the side table next to the bed for reading. The bedroom window was open a few inches but the blinds were shut. He suddenly heard a sound that seemed like a ‘ping’ from a submarine coming from the direction of the Julia Semmes library. He then heard the sound as if it was coming from Fountainwood and Judson Streets and then he heard the sound a minute later right outside the bedroom window. That worried him and he wondered how this pinging sound could get right up next to the house since there is a wooden privacy fence 6 feet high next to the window that prevents anyone from entering the backyard. When he got up he was glad the blinds were shut and suddenly his vision was blurred by some kind of a vibration wave that shot down into the room from the ceiling area, traveled through his body, through the bed and floor. There was no sound with it but it felt that the vibrations were coming off a loud amplifier. He was stunned for a few seconds and then, he doesn’t know how it happened but suddenly he knew that they were going to come in through the wall of the bedroom to visit him. He began screaming, in his mind only, “Don’t come in, don’t come in, don’t come in.” He was begging them to go away, he then felt that they changed their mind and he suddenly began to feel that he had been respected and they were not going to come in. His sense of normalcy returned, he was telling himself that he was just being silly and to stop having an over active imagination and decided to sit back again with his back leaning on the headboard of the bed. He moved his feet up and bent his knees so that he could put his book on his thighs and began reading again. At this point he was facing the bedroom door to the hallway which also gives him a view of the other bedroom door in the hall. He was the only person on this side of the house. No one else in the family woke up and heard the noise as they were asleep on the other side of the house. Suddenly, in his mind’s eye he saw two little ‘grays’ standing in the doorway of the bedroom, one was about three feet tall, the other maybe 5 inches shorter. They were holding hands so seemed non-threatening. There was another being in the doorway of the other bedroom, about five feet tall, had a wider body and head not quite so odd shaped as the grays heads.  No clothing or any other objects were apparent on any of the three beings. He did not feel threatened at all by their appearance. Of course when he wiped his head to look with his real eyes there was nothing there. Then he heard the sounds of the pinging object moving away from the house. It moved away towards Woodstone Elementary.

Source: Roger Marsh, quoting Texas Mufon State Director, Steve Hudgeons

Date: February 21 2011
Location:  Texas, exact location not given
Time: night
Summary: The witness was getting ready for bed and began taking his contacts out when he noticed outside the bathroom window a strange but somehow familiar object. He stopped what he was ding and focused in on the object, which was very, close to the bathroom window. The UFO was circular and he could only see the light on the inside of the craft, with a being inside it, but could only see the outline of its body…which was black because it was dark outside with only the light from the UFO. The figure was not human, but humanoid with a noticeably larger head than humans. Shortly after he noticed it, the object rotated away from him and shot towards the sky. (The witness has reported multiple sightings since then).
Source: http://mufoncms.com/

Date: February 22 2011
Location: Germantown, Maryland
Time: 01:15
Summary: The witness, who usually slept on her stomach, had fallen asleep on her back on this morning. Soon she woke up but could only open her eyes and only one at the time. She opened her right eye and just saw her fan and a flash of light, she opened her left eye and could see her television and again she saw a flash of light. Afterward, she tried lifting her body but couldn’t move and felt completely numb. She then heard unexplained voices on her right ear and couldn’t react at all, she said that she couldn’t even ‘panic’. She could also hear something resembling a blender or a ‘hovering’ sound. She tried opening her eyes again but couldn’t. Once the noise began to fade away, she was able to move. Her feet were cold and in a panic state she called her mother, the time was now 1:45 am.
Source: Rosales, Albert

Date: February 24 2011
Location: Lee Summit, Missouri
Time: night
Summary: The witness remembers a missing time episode during the snowstorm of 2011 and bits and pieces o what happened to him. He experienced roughly 6 to 7 hours of missing time. He remembers being trapped in his apartment for 2 days during the really bad snowstorm when this happened. He remembers this sort of reddish-purple flashing lights in his face to nullify him and a small hand leading him to some place. (Also other colors flashing in his eyes like blue and yellow, like a round circle). He was walking in a daze somehow as they lead him into their ship. He recalls mostly reddish light. Then he was led into some ‘bio-mechanical’ spaceship with their little hands. The ship had pulsing lights on the inside, like a heartbeat. It was like lit up veins running through the insides of a ship with these blue streamlined lights. He saw roughly 3 to 4 alien grays with big eyes and large gray heads and skinny bodies. He remembers a table he sat on that was also bio-mechanical. It was a flat and rectangular table. (The entire inside of the ship was also bio-mechanical, like it was an organic spaceship. The advanced technology of the ship was linked to the advanced thoughts of these being’s minds. Like they could control that spaceship while doing other things, they were obviously gray aliens who were highly evolved. He doesn’t know what the outside of the ship looked like, just the inside of it. He just recalls the ship hovering, but the gravity was slightly lighter. It was possible that the spaceship was in the higher atmosphere where a place could fly). The 3 grays that he remembers were staring into him with large black eyes. It was like they were psychoanalyzing him, going through his genetic memories, both good and bad. There were not there to harm him, rather to help in some way. It would be like a veterinarian would help out an animal, after they had looked after it, then letting the animal go. He felt like they were programming parts of his life to be better somehow. And he vaguely remembers a feminine gray (if you’d like to call it that, with beige skin). It was more female in nature. When he woke up he remembers bits and pieces as the days and weeks followed. He distinctly remembers when he woke up lying on top of the sheets and the cat hiding in the closet.
Source: UFOs Northwest http://www.ufosnw.com/

Date:  February  2011  

Location: Maine, exact location not given
Date: February 25 2011
Time: night
The witness woke up one night well after his fiancée and he had fallen asleep, he was sitting on the end of the bed looking at one of the “others” (entity) in the room at the foot of the bed between the bed and the window/wall, which, along with the computer desk, was all he could see behind him. The entity began conversing in a language which he did not and do not understand as it comprised of mostly metallic scraping sounds and chirping. He described the entity as having large oval ‘obsidian’ eyes and standing about 5’6”. He could not understand its language yet he knew what he was saying, as if he were communicating telepathically in a manner he could understand. He distinctly remembers saying his name in a way the witness could speak it as “Raucyac”, and told the witness that he was there to talk to him. The entity also said that he was a youth in his culture, and with the soft features and gentle bearing it felt to be accurate.
The witness also felt safe and mentally intimate and a strong bond to the entity. They talked for a long period of time, but he is not sure how long as he was so entranced. He remembers that the entity spoke to him for a long time as friends would, but he does not recall everything that they spoke about. At one point in the conversation, he pointed at his sleeping fiancée and made what the witness equated to as a smile. The entity had very long, slender, wiry arms and fingers. His skin was graphite to deep steel color. He was quite thin so he could see his ribcage. He then made his goodbye and the witness blacked out and the next thing he remembered was waking up the next morning extremely refreshed, energetic and happy.
Source: http://mufoncms.com/

Date:  February 25 2011  
Location:   Ansonia Nature Center, Connecticut
Time:    03:00 a.m.
Summary:  The witness was walking in the nature reserve late at night as he always did as several years ago he had seen a landed conical-egg shaped craft near the pond. On this occasion he was returning home on the last leg of his walk through the woods and was walking past a house on the outskirts of the woods when all of the sudden a deer ran frantically across the street in front of the witness maybe 20ft ahead and skids and falls apparently spooked badly by something. There was also a strange quietness in the air and the witness felt that something was about to happen. He continued walking towards home and took up a path along the border of the farm belonging to the last house next to the woods. The path is next to the woods bordered by some open terrain and fields on the other side. While walking his eyes were at a soft focus not paying attention to anything in particular then all of the sudden his body instinctively stopped and his eyes focused on an entity approximately 25 yards ahead slightly in a very aggressive posture staring right at him.
When he first saw the entity—this was entirely subjective—he already knew that it was an extraterrestrial alien of some kind without letting that occupy his mind as he was so involved in an instinctual stare down. The entity glowed a dull gray-blue and if he remembered correctly the moon was shining so there was some visibility as far as light was concerned. The strange thing was the entity uniformly glowed the dull gray-blue everywhere as if it were naked and no clothes on. No clothing was noticed on the creature, which seemed almost human-like in form, athletic, intense, focused, at the ready in that aggressive posture. He did not notice any eyes on the creature in the gray-blue haze that was its form yet he could tell that it was staring directly at him in a sort of standoffish way, like two animals in the wild that are infringing on each other’s terrain. After locking eyes or glances for three seconds as if he had stumbled upon this entity and it was surprised to see the witness there or as if it was waiting for him and that the witness had noticed it too soon and been too alert. The entity very athletically turned and ran full speed into the woods at about a ninety degree angle to the line connecting their paths. He heard the bushes rustle as the creature took off into the woods and also another sound to his immediate left that sounded like a deer going through the woods apparently chasing the entity as the two paths sounded close or like they would eventually intersect when traveling at such a speed through the woods. Right after the entity took off dashing headlong into the woods, the witness yelled as loudly and aggressively as he could. He told a friend about the incident and she said that it had been just some random person walking in the woods and that it was nothing. But according to the witness there as a strange energy to the encounter, there was an extreme sense of tension, intrigue and danger. The strangest impression that he got from the incident was that when he locked eyes with the creature he felt like it had been waiting for him or was watching him and that he wasn’t supposed to have seen it so soon so it was embarrassed or something and it ran off.

Source:  MUFON CMS

Date:  February  2011  

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