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2012: April UFO & Alien Sightings

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(Last Updated On: September 11, 2016)

Date: April 1 2012
Location: Madroñera, Caceres, Spain
Time: 4:30-05:00 am
Summary: Carlos Rivera, a member of the folkloric musical ensemble ‘Medina Azahara’ was returning from a concert on the N-432 road in a mini-van on his way to Cordoba accompanied by two band technicians (three men in total). Carlos, who was sitting in the passenger seat next to the driver, suddenly at a location about 15 kilometers from Zafra (Badajoz) saw coming out of the embankment only a couple of meters on the right side of the road a strange humanoid figure that approached the passenger side window where Carlos was sitting and briefly looked inside at the astounded witness. The humanoid was described as about 2 meters in height, very thin with a ‘quasi-skull-like face’. Its lower jaw was open widely displaying a huge cavernous mouth; it also had luminous dark yellow eyes. It had something thick wrapped around its neck, like a ‘lifesaver’ and was moving its head in a circular motion almost as if it were ‘stretching’ its neck, at the same time the rest of its body seemed to tremble. It wore a white tunic-like garment that reflected the headlights of the van. The driver panicked and accelerated from the area while Carlos watched as the strange humanoid disappeared in the same direction it had come from.

Date: April 1 2012
Location: Detroit, Michigan
Time: 01:00
Summary: I was at home in the bed and sleeping pretty soundly. There was a light and then extreme darkness in a large cold room. The second and third time I knew exactly what it was the first time I was at a loss like “where am I?” The most vivid experience is me laying on a table with an amber colored gel on my stomach. The amber turned glass like made my skin taut and I lost consciousness. When I woke up again there was a female looking person with very specific characteristics I was presented with an infant that looked exactly like me except with characteristics like the female. There were more in tubes. She was seemingly pleased and we have met before (not sure how I know). She told me very specific things about science, alien life etc. I often see hovering craft now concealed in cloud cover.

Date: April 1 2012
Location: Oklahoma, exact location not given
Time: 13:00
Summary: A young girl observed two humanoid entities in her backyard. She described them as “dragons” walking on two legs. They were reptile-like in appearance and were either white in coloration or wearing white apparel. They walked upright on two legs—they did not have tails. They did not acknowledge her presence or communicate with her but simply walked behind the shed and then she did not see them again. She had been playing on the swing-set and it was the middle of the day on a clear sunny day.
Source: Mufon CMS

Date: April 6 2012
Location: Between Trujillo and Torrejon el Rubio, Spain
Time: 23:00
Summary: Two families traveling in separate cars were traveling on the C-524 road began to see a strange luminosity in the distance that they could not identify. Suddenly from the second car the occupants see that the first car abruptly brakes and stops on the middle of the road in order to avoid a strange humanoid figure at least 2-2.5 meters in height that floated just above the ground on the side of the road, strangely they could not see any feet on the figure. The man-like figure has blondish hair and wore a tight fitting sky-blue diving suit which was slightly luminous and with an inscription similar to a ‘rhombus’ in the chest area. One of the occupants of the second vehicle stared squarely into the humanoid’s face who stared intently back at her. To her horror she realized that the figure seemed to lack facial features and seemed transparent but ‘deep’ at the same time. Both vehicles drove quickly away from the area. All the witnesses suffered from nervousness for the next several days and were not able to sleep well.
Source: Lo Oculto, Ovnis en España

Date: April 7 2012 
Location: Mississippi, exact location not given
Time: midnight
Summary: The witness had gone to sleep as usual and shortly after that, she felt a pressure in between her eyes and up around her sinus area “while in sleep state”. She had felt this before and was apparently ‘familiar’ with it. Next she felt a very strong sensation of her head rushing forward like if she were ‘the hood ornament on a vehicle going 90 mph down the highway’. Next ‘the usual kicked in’, rigid arms, legs, neck and trying as hard as she could to force her eyelids open but only getting a small peek, at this point while according to the witness the room now looked ‘distorted’ versus when she is ‘awake’ and have her eyes open. She actually felt everything around her slow down, ‘like slowing down an audio and getting deeper and slower’.
As the slowing down began, she could hear a voice talking in a deep foreign/alien language and ‘it was not nice’. She understood this language in her trance-like state and knew it was threatening and not of good intentions. Next, she felt herself lifting up out of her bed. She began to fight back like ‘she always did’ and felt herself leaving her body and could now see the room clearly. The only strange thing was her alarm clock which gave off a blue glow. She was literally outside of her body and self aware, but ready to protect herself. Next she shouted, “In Jesus name, Amen!” She had said that before during similar ‘attacks’ and although she not an overtly religious person she does believe in the power of faith and that Jesus “was crucified with best of intentions for us, and was divine”. After this, things took a strange twist she made it over to her closet door and shouted at this presence in the same tone “deep and slow,” and language it had first approached her with. She was actually speaking its language, basically telling it to leave her alone and that she had the courage to fight it. Finally, according to the witness “she shed her skin like a suit and she was something like pure energy, but still similar to the anatomy of the human body”. Next, she looked down at her hands and they had things in place to fire light out of her fingers, so she repeatedly fired some kind of energy/light beams up at this presence that she could only said was above her apartment in the sky. She was then suddenly filled with love, Goosebumps and a measure of healthy fear and a sense of not being pushed around but grateful to have made it through whatever this was. She then woke up to a peacefully and totally quiet room, thinking to herself ‘how strange this life can get’. 
Source: Mufon CMS

Date:  April 8 2012
Location:  Columbus, Ohio
Summary:  I wanted to check the video capabilities of my razor cell phone. I was sitting in my garage when I heard the military Boeing CH-47 Chinook helicopter coming. I figured it would be a good time to test the video with the zoom. I taped the heli for a short duration & when I played it back I saw the object. I went in the house & downloaded the video to my computer so I could slow & pause the capture. The object appears out of nowhere goes in a straight line under the heli, then slows in a U-turn around the front of the copter, then does an unbelievable acceleration behind it & disappears. The weird part is before the object appears, there is a distortion in the video before it appears. I have seen weird things in my life, but this is the first I captured it on video. I was in shock of how this object moved & changed course with rapid acceleration.
Source:  Mufon

Date: April 23 2012
Location: Washington County, Pennsylvania
Time: 00:30 a.m.-01:00 a.m.
rosales23Summary: A man heard an odd animal sound coming from outside. The sound was a level growl or screeching sound that he listened to for about five minutes. The sound seemed as though it was just outside the window. The witness, intrigued by the odd noise, awakened his wife to see if she could recognize what type of animal it might originate from. When his wife got up and they both heard the sound, she looked out the window across the road to a creek about 15-20 feet away. She then noticed what she thought was a deer standing up in the middle of the creek. Her husband questioned why there would be a deer standing in the creek, and why it would be making such a strange noise. He then looked out the window and saw an undetermined creature dark brown in color and about the size of a deer. It could have actually larger than a deer if it was peering over the retaining wall. The man said when it turned its head, it appeared to have an elongated face, almost deer shaped, but not as stubby in the snout. It appeared to be more pointed in shape.
What could be easily seen were two big round amber colored eyes that seemed to be glowing. The man estimated that they looked to be the size of a golf ball. He didn’t think that they were reflecting as a result of some street lights some distance away. The witness commented that the freaky part was it was staring right at their house towards them. The couple noticed that whatever it was, the glowing eyes were staring directly in their direction. The man told his wife that he was going to check out what it was. Just then something very strange occurred. Suddenly the creature took one step, and took off into the sky at a 45 degree angle and was gone. The witness stated, “the speed was insane, I never saws anything move that fast.” He also stated that he never saw a bird that big and that he saw no signs of wings flapping.

Source: Stan Gordon,

Date:  April 2012




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