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2012: July UFO & Alien Sightings

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Date: July  2012

Date: July 1 2012
Location: Glenwood Springs, Colorado
Time: 03:00 a.m.
Summary: The witness (involved in other encounters) woke up around 3 am and saw a gray figure at his window. It had a large bald head and large almond-shaped eyes. The witness told the figure to go away since he had not invited ‘him’ to be there. The witness called for the ‘Warrior Angels” to protect him and his home and then his entire bedroom window lit up with what he would describe as an energy field—lines and bright lights—like a television that was putting out a scrambled signal. He screamed for the figure to leave again but he remained. He then threw a pillow and the figure went away. His backyard and patio were lit up and then became dark again.
Source: Mufon CMS

Date: July 4 2012
Location: Near Denver, Colorado
Time: 02:50 a.m.
Summary: The witness was home in the kitchen eating at the table in the ark and staring out the open window toward Denver. The morning was absolutely clear and quiet. He then saw what appeared to be a white light on the wing of a jet and then suddenly grew to 500 times the size and he immediately thought that a jet had blown up. He reported the event to an on-line newspaper but there was nothing in the new the next morning. Then he saw and recalled what he felt and saw at the time. He now knows he saw an intelligence of some kind, with thought transference ability, white, pure, glowing, gentle, smiling. It was small at first and he could just about see it. It turned sharply to him and grew very large, and stared at him, it read his mind, and he felt drained and then felt ok.
Source: Mufon CMS

Date: July 5 2012
Location:  Cape Coral, Florida
Summary:  Letting my dog out the slider door that evening, I saw an Orb, turning in the sky heading for a cloud arm.When it turned, I saw what looked like the back of the Orb, and looked like a jet fighters After Burner. That, I herd! and It went into the cloud arm, and did not come through the other side, I thought that was strange!/ went back inside. so, after bout 15 min, I let the dog back in, and saw an other Orb, same description, but it was hovering and moving up and down, (as you will see in the video that I took!) so I ran back in the door and grabbed my phone and recorded! After witnessing over 7 UFO account’s this was my first recording of my experiences.
Source:  Mufon

Date: July 6 2012
Location: Spring, Texas
Time: evening
Summary: Two men were looking at a swamp at Spring Creek and were standing on shore just looking around. They had seen alligators and a lot of beautiful dragonflies. Suddenly, across the swamp, directly in front of them they both watched the largest ‘bird’ they had ever seen take flight from a tree and head directly for them. It was gray with no feathers. It had a wingspan of just over ¾ the length of a pickup truck and looked like a flying leather “V”. It made a sharp right and landed in a tree. Its weight shook the entire top of the tree and from there they lost sight of it. It had a white head, gray wings, and no noticeable feet. The wingspan has to have been between ten and fifteen feet and had no feathers, only what appeared to be hide like that of a bat.
Source: Phantoms and Monsters Blog, July 14 2012

Date: July 11 2012
Location: Phoenix, Arizona
Time: 23:00
Summary: The witness was sleeping when he began to feeling burning in his lower left back. It was an intense feeling. Suddenly he was floating up the top of the ceiling and he could see his body in the living room where he was sleeping and he could see four white colored human-like figures, very thin, that were doing something to his body while he floated and watched from the ceiling. There were two other white colored figures next to him. They told the witness that he had been ‘selected’ for something. He saw that they inserted what appeared to be a piece of wire in his lower back that went through the center of his back through the center of his back up to his shoulder and then it went back to the same way to the right of his lower back and then it went back up again to the left upper shoulder. They finally removed the piece of wire and he woke up around 5 am. He went to the bathroom to check where he had felt the burning sensation and saw a tiny hole apparently where they had inserted the wire.
Source: Mufon CMS

Date: July 15 2012
Location:  Grayling, Michigan
Summary:  I, myself, am a UFO skeptic. Pere Cheney and Grayling are next to a US Army National Guard installment, so seeing aircraft was normal…even for the middle of the night. However, these were not military aircraft. At least, none that I’ve ever seen before. The other two witnesses wish to remain anonymous, and wish to not be bothered about the sighting ever again. It was the last summer my friends and I had together; I was leaving to the army in September. So, we decided to have one last ‘adventure’ together. My parents would always tell horror stories about hauntings in Pere Cheney, and we thought we were the bravest punks around, so we decided that would be the ideal place to camp for 3 days. Once we arrived at our site- a place off in the middle of the woods not too far from the cemetery of Pere Cheney (one of the only pieces left of the abandoned settlement)- we immediately began our investigation of the area surrounding and set up camp. The first day went fine, but come the first night, strange things started happening. We woke to a flash in the sky- a very quick one. The other two went back to sleep, but out of curiosity I remained awake, fearing that a storm was coming on. To my relief, there was no thunder. I had just started to doze off when I heard some branches cracking around the tent, and I began to remember my parents horror stories about “Dogman” and Barewalk”- old Native American tales. Fearing the worst, I curled into my sleeping bag and closed my eyes. Eventually, the movement stopped. Another flash of light occurred. Sleep eventually found me, the next thing I knew I was waking up to the sun light.

The next day, my other two friends seemed to have no recollection of the light, nor did they remember hearing anything moving about. Because such things seemed crazy, I wrote it off as an “all in my head” situation. We decided to explore a little that day; the previous day one of my friends had discovered a small marsh-like area. After a few moments of snooping around the area my other friend called our attention to something in the tall grass. It was a deer, but it had its throat slit as if by a surgical tool, and it had no guts. There was no blood around the carcass, and it didn’t smell decomposed at all. Now unsettled, we returned to our camp to finish the second day- we spent the rest of it playing guitar around the campfire and just in general having a good time; we had forgotten all about the deer, and I had almost forgotten the light. Later that night, at about 2:30 am, I want to say, a light, cool breeze blew through the forest, and the fire dimmed to a low glow. At that moment, we got our cell phones out to check the time- and realized we didn’t have signal like we had before. I raised my phone to the sky to try and find signal…and that’s when I realized that some of the stars in the sky had started to fall- multiple, between 5 and 7 (I never counted them) started descending,glowing and pulsating, but still quite a ways away. I thought they were flares, but they stopped descending, and began to pulsate. At this instance we were very weary, confused, and frightened. The “stars” began to float over toward us, slowly moving directly over our heads without making a sound. Then they ascended after passing the camp for a moment- very quickly, though…not slowly, almost like they teleported. They hovered over a field not too far from the small opening we had made our camp in. The lights came closer, producing a light green aura in a circle. From the forest came three low glowing blue orbs, at that instance is when a low humming could be heard, and they came together and sat still. Then they ascended in between the “stars”, which had now come together in a solid object, and they ascended even more; slowly at first, but then began to speed up, ascending at an angle. About half a minute later two military jets passed over, very rapidly. The rest of our night was quiet, and awe filled. The next day, instead of sticking around to find out what might happen the next night, we decided to bail. We weren’t the tough little punks we thought we were. 
Source:  MUFON CMS

Date: July 15 2012
Location:  Buenos Aires, Argentina
Time:  various
Summary:  Fabin Torti, a member of the Grupo Tecnico de Asistencia Psicologica OVNI (GRU.TAP Technical Group for Psychological UFO Assistance), provides a psychological and sociological focus for the multiple UFO events reported in the “Western Corridor” or greater Buenos Aires. Torti pointed out “Many strange situations are being recorded, within the Province of Buenos Aires.” An abductee, “Provides details that cannot be invented” says Torti, she noticed that the intelligences taking her did not stand on the floor but were suspended over the surface, and that she saw a human being with wires connected between his head and a monitor that displayed his thoughts. A five year old girl says, “Small, big-eyed kids come to get her, and take her to play with Jesus,” in her own worlds.” One of the members of the group photographed strange objects in the sky, and in my particular case, whenever Torti leaves home early on a Saturday morning she sees a round object in the sky. A group of youngsters barbecuing outside a house witnessed around midnight an intense luminous orb that irradiated shades of yellow and red. The not yet fully explained explosion of 26 September 2011 in Montegrande may have been the crash of a UFO according to Torti. The researcher recalls that the morning after the explosion, “One could see black SUVs, persons speaking English and German, and teams working behind screens as they took away chunks of metal that were left after the explosions.”
Source:   Guillermo Gimenez, Scott Corrales IHU

Date: July 23 2012
Location: St. Louis, Missouri
Time: 20:00
Summary: The witness was out in the backyard moving her sprinklers it was around 8pm and still full daylight. She moved the sprinkler and turned around to scan the sky in hopes of seeing some signs of rainclouds, that’s when she saw it. It was some distanced away, maybe about a quarter of a mile, if that. It was a large V shaped object in the southwestern sky. It was vertical and caught her eye quickly. Her first thought was, “What is that?” She could tell instantly that it was not any type of aircraft. She stared at it, the V shape curve slightly at the ends, like ‘bat wings’. At the junction of the wings, she could see a body mass of some sort. Not large, meaning, not in comparison to the wing size. These wings seemed enormous. However ‘it’ was flying away from her which would cause a foreshortening effect, possibly making the body seemed smaller than it actually was. She noticed that the body part of it seemed also to be moving. One moment it looked small (the body) and then the next moment it looked larger, like something was hanging down from it (legs?).
But there was definitely movement. As she stared in disbelief, she was thinking that perhaps it was ‘a living thing!’ It was moving at a steady speed and was slowly twisting and turning a bit as it progressed because she could see the depth of the wings revealed every few seconds. They were substantially wide. She watched this ‘thing’ made a gentle curve and continued watching it until it flew out of sight. Her observation lasted about 20 seconds or so and at no point in her observation did this creature flap its wings. And then it was gone. But according to the witness she is not the first person in the area to have witnessed such a thing. She knows of two young men, brothers, who four or five years ago swear they saw a gargoyle-like creature of enormous size, vault/fly over the hood of the pickup truck they were driving, northbound on I-55 going over the Meramec River Bridge in Arnold Missouri, late one night.

Source:  direct from witness at

Date: July  2012



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