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Date: March 2012
Location: Cruise sailing from Tortola to Saint Martin
Time: 11:30 pm
Summary: My husband and I were on a cruise sailing from Tortola to Saint Martin [March of 2012] and my husband was sitting on the balcony around 11:30 pm and saw a glow in the sky and then woke me up to see it . . . I witnessed the flying bird glow and fly toward the ship glowing, glowing, glowing. To our amazement we were the only ones who witnessed this site and no one seems to believe us.

Date: March 1 2012
Location: Kendall, Florida
Time: 07:00
Summary: The main witness, Reinerio (Ray) Hernandez reported than on a Sunday morning his wife and he saw two different ‘objects’ inside their home, in their living room located on the first floor of the house. At approximately 7 am on that day, their 16-year old Jack Russell terrier, Nena, barked at his wife in her bedroom, notifying her that she wanted to go outside for a bathroom call. Nena had had a stroke the previous day and was partially paralyzed on half her body. They were supposed to take her to their veterinarian the next day to put her to sleep. His wife then carried Nena down stairs. Once downstairs she saw a glowing ‘3/4 orb’ shaped like an upside down letter U. It was approximately 2 ft in width and 1.5 ft in height. The object was light gray/silver in color and it had two small vertical round lights on ‘the front’ which blinked a green pulsating laser-like light which pointed directly at his wife. The light stream was not wide but slim in width. From the object’s bottom left side bursts of a very bright fluorescent white light began to flare out, some long and some short. Being very religious, his wife began to pray. The object was located near a corner wall and appeared to be floating about 4-5 feet off the floor.

His wife thought that the object must have been some type of religious signal, perhaps even a ‘heavenly angel’. She knelt down and began an attempt to communicate telepathically with the ‘Angel’. The object seemed to respond by emitting more bursts of light from its sides and more blinking of the green laser-like lights, this after each of her questions or inquiries. The hold time she was holding the dog Nena and begged at whatever the light or entity was, that our dog, Nena, not suffer in her illness. Both green lights on the object then began to blink rapidly and the white bursts of light from the object’s side then began to travel at a greater distance. She believed that this indeed was a ‘positive’ response to her prayers. After about 15 minutes of communicating with the ‘entity’ she began screaming at Reinerio to come immediately downstairs. However he ignored her, since he had not slept well the night before and after 5 minutes of no response she went upstairs and literally pulled him from the bed and told him what she had seen. Being of a rationalist mind, he was very skeptical. However he finally decided to go downstairs. However once there he did not see the U-shaped object but saw a small ‘plasma cylinder’ which did not appear to have edges but seemed like a fluid object with constant displayed constant movement inside and on the edges of the object. Inside he could see translucent multi-colored lights, which blended together like ‘colored water’ and appeared to be constantly mixing together. This object appeared to be about 1-2 ft in length and 6-12” in height. It hovered about 4-5 feet from the floor in the same corner where his wife had seen the other object. In a strange reaction, the witness stared at this strange object for no more than 15 seconds and with a wave of his hand dismissed it. He went upstairs and attempted to get more sleep, but 15 minutes later suddenly awoke with a start apparently realizing what he had just seen and ran downstairs. However the object was now gone. At this point he was stunned to see his stricken dog walking and running around like she was perfectly fine. His wife told him that the “Angel” had cured their dog. On July 8 2012, at around 3:30 am, his wife had seen a huge craft the size of a football field, perhaps more about ¼ mile from their home. It was illuminated with dozens of bright multi-colored lights. Also in August the main witness along with four other witnesses, including his daughter saw a very large craft with thousands of circular and oblong shaped thin white lights.

Date: March 6, 2012
Location: Canon, Georgia
Time: 7:20 PM
Summary: On Saturday March 2nd at approximately 7:20PM I was returning home and saw moving glowing lights in the sky. There was a low cloud cover. The weather was unsettled. It was very dark and I first saw the light in my peripheral vision while driving behind my vehicles high beams out my drivers side window. The 4 lights appeared to be just at cloud level. I first thought they might be ground reflections from a EMS or police vehicle, because of the weather and the rotation. Their rotation was parallel to the ground though the unit moved to the NE This was in a very rural area.

There were 4 lights and they appeared glowing at the base of the clouds near Airline Goldmine Rd and US 29 in Hart County, GA. They were organized in the cardinal points of the compass or at 12,3 6 and 9 o’clock on a watch face from my perspective. They rotated CCW 180 degrees and paused, moved to the centerpoint and merged. There was a slight pause as they merged as one, though there was no increase in intensity of the 4 merged lights. They instantly separated into 4 individual lights again and moved back to the exact positions. Each cycle was aproximately 5 seconds. There was no deviation of this cycle or the intensity of the lights. It was steady and exact. Their cyclic pattern was intentional, mathematical, purposeful. Or at least that is what I read into my own observations.

They moved gradually to the NE, but would remain stationary at times. As I moved, attempting to get better views, it was almost as if the lights remained a constant distance from me. I followed them and they remained in view nearly continually for a period of over 20 minutes. Holding my arm out, the 4 lights perimeter of rotation was about as large as a dinner plate. There was no noise or sudden movement (short of the steady cycle) the entire time I observed them. They seemed to stay over woods, pasture and farmland as I attempted to figure out what they were. My actions were intional and based on curiousity. After 20 minutes of watching with no change whatsoever and the fact I was not able to change my perspective or effect any change I simply went home.

Date: March 11, 2012
Location: Georgia
Time: 3:12 am
Summary: Object hovered over dry lake bed for 10 min I was camping, listing to a ham radio when I picked up strange static and noises on it. Soon after the noises began I saw a strange object in the sky circling then making it way to a dried out lake bed where it descended to about 30 ft above the ground. It stayed there for about 10-15 min. It then took off straight into the sky. After it left I believe I saw what looked like a large humanoid in the moonlight across the lake from me, staring at me before slinking off into the woods.

mi11march12greenglowwestlandDate: March 11, 2012
Location: Westland, Michigan
Time: 11:17 PM 
Summary: While working on low light photography I spotted a slight green glow in the Eastern Sky. When viewing photo of a 20 second  exposure at F/5.6 ISO 100 at 18mm I noticed a Green Glowing Object that left a trail at 11:17 PM on March 11, 2012. Note: Meteorites are not normally green.

Source: Thanks to MUFON CMS

Date: March 12, 2012
Location: Ocala, Florida
Time: 00:00
Summary: Possibly abducted with anal probing conducted on me and partner..

Date: mid-March, 2012
Location: Pasadena, Texas
Summary: I have seen them; they look like bats but flap their wings way different than birds do… And they have a red-orange bioluminescent body… First time I spotted one was somewhere on Nov, 2011; last time I saw two of them together, a week ago

Date: March 18, 2012
Location: Fayette County, Pennsylvania
Time: 11:45 pm
Summary: In Fayette County, Pennsylvania, a man walking his dog on March 18, 2012, said he heard a whooshing sound in the sky. When he looked up he saw a large flying creature that looked to him like a dragon. He estimated the creature to be about 22 feet long and had a wingspan of about 18 feet. The body was shiny and reflective. The head was “cone shaped” and it appeared to have claws for fingers. He said the mouth and eyes were illuminated with an ominous orange glow.
Source: Stan Gordon

Date: March 18 2012
Location: Fayette County, Pennsylvania
Time: 23:45
Summary: In the southern part of Fayette County, a man was walking his dog in a rural Location: He was in the front yard and away from any lights when his attention was drawn to look upwards after hearing a whooshing sound coming from overhead. Flying above him at a distance of about 55 feet was a large flying creature that “looked like a dragon”. As the flying creature passed over an automatic dusk to dawn light, the witness was able to get a good look at the strange flying animal. The body was about 22 feet long with a wingspan of about 18 feet wide, and looked to be shiny with almost a reflective body with no
scales. The color was dark, possibly brown and red, similar to auburn brown. At the end tip of the wings there appeared to be talon-like fingers about 3 to 4 in number. The arms of the wing structure appeared muscular. The wings were quite thick, not like skin. There appeared to be a rear fin on both sides of its body, and the creature displayed an arrowhead shaped tail. The witness also saw what appeared to be two extended rear legs. The creature had a cone shape around the head and it stopped flat on the base of the neck. The oddest physical feature that the witness mentioned was that the mouth and eyes were illuminated with “a very ominous orange glow”. As the creature flew over a tree at the bottom of the yard and moved off in the distance, the fellow heard a deep- throaty sound, similar to the fog horn on a boat. The entire observation lasted about 20 seconds.
Source: Stan Gordon paufo@comcast.net

Date: March 20 2012
Location: Norcross Georgia
Summary: I was on my way into work when a brilliant object caught my attention in the western sky. It rapidly made a turn to the south. When I came out from behind some trees lining the road I expected to see an airplane that perhaps was reflecting sunlight. I came to a clearing in the roadway only seconds later and realized the object was completely gone.
Source: UFO Stalker

Date: March 21 2012
Location: Cockatoo, Victoria, Australia
Time: 10 pm
Summary: I was driving along Pakenham Rd in Cockatoo Victoria Australia with daughter, husband and son-in-law. We turned into side street and observed what we first thought were car headlights coming down the street. Upon facing objects they [3 or 4] hovered about 10 foot above the ground and moved in a group to the right of us about 15 feet in front of my car . They appeared bright white and had small head shapes and long necks seemingly no legs or body just long tall beings .Husband and son-in-law also observed , daughter in car doesnt see objects as looking other way and when we all saw them we apparently went quiet . Beings continued for about {30 seconds}?and for a distance of about 50 meters [they headed towards a Pony Club Paddock] I had stopped the car left engine running to let them cross .I didnt take note of times I can only assume it was around 10p.m.When i got home which would normally take 3-4 minutes , my other daughters at home [20 and 14]complained of very loud banging on the roof and outside the back of house . Later that night 14 year old daughter wakes to investigate very bright orange light the size of a large car directly outside house hovering about 15 foot above ground , so bright it lights up inside of house,she goes out to find object has gone.

Date: March 26, 2012
Location: Cutsyke, Castleford
Time: 9:18 pm
Summary: I was in my backgarden talking to my neighbour when he said can you see this? when I looked there was a formation of orange lights looked like a flock of pigeons passing over the top of our houses except it was all lights.was defo not chinese lanterns and disappeared after about 5 to 10 seconds.we were both amazed by what we saw .
Source: I was that neighbour, it lasted about 10-15 seconds, soundless, an array of about 16-20 lights in a shallow “w” formation repeated about 6 times. Not bright orange, just a steady silent line that went over the houses, turned towards the West…and disappeared!! Strange

Date: March 26, 2012
Location: Tilshead – St Thomas a Becket Church
Time: morning
Summary:  A ten year old girl became upset and left this church after she spotted a semi-transparent figure with grey hair and a top hat sitting in the box pews. When she started to return back inside the church, she saw the figure once again, sitting closer to the door.

Date: March 26, 2012
Location: Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia 
Time: 7:30 pm
Summary:  This UFO report comes to us from MUFON CSM Malaysia Kuala Lumpur area witness states that around 1930 hrs in the evening while in the garden watching birds noticed in the background this Black “UFO” flying across the sky having a shape of a R2D2 the UFO also had 2 probes sticking out the sides and the bottom of the UFO appearing like hands and legs. The UFO was just flying across the sky silently at a steady pace and disappeared behind some trees in a distance. Using a Nokia C6-01 8mp camera phone the Unidentified Flying object witness was able to capture the Malaysia UFO Sightings on video which can be viewed here. Malaysia UFO Sightings on video which can be viewed here.

Date: March 26, 2012
Location: Norwich, Connecticut
Summary: i was walking home and noticed a red ,amber orb in sky.it was being cicled by a fighter plane i watced for about 5 mins or so.i procceded home but kept on glancing at this event for the next 6/7 min .i then noticed a giant black triangle miles up in the air so clear/ fantastic huge ,no sound not moving .calmly i observed it ,no lights or window no out side features at all .im sure it was to do with the red orb and the fighter plane air force knew they were both there.the black triangle was curved on alsides i could see so clear and the blackness was blacker than anything in nature . I then went indoors to get a camera but it had gone ,i believe the object was at first invisible then appeared as i would have seen it earlier.I was not scared at seeing this but felt uneasy afterwards like i was a little kid who didnt understand the universe.I am pleased i saw it .
Source: MUFON

Date: March 29 2012
Location: Rome, Italy
Time: 10:55 a.m
Summary: A young witness was walking his dog on a meadow which was located close to his home when he suddenly saw in the distance the figure of a ‘man’ coming toward him. He didn’t think much about it since the area was used by many pedestrians as a shortcut to the nearby bus stop. He briefly looked down at his dog and then looked up again to see the person approaching him in a very strange manner, for it seemed like the humanoid figure was floating above a cushion of air and was moving at a very fast pace. The witness also realized that the figure was very tall, taller than a nearby metallic link fence that measured 2.50m in height. As the strange figure got closer the witness realized that it was not a human in appearance, it had large slanted reddish eyes and a scaly skin like a snake. The witness immediately ran to the bus stop (with his dog) to try to find some other witnesses but the area was strangely deserted. He stopped by the bench and turned around to look at the strange reptilian figure but as he did the creature seemed to evaporate into thin air. He further described the creature’s skin as dark green color made up of large scales. Suddenly his dog apparently (and finally?) sensing something strange pulled the witness to the house, its hair standing up on end the whole time.
The only time his dog had reacted in this manner before was in the presence of other dogs who had tried to attack him. Soon after the disappearance of the strange being the witness spotted a mysterious yellow helicopter flying low over the area. Back at home he was terrified and he cried in despair and called his aunt as his parents were not home. (There was a report of a similar encounter in the area back in July of 2010, see summaries).

Source: http://avvistamentiecontatti.blogspot.com

Date: March 31, 2012
Summary: my wife and I also saw two different objects in the corner of the first floor of our house. At approximately 7 am that day, our dog barked and she went to bring him outside. When she went downstairs, she saw a glowing orb with a dome top and flat bottom. It was approximately 2 ft in width and 1.5 ft in height. The object had two vertical lights inside which blinked green pulsating light. Facing the object, on our left side, bottom part, the object emitted bursts of very bright white light, some long and some short. The object was located near a corner wall and appeared to be floating about 5 feet off the ground.
My wife started to pray and started to telepathically talk with the object. My wife thought it was some kind of heavenly angel. The object seemed to respond by emitting the white bursts and more blinking of the green lights. She was grabbing our dog at the time, and our dog had just had a stroke and was walking in a paralyzed fashion– limping to one side real bad and falling down as she walked. My wife asked if her dog can be cured. The lights then began to blink a lot.After 15 minutes of observing and communicating with this object, she started to yell for me to come downstairs. I ignored her cause it was Saturday morning and I did not sleep well the night before and wanted to sleep. After 5 minutes of her yelling she came up and finally told me what she had seen. I first went to the bathroom and then downstairs. I was very skeptical. When I got downstairs, we did not see the orb but a small cylinder shaped object which I am calling a Plasma Cylinder. 8e80de7a743a3d14b5e36a91fdd61036The object did not appear to have edges but seemed like a fluid object with constant movement inside and on the edges of the object. Inside were multi-colored lights similar to plasma. Each color was not unique and separate like a rainbow but more meshed like colored water and the water colors are constantly mixing. It seemed to be full of energy with colors floating stationary in the air. The plasma object appeared to be about 1 ft in length and 6½ in height. It was about 5 feet off the ground near the same corner wall that the orb was previously seen. The object then went directly through our wall to go outside. I only saw the Plasma Cylinder object for about 2 minutes before it disappeared through our wall. Attach is a picture of the domed orb and the Plasma Cylinder. We are also attaching a picture of our corner wall. Please note that the orb/plasma object appeared between the left wall and the flower picture.Our corner wall is on the Western corner of our house. At 7 am that corner is dark because light does not enter that corner. We have also closed drapes on the Western window as well and that part was dark because the sun was just rising on the east side. We know what we saw and it was not an illusion.Also note that we were going to put our dog to sleep in a few days before this incident– she could barely move and was walking sideways and constantly falling down. After the orb left, our dog did not appear to have any symptoms of the stroke– she was walking perfectly fine. She is still sick but she now walks fine. We were freaked out by this. Many of our friends saw the difference in her walk and we told them what had happened. 

Source: Examiner.com

Date:  March 2012 

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