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Date:   October 8 2012
Location:  Elk Grove, California
Summary:  Was driving home from walmart with my then 15yr old daughter at around midnight of october the 8th 2012. there was an almost full moon and a few distant scattered clouds could be seen toward the foothills. this is where i was looking toward while driving and listening to music…When i noticed a huge dark wing/boomerang object coming across the flat valley floor toward my direction. the moonlight shined across the objects surface but in a matt reflection. it looked massive that i had to pull over and see if it really was. i pulled onto an easement road that was access to a agricultural field where they had just finished baling hay. (the field is at least 500 ft on the road side) i stopped, my daughter turned off the music and i got out and stood next to my vehicle door. my daughter moved into my seat so she could see better too. (and kept telling me that maybe i should get back into the vehicle!) as it approached i did start to become very nervous but the massive size just kept us staring up. it passed overhead and seemed to literally be passing over the electrical power poles with no more than ft between the lines and the craft. and, it was slow as slow gets. i have never seen an airborne object ( maybe a dust ball or paper airplane might be slow) fly that slow and be that huge!! it also made no sound that we could hear. it was silent from our view and that was directly beneath it, it also had a dome shaped cockpit(?) underneath in the center of the craft that appeared too small for anymore than 2 people. a medium shade of a blue single light came from this area. one each end of each wing was a light blue almost white led looking light. there was no blinking from these lights, they were all static. it was not shaped like a stealth bomber as it was way bigger and elongated into a more boomerang wing configuration. just one big long black wing. it was very cool but i wish i knew what it was. i will or my daughter will be submitting another report as she saw it on another night last month again while on her way home from work…..That’s 5 years it’s been flying around….So far..Yikes!
Source:  MUFON

Date:   October 11 2012
Location:  Des Moines, Iowa
Summary:  “I was driving east on 35/80 near mile marker 133.6 when I saw a dark disc fly in front of me (right to left) I then saw 2 black helicopters chasing it. I didn’t have any feelings, but my first reaction was to take pictures of what I could. I lost sight of the object because I was driving on the freeway.”

Date:   October 2012


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