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Date:   September 2 2012
Location:  Las Vegas, Nevada
Summary:  Among all of the many experiences i have been having this one is significant to me because i believe that as soon as i saw the ufo and began video taping it, the ufo began communicating with me telepathically. i felt it so strongly that i actually began talking to it outloud as well as mentally and it responded to everything i was thinking and saying. for example, i had to be sure of what i was looking at. the street lamps on my old street were a lot like what i was watching so i took photos of both and went inside to upload and compare. although similar it was obviously not a street lamp. i hurried back outside to make sure it was still there, and it was. so i began to think, “ok, if you are what i think you are come closer…” and it did. it came toward me and i instructed it not to scare me. so it reversed. we played that little game until i was convinced i was really having a real encounter. i spent quite a while filming and taking photos. i was amazed that i was able to get photos which clearly showed the shape, which was a round disc shape. it was a dull almost textured looking color and on the bottom it appeared to have either letters or a type of symbols, or possibly a door or hatch. my strongest thoughts are that it had large letters that resembled the letter ‘b’ and an ‘h’ together. it was very cold and extremely windy that night and it was difficult for me to keep the camera still as well as the video camera. the photos came out pretty sharp though. the video was more difficult for me to hold still and the way this thing would bounce around it made me question whether it was actually darting in every direction or if it was me and my cold shaky hands. i eventually set the video camera down on a flat surface and was able to see for certain that it was indeed going in every direction. close and far, left and right, up and down, shooting out of sight and returning. it was difficult to keep the camera focused. there were other things in the sky that night too but my attention was on this ufo. i called my girlfriend who lived down the street. she and i used to spend a lot of nights observing lots of things in the night sky. she came right down and i shared what was going on with her. she took some pictures with her phone but it wasn’t as obvious on her phone as it was using my video camera or my digital camera. i don’t know for sure how long we watched the object. i had another friend at my ho9use that night but he was a pretty heavy drinker and was more distracting than helpful so i sent him back inside the house so she and i could concentrate. i can’t remember right now, maybe if i watch the video again i will be able to see if the object was still there when we decided to go in but it seems that it ended the communication with me and quickly disappeared into the distance heading in a northeast direction.
i was excited and couldn’t stop looking at the photos i had taken and watching the video. i knew i had just experienced definite communication but at the same time i think i was trying to rule out all other explanations. the next day, (i marked it was 12 hours later because that was the highest option for me to choose in the description section of this report) i had gone to see my son for our weekly lunch visit. he was staying at a boys home for a few months for smoking weed. on my drive back home it was between 11 and 13 hours after i had seen the ufo. i had my camera with me and was taking pictures of different buildings as i was driving. i would just hold the camera and point in the direction of something and when i was stopped at a light i would try to get better shots. i took several pictures of the huge world center on alta drive. i took a couple of pictures of my right rear view mirror which was showing a bunch of colored flags lining the sidewalk in front of some apartments and then i was the first car stopped at a red light driving west on alta drive, stopped on the east side of rancho drive. on the other side of the street the city had changed the once straight road lined with the older mansion homes of celebrities and wealthy business owners and gave it a pretty curving appearance. it curved back and forth for several blocks. i was thinking how pretty it looked and held my camera outside of the car window and took several pictures. the light changed so i set my camera down and i continued driving the short distance back to my house. i got home and as usual i went to the computer and uploaded my photos. i was looking at each photo individually instead of all of them at once on one page. i mention this so you might be able to get an idea of what happened to me when i clicked ‘next’ and there was the first picture of the road on the other side of rancho. and i clicked ‘next again and right in the center of that next photo was the same disc i had seen the night before. my heart was pounding in my chest and once again i heard them (it felt like there were more than one both times i heard the communication!)this time the message was something like…”you definitely saw what you thought you saw last night!” they were confirming they were real and honestly, it kind of felt like they were having fun letting me know this. i have pictures and a video that includes what i filmed that night of the very active ufo. it has other photos that i don’t remember putting on there. i may have accidentally mixed things up but the footage of the ufo and the way it changes how it looks is from that video you will see how it zoomed in and out rapidly and bounces and zigzags all over the place. i don’t know how to explain why i have other photos on this video but they are all pictures i’ve taken. sometimes i have played with the editing program to try to see an image better. i know you are only interested in the raw footage but right now i have several broken computers that are holding photos until i can figure out how to get to them. actually by trying various things in editing i have been able to see things that were otherwise not visible in the normal photo. i have to use this video for now though so you can see the ufo in action…Sorry! i am not sure how long this report can stay on here without being sent but i have to go search some of the other places i have saved photos and videos to find the ones i need for this report. i know what i saw and i know what they said to me. of course i don’t know if i was abducted or not but i am interested to hear what you have to say about this report. i have a lot more things to share with you in following reports. i hope you don’t have a limit on how many reports can be made!

Source:  MUFON 83202

Date: September 16 2012
Location: Fountain Valley, California
Time: 01:00
Summary: On a overcast night off to the east where John Wayne airport from our back yard is; I saw a red light come from out of the clouds. I had thought I had seen little sparks of light every once in a while, but thought i was just tired. I didn’t think about it at first; but as this red light was slowly proceeding towards the West, in my direction very slowly, just below the clouds, I realized the light was not flashing like a normal plane, nor was it making any sound. I saw a segment on Destination Truth where they dared to flash a light at what they thought was a UFO and it responded back. So I was smoke a cig and thought I would try so I took 3 quick puffs then 3 slow puffs off my cig, and the light,responded. I was shocked, it was a UFO, so I called up to my son who was watching TV in his room with his window open, I said “Shane get over here” SEVERAL times to no avail, when I turned & looked at the object it was over in the direction of the police department which is maybe 1.5 miles north east of us, and saw the light make a couple flashes and then some sparkles came downward, the kind you see from a sparkler when a child just holds it. I wanted to get a picture; but have a disability and move very slowly so i SCREAMED “SHANE GET YOUR CAMERA, GO TO THE WINDOWN” but he didn’t come so I went in the house to get my cell phone. When I came back it was gone. It was no where. Not in the front, or other obstructed view areas. I have in the past had sightings; but for some reason this one really shook me up. maybe it was caught on a traffic light or business security camera?
Source: Davenport, Peter 

Date:   September 30 2012
Location:  Putney, Vermont
Time:  afternoon
Summary:  I looked up at my home and saw a flying triangle maybe ten feet wide,2000 feet,just black – Stepping out of my house one afternoon, i was headed to my shop which is across the driveway about 75 feet away.. i do woodworking so for me to be home is fairly common. i remember it was a cloudy day a little rainy or very damp. i love living where i do and often when i step outside i look around. that day i looked up and i saw a black triangle flying over my house from southwest to northeast. no sound, no lights, no markings , no exhaust trail. given the cloud ceiling i guess at about 3000 feet i would say it was smaller than a single engine plane and larger than a drone. i saw it and said to myself “that’s odd i wonder what it is” it disappeared into the clouds and that was it. only in the last couple of years have i been following , for lack of a better way to explain the ancient alien stories. i,ve always been interested but when i put two and two together i now look up everyday.
Source:  MUFON

Date:   September 2012

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