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Date:   December  2013
Location:  East Coast
Summary:  Ufo Sighting December 2013. Two Ufos were captured on tape in a mall parking lot someplace on the East Coast in the USA. In this video you can see a jet or a plane flying at a high altitude, the two Ufos can be seen coming close to the plane as they move and hover. After a few seconds you will see the Ufos fly off at a high rate of speed. This video was sent to use by an anonymous source who doesn’t want to be identified. We respect that. 
Source:  This is another video exclusive only seen here first on, youtube LookNowTV. As always, you decide. Thank you for watching!

Date: December 26, 2013
Location: Cowan’s Gap State Park here in Fulton Co., PA.
Summary: I came across your BEK posts after searching the internet. My husband & I had a weird encounter with, what I believe to be, BEK this past winter. It was the day after Christmas 2013 and we decided to get out of the house and take a walk. We enjoy walking the trails at Cowan’s Gap State Park here in Fulton Co., PA. It wasn’t too cold so we decided to take the short drive to the park. The park is void of people in the winter, unless there’s snow for skiers and ice skating on the lake. But we were alone – at least, we thought we were alone. We were walking on a trail that passes several of the rental cabins. After awhile, we took a short break and sat down at a picnic table located in a cabin pavilion. We were discussing how quiet it was when I noticed 4 children walking towards us. As they approached, I noticed that their eyes, especially the taller & older boy, were very dark with large irises. There was, I believe, 2 boys and 2 girls of various ages. All 4 wore light jackets. When they reached us, the older boy asked “do you live here?” My husband answered “no, this is a rental cabin.” There was no reaction. One of the girls, who was very pale, reached into her jacket pocket and pulled out a pack of cigarettes and lit one. The girl was no older than 10 years. My husband asked her “aren’t you too young to smoke?” The girl looked at him and, I swear, her eyes got darker and larger. She gave him a scow that he & I will remember for the remainder of our lives. It was so vile and foreboding – I was immediately scared. Then they turned, on a dime and together, and started to walk away. I was speechless and shaking – my husband said “let’s go.” We briskly walked in the opposite direction towards the car. I was still very frightened and wanted to go straight home. We pulled out onto Aughwick Rd. and headed east towards home, which is only a 1/2 mile or so from the park. A few days later, we were driving to Chambersburg to do some shopping. We needed to first stop at the post office in Fort Loudon to mail a few packages. My husband walked into the post office while I sat in the car. After a few minutes, I noticed the same 4 kids walking through the post office parking lot. Just seeing them sent chills up & own my spine. When my husband returned to the car, I told him what happened and that I wanted to go home immediately. Since that time, I have suffered terrible episodes of anxiety and fear. My doctor has prescribed medication but I still panic that I’ll encounter those kids again.
Source: Phantoms And Monsters

Date:   December 26, 2013
Location:  Morganton, North Carolina 
Summary:  i was driving this nite going down antioch rd going towards chesterfield coming from drexel me my sister her son my sons mother her daughter!! where all in the car!! we came to the top of the hill before u come to bridge i said what is that yall straight ahead look!! they said ohh its a plane!! so i said nothing else i drove up 300 yrds or so we looked up at this huge “footballfield” size triangle just hovering at about 3 mph it was low to the ground barely above the tree line!! we could see it good!! i had all the windows down so i could hear anything i heard nothing but we seen a huge black triangular craft hovering silently 3mph!! 3 white lights 1 in each corner no light in the middle that i remember seeing!! ok so i drive up a hundred yards past this craft and turn around come back we look for this huge triangle but we didnt see it again to be able to film it!! we where in so much shock of what we witnessed we didnt film it!! but we seen it plain as day!! we have never witnessed this type of craft any where else in the world before, besides what other folks have reported seeing world wide youtube!! lol this was not of the technology that i am aware of that may or may not exist in america!! these black triangles have been reported since 1883 we didnt have that technology then!! that was twenty years before flight!! there is always a form of tech advance as far as man made planes go changes in shape!! engines speeds etc. but there is none in these blk triangles thats been reported for years and years and years!! i wanna know who controls these craft time travelers from the future or aliens from another universe!! they dont bother us yet thk. who ever is the higher power that we feel so connected to!! we talk about our experience together sometimes i love it!! we have had some deep discussions about what we witnessed!! we just wanna know the truth thk u mufon for every thing u do to further full disclosure from our govt!! maybe one day!!!!
Source:  MUFON

Date:   December  2013

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