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Date:   October 8 2013
Location:  Harrison, TN
Time:  7:30 AM
Summary:  Shape(s) of UFO(s): oval Size(s) of UFO(s): Unknown Color(s) of UFO(s): Silver Number of UFO(s): 1 Distance of UFO(s) in sky: approximate altitude 1 mile Direction of Travel for UFO(s): NE to SW Further Description of Sighting: Jets w/Contrail UFO no Contrail Size of UFO is approximate to size of Jets, it then disappeared and then
reappeared in front of the lead jet. North East South West


Date:  October 12 2013
Location:  Owego  A New York
Time:  about 1 p.m.
Summary:  The sighting occurred about 1 p.m. on October 12, 2013, when the witness observed what appeared to be a disk-shaped object flying from the northeast and moving over Owego. “The object emitted no sound,” the witness stated. “There was no trail after it. There were no visible wings of any kind.” The witness uploaded a 22-second video taken on a camera phone with the report, which was filed with MUFON on October 12, 2013. “The disc moved from southwest to the northeast over the western horizon. Shortly after another object the same size and shape, no wings, no trail, no sound was observed flying from east (Binghamton, NY) to the northwest, however, higher in the sky than the first object. Having observed thousands of flights going over this area in the last 30 years, I have never seen anything like this before.”
Source:  MUFON Case 51482

Date: October 29,2013
Location: Santa Cruz, California
Time: around 9pm
Summary: I went out after dinner for a smoke. The approach for San Jose Airport runs pretty much right over my roof and there is always a line of planes coming in. I looked to my left and saw what I thought was a plane very low and heading directly towards my location. My next thought was this didn’t make sense .I’d never seen a plane approach from that direction. After a few moments I realized it wasn’t moving at all. It was hovering in one spot, possibly with a slight swaying motion. It appeared as a bright white light edged with a multi- colored aura for lack of a better word. I watched it ,puzzled, for about 15 minutes, looked at it with binoculars and tried to find landmarks to see if it was moving. Then, a friend happened to stop by. I showed him what I saw and his first comment was ” that things not moving. What the hell is that” We watched it for another ten minutes or so, then went inside thirty minutes later, we went out to have a smoke and check on the mystery light and it was gone. I even went to the other side of the building to see if, by some chance it was a bright Venus or something, whether it had moved with the rotation but there was nothing . No trace anywhere around of an! orbiting object. Just another head scratchier. know I am not a crackpot, delusional, hallucinating, or seeking attention. I am also unaware of any aircraft that can hover, with no movement or sound , and certainly not one that makes ninety degree turns an disappears so I believe it can be only one thing.
Source: UFO.net

Date:   October/November 2013
Location:  Wisp Road Edinburgh
Time:  16:00 16:30 hrs
Summary:  I was driving up the wisp on Edinburgh at around 16:00 16:30 hrs oct/nov 2013 & to my left about 200/300mts away on the ground was a large electric blue circle around 200ft in length &200ft in width I kept on saying what the hell is that &repeating myself I put my main beam headlights on and at that moment it went straight up at tremendous speed I know what I saw and nothing man made can can travel at that speed nor that shape it was not of this world and all I could say to myself was what the fxxk was that over and over again I never believed in u.f.o’s before but like I’ve said I know what I saw was not man made apart from the size & colour the speed of it was unbelievable.
Source:  www.uk-ufo.co.uk Darren

Date:   October  2013

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