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2013: September UFO & Alien Sightings

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(Last Updated On: November 15, 2016)

Date:   September 1 2013
Location:  Orrville, Ohio
Summary:  A few friends and I were having a fire in a rural are when we spotted a large bright orange orb moving quickly across the sky seeming to follow a main route in the area. We watched it moving quickly in a straight line until a sudden direction change, it made an approximately 45 degree turn to the right. It then sped off disappearing in about a minute or two. It made no sound through out the event and didn’t seem to be bothered by a small prop plane that was near by. The approximate size was a golf ball held at arms length. I really have no idea how far away it really was but it did seem to follow Sr57 that was about a half a mile away.
Source:  MUFON

Date:  September 12 2013
Location:  Aitkin County, Minnesota
Time:  7:18 p.m.
Summary:  The witness described the object to have the size larger than a basketball if measured at arm’s length. It hovered, descended while blinking and pulsing, according to the witness’ report. The witness estimated it to be at an altitude higher than 500 feet and a distance of over a mile.
Source:  MUFON  Case 50785

Date: September 17, 2013
Location: Santa Cruz, California
Time: around 9pm
Summary:  I went to have a smoke and from my balcony I saw in the distance six bright lights coming up the coast. they were in a tight group and I thought it might be a group of choppers but there was no sound. The lead three distanced themselves from the rear three. Movement was odd. erratic but precise as far as formation. Suddenly the first three made what appeared to be a ninety degree turn, accelerated and just vanished. It was one of those WTF moments and I was having trouble believing what I just saw when the other three followed suit and were gone in seconds. Evidently there were others who witnessed them and reported as well. I know think it may have been two larger objects with three distinct lights because the distance between never varied in either group.

Date:    September 18 2013
Location:  Leeds, AL 
Time:  7:00PM
Summary:   I was simply driving from my home in Birmingham to a friend’s home in Pell City via I-20. I was well-rested and sober, the sun had set some time before. I first noticed the object as exceedingly bright light in my rear view mirror, and assumed it was a car behind me harassing me with its high beams. Looking back turning my head and by using my mirror, I could see this object following along the highway at about 100 feet above or less, and all you could make of it was that it was extremely bright. It was going along the highway at probably about 85 mph because it overtook me after a bit, and as it went the path it took was brightly lit i.e. like the sun was up. For at least an area a couple football fields, this object was so bright that it lit up the ground like daylight and it was so bright that one could hardly see when it was within about 200 feet. After passing me, I decided it wasn’t a helicopter or anything and concluded it must be some sort of drone. However, after passing me, it gained speed in what I guess I’d call an exponential manner, speeding up to about 200 mph over the course of a couple seconds, and after following the road about half a mile then adopting an upward trajectory. It was then that it started to gain a lot more speed, and I was slowly starting to doubt that it was any sort of drone or anything when it suddenly zipped into the sky, going so ungodly fast. It had not even gotten 3000 ft off the ground when it became so fast that it became a dot in the sky and disappeared. When I first saw the object I was annoyed, then I was confused, and finally I was briefly horrified and full of disbelief. I want to say it was some kind of ball lightning, except this was huge as far as ball lightning goes(the size of a car) and it was more oval-shaped to the point that it was almost shaped like a car(no features just elaborating on the particular kind of egg shape). I couldn’t believe it when I first saw it, I told my friend when I got to his house and I assumed it would later be on the news; it wasn’t.
Source:  MUFON CMS


Date:   September  2013



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