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Date:  April , 2014
Location:   Near Reus, Tarragona, Spain
Time:  afternoon
Summary:  On a sunny afternoon in April a family was on their way to the town of Reus on the A7 motorway, when they reached the intersection of Constanti/Puerto Tarragona, just before the “Les Gavarres” commercial park, the wife suddenly called the attention to the husband who was driving, to a pair of giant birds that appeared to be gliding on the horizon. “Look at those two beautiful birds”, she exclaimed. He noticed that both were huge in size and one was considerable larger than the other. Both watched stunned as the two giant birds glided above them. As they watched they noticed that their huge wings appeared to be membraned. flyingblob2They noticed that the birds had very thick plumage around the neck area (like vultures) which was curved like the letter “S”. They had huge plumed bodies which differ from their membraned wings which lacked any feathers, and were several meters in length. The traffic at the time was very dense, and the road at the time was under repairs and they were unable to stop the car in order to observe the creatures further. They saw the giant birds for about 2 minutes. The creatures were flying from west to east and flew directly in front of the witnesses which thought of the sight as “spectacular”. Their surprised increased as they watched the larger of the creatures fly the Torreforta building, and noticed that it was wider than the top of the building, which caused great concern on the husband, wife and older daughter who also saw the creatures, the younger children were distracted playing games and did not see the creatures. They drove quickly ahead to find a place to stop their vehicle, however once they stopped their vehicle, the two creatures were long gone. The father and daughter returned to the area later and confirmed that the top of the Torreforta building was over ten meters in width, the larger creature surpassed that size by several meters.
Source:  http://criptozoologos.blogspot.com.es/201601/aves-gigantes-en-tarragona-por-daniel.html

Date: April 4, 2014
Location:  Fort Wayne  Indiana
Time:  8:05 p.m.
Summary:  The witness was southbound along U.S. Highway 27 at 8:05 p.m. on April 4, 2015, when the incident occurred. “The sun had just set not that long before the sighting happened,” the witness stated. “I first saw a solid light in the sky descending. My first thought was that it was a plane landing since there is an airport not but five miles away from the highway.” The witness continued to watch the light, but noticed it shifted its course away from the airport.“At that point I was starting to feel a little worried. I thought maybe something was wrong with the plane. But just a few seconds later I realized this wasn’t a plane at all.” The witness briefly considered the object to be a helicopter, until the UFO moved directly over the road and stopped quickly over a nearby tree line. “Now I know this is going to sound funny, but I thought, ‘What would Fox Mulder do?’ So I pulled over in a nearby median, got out of my car and immediately noticed it was a triangle-shaped UFO. My jaw dropped and hit the floor. This thing was just hovering over a tree line right next to a busy Highway.” The witness then surveyed the area and noticed there were no other cars slowing down or stopping to observe this incredible moment. “It had red and white lights on the bottom and sides of the craft. The red light was blinking no different than you would see on a chopper or plane, but the white lights seemed to ‘pulse’ in and out. The UFO continued to just hover there for a moment, but it started moving again and it crossed the road again. It actually almost went right over me.” The witness became a little panicked at that moment. “But I kept my cool because – to be honest it was more intriguing than frightening. I try to keep a sense of wonder about the unknown or just science in general rather than fear it. So the craft started moving in a zigzag pattern down the highway.I got back in my car and started following it, but it picked up too much speed and altitude to continue pursuing it.” The witness reported no anomalies at the scene. “And if you were wondering, no it didn’t affect my car or me, nor did I experience a loss of time or contact by any Men in Black. It is just something I feel fortunate enough to have witnessed.”
Source:  MUFON Case 74099

RoundRock_boomerang_LITSDate: April 14, 2014
Location: Round Rock, Texas
Time: 8:57 PM
Summary: Tonight, as I was walking my dogs, I looked up to see a boomerang shaped cloud flying North at a very high rate of speed.  At first, I thought it was some type of reflection, but there were no clouds in the sky for any light to be reflected.  It is a clear night.  This object was completely silent.  My wife also saw this thing.  I thought maybe it could have been ducks or geese, but I have never seen them fly as fast as this object was moving.  This is my first experience with a UFO.  It’s truly something I can’t identify!  Wow! Yes, I saw this object at 8:57pm Central Time.  The boomerang shaped object was not clearly defined, as it appeared cloudlike.  However, it was definitely shaped as a boomerang with the angle of the boomerang being the front.  There were no lights, no sharp edges and no sound.  Really weird. See my sketch…
Source: SW/LITS

Date: April 15, 2014
Location: above Mexico City 
Time: daytime 

Date:  April  2014


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