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2014: June UFO & Alien Sightings

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(Last Updated On: October 21, 2017)

Date: June 1 2014
Location: Houston, TX
Time: 7:00PM
Summary: Friend was working at event where he took a selfie and he accidently captured a fleet of ufos streaking by possibly at light speed unseen by the human eye.
Source: MUFON Case # 56775

56766_submitter_file1__imageDate: June 2 2014
Location: North Richland Hills, TX
Time: 12:00AM
Summary: I was standing beside a chair I was sitting at previously outside a little after midnight, when I heard a sound of a lawn mower, but at a higher pitch, which seemingly came from the sky above me. I scanned the sky, and seconds later the object came into view. The lights were in A star-like formation, a green light positioned at the front and five other red lights positioned like a five pointed star. It moved in a direct and stable straight-line, never changing course or stopping abruptly. It was unknown to me, as I had seen many planes that night that looked nothing of it, and the distance to the ground comparative to a plane seemed to be a few thousand feet. The lights appeared to be brighter and larger than that of a plane, which may be relative to the distance to the ground. I saw it for what seemed to be about ten seconds maximum, before it was behind a neighboring tree, I quickly walked to the side to catch a better view of, but it had disappeared. I wasn’t necessarily frightened, more intrigued, but very unsure of what I may have seen.
Source: MUFON Case # 56766

57120_submitter_file1__0614140048Date:  June 2 2014
Location:   Kingsland, TX
Time:   10:00PM
Summary:   Four of us were having a beer in my yard, which is in the woods, and my friend said “hey look, a satellite! So we all looked up to see a sattelite do an “s” curve. It was then we noticed 2 more coming from the same direction. They all looked alike and all seemed to make their own create their own light. But about that I’m not sure. All in all there were 5 or 6 objects that eventually headed north and disappeared. I have 3 witnesses for the initial sighting and one witness for the second. For the third, just 2 and my camera. d boy did I catch a doozie. I am still a bit shaken by the event buth I’ve been out here every night since. I would like to remain anonymous for the time being because so far folks think I just had too much libation. Last sighting was 6/15/2014. Same craft same everything but only one showed up on the 15th. I want to know who is piloting these crafts. Grays? Military? It seemed like they just vanished over Lake Buchanan about 5 miles to my North. 3 sightins in 8 days. 
Source:   MUFON Case # 57120


Date:  June 3 2014
Location: Eastcote, near Pinner, London
Time: 4:19PM
Summary: My Son was walking home from school on Monday 2nd June 2014 in the vicinity of Eastcote near Pinner (North West London). As he walked passed a man and a small girl walking in the opposite direction to him he noticed an object in the sky. My son observed that the object was a disc shaped and hovering just below cloud level at a distance of up to half a mile from him. He was at first confused by what he was looking at as it did not resemble a conventional aircraft. He turned around to see if the man had seen it too but the man and the small child had already walked around the corner on to the next street. The time was 4:17pm. My son then observed the Grey disc shaped object as it maintained a hovering but stationary position. He described seeing the underbelly of the object and the rim of the object for some 10 to 15 seconds. He later pointed out to me that it must have been a fairly large object as he estimated it to be at least half a mile away. He took a photograph of the object with his smart phone camera and continued to look at the disc. My son then observed that the craft then started to change its colour by blotching different areas of its undercarriage to match the cloud around it. He observed this change of colour for up to seven seconds before the craft completely disappeared from view. At no time during this transformation did the craft move position and neither did it make a sound that he could detect. My son said that he had the distinct impression that the craft was still there but had somehow cleverly masked itself to the naked eye. Upon witnessing the disappearance but feeling it was still present my son become scared. He rang his mother to tell her what he had seen and then ran the rest of the way home.
Source:  MUFON Case # 56820

Date:   June 3 2014

Date:  June 3 2014
Location:  San Antonio, TX 
Time:   11:30PM 
Summary:   Arriving home in the evening, probably 11:30ish, I’m outside looking up into the sky. Above the SE skyline I see a thick blue streak from left to right. Instantly my mind goes to work and question possibilities: shooting star, satellite, plane, helicopter, meteor shower, UFO! Certain, if I keep observing in the same direction there’s a good chance it’ll happen again. I didn’t see the attracting blue streak again;what I see is a large white dot like object. Flashing me! What am I seeing? Am I really witnessing a ET craft? I pull out my phone and begin recording. The object is just above the treeline in my back yard. I’ve got a clear view at this. There’s a crescent moon out and the night sky is fairly clear. Still not sure of what I’ve located is what I believe it to be I’m a bit excited. I track this object For ten minutes and thirty three seconds. During this time it appears to be making contact with me. Or perhaps, contact in general. The object flashes multiple times. Sometimes very short bursts. Other times the flash is a bit longer. The object appears to be moving in the sky. Nothing extravagant I’m thinking but at least I’m recording my proof. Good enough for me. Well, the object starts doing different things. Now it’s coming in close. Real close. Now, the single blip I’ve been seeing has made its way down from the firmament into a more familiar space. It’s come into my realm of existence. My space. My back yard. Literally, feet away from me. It comes in as a glow of light. A single glow. Next it takes a triangular transparent luminous entity carrying/dragging a tail if you will. Almost like a comet tail. It comes in and appears to be intrigued by me. It appears to look at me and hat I’m doing and really zooms in, like focusing really hard at me, so that it finally recognizes what I’m doing. It hides behind a tree, child like, as if to want to play. It hovers again, it very clearly makes it’s way to within feet of me, turns itself into what very clearly appears to be a UFO/ET craft. And fly’s away.
From past videos and pics I’ve seen I can say without doubt that what I have has never been seen before. Ever! Not at this magnitude. People always talk about the one that got away. Not this one. It’s here. I’ve got it. You’ve got to see it.

Source:   MUFON Case # 57006

Date:  June 4 2014
Location:   Lindale, TX
Time:   2:30AM  
Summary:   Approx. 2:30 am. Wednesday June 4 2014. I was outside sitting on my back patio on my phone shopping online and smoking a cigarette. I dont know what made me lookup from my phone, but when I did, thats when I noticed a yellowish-orange light (it kinda looked like it was outlined in red)moving lower in the sky. I turned my phone off because screen was too bright and I wanted to see this light better. At first, I thought it was a star but quickly realized it wasn’t. It was maybe 100 feet in the air decending in a sort of curved 45 degree angle moving at a slow rate of speed. Once it got to the treetop it slowed almost to a stop, but looked as if it was bobbing up and down like floating on water. Then it moved to the right, and then back to the left. Then started decending very slowly. At this point, its behind the tree but I can still see it. It gave me the impression that it was “busy” doing something, like it was there for a purpose. It would hover and bob up and down and continue to decend. I watched it until it was so low that my back yard fence was in the way of me seeing it anymore. I was able to see it until it was about 8 feet off the ground. Also , where this light is hovering, there are houses right by the tree its behind and there was a dog barking in that area. I didnt attempt to take pictures or video because #1 i was too scared and #2 I didnt think my pbone would do well picking up the light behind a tree that was probably about 150 feet away. I cant quit thinking about what I saw. I remember I was scared and I wanted to wake my husband up so he could see it too but he was out of town. I told him about it when he got home.
Source:  MUFON Case # 56970

Date:  June 4 2014
Location:   Bisley in Gloucestershire England
Summary:   I was driving along a road heading towards the village of Bisley in Gloucestershire England and this object was flying towards me it passed on the right hand side within several feet of my van it made a noise as it passed it was travelling quite fast possibly 50 millers per hour The object was small different coulers of brown oblong about 2 to 3 inches in diameter not sure how long. I was shocked did not know what it was tried to make sense of it
Source:   MUFON

Date:  June 6 2014
Location:   Canonsburg, Pennsylvania
Time:   around 1:00 p.m.
Summary:   I was driving north on McClelland RD in Canonsburg, PA area Seven on your map, in Washington County, Friday, June 6,2014 around 1:00 p.m. I was heading north to a doctor’s appointment. As I was leaving the BP gas station near the entrance to Interstate 79 north, I saw a flotilla of many UFO’s flying in formation in the clear blue sky. They were whitish-slightly silver discs, three abroad and approximately say eight or nine abreast. The UFO’s were three rows high, eight to nine crafts or rather discs in a long row, flying in three straight lines, leaving chem-trails behind themselves. The discs appeared more like “cloudy” formations rather than classical flying saucer formations. As I traveled north, the UFO’s looped around in the sky and it appeared as if they were following my car’s direction. They looped around the air now, above RT. 19 north, now I was in McMurray, PA now more crafts were in formation keeping their organized three rows. Now it seemed as it there were twelve to fifteen cloudy discs flying in formation. I stopped in my chiropractor’s office for my appointment. When I came out the sky was clear. Interstate 79 and Rte.19 are busy routes, so I know someone else must have seen what I saw. The flotilla was flying north up Rte.19 toward Pittsburgh.
Source:   MUFON

Date:  June 7 2014
Location:   Bacliff, TX
Time:   12:00AM 
Summary:   I was with my mother, brother, nephew, & friend on my mother’s back porch overlooking Galveston bay when we saw the strange lights at night. My brother & I originally saw an object during the day, & couldn’t figure out what it was. Then around midnight of the same day, we all witnessed 2 objects with 3 lights apiece (in a triangular shape). After the 1st 2 faded away, about 5 minutes later, 5 more identical objects appeared. They were silent, seemed 300ft. – 500ft. away, flying above the water, resembled Chinese lanterns, but moved too fast, & all made the same 90 degree turn roughly where the unknown object during the day was spotted. They each seemed to fade away at the same location.
Source:   MUFON Case # 56937

Date:  June 9 2014
Location:   rural South Dakota
Time:   2:00
Summary:   This happened on June 9, 2014, to a friend and I in rural South Dakota. It was a clear night, kinda boring. We had been visiting friends here and there all evening…just going around visiting. Usually we’d be sipping a beer by the time evening came but for whatever reason that day we decided not to. We were just cruising and listening to music. It started getting late and everywhere we went people were drinking. Sad but just another night here. So after wasting gas all night, we decided to go check out some other people we knew. We pulled up, by then it was around 2:00 in the morning. But everyone was hanging out outside in the front yard passing a bit of liquor around. We sat around and visited…I think either of us took just one shot before we decided to head out cause I was getting tired and wanted to go home. We said out ‘laters’ and jumped in the car. Now the place we were visiting was down a street almost the last house on a one-way street with houses on each side, until a few driveways before the stop sign where you’d enter the street. There were like two or three lots vacant on the right side…just open field with a row of trees farther back. Well here we are driving maybe 15 mph if not less trying to find a song to listen to. We’re both not really paying attention to the road. Then I look up and see what looks like a dog or some kind of animal alongside the road by one of the empty drives. It looked like it was eating, kinda hunched over you know….but no bigger than a dog. Then the closer we get to it this thing turns it’s head back towards us and we can see it in the headlights. But while it’s turning around it’s also starting to stand up….like a person. But not a person. By the time we pull right up along side it’s body hits the right side of the car. This is all happening in a matter of seconds…it isn’t anything I ever seen before. Like a cross between a man and bird. White with all these weird feathers or something on it’s body, with long fingers…like 8 or 9 inches long. I remember the fingers because it reached in the window while we slowed down. It had some kind of weird things sticking out of it’s head….like horns or something. At the same time we’re freaking out and my friend is saying ‘GO GO GO!’ And this thing got its arms out to the side and all theses things fringes are hanging off it’s arms and moving all over it’s body…making a noise like when a porcupine shakes its quills. Then it’ screams like the ugliest scream or holler…it was so loud! I slammed on the gas and was just trying to get the hell outta there. I ran the next two stop signs, freaking out. I didn’t stop until I got back farther into town. So anyway we stopped. I’m still freaking out …sitting there crying trying to figure the hell out what I just saw. So we ended staying up all night sitting in the car in the driveway of a family member. Trying to figure it all out. Scared to move. In the meantime I call the people whose house we just came from, cause they were all outside and only about four houses down the street. Thinking they had to have seen us slow down and stop…but they had to have heard that thing scream. But when I talked to them nobody heard anything. They said they seen us leave and that was it. I don’t know what it was but I had nightmares for a year or so almost every night. And yeah, I’ll admit I still look for things that might be similar looking…listen to stories. Trying to find anything that could give me some explanation.
Source:   CWB

Date:  June 10 2014
Location:   Lindale, TX
Time:   10:50PM 
Summary:   I was driving home and when I almost got home I saw an object hovering above a bridge off I-20. It would get very bright then fade out and the light would almost disappear then it would get bright again. The object was a glowing yellow at first then the closer I got, the more details I could see. I witnessed the object hover and I clearly saw a triangle almost crescent like object hovering with yellow lights surronding the exterior getting brighter and fading. The object hovered and then slowly descended behind a row of trees and it was out of my sight. It was like nothing I’ve ever seen before and it left me with chills and my heart racing after the incident.
Source:   MUFON Case # 56993

Date:  June 14 2014
Location:   Longview, TX
Time:   4:30AM 
Summary:   After work, a friend and I went out side to view the full super moon. A few minutes into it we first saw a very bright white/yellow light glide across the sky. Questioning what it was. We’d assume plane. But the light and brightness of it just wasn’t right. It also seemed to be heading up in like a 45 degree angle. Already being very high in the sky. Curious we continue to observe the sky some more. Then a bright white/yellow light came from one direction. Gliding across the sky. Watching it thinking “UFO or not”. Bam! The thing stops abruptly and starts going back the way! At the same moment another smaller red light crosses past it. The bigger white light comes to a stopping point in the sky and hovers for awhile. It would occasionally move doing tiny wiggly moves. Up and down. Eventually it moved up, higher in the sky. It became smaller and more dim. We watched it for awhile just hovering. Realizing to ourselves that how right now it just would seem like a star. But that’s far from what it is! It hovered and occasionally made small movements. After about 30 mins it was still out there. After viewing this event. I’m a little shocked, disbelief. The way this thing moved. Something’s intelligent is controlling it and as far as in aware. Nothing of earth is capable. I hope one day I can have some answers. People are right. Look up to the sky. Note: there were times that I thought I could see a very light, hazy triangular shape. But, it was very hard to tell. And I of course was staring at this light for quite some time
Source:   MUFON Case # 57034

Date:  June 14 2014
Location:   Oakville, Missouri
Time:   7:40 p.m.
Summary:   A mother driving and with her 14 year old son noticed a metallic object in the sky in the late afternoon of June 8, 2014. At first they thought it was a plane but the reflection of sunlight from it appeared very bright. Initially the object appeared small but that changed as it got closer. As it approached it appeared grey with an oval shape. Her son rapidly took 13 photos within about 8 seconds. Shortly thereafter they lost track of the object as they exited the freeway. Analysis of the photos revealed that the object’s apparent size in the sky was roughly that of the full moon. Photo analysis eliminated the possibility of an insect, bird, bat, or conventional aircraft as the object in the 13 photos. The object was disk shaped and its distance was between 500 to 1900 feet away. This would fit with an object between 5 to 20 feet in size and traveling between 150 to 600 mph.
Source:   MUFON Case 57046

Date:  June 14 2014
Location:   Breedsville, Michigan
Time:    12:00 PM
Summary:   We were working on the lawn on Jeptha Lake in Grand Junction, Michigan Van Buren County SW Michigan) when the high noon sun became obscured by a very large bird. I was looking at the ground when the huge outline of a giant bird covered the ground I was looking at. I looked up and about 300-500 feet up (too high to notice any features except it being all black and 10-16 foot wingspan, I’m guessing around 12-14 feet specifically) was a giant “hawk-like” bird. It was circling the lake and was checking out there area. It is a very high populated deer area, so maybe looking for deer? I alerted my gf and brother who were with me and we all watch as it continued its circle until we lost it behind a giant tree. We waited to see if it would circle around but it must have continued the opposite way. We watched it for around a full minute. It’s tough to estimate size as it was so far up, but there is no way it was smaller than a 10 foot wingspan, which makes it too large to be any known species in the area. The DNR suggested a Turkey Vulture of Bald Eagle (if definitely was not a Bald Eagle). If it was a turkey vulture, it was larger than the largest known size by a matter of a couple feet. I have been since then been watching hawks and other large birds carefully. Ive sized up 4 foot wingspan hawks and seen what they look like even a hundred feet in the air. No comparison, and they are 200+ feet lower than the bird I saw. From what I have read, it may be a Thunderbird, or some giant hawk. Anyone have any ideas what I saw?

Date:  June 17 2014
Location:   Forney, TX
Time:   2:22PM  
Summary:   Please review Mufon Case # 56477 and my interview the situation has escalated. They threaten through the com-link they will murder me my family and others, the torment is severe. The grey and others that are hovering in this area are terrorist…they spray gas from a weapon shoved into my home. I saw a black orb drop into my home in the hallway and spray white matter. The high pitched noise I hear all the time gets very loud it makes you cringe you can feel it in your body. They use sound to hurt you. They surround this area with what they call an array of dark gas and heat, you can see it. They get great pleasure from damaging people and stated they will destroy one family at a time. I believe they are already hurting more people not just my family. Please review my case and please tell the proper authorities. This is very serious. I do not know who else to tell. please help…..also I saw what appeared to be a ship that passed thru the creek bed. A ship that had some sort of mirror image as you could see the door “bright in color” open from the bottom but could not see the ship. Case Manager is Gary Neitzel…
Source:   MUFON Case # 57105

Date:  June 23 2014
Location:   Dallas, TX
Time:   8:30PM  
Summary:   i was sitting outside on the porch with my girlfriend and i told her to look in the sky. we saw a few flashing, flickering lights and then more kept appearing and one struck my attention as it went up high in the sky then it came low and then it went back up a little and went behind a light cloud and i could still see the light and it disappeared and never came out the other end of the cloud. while that was happening there were many other ufos that looked similar passing paths and appearing in the sky at once. i thought it was a bunch of airplanes at first but i have never seem 6-7 airplanes passing each other and around each other at the same time that close.
Source:   MUFON Case # 57341

Date:  June  2014



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