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Date: 2014
Location:  Chapelhall scotland
Time:  8:45pm
Summary:  Me and my partner were sitting in our living room of our flat and my chair was beside the window which has a clear view of the sky i just happened to look out the window and i see a small orange glow in the distance i didn’t think anything of it as i thought it was a chinese lantern. But as i watched it it grew into what looked like a horseshoe the scale was massive as it was a good 4 miles away and it was close to a block of flats and it looked about 2 mile in size its hard to describe it i have tried looking it up and can see nothing like it as i said its like a giant burning horseshoe i shouted my partner over and we both stared at it until it sort of just reduced in size until it was nothing it might be something but it also might be nothing the strange thing was about a year ago my partner said she had a crazy dream she was abducted..and went through everything you hear on tv the cold metal bed being paralyzed and them operating on her eye etc…she not really interested in aliens or ufos or anything that’s why i thought it was strange as i said it might me nothing ir something thanks for listening
Source:  www.uk-ufo.co.uk

Date:  2014
Location:  slovenia
Summary:  I was talking on the phone with my aunt when I saw a slowly moving object in the sky. It wasn’t that high but it was a long distance between me and the object. It was in shape of triangle. What really considered me was that the ufo turned on 3 lights that were in a line. They were bright,big and white. It than turned them off after about 10 seconds and slowly flew away than disappeared. It was in the evening so I couldn’t see all the details. Number of UFO(s), including the Color(s), Size(s) and Shape(s): 1 ufo, 3 white lights, size of a bus, triangle shape
Source:  ufo.net

Date: 2014
Location:  Colusa, Calif.
Time:  3 a.m.
Summary:  The woman, whose name was kept anonymous, claimed that she was sitting on her house’s door step with her dog when the encounter took place. “I saw a man walking up the sidewalk at 3 a.m., smoking a cigarette by holding it under, like an European, and one arm behind his back, as he past me he nodded, and so did I. I thought it strange being so late, he walked around the corner and was gone,” she told MUFON about the 2014 encounter. The woman goes on to say that the same man showed up at the same spot a week later and that they exchanged some words. “I saw him at 3 a.m, again. He smiled and said very softly and meekly ‘hello’, and bowed his head. I returned the greeting. It is a small rural farming town. No one was out and I could hear his hard sole shoes make a clatter in the still of the night.” But it was 7 days later, she explains, that things would take a different turn. “I slept with the double front doors open into my studio-type home for ventilation. At 3 a.m., I heard the man walking by.” She claims that when the man turned and looked at her, his face was nothing like it was before. “He had a reptilian face. He was wearing a hooded jacket. We both stared a each other for about 10 seconds.” The Californian described the humanoid as having a scaly face with empty eye sockets. Instead of a regular mouth with lips and teeth, she added, he had “a small slit”. “He had a brow ridge. The scales looked like those of a snake and had a bluish color to it.” She also provided a sketch of the purported being. According to the woman, the alleged humanoid walked away, although he was still wearing the same shoes. “I felt it was the same man, but was seeing a reptile being,” she said.
Source:  MUFON

Date: 2014

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