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Date: December 2015
Location: Santiago, Chile
Summary: The first four flying objects slowly move across the sky before disappearing one by one. They keep no formation and have a few particularities that may identify them as human-made crafts.
But what about their other unexplained characteristics? 
The massive UFOs share the same cigar shape and have four lights that flicker as they hover over the city. These could be either safety lights or coming from a quad-engine prototype, but considering that safety lights are usually colored, the four-engine hypothesis seems more viable.After the massive crafts slowly leave the area, other small UFOs come in their stead. They perform some kind of ritual this time, like following a pattern.

Source: ufoholic

Date: December 6 2015
Location:   sequoia park, Monterrey park ca
Summary:   This UFO Sighting was Documented on December 6th at 5pm Just when we were packing up to go home, and just like they like to do we saw one of the numerous anomalies we we encounter at our meetups show up when we were least expecting it. We were about to put our cameras away when Efren(Eagle Eyes) Spots this bright object sitting high in the sky brighter than anything else we witnessed that day, We quickly ran into action once he called us in and pointed it out to the rest of us where the object was, once we spotted it Kelly managed to get it on her film, I Myself tried but realized i didn’t have my memory card which is why you see me run away from my camera in a haste to retrieve it in the video, after i run Yasmin Joyner Manages to film this anomaly with her camera and documented it the same time as Kelly is, I in this time make it back to my camera and replenish the missing memory card slot for my Canon T3i and start aiming and scoping down the Unidentified Object so I can document itl, when I managed to get a lock on it so were Kelly And Yas recording it, it was at this moment that we witnessed this object disappear Before our Eyes and Lenses Documenting the entire thing on 2 Nikon 90′s and my Canon I call Hubert.
Source:  UFO.net

Date: December 7 2015
Location: Johannesburg South Africa
Time: 02:00
Summary: Abduction event by Grey’s in Johannesburg, South Africa.
Revelation:… Last night, or rather this morning, at around 2 am, my partner experienced an abduction, in Johannesburg, South Africa. She was asleep, and found herself searching, for something unknown. Then, she ‘knew’ that there was something, that came from the earth, that resembled a square mist, that had copper strands inside it. She remembered that this thing became visible, and she was devastated, because she would then not be able to reach the perfect stuff. She got upset and tried to awaken me, I just lay still. Then, she accompanied her ‘young Grey’, and recalls floating above flowers and grass, a small patch, and then came face to face with an older, very large Grey. She called him Wisdom. He then, telepathically spoke. She told him what’s she saw and what happened with the mist thing.. He told her: ” We, (referring to himself and the others behind him, and to me ((name deleted)),) can NEVER become tainted. Never ever.” She felt intense overwhelming feeling of love, and he took her hand, opened it, and put in a necklace with an infinity sign, which shone brightly and was covered in darkness. He then said, “You may go now.” She then, accompanied by her younger Grey, left to go back to bed. She then woke up. This was a full recollection of the abduction of this morning, and a message from the Greys. – Duration:1 hour
Source: NUFORC

Date: December 15 2015
Location:    New Haven, CT
Time:   About 6:47pm
Summary:   I saw 4 lights up on the sky moving around and then bond together at center and separate again perfectly. They moved across the sky perfectly. It happen over the Qbridge. First one I saw was 12/13/15 about same time.
Source:  UFO.net

Date: December 18  2015
Location:   Ontario, Ontario
Summary:   We were looking over the frozen Lake Erie. It was dark out I’m not sure what time it was. We had no idea what the objects were they were far away over the USA across the lake. So what we saw was little lights. Just 2 one red and one blue. The seemed to be flying around each other and shooting at each other. One wheat down and disappeared. I think it was the blue one I can’t remember clearly. My boyfriend and I were freaked out we felt uncomfortable and scared we got in are car and drove home. We didn’t want them to come across the lake to get us.
Source:  MUFON

Date: December 22 2015
Location: Big Bear Lake, CA 
Summary:  My son and I noticed an extended, white Ford van pull up about 50′ away from the Big Bear FunPlex. We were waiting for a cab to take us back to the hotel. My daughter was playing on the kid carousel. A few minutes later, after I had forgotten about the van, an entourage of young, beautiful, nicely-dressed women walked in single file, with a couple adults escorting them. They were all quite serious and quiet. As I was standing by the door, I got a look at most of them. It was quite unusual to see so many beautiful ladies at once, so I had a quizzical look on my face, which one of them saw and looked back at me as if in acknowledgement. It was a kind of “what are you looking at” kind of look. I was very preoccupied with spotting the cab — it was about 30 minutes late — that I only occasionally looked over at the young women. When I did, though, I noticed that their movements were almost synchronized. They still hadn’t said a word, and it had been at least five minutes. The woman who looked at me was the only one walking around the perimeter of the other girls. At one point she walked up to me to throw something in the garbage. I instinctively moved back a couple inches to allow her to throw out her garbage (water bottle, not sure) without looking at her. Before we left, the older lady, who I think was a human, said, “OK girls, why don’t we all come over here,” which was only 4 feet from me. They all moved over to her in perfect silence in one motion. Once they were all together, the human lady stopped talking, but they were all watching her silently. At this point, the cab was driving up, so I yelled to my son right over the young ladies..”The cab’s here!” Then he yelled to his sister, “Come on!” They walked right through the crowd of 7 or so entities to the door. They remained quiet and focused on the human lady. I didn’t notice who had led the group in, but according to author Charles Hall, it was most likely an elder male entity brought along for security. Here’s the thing: I was so preoccupied with waiting for the cab that it didn’t occur to me what was going on until I got home that evening. But my subconscious knew what was going on and was taking mental notes. After I had put it all together, I was somewhat shocked. It fit the profile perfectly, and I had witnessed it. – MUFON CMS
Source: NUFORC

Date: December  24 2015
Location:    southwest of Greensburg, Pennsylvania
Time:   about 9 PM
Summary:   At about 9 PM, a witness was outside when he noticed a solid triangular object southwest of Greensburg. There were a number of non-blinking lights on the silent object which was approaching closer to the witness location. The witness grabbed a floodlight and aimed it towards the object. As soon as the light hit the object, it disappeared and was not seen again.
Source:  Stan Gordon

Date: December   2015

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