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Date: November  2015
Location:   Indiana
Summary:   The witness was walking home after a third shift in November 2015 when the incident occurred. “No cars were out,” the witness stated.“Just me walking down the middle of a major road.” The witness saw the UFO out of the corner of his eye. “I turned to the right and saw the huge, stretched, diamond-shaped spaceship. It had orange lights on all sides of it. It was just floating in a straight line heading east. No noise, no fumes. It was massive. Floating 200 feet above me.” The object quickly moved away. “It slowly flew east and I watched it until it disappeared. Breathtaking moment. Unbelievable.”  The witness provided three illustrations of the event with the report, which was filed on February 17, 2017.
Source:  MUFON Case 82148 

Date: November 2 2015
Location: E. Grand Ave in Ingleside, Illinois
Time: 6:30 am
Summary: Hi – I witnessed something I can’t explain. Maybe you can help. It was Nov. 2nd about 6:30am I was driving to work eastbound on E. Grand Ave in Ingleside, Illinois. I had just passed the Gavin Elementary School and saw what looked like a sting ray or manta ray flying across the road, not far from Fox Lake. I almost ran off the road. It must have been 20 ft long and about 50 ft over the road. It was a light gray color but not shiny like metal. It was a dull light gray. It reminded me of a smooth plastic tarp. It wasn’t going very fast. There were a few cars coming in the opposite direction but they didn’t react from what I could tell. I know it sounds weird but I swear that this is what I saw. There was no tail, but was shaped like a sting ray fish. There was no flapping of the wings. It just glided across the road towards the preserve and Long Lake. Can you help me out with this? SH  

It was probably 20 ft long and 20 ft wide at the wings. There were no markings though there may have been some small structures underneath towards the middle. I could not distinguish what it may be. There was no sound from what I could tell. It was traveling on a straight course but I soon lost sight of it after it flew over the road. It may have dropped in altitude. There have been UFO sightings in the area in the past. We’re not that far from Lake Michigan and north Chicago. I appreciate the information you sent about the flying ray-shaped UFOs. If I hear or see anything else, I’ll contact you. 
Source: phantoms and monsters

Date: November 7 2015
Location:   Arcadia, California
Time:   about 4:00 broad daylight
Summary:   November 7, 2015 about 4:00 broad daylight my son came running into the house saying a metallic sphere the size of a small car just came out of the san gabriel mountains near l.A. and flew over his head and our house. we ran outside and it was gone. i went back in and he stayed outside to watch the sky. ten minutes later the house shook as 3 military choppers came from the same direction heading toward the ocean as did the “sphere”. just after dark that night a blue flame was shooting across the sky off of the l.A. coastline.(hours after the choppers flew by) the military launched a trident test missile without notice or warning to anyone. coverup.
Source:  MUFON

UFO-Ohio-557x264Date: November 7 2015
Location:   West Carrollton, Ohio
Time:   6:30 p.m.
Summary:   A man in West Carrollton, Ohio reported witnessing two spinning gem-shaped UFOs and recording them on video moving in formation. The witness was outdoor smoking when he saw the two lights above the tree line around 6:30 p.m. on the 7th of November 2015. The witness stated that the two unknown aircraft travelled a straight and level flight path from northwest to southeast. The two spinning gems flew without a sound and the witness who claimed to have a military background could not identify the objects. Though the UFOs were not travelling at an unusual speed and not making abnormal maneuvers, they suspiciously vanishing so quickly after passing the witness’ position as he faced south. The witness claimed that he had been an aircraft mechanic for more than three decades, including nearly five years in the USAF at Edwards AFB. He was confident that the UFOs were not the same to any other usual things he had seen before around Edwards. The witness lives around a 15-minute drive from Wright Patterson AFB. The witness used his mobile phone video to record his UFO sighting. He zoomed in and out a little to maintain focus, the witness said. Towards the end of the video, tree branches become visible, and the lead craft disappears while the second one travels a little further before it also disappears. One thing that the witness noticed was the spinning in unison. The witness said that he did not have the means to enhance the video and would love to see if anybody could do it.
Source:  MUFON

image-1142Date: November 8 2015
Location: Olivia Minnesota
Time: about 6:27 p.m
Summary: The witness was driving home from Minneapolis and stopped in Olivia at a Dairy Queen and then continued driving west along Highway 212 about 6:27 p.m. on November 8, 2015. “When I looked out the passenger side window to the north, I noticed what at first I thought was a small airplane flying just above the tree line,” the witness stated.“I looked again and noticed the windows were too large to be airplane windows.” The witness could not see the traditional red or green flashing aircraft lights that a small airplane would have.image-3126 “There were long rectangular windows in which I could see people standing and looking out. I grabbed my camera and tried to take a couple pictures. The craft then made a sharp 90-degree turn and headed toward me. On the front I saw three bright lights.” The object moved quickly toward the witness. “It came at my vehicle above the treetop level quite fast and passed over the top of my vehicle and the road and then disappeared to the south. I immediately pulled over to the side of the road and looked for the object in the sky and could not see anything. I could see the lights from other jets and airplanes in the sky but they were a long way away.” The case was investigated by Minnesota State Director Craig Lang and Field Investigator Susan Birttnen and closed as an Unknown. “The shape of the object was described as a bullet or a missile,” the MUFON report stated.“The surface was dark and it had long rectangular windows. The windows were back lit in a yellow/white color.  The size was estimated at 11-30 feet.The object appeared to be black/dark gray in color with white unwavering lights.  The elevation was at 20 degrees.  The altitude was tree top to 500 feet and the distance was 21-100 feet.  It was first seen in the north and then disappeared to the south.”
Source: Mufon Case 72323

Date: November 8 2015
Location: Tucson Arizona
Time: about 9 p.m.
Summary: The approximately 20 objects were moving only 30 feet off of the ground. The event occurred beginning about 9 p.m. on November 8, 2015. “A group of gray to copper forms was observed at approximately 30 feet altitude,” the witness stated.“The forms were in a V formation and moved quickly, silently and unwaveringly from north to south. We observed for approximately 10 seconds.” The witness described the objects. “Shapes changed from ovoid to spherical while maintaining V formation. The individual forms were approximately three feet across. At first the color was a dull gray and shifted to a reflective copper. There was a churning motion within the formation with individual spheres rotating from the outer part of the formation to the V.” The objects appeared to be a dull gray, but shifted to a copper color. The witness has ruled out common explanations. “These were clearly not balloons or birds. The speed was rapid and constant without sound.” The witness has also ruled out a recent missile launch. “Approximately the same time that evening, there was a Trident missile launch in California and people were reporting blue light sightings to the west of our city in Arizona. The location of this sighting was east of the city and we were facing east looking at the stars. There was a low level of illumination, muted. The colors changed from gray to copper and also the gray outlined the spheres, within the ovoids. ”The objects appeared at the same time the Trident missile was launched, but the UFOs were seen in a different direction.
Source: Mufon Case 72636

Date: November 11 2015
Location:   Cincinnati, Ohio
Time:   about 3 am
Summary:   i was driving home on delhi street, about 3 am, coming home from my mother’s house. i was going north and turned east. that’s when i saw this huge circular craft hovering 20 feet off the ground. i really don’t remember what happened after that. i feel i was abducted because i have missing time. i see tracers on anything that moves and my eyes glow. i have had dreams of aliens and craft ever since that night. 
Source:  MUFON 83223

Date: November 12 2015
Location:   Near Murfreesboro, Tennessee
Summary:   Just saw a light in the sky, thought it was a shooting star until it started zig-zagging. It wasn’t very large and was quite some distance away; the movements were not like any kind of airplane I know of could have made because they were too sudden and odd angles. I mentioned it at work the next day, but nobody else saw it. So, I just dropped it. Hope this helps.
Source:  ufo.net Billy Redig

Date: November 23 2015
Location:   2 miles from Ligonier, Pennsylvania 
Time:   about 2 PM
Summary:   At about 2 PM, a married couple was driving on a rural road about 2 miles from Ligonier. The driver noticed some movement in the bushes to the right of the road. Suddenly, an animal began to trot from right to left about 10-20 feet ahead of the car. The car was stopped as both witnesses watched something quite strange. The animal was four legged and looked somewhat like a fox. However, they could only see the outline of the animal, as this creature was not solid, and no color or fur was observed. The husband told me that the animal had a “smoky veil shape” but his wife who had a longer look at it stated that she could “see through it.” She also said that there was a specific area within the body shape that was like an energy pattern. They watched as the animal entered the woods to their left and never saw it again.
Source:  Stan Gordon

Date: November 27 2015
Location: Snohomish, Washington
Summary: I went in my backyard with my dogs. It’s very clear, no cloud coverage. I looked up and saw 2 cylindrical objects,with almost an aura, prism shining out both sides.Hovering perfectly aligned, on top of each other. They were bright orange/red glowing. I watched for 2-3 mins and called my daughter, she came out and there was only one. We watched a few minutes and second one appeared next to each other hovering. She went in to see if any reporting were mentioned on web site. I stayed, a third one appeared. They changed positions in perfect unity also changed color, bright orange red to light white, just before disappearing.My first thought was helicopter. But it was hovering and shape was wrong and no sound. These objects hovered above the planes in pattern. I wasn’t really afraid, in awe is more like it. There also was at least two small planes that flew right under them during all of this. They didn’t seem to want to disappear while planes were there.The speed they used to disappear was almost like vapor. They could change directions unlike a copter or plane.Ive never seen anything like this. My guess was about 15-20 mins. How long they were there before I went outside, I have no idea. After 15-20 mins. They, one at a time just disappeared.

Date: November 27 2015
Location: Pennsylvania 
Summary: on 11/227/2015 I went to the fridge to get something to drink and seen way off above the thees tree top level something that looked like a plane but the lights were flashing red one side to the other then switched to white and i decided to not go to sleep i woke up and found my pants fully zippered buttoned with the belt buckled? who does that? not me not anyone yet i remember nothing.

Date: November 27 2015
Location:   Lithonia Georgia
Time:   12:00
Summary:   My daughter and I were driving down the road about 9:30 at night when she spotted Lights in the sky I’ve never believed in UFO services such I ignored them but then they became so why I know there’s something out there that was not home or we watched it and forwarded it lasted over 40 minutes they were bright lights they became one then divided up into twos and fours and sixes changed colors and helicopters are flying around with their spot lights and they look like as compared to them we called the police department to find out they had not had any complaints but this cannot be true we were put on hold and we were told that we were the only ones that I called and people are standing outside on the side of the road videotaping and we have some few videos sorry about the language but I hope I got all excited that’s about it we saw them twice in the same spot within a two week period it lasted for about 30 to 40 minutes to first time and we followed it stand about 15 it made me feel very calm and peaceful at first I was scared but then he gave a calming effect and I can’t wait to see more I feel like it’s a good life and nothing bad or scary about it if I hadn’t seen it with my own eyes I would have never believed to have never believed in any of this sort of thing before but when she see it there’s no denying
Source:  MUFON

Date: November 30 2015
Location:   Sahuarita, Arizona
Summary:   Every night between 8 PM and 10 PM I would be observed closely by two separate crafts one off to the southwest and the other one off to the south east. These two Crafts would almost park themselves in one spot and hover their night after night. My dogs would completely flipped out and barking uncontrollably when they were getting near as I peered out my window when craft had turned from running lights along the bottom to a ball of electricity. At the times I looked outside to watch these crafts a shadow appeared in front of my window and scratched my window at the spot my face was. I got so scared I fell back on my ass. My oldest male dog insisted on staying outside his kennel so he could watch over my bedroom. which indicates he feels that there’s something that could be in my room that I would need protection from. I no longer have a period at 39 and they may have been taking my eggs. What I think is strange is they are focusing a lot of energy on me and as far as society is concerned I’m nobody. At the intensity of these day-to-day month-to-month counters cause me to feel scared to be alone in my home and when I went to my parents house it repositioned itself in front of my parents front door and that night I wanted to sleep there to feel safe. Within 15 minutes my parents were asleep and the craft had come close and hovered over the house I could barely hear it it was similar to a helicopter but quiet and I could feel the vibrations from the engines and I could hear that one propeller was loose and rattling. I had felt very harassed by these crafts and feared for my life I don’t know if they are friendly or not. After this craft was scene over my house by my neighbors and they reported a UFO hovering very low in town I don’t remember the exact day. These encounters or most intense in late fall and all winter 2015 & 2016. I would appreciate it very much if someone from MUFON spoke to me personally because I have a lot more details to these occurrences considering they happened over several months span
Source:  MUFON

Date: November  2015

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