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Date:  September 2016

Date:  September 3 2016
Location:  Murrells Inlet, South Carolina
Time:  Saturday Morning
Summary:   I stepped out on the deck with my grand Daughter to smoke. I was smoking she is 9. While talking to her I saw a craft in the air with the rising sun shining off of it. It was moving pretty fast and no sound. I asked her if she saw it and did she think it was an airplane. She said I don’t know and honestly it was pretty high but it didnt seem to move like an airplane as it was going very fast and then slowed a bit. I pulled out my phone and clicked a few pictures then it sped back up again and traveled out of sight. Admittedly I am a Man that believes in these thing and this is not the first thing I have yaken a picture of. It is however the first thing I cant explain away.
Source:  MUFON

Date:  September 4 2016
Location:  Indianapolis, Indiana
Time:  10:30PM
Summary:  I was picking my husband up from work at 10:30PM on Sunday, September 4, 2016. On the way home, we both noticed three glowing white orbs hovering over US31 near I-475. The objects were in a perfect equilateral triangle formation, with two objects on top, and one on bottom, which was significantly dimmer. We could tell immediately that the objects were not helicopters, planes, or anything we are familiar with, and in fact we saw a low-flying aircraft in the area at the time of the sighting. It was absolutely stunning. The objects moved extremely slowly, not breaking formation; hovering, but not fixed in the sky. We drove home, keeping the objects in sight, and called my mother outside to check them out. She was also amazed. We watched the orbs for approximately two hours before eventually retiring to bed. When I awoke at 4am, the objects were gone.
Source:  MUFON

Date:  September 6 2016
Location:  Temecula, California
Summary:  My sister and I were on a trampoline looking at stars and satellites. I noticed a object overhead moving in a strait line going north. It was dim for a few moments, then flashed a very bright white, then went dim again. It repeated this over and over about every five seconds, each flash getting brighter. It did this seven or eight times. The last few flashes were extremely bright, enough to hurt my eyes. Like a flash from a camera. Then it slowly grew dimmer until we lost sight of it. It was definitely not a plane or satellite.
Source:  MUFON

Date:  September 6 2016
Location:  Detroit, Michigan
Summary:  I was laying in bed with my boyfriend unable to sleep for some reason. I tossed and turned the whole night. So, I looked at my phone it was 5:15am. I turned towards him (he was laying with his back turned towards the window facing me) because sometimes I stare at him kiss him and then I fall asleep. But when I looked at his face something caught my eye like a glare or something out the window. I raised my head up to see what it was and it was a being. It was a brownish tan color. It was short. I couldnt see the eyes or mouth. It had a head like oval shaped and you could see the impressions where the eyes and mouth were supposed to be but it wasn’t there. It had its fist balled up and I didnt see fingers just the roundness of the fist. It was looking left to right like it was looking for something. When I seen it I panicked I jumped up and yelled “BAE BAE BAE”. ( thats what I call my boyfriend) I turned on the light. He jumped up. I told him something was outside. He looked out the window but was unable to see anything because the light in the room was reflecting the darkness back through the window. He said “Bae , I can’t see turn off the light”. I turned off the light he looked again and he said he didn’t see anything. Then our dog started barking like crazy. So, my boyfriend grabs his pants. My heart is beating out my chest by now. I asked him where was he going. He said “Outside to check and see what’s out there.” I grabbed him and begged him not to go. I couldn’t let him go. I was too afraid. So, we laid back down in bed. When we laid down we be began to hear a strange sound. I cant describe it because I never heard anything like that before. My boyfriend held me tight until it went away.
Source:  MUFON

Date:  September 6 2016
Location:  Billings, Montana
Summary:  At 8:50 PM, two jets, two low flying planes and a helicopter flew directly overhead, traveling N by NW. Within the same minute, a third low flying plane and second helicopter with a search light flew over. 60 degrees W, a white star-like object appeared about the same brightness as Mars. It hovered for a moment, appeared solid white and abruptly flew N for about 10 seconds before spontaneously disappearing.
A second object spontaneously appeared at 9:00 PM from 60 degrees S. It flew N by NE in a subtle zigzag flight pattern for approximately 30 seconds and continued past the horizon. Both objects were star-like and unwavering white in color. One minute after the second object disappeared, two very low flying planes and a helicopter flew overhead.
At 9:03 PM, the third object appeared from the NE almost directly overhead and traveled S in a linear flight path. It shared the same brightness as the first two objects and was unwavering white in color.
At 9:05 PM, my wife came outside and we witnessed a fourth object from the W traveling S by SE for five seconds and spontaneously disappearing. Lasting for only a split second, we did see one meteor in the S by SW sky. However, without doubt we both attest that the third object was not a meteor or something entering the atmosphere. I can confirm that all unidentified objects were not space debris entering our atmosphere.
Between 9:15 PM – 9:20 PM, the fourth object appeared 45 degrees W. It traveled N for approximately 20 seconds before spontaneously disappearing 60 degrees above the horizon. Within this time-frame, one helicopter, one jet and two low flying planes appeared. One plane had a search light.
9:30 PM, at approximately 60 degrees W, a fifth object appeared. It traveled N in a white, unwavering path for 10 seconds before disappearing. Two low-flying planes circled directly overhead between 9:30 PM and 9:40 PM.
The sixth and final object appeared at 9:55 PM 45 degrees S. It hovered for a moment and then started traveling N by NE. This object was also unwavering white in color and disappeared within five seconds. Within a minute of the final sighting, a jet traveling from the S flew directly overhead and continued a linear flight pattern to the NE.
All unidentified objects moved at relatively the same speed, slower than a satellite but faster than the jets. Only the afterburners from the jets, engines from the low-flying planes and blades from the helicopters were heard. No sound was heard from the six unidentified, white unwavering objects.

Source:  MUFON

Date:  September 7 2016
Location:  Whitefield, New Hampshire
Summary:  My friend and I were sitting on my porch, across the street from the water fountain in Whitefield. I observed a white, rod like, misty object (that looked like a small piece of “cloud”), slowly going across the sky. I asked my friend if she was seeing the same thing I was… and she said yes. We watched it go across the sky and disappear into a cloud. It was too high up to be a plane. The cloud was small and dissipated rather quickly, after the object entered it.
Source:  MUFON

Date:  September 7 2016
Location:  Rochester, New York
Summary:  i was in my back yard , i was looking at contrails and noticed something small , very bright , that appeared solid , hovering next to one of the rapidly fading contrails , it appeared to hover and stayed stationary , i didn’t think it was a drone , it appeared to be at least as high as the planes contrail was , I looked at it with binoculars and took 4 photos with my camera , I really had to zoom in , but you can SEE Something hovering and shining next to the contrails , no idea what it was , heard no noise , all i could see was something small and shiny , just hanging there hovering ,
Source:  MUFON

Date:  September 7 2016
Location:  Hopkinton, New Hampshire
Summary:  I went out to start my Jeep this morning at 4:30 am and as I was waiting for it to warm I looked up and saw a bright red orb coming straight up over the tree line in front of me. It was moving very slow and then two more came up side by side after it, also moving very slow. I turned off the Jeep and its lights and got out of the car to watch. They made no sound, but seemed to hover for a moment, then the first one started to move over me probably about two trees high. The other two waited a moment and started to follow, and moved away and toward each other a bit as they too followed the lead one. I got my phone and took video. It lasted about 5 minutes as they went over me and continued to move slowly toward the sky until they one by one got so high the light couldn’t be seen any more. I video’d it for the whole time, but when I got to work to check it out, only 5 seconds was filmed and I only got the two that followed for that time. They were beautiful and moved so gracefully and slowly, and silently. I was in awe!!
Source:  MUFON

Date:  September 7 2016
Location:  Coffs Harbour, New South Wales
Summary:  Taking pics of Solitaire Islands, i didn’t see it with my eyes only after looking at pics do i see this amazing object breaking the surface whitewater visible object looks to have a periscope and hollow underneath,,strange very strange..definitely not photoshopped.
Source:  MUFON

Date:  September 10 2016
Location:  Downfield Road en8 8sz
Time:  20:15
Summary:  I have 100 hours experience flying cessna’s and pipers with approximately 6 night flights. I am also an ex twa then american airlines rep and have travelled the world extensively observing the northern lights twice…my point being i know the night sky quite well. I have watched the space station go across Southern England twice and understand its shape format and traverse in the night sky. here’s what i saw in a clear sky with the great bear and the plough brightl and visible….hardly a cloud in the sky, and several jet liners on approach for stansted city or luton airports all in our region two dull but pink lights separated by a small distance but travelling as a pair in a port starboard configuration but these were dull and both faded pink not red and green they were at a seemingly low height but with no true reference point it is hard to tell. similarly the perception was they were separate and not part of the same body…more support of this later the speed of their movement is another factor contributing towards my feeling compelled to document the event. the two pink lights moved from my right at appox 60 degrees above the horizon from the southeast then over my head and off making an arc and leaving visibility at a continued angle of 140 degrees or elevation 40 degrees above the north east horizon. the arc took just 2 maybe 3 seconds to fly and during departure phase the two performed what looked like a tight barrel roll around their shared centre axis the entire performance was silent leaving me unable to identify them as rogue drones ….either way are there a pair of drone pilots out there able to perform this roll at this speed at night and whilst out of sight of the line of visionnobody else was nearby and visible the whole thing was mystical, magical and thus far …unexplainable. Most people cannot / have not coped with the discussion and any explanations or opinions are invited. I am delighted to be unable to give a scientific explanation and they remain objects that were flying fast …probably low and are quite unidentifiable to me !!
Source:  www.uk-ufo.co.uk 

Date:  September 14 2016
Location:  Richmond Park, London
Time:  20:00 – 22:00
Summary:  Spotted a UFO which appeared to be like a bright star or planet moving across the night sky. I watched it’s movements for some time and then it disappeared entirely. A unusual miltary warplane with a bright red light turns up flying south and then north and then back again on repeat. Another similar aircraft turns up and is flying around the same small area of sky. I watch these planes follow the UFO around the sky for a long time. Another strange warplane also V shaped turns up and adds to the activity. The UFO disappeared from sight and then reappeared with a bolt of trailing light almost like a shooting star but more like a shooting ship of some kind. It then shot off and disappeared – this happened one more time about 5 seconds later.
Source:  www.uk-ufo.co.uk Peter Lewson

Date:  September 14 2016
Location:  Torrington, Connecticut
Time:  First pass 10pm Second pass10:10 or so Third pass 10:20
Summary:  One moving object. Orb looking… 8-10 lights in circular pattern….seemed higher in sky but possibly a drone as it passed the same locale with no audible noise where I was twice… Anyway nice to catch something different fly by. 
Source:  ufo.net

Date:  September 14 & 17 2016
Location:  Carmarthenshire
Time:  23-00 hours
Summary:  At about 23-00 hours my wife said there is a light in the sky that is not moving it has been static for sometime, I looked and could see the and it looked as if was flashing and changing colour although appeared to be static. I got out my binoculars and looked at it and found that it was changing colours red blue green white and it was not static but dancing around up and down and side to side and then still again. When it was viewed without binoculars you were not able to see the dancing movement, we called my daughter and see also viewed it but could not offer any explanation. We watched it for about an hour and then went to bed. We then witnessed it a again couple of days later. We saw a similar light in the sky last year over a neighbours property but thought it was something to do with him but this time it was not over any property.
Source:  www.uk-ufo.co.uk

Date:  September 16 2016
Location:  Glasgow, Silverburn Shopping Centre
Time:   21:07
Summary:  Silverburn shopping centre (Bus Station Entrance) at the time stated. Observed a group of eight orange orbs flying in a controlled manner and in formation over the centre from West to East (approx) A single solid orange orb at the front followed by two groups of three flying in a triangular formation followed by a single orb at the rear. (There might have been more but this is what I observed). Altitude – 200m plus. Totally silent. Displayed no other light source (Landing lights or similar) and travelling at around 50m per second. The sighting lasted for around four mins. I am ex military have a CAA pilot license and this sighting is like nothing I have seen before.
Source:  www.uk-ufo.co.uk

Date:  September 17 2016
Location:  Jarrow, Tyne and Wear
Time:  2.30am
Summary:  I was up as couldn’t sleep and went to the back door to have a cigarette. When I looked up at the sky I seen a white circular light it was behind the clouds. It was like it was hovering but then moved and flew off. This happened several times and there was more than one. They moved left and right. I could only see circular lights that resembled star ships. It was cloudy and they were behind the clouds. I thought to myself the only sane explanation it that it was planes until I seen on cross the others path. I tried to video it. The most part it is black but u can make out on part of it something moves. I was too much in shock to be honest.
Source:  www.uk-ufo.co.uk Helen Stewart

Date:  September 19 2016
Location:  Andover, Hampshire, UK
Time:  8.35 am
Summary:   I was dropping my daughter off at Vigo Primary school on Vigo Road. We were stood waiting for the school doors to open when we noticed them flying over the school roof and off into the distance.They were two black disc shapes rotating on an axis and floating overhead within meters of each other. They were moving slowly and silently. They didn’t appear to have blades or wires so we don’t think they were drones. They were matt black with no lights, although as it was daytime i guess they wouldn’t need lights on. We were so transfixed and in shock that we didn’t get to take a picture or video. I think they were as high as you’d see a helicopter but I couldn’t tell how big they were.
Source:  www.uk-ufo.co.uk Charlotte Hapted

Date:  September 23 2016
Location:  Tottington – Bury – Northwest England
Time:  8:16 AM
Summary:  UFO sighting at 8:16 AM, friday 23rd, at Tottington High school silver aircraft resembling no particular shape hovering for about 20secs before disappearing?!? Have short video footage from my mobile phone but could only pick up a small glimpse as of the distance…
Source:  www.uk-ufo.co.uk Michael Harrison

Date:  September 24 2016
Location:  Horsham West Sussex
Time:  2030 hrs
Summary:  At approximately 2030 hrs high in the sky moving away in a north northeasterly direction were 2 bright white lights. One behind the other they moved slowly through the sky before they seemed to vanish. At first I thought they were satellites but have never seen 2 satellites following each other and they were much brighter than a normal satellite. The international space station moves at approximately the same speed as these lights but these were slightly brighter than that and there were two of them moving in a different direction to the ISS flight paths. There was no sound at all so I have no idea what these were.
Source:  www.uk-ufo.co.uk S. Ward

Date:  September 25 2016
Location:  Whitwood Castleford
Time:  11:50
Summary:  At about 11:50 this morning whilst waiting for taxi into town we saw this weird objest in sky. It was about 250 feet high and the object was black and the size of a helicopter with dangling acoutriments below it which would have made it inherintely inststable – travelling in a straight line – no noise at all. Weird!!
Source:  www.uk-ufo.co.uk  Lynne Bell

Date:  September 26 2016
Location:   Lake Michigan
Summary: “Mysterious lights in the sky over lake Michigan. They appear to be some kind of hovering aircraft,  but move far too slow to be airplanes. Video and Pictures shot by Ignacio Alvarez on Monday, September 26 2016.” 
Source:  David Alvarez

image-1355Date:  September 26 2016
Location:  Tucson Arizona
Time:  10:37 p.m.
Summary:  The witnesses first saw the object from the parking lot of the local Walmart. (Credit: Goolge)

A woman and her son were the witnesses at the Walmart on Houghton and Old Vail Road at 10:37 p.m. on September 26, 2016. The woman’s husband filed the report with MUFON. The man emphasized in his report that his wife and son are “devout Catholics” and very truthful people. “Son prior to entering the vehicle just happened to glance at altitude of aircraft and noticed an object sitting there just hovering,” the reporting witness stated.“He pondered for a moment and then he told his mother what he was seeing.” The young man’s mother also looked in this same direction. “Wife and son then departed Walmart in direction of Valencia and Old Vail Road. They headed towards Kolb. The object suddenly appeared on the northwest side of the intersection above the gas station (cannot remember the name of the gas station). Family pointed out, they sat there at the light just in shock and amazement at this object. Also, too, nobody in the local area driving even noticed this object.” The family turned left at the light, and soon after turning onto S. Kolb Road, they pulled over; about a block on the right-hand side gravel lot in front of an RV consignment business.image-2348

The witnesses followed the object along Old Vail Road to S. Kolb Road, pictured. (Credit: Google)

“This large object also appeared in front of them and lowered to within 40 feet of the vehicle. Jeep remained running, no electrical fluctuations in, nor other issues. The object, which was now about 40 feet in front of them (I don’t know altitude exactly), son said it was 40 – 50 feet in altitude, with strobing white lights. He said it looked like it was all in a pattern (row), but pulsating at the same time with two rows of lights – an upper and lower row, close to each other. They said it was alternating, but the lights were not together, only both rows alternating in same pattern, but not in exact same distance from each other.” The object then began to move. “The object then inverted itself in a 45-degree angle and it then shot to the right, which is on the right-hand side of the road, on side the RV business nestled within the treeline, heading in the direction of Pima Air and Space Museum on Wilmot Road on Valencia after disappearing below the tree line.” The family members could not see past this business, nor the departing altitude,and assumed it had to be very low over the desert floor.image-3330

The witnesses pulled over in front of an RV business, pictured, where they saw the object about 400 feet off the ground. (Credit: Google)

“To the right side also, on site, is a ravine down to the desert, but is a minor grade. My family was sitting there dumbfounded and shocked to what the just witnessed. Upon arriving back at the house, I questioned whether anything in regards to video or photos; anything to explain what they had just experienced, only shock and awe about the whole event, just so amazing but little apprehension about the experienced. He did roll the window down, but that was as far as I know. Stated the object was approximately school bus size, only a silhouette as to what it looked like. This event was within 1.5 miles of Davis-Monthan Air Force Base. My wife stated she is willing to talk to investigators in Spanish, which is her native language. Myself, I am a retired Air Force aircraft mechanic that has been on over seven different aircraft platforms over 39 years; military, Femerald Civil Service, and now DOD contractor based in Iraq. I do know aircraft variants. Thank you.”
Source:  MUFON  Case 80260

Date:  September 27 2016
Location:  Stoke-on-Trent (over Sneyd Green)
Time:  5.20pm
Summary:  I saw a large metallic silver object tumbling through the sky tonight. It looked like an old box kite shape but was tumbling vertically moving west to east. It was very reflective, slow moving almost wind blown speed. When I parked my car it had moved from my view and I could not see it or photograph it.
Source:  www.uk-ufo.co.uk Peter Cope

Date:  September 27 & 30 2016
Location:  Bradford Moor Bradford
Time:  7:40 pm both days
Summary:   I work as a guard at a medical center i was locking up on Tuesday the 27th when i saw these lights which looked different than a passenger plane. the object came towards me then turned to go back, nearly the same direction it came from, when it turned i saw a triangle shape there was no noise. On Friday about the same time the same thing came back it came from the direction it left the area on Tuesday flew to about the same spot, & turned a flew the same direction it came from on tuesday again no noise. I got a better look at this thing on Tuesday than i did on the Friday, looking at triangle planes on the net i would say it looked like one called the A12 Avenger but was not pointed at the corners they was more rounded but the front was the same.
Source:  www.uk-ufo.co.uk Sean

Date:  September 27 2016
Location:  Merseyside
Time:  23.25
Summary:  I was sat with my wife on outside patio at our house in Rainhill looking south towards the vicinity of Speke and the Welsh mountains beyond. We both saw fire ball which appeared through clouds travelling at high speed downwards at about 45 degrees east to west but not sure how far away and disappeared as it reached the horizon.
Source:  www.uk-ufo.co.uk  John O’Rourke

Date:  September 28 2016
Location:  Castletown Isle of Man
Time:  20.30
Summary:  Seen a disc shaped object with blue and white lights on the outside and was about the size of a football field really slow and about 4ft of house roofs and then disappeared with no sound at all
Source:  www.uk-ufo.co.uk  Laura and karl drinkwater

Date:  September 29 2016
Location:  Churchill Street, Howdon. Newcastle upon tyne
Time:  5:55 pm
Summary:  See an oval black object about the size of bus or small van hovering above houses in broad day light. I would have missed this if son didn’t point it out to me. It looked like a matt black metallic object with line feature through middle going horizontally. When out of view I followed to location to where I thought it should be but was then a couple of miles away hovering again. I was taking children home in car throughout the full sighting.
Source:  www.uk-ufo.co.uk  Wayne Chilcott & son

Date:  September 2016

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