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Date:  April 3 2017
Location:  Malcesine, Veneto
Time:  03 21:40:00
Summary:  I did not witness the event in person. i discovered a strange greenish object on our company webcam located in malcesine, italy facing westwards. and also 2 strange strips with dots which i believe must be an airplane but i am not sure about that. the camera takes a shot every 10 minutes during night with a exposure time of 15sec. the image was taken on the 3rd of april 2017 at 21:40 you can find the original image online here: http://bitly.com/2pz0yip by clicking the picture you will have the full resolution view. if you then change the time to 23:50 you will see the beginning of a brown object forming until 06:10 in the morning when it suddenly disappear. there is also youtube video about that picture and his theory is a lens array to hide planet x. you can find this video here: http://bitly.com/2oSJaqZ i would appreciate if there is anybody who might have more information about this. i am very curious especially after a good friend told me that she witnessed a sighting at the exact same place in 2008. thank you everybody for your interest and patience.
Source:  MUFON

Date:  April 3 2017
Location:  Philadelphia  Pennsylvania
Time:  8 a.m.
Summary:  The witness was outside at the corner of Allegheny and Kensington in Philadelphia waiting for the bus at 8 a.m. on April 3, 2017. “It was a lovely morning and I was looking at the sky and clouds and saw a black object quite high,” the witness stated.“I was facing north/northwest. My first thought was that it was some debris floating on the air currents – but it was not just floating along – it was moving quite slowly from east to west.” The witness described the object. “The object was dark black, shaped like a wide diamond – or a square object on a corner. It did not appear to reflect light – however, I noticed a light that flashed about four times in the 10 minutes or so I was looking at it.” The witness decided to get a second opinion. “I asked a young woman, also waiting for the bus, if she saw it – she said yes – I asked her if it looked like a helicopter? She said she didn’t think so. I’m afraid I didn’t get her name, but if I see her again I will ask. I did try to take some photos – but I don’t believe they show much since the object was so high up and I’d think, quite distant. I’m attaching the photos from my phone.”
Source:  MUFON Case 82950

Date:  April 5 2017
Location:  Sevilla, Spain
Summary:  posted original report…not revised: 1. i was in a landing track for seeing plane models flying. 2. i took my binoculars for seeing better a model plane. when it landed i looked at the distance. nobody ever parks there. very strange, i thought. 3. there was a black car. at its side there was a man, naked torso throwing a large pole. 4. about the fellow: athletic man, naked torso, tight long trousers, black boots, throwing a large pole out of human capabilities (1150 feet), no parabole, no taking a career, effortless like throwing a small dart. repetitive movements, all day. i believe that pole/pertiga created a passive anti gravity shield without visible external devices, as if it were a coating or a painting. note: his appearance is identical to the “long man from wilmington” (england), an ancient hill figure about the car: black color, tinted windows, stopped near the man, closed doors, high-end car, very important: without license plate. parked in an unusual place. the man didn’t visit the car. 5.I surprised myself at the first moment. i looked at him, i could see him about an hour, doing the same routine. throwing, walking, and picking up his pole. i thought of that large distance was totally explainable. so i walked towards him, but he approached i don’t know how, but he materialized in front of me (i did not see the moment) and he caused me a mental condition like a grogi state. then i backed up, i circled twice around me and returned to my car. i lost my memory of all this for three days, then i remembered it. 6. i don’t know how i lost sight of the object . when i returned to my car i did not remember anything and i left the landing field about 9 pm with the lights car on. the man and the car remained at the same place, i suppose. final consideration: i would have preferred not to have lived this experience that has marked my life forever.  
Source:  MUFON

Date:  April 6 2017
Location:  South Gate, California
Time:   7:32 pm
Summary:  It seemed there was one UFO. The color was black. I went outside at 7:32pm to take in some fresh air when I noticed some type of wired object in the sky. I thought it was a balloon or something so I stared at it for a couple of minutes, it never change in altitude. I soon became curious of what it could be so I quickly ran to get my binoculars.I then saw the object a bit more clearly. It almost looked like a floating tree way high above in the sky, it was moving slowly for it was getting harder to see it. There was something under it possibly connected to it, I’m not sure. One thing for sure, that was no plane, or a balloon. Distance of UFO(s) in sky: Everyday many planes pass by, this object was way higher that a plane or drone could be. Let me put it in perspective, if you were to go outside and hold up a grape to the sky, that was how much I was able to see. If this thing was as far away as I think it is, then it is definitely massive. Direction of Travel for UFO(s): The object was heading north west appearing to go very slowly
Source:  ufo.net

Date:  April 7 2017
Location:  North of Breckenridge, Texas
Time:  13:22
Summary:  I saw an unidentified craft this afternoon. It went from shiny white to smokey black in an instant. I managed to get one picture before it completely disappeared. It was not an airplane. I was letting my dogs in and head a small prop plane. While I was looking for the small plane, I saw a glint of light to my North. The sound of the small plane disappeared (I assume it was landing at the county airport, south of (behind) me, because when I heard it, it sounded directly overhead. I focused on the bright white object and saw that it was a cigar shape with no wings. It also made no sound and it was moving faster than a commercial jet at that altitude. I ran and grabbed my camera but by the time I had it focused, the bright object was gone and only a shadowy form appeared. That is what is in the photos above. I enlarged and cropped the image to see it better.
Source:  Sunny Williams

Date:  April 7 2017: Oz Park, Chicago, Illinois Mothman Sighting

Date:  April 8 2017
Location:  Birmingham Alabama
Time:  18:45
Summary:  Around 6:45 still daylight I walked outside and was talking to my neighbors and they pointed out 2 vertical silver flashing shapes out to me. We watched them for a few minutes together. Two shapes. One hovering quite a distance above the other. Erratic flashing g pattern but didn’t look like a light. The flash was more silver in color. They were high in the sky and you couldn’t clearly make out the shape but the best reference I can come up with is something somewhat similar In shape to boba fett’s ship (slave 1) from Star Wars. Both shapes stayed what seemed to be perfectly vertically parallel to one another as they slowly moved from south to east. By the time I thought to try to get my phone out and take a video they were no longer viewable.
Source:  ufo.net

Date:  April 8 2017
Location:  Xenia, Ohio
Time:  Night
Summary:  The witness and his son were outside at 10:10 p.m. on April 8, 2017, when the incident occurred. “I witnessed a square-shaped UFO fly over our neighborhood in Xenia last night,” the witness stated. “It flew right over our home coming from the Spring Valley area straight towards Fairborn – which is where Wright Patterson Air Force Base is located about 9 miles from us.” The witness described the object. “It was square-shaped when overhead, but from a distance it was flatter from top to bottom. It appeared to have flames coming out of the rear of it and had no wings or other visible lights other than the flames and orange glow about it.” The witness was hoping for more witnesses. “I shouted for my girlfriend to come look, but she only saw it as it was flying from a further distance and not overhead. I tried to videotape it, but couldn’t get my phone fast enough.”
Source:  MUFON  Case 83058

Date:  April 9 2017
Location:  Manteca, California
Time:  Midnite
Summary:  I was getting out of my car in front of my house and saw 3 orange orbs in formation moving ne into a large rain cloud in the area. at first i wasn’t sure what i saw?? maybe drones? but they were round glowing objects, i ran inside my house and told my spouse what i saw at the same time heading to the backyard to look further at the objects but my trees obscured any view of them. just felt astonished to see them
Source:  mufon

Date:  April 11 2017
Location:  Auckland, Auckland Region, New Zealand
Summary:  See video. https://www.facebook.com/LouiZoot/videos/1872555246357979/
Source:  ufo.net

Date:  April 11 2017
Location:  Darlington, England
Time:  early hours of the morning
Summary:  at early hours of the morning watching tv and caught a glimpse of something bright go past my window , i looked out and within roughly 5 seconds an immensely bright bluish / white ball flew horizontally over the rooftops directly opposite , the object disappeared out of view then returned a short while later on a downwards diagonal path , disappeared behind a high roofline and reappeared at very high speed on a sw direction and out of view , there were no abnormal sounds , no bad weather situations and no marker light that aircraft have , i have stopped myself from saying anything about it up to now as i thought i would not be believed but it has been playing on my mind and thought it best to do so
Source:  MUFON 83227

Date:  April 11 2017
Location:  Cleveland Ohio
Time:  9pm
Source:  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=J4YtZw_Olxc

Date:  April 13 2017
Location:  DeSoto, Wisconsin
Time:  03:15:00
Summary:  I was camping on my vacant lot. it was raining for hours. water started coming in my tent. i decided to sleep in my cr-v. when i got in i put the drivers seat back. when i did i noticed this pulsing red light in the sky. i then thought it must be a light on a tower that i hadn’t noticed before. the next day i saw there was no post or tower the light could have been on.
Source:  MUFON 83215

Date:  April 13 2017
Location:  Houston, Texas
Time:  Everyone left about 1900
Summary:   – 4-13-17 @ 0130:
I was in our big hangar at work after turning off the main lights and closing the main doors at night after everyone had left.  After I finished closing the last one I was walking to exit on the north side door of the hangar when I noticed something move. I then stopped to look in the back at the hangar (west wall) as to what was moving and I noticed it was someone walking behind the aircraft in back of the hangar. So I stopped (east wall) to look at who was there and I saw 2 long skinny legs, grayish green in color and could tell whatever it was is was facing my direction. I then saw it turn and begin walking to the south wall and was a little nervous by this point and quickly was walking to my exit on the north side of the hangar. I knew there was an aircraft parked in front of me so a very quickly looked in front of me so I didn’t walk into the nose of the plane and once I knew I was in a clear path to the door I quickly looked back to where I saw this being and it was gone. I then heard a loud bang in the back southwest corner of the hangar and knew without a doubt whatever I was looking at was moving extremely fast! So I picked up my pace towards the door and then directly behind me was a loud bang on the main hangar doors where I was just standing seconds ago! As I reached for the door handle, whatever it was I knew and could feel it directly behind me! Every hair on my body was standing straight up! Although I was obviously startled by this event I did not feel any negative energy associated with it. I was just scared because I knew it ran around and came up right behind me. That scared me but I didn’t feel threatened necessarily. The next day I told one co-worker what had happened and we walked in together and showed him where the event took place. The hangar is 150’x 200′ This being made in around the entire hangar in the time is took me to walk quickly about only 50′-65′! We also walked back by the plane I saw it next to and decided it was around 9′-10′ tall. I definitely saw the legs clearly up to probably just below the waist. The color was unmistakably grayish green and I could tell it was skin not clothing. The legs were long and skinny and they were the same size above and below the knee. I did not see torso/head or arms it was behind the plane. I did clearly see it walk and turn to the south and legs bending and stepping. I was more fixated on the legs and I could have seen the feet but I did not. It made no sound. Weather was clear and no wind.

21 days later on 5/4/17 @ 0010: Same hangar while cleaning aircraft my phone, that was playing music, stopped after hearing strange talking on the other side of the plane I was working on. I walked over and nobody was there and the phone had full signal. So I thought OK, pushed play on the phone. Again music started up and walked to the side of the plane again. I was pretty much in the center of the hangar at this point when all of this sudden the entire hangar started ringing exactly like a crystal meditation bowl! It was so loud and I could actually feel it in my body, so not only did I hear this…I felt it! The sound was traveling around the hangar in a counter-clockwise direction above me towards the ceiling atop the side walls of the hangar. It rang beautifully for about 20 seconds or so and then when it stopped I realized my phone was turned off again. So I turned my music back on again. After that no more events that night and phone worked fine. After further investigation on my part I found the exact tone was in ‘F’. The Heart Chakra note. So amazing I wish I could experience that again! Weather was clearing after storm had moved about 25-30 miles to the south. No wind.

12 days later on 5/16/17 @ 2035: Took portable speaker into same hangar and played the recording of ‘F’ note from a crystal meditation bowl and immediately got a VERY strong feeling of a presence! Again every hair on my body was standing on end as I walked around playing the note on a speaker. For some reason I got the idea to play monks chanting ‘OM’ at 432 Hz, so I did and instantly my goosebumps went away and I never felt anything again that night. Super strange! So I left the hangar without incident. Weather partly cloudy and windy. 

2 days later on 5/18/17 @ 2035: Took co-worker with me into same hangar and both of us heard the ‘F’ note faintly. We both walked around and tried to find a source but could not explain it. Coming from top of the hangar. Weather clear no wind. 

1 day later on 5/19/17 @ 2130: Co-worker and I went in again and heard and felt nothing. Weather cloudy and windy. I sure wish I knew what was happening! Can beings communicate using tones and vibrations? Is this thing I saw trying to communicate with me? Next time I see it I’m going towards it.
Source:  from MUFON, provided by humanoid researcher / author Albert Rosales

Date:  April 15 2017
Location:  Summerlin area in Las Vegas, Nevada
Source:  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8TojqwCc0_g

Date:  April 15 2017
Location:  Chicago, Il 
Time:  about 10pm
Summary:  I was out on the lake with my husband and a two other couples celebrating a friend’s birthday. We were about 2 miles out on the lake, just off of Montrose at about 10pm. We were enjoying ourselves when I happen to look up and saw what looked like a giant bat, and not like a Fox Bat (which I looked up and saw was the biggest bat). This bat was as tall as my husband who is 6’4 or even bigger. It was solid black with eyes that seem to reflect the moonlight. This bat was blacker than the surrounding night sky and was perfectly silhouetted against the moonlit sky. This bat circled the boat three times in complete silence before heading off towards Montrose. It quickly blended into the night sky and was gone in seconds. About five minutes after seeing this bat we saw a bright green object traveling north to south at the horizon. It was not a plane as it was brilliant green and was moving slowly across the horizon. If I had to estimate, it was about 2 miles from our position. After the object was out of sight, we sat there looking around in stunned silence. I began feeling this overwhelming sensation of dread and told my husband that I felt that it was prudent that we get off the water as quickly as possible.Ii tried to get a picture of the thing as it circled our boat, but all I got was black. 
Source:  MUFON

Date:  April 16 2017
Location:  Chicago, Illinois
Time:  02:00:00
Summary:  I arrived for work at 2am at the chicago international produce market just off damen and as i walked across the parking lot a bunch of guys (4-5 guys) were staring up at the sky. i looked up and saw the biggest freaking owl i have ever seen! i’m 6’2 and i’m guessing this thing was at least a foot taller than me. it was completely black except for it having bright yellowish/reddish eyes like a cat. it stood there for a minute or two staring at everyone before shooting up into the sky and disappearing. it made everyone feel very uneasy and only took off after some guys threw some rocks at it. it had wings on it like an owl, only bigger and you could hear it flap those wings when it took off.
it made this sound as it took off and flew away that sounded like a trucks brakes when they are burned out. it flew up and flew a wide circle, making that sound once more and then flew off in the direction of the stevenson expressway. we stood around and looked for it for a few minutes but it never came back.
i’m reporting this because there is no way this was an owl, it stood upright like a man, just really, really tall. i don’t want to discuss this with anyone and would prefer to remain anonymous, i don’t imagine anyone would believe me anyways. one of the guys i work with who saw this thing said that it made him feel very uneasy, like a scared kid and he was glad someone threw a rock and made it fly away.

Source:  MUFON 83206

Date:  April 16 2017
Location:  Rochester Hills, Michigan
Time:  22:58:00
Summary:  I was outside at 9pm because i wanted to see if a white star-like object, which has recently come over my yard from the south about the same time and direction every day, would come by again.I was trying to see if that object was a satellite (though it was much too bright, a steady light, and curved from se to n). by 9:30 pm i still had not seen the object for which i was waiting. i was standing against the building when from behind me (west) a white star-like object (#1)flew over my head and about 20° further east over my yard. it soon disappeared into a cloud. i am normally not doing astronomy and observing on cloudy nights, but as explained above, i was on this night. at 10:58 pm i was facing east, naked-eye observing of the spring constellations, when out of the corner of my eye in the ne/overhead a white star (#2) suddenly got very bright (+3 mag to +1 mag). it moved about 40° across the sky, from nearly overhead, up and over toward the se. (see photo). it dimmed to +2, and came to stop about 10° above and to the south of jupiter. i stayed out to finish my cigar, and it remained in the spot as i went into the house about 20 minutes later. i checked satellite software and there were no satellites directly overhead. there were only two satellites over michigan, and neither are on the list of the 200 brightest (average magnitude +5), and i saw no flaring type light. (these objects are the 251st and 252nd similar objects i have seen since october 2015.) the photo was taken with nikon dslr 50mm, f5, auto-iso, about 20 sec exposure. it has been enlarged. the object #2 moves from left to right across the photo.
Source:  MUFON

Date:  April 17 2017
Location:  Mt. Carbon, West Virginia
Time:  around 10 p.M.
Summary:  I was taking the trash out on a heavily cloudy night around 10 p.M. and noticed how bright jupiter was with this cloud cover, it was the only thing in the sky. all of a sudden 2 orange lights or orbs appeared below where jupiter was in the sky. the orange lights or orbs were coming towards where i was. i hollered at my wife and friend to come look. as they got close to our property line the 1 on the left slowly faded away then a couple seconds later the right 1 slowly faded out. nothing flew overhead that we saw and there was zero noise. if this had been a conventional aircraft there would have been some kind of noise.
Source:  MUFON 83220

Date:  April 17 2017
Location:  Chicago, IL
Summary:   I was working my shift at O’Hare Airport. I was recording a plane because it had my name across it and then I noticed something flying above the plane in a hovering manner, so I zoomed in on the flying object. It looked like an orb but the way it was flying was abnormal for anything in the vicinity of the airport. I’ve worked there for 3 years and have taken many videos and pictures of planes and the sky and never have seen anything like it. I would have kept recording but I had to assist a passenger and had to stop recording. I was recording through a window but the window was clear so it is not a shadow of anything and they say the way it is flying it looks as it is in the sky doing its own thing. I’ve asked a lot of pilots for their opinion and they said it looks ‘unexplained.’ When I went back to record more it was gone.
Source:  MUFON

Date:  April 18 2017
Location:  Nags Head, North Carolina
Summary:  I was walking up my stairs and just noticed something strange, stranger than the crazy clouds seems to have seen before. i took the pics obviously not staring at the sun. the strange shape looks like a lens flare but it appears asymmetrical, also there is a ring that goes all the way around . also the second pic shows that the object is moving. the small blue dot is a lens flare.
Source:  MUFON

Date:  April 18 2017
Location:  San Diego, California
Time:  8:30ish pm.
Summary:  About a couple of weeks have passed since i’ve started to see and document these events with roommates and twin brother. i’ve showed my family that i have been video taping via android galaxy s6 these drones over my residence. they’ve also stated that they looked like drones…Ok..As of 4/18/2017 at 8:30ish pm. i and at least 4to6 others witnessed more than the orig. 3to4 objects in our skies over anaheim… some maintained their usual steady sometimes slightly swaying which was recorded and observed prior nights..As of lastnight i was and have been thrown back by the large scale of how massive these aircraft are..Some of these orbs disc looked connected which haven’t been noticed in prior events..My twin said as if they were linked together by a 2×4..Or unseen tether. i concurred… as i recorded these events on my cell phone i had asked my roommate whom just pulled in the driveway if he sees what i am seeing he looked and said stars at first then i told him stars don’t move..To his astonishment he said your right they are all moving!!!! during this time i had seen darker surrounding objects which were as if invisible..With triangular and other shapes not fully seen but a light almost unnoticeable edge of other craft which i have recorded on cell phone but yet have not been able to enhance my recordings to see these other objects…Anyways my testimonial is true the events are in good recollection, my family and friends are true and real people…
Source:  MUFON  83226

Date:  April 18 2017
Location:  Mahopac, New York
Time:  21:10:00
Summary:  Ok so….I was on the deck with my night vision nv-100 looking at stars and i saw this red-orange light moving from like north to east. no landing lights, no sound, it was pulsating, it was turning red orange to white in color it heading east and then just stopped and went backward toward the north you can see the stars behind it as it passed them it was moving kind of fast. you couldn’t see it with out the night vision camera i would take the camera away from my face and i saw nothing then i’d put them back to my face and saw it moving, pulsating. the front(i guess it was the front) it was brighter then the rest of it, it was turning a red-orange color. you can see it in the pictures and video
Source:  MUFON 83214

Date:  April 18 2017
Location:  Long beach, Mississippi
Time:  22:46:00
Summary:  My son and i saw a bright green glowing oval shape in the sky. it hovered stood still moved slow and came down low. then it moved fast when i reached for my phone. it made no sound even when it seemed to move too fast. it changed from green to.Purple and disappeared. when we tried to walk home it was behind us every time we looked back but went down when we turned around. my wife said we were gone over an hour. we run every night for less than 20 min. it was silent fast glowing with an aura around it. it moved in.Every direction too fast for a regular craft
Source:  MUFON 83217

Date:  April 19 2017
Location:  Sesto Fiorentino, Toscana
Time:  22:30:00
Summary:  Una luce grande nel cielo notturno di sesto fiorentino che piano svanisce nel cielo eseguendo un movimento zig zag.E la luce da grande si riduce in grandezza.Escluderei stelle cadenti per il movimento chiaramente ondulatorio che eseguiva.Movimento a gran velocita’.Durata totale dell’evento pochi secondi. A big light in the night sky that fly down too fast in a serpent movement
Source:  MUFON 83224

Date:  April 21 2017
Location:  Edmonton, Alberta, Canada
Time:  Night
Summary:  I was looking out the window and saw a starlight looking object. I thought it was the moon but it was cloudy out it looked like a white ball of light. After I stopped looking at it I felt very sleepy so I stayed up a little bit then went to bed. I remember waking in some sort of craft-like object. They looked to be mantises and grays. They were making a clicking sound. One Gray walked in, he looked to be important. He was wearing coveralls and the others were wearing nothing. The others were scaly-like dragon scales. The scaly ones had a scalpel looking thing. They clicked there tongue loudly and I fell asleep. I woke up in my bed with a pain in my arm. I did not feel anything in my arm but the light showed up again tonight and my arm started tingling like it fell asleep but only in one spot. 
Source:  MUFON

Date:  April 25 2017
Location:   from Clearwater over to Orlando, Florida
Time:  11:52 p.m. 
Summary:  NUFORC – have received not one, not five, but 10 UFO sighting reports from throughout Florida during the evening of April 25, 2017. Two more sightings were also reported during the midnight hour the following morning. The sightings range from “spherical balls of light” to triangular formations and cylindrical crafts, many in different areas of Florida — from Clearwater over to Orlando, and down the east coast in the Jupiter and West Palm Beach areas. One sighting, in West Palm Beach at 11:52 p.m., describes an object that appeared as a “green flash/meteor.” It reportedly broke up and went dark. However, the object could still be seen “flying and not descending.” One minute later, a witness in Plant City saw a “very low-flying cylinder craft” followed by a trail of green lights. Many of them sound like they could be drones but, hey, you never know. The Daily Express has drawn comparisons with past mass UFO sightings, asking if this could be a “new Phoenix Lights incident.” I wouldn’t go that far, but it’s an interesting series of events. At any rate, NUFORC is asking for anyone else who may have witnessed an unidentified object in Florida on April 25 to come forward and provide a report.
Source:  NUFORC – the National UFO Reporting Center 

Date:  April 28 2017
Location:  Alto Mayo Peru
Time:  one o’clock in the afternoon
Summary:  An unidentified flying object was seen in various points of Alto Mayo. The event took place yesterday around one o’clock in the afternoon, being captured by the cameras of local residence who quickly made the event known on social media. Among the locations where the phenomenon was most clearly seen was the district of Soritor, whose inhabitants left their homes to get a better look. This is not the first time that such sightings have been recorded in the northern area of the San Martín region. However, there are those who believe that it may only be some spy craft belonging to one of the developed nations. (A report by Francín Laván)
Source:  Diario VOCES (Peru) and Planeta UFO; [Translation (c) 2017 S. Corrales, IHU with thanks to Guillermo Giménez, Planeta UFO]

Date:  April 2017

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