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2017: April UFO & Alien Sightings

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Date:  April 3 2017
Location:  Malcesine, Veneto
Time:  03 21:40:00
Summary:  I did not witness the event in person. i discovered a strange greenish object on our company webcam located in malcesine, italy facing westwards. and also 2 strange strips with dots which i believe must be an airplane but i am not sure about that. the camera takes a shot every 10 minutes during night with a exposure time of 15sec. the image was taken on the 3rd of april 2017 at 21:40 you can find the original image online here: by clicking the picture you will have the full resolution view. if you then change the time to 23:50 you will see the beginning of a brown object forming until 06:10 in the morning when it suddenly disappear. there is also youtube video about that picture and his theory is a lens array to hide planet x. you can find this video here: i would appreciate if there is anybody who might have more information about this. i am very curious especially after a good friend told me that she witnessed a sighting at the exact same place in 2008. thank you everybody for your interest and patience.
Source:  MUFON

Date:  April 3 2017
Location:  Philadelphia  Pennsylvania
Time:  8 a.m.
Summary:  The witness was outside at the corner of Allegheny and Kensington in Philadelphia waiting for the bus at 8 a.m. on April 3, 2017. “It was a lovely morning and I was looking at the sky and clouds and saw a black object quite high,” the witness stated.“I was facing north/northwest. My first thought was that it was some debris floating on the air currents – but it was not just floating along – it was moving quite slowly from east to west.” The witness described the object. “The object was dark black, shaped like a wide diamond – or a square object on a corner. It did not appear to reflect light – however, I noticed a light that flashed about four times in the 10 minutes or so I was looking at it.” The witness decided to get a second opinion. “I asked a young woman, also waiting for the bus, if she saw it – she said yes – I asked her if it looked like a helicopter? She said she didn’t think so. I’m afraid I didn’t get her name, but if I see her again I will ask. I did try to take some photos – but I don’t believe they show much since the object was so high up and I’d think, quite distant. I’m attaching the photos from my phone.”
Source:  MUFON Case 82950

Date:  April 7 2017: Oz Park, Chicago, Illinois Mothman Sighting

Date:  April 8 2017
Location:  Xenia, Ohio
Time:  Night
Summary:  The witness and his son were outside at 10:10 p.m. on April 8, 2017, when the incident occurred. “I witnessed a square-shaped UFO fly over our neighborhood in Xenia last night,” the witness stated. “It flew right over our home coming from the Spring Valley area straight towards Fairborn – which is where Wright Patterson Air Force Base is located about 9 miles from us.” The witness described the object. “It was square-shaped when overhead, but from a distance it was flatter from top to bottom. It appeared to have flames coming out of the rear of it and had no wings or other visible lights other than the flames and orange glow about it.” The witness was hoping for more witnesses. “I shouted for my girlfriend to come look, but she only saw it as it was flying from a further distance and not overhead. I tried to videotape it, but couldn’t get my phone fast enough.”
Source:  MUFON  Case 83058

Date:  April 9 2017
Location:  Manteca, California
Time:  Midnite
Summary:  I was getting out of my car in front of my house and saw 3 orange orbs in formation moving ne into a large rain cloud in the area. at first i wasn’t sure what i saw?? maybe drones? but they were round glowing objects, i ran inside my house and told my spouse what i saw at the same time heading to the backyard to look further at the objects but my trees obscured any view of them. just felt astonished to see them
Source:  mufon

Date:  April 11 2017
Location:  Darlington, England
Time:  early hours of the morning
Summary:  at early hours of the morning watching tv and caught a glimpse of something bright go past my window , i looked out and within roughly 5 seconds an immensely bright bluish / white ball flew horizontally over the rooftops directly opposite , the object disappeared out of view then returned a short while later on a downwards diagonal path , disappeared behind a high roofline and reappeared at very high speed on a sw direction and out of view , there were no abnormal sounds , no bad weather situations and no marker light that aircraft have , i have stopped myself from saying anything about it up to now as i thought i would not be believed but it has been playing on my mind and thought it best to do so
Source:  MUFON 83227

Date:  April 13 2017
Location:  DeSoto, Wisconsin
Time:  03:15:00
Summary:  I was camping on my vacant lot. it was raining for hours. water started coming in my tent. i decided to sleep in my cr-v. when i got in i put the drivers seat back. when i did i noticed this pulsing red light in the sky. i then thought it must be a light on a tower that i hadn’t noticed before. the next day i saw there was no post or tower the light could have been on.
Source:  MUFON 83215

Date:  April 16 2017
Location:  Rochester Hills, Michigan
Time:  22:58:00
Summary:  I was outside at 9pm because i wanted to see if a white star-like object, which has recently come over my yard from the south about the same time and direction every day, would come by again.I was trying to see if that object was a satellite (though it was much too bright, a steady light, and curved from se to n). by 9:30 pm i still had not seen the object for which i was waiting. i was standing against the building when from behind me (west) a white star-like object (#1)flew over my head and about 20° further east over my yard. it soon disappeared into a cloud. i am normally not doing astronomy and observing on cloudy nights, but as explained above, i was on this night. at 10:58 pm i was facing east, naked-eye observing of the spring constellations, when out of the corner of my eye in the ne/overhead a white star (#2) suddenly got very bright (+3 mag to +1 mag). it moved about 40° across the sky, from nearly overhead, up and over toward the se. (see photo). it dimmed to +2, and came to stop about 10° above and to the south of jupiter. i stayed out to finish my cigar, and it remained in the spot as i went into the house about 20 minutes later. i checked satellite software and there were no satellites directly overhead. there were only two satellites over michigan, and neither are on the list of the 200 brightest (average magnitude +5), and i saw no flaring type light. (these objects are the 251st and 252nd similar objects i have seen since october 2015.) the photo was taken with nikon dslr 50mm, f5, auto-iso, about 20 sec exposure. it has been enlarged. the object #2 moves from left to right across the photo.
Source:  MUFON

Date:  April 17 2017
Location:  Mt. Carbon, West Virginia
Time:  around 10 p.M.
Summary:  I was taking the trash out on a heavily cloudy night around 10 p.M. and noticed how bright jupiter was with this cloud cover, it was the only thing in the sky. all of a sudden 2 orange lights or orbs appeared below where jupiter was in the sky. the orange lights or orbs were coming towards where i was. i hollered at my wife and friend to come look. as they got close to our property line the 1 on the left slowly faded away then a couple seconds later the right 1 slowly faded out. nothing flew overhead that we saw and there was zero noise. if this had been a conventional aircraft there would have been some kind of noise.
Source:  MUFON 83220

Date:  April 18 2017
Location:  Nags Head, North Carolina
Summary:  I was walking up my stairs and just noticed something strange, stranger than the crazy clouds seems to have seen before. i took the pics obviously not staring at the sun. the strange shape looks like a lens flare but it appears asymmetrical, also there is a ring that goes all the way around . also the second pic shows that the object is moving. the small blue dot is a lens flare.
Source:  MUFON

Date:  April 18 2017
Location:  San Diego, California
Time:  8:30ish pm.
Summary:  About a couple of weeks have passed since i’ve started to see and document these events with roommates and twin brother. i’ve showed my family that i have been video taping via android galaxy s6 these drones over my residence. they’ve also stated that they looked like drones…Ok..As of 4/18/2017 at 8:30ish pm. i and at least 4to6 others witnessed more than the orig. 3to4 objects in our skies over anaheim… some maintained their usual steady sometimes slightly swaying which was recorded and observed prior nights..As of lastnight i was and have been thrown back by the large scale of how massive these aircraft are..Some of these orbs disc looked connected which haven’t been noticed in prior events..My twin said as if they were linked together by a 2×4..Or unseen tether. i concurred… as i recorded these events on my cell phone i had asked my roommate whom just pulled in the driveway if he sees what i am seeing he looked and said stars at first then i told him stars don’t move..To his astonishment he said your right they are all moving!!!! during this time i had seen darker surrounding objects which were as if invisible..With triangular and other shapes not fully seen but a light almost unnoticeable edge of other craft which i have recorded on cell phone but yet have not been able to enhance my recordings to see these other objects…Anyways my testimonial is true the events are in good recollection, my family and friends are true and real people…
Source:  MUFON  83226

Date:  April 18 2017
Location:  Mahopac, New York
Time:  21:10:00
Summary:  Ok so….I was on the deck with my night vision nv-100 looking at stars and i saw this red-orange light moving from like north to east. no landing lights, no sound, it was pulsating, it was turning red orange to white in color it heading east and then just stopped and went backward toward the north you can see the stars behind it as it passed them it was moving kind of fast. you couldn’t see it with out the night vision camera i would take the camera away from my face and i saw nothing then i’d put them back to my face and saw it moving, pulsating. the front(i guess it was the front) it was brighter then the rest of it, it was turning a red-orange color. you can see it in the pictures and video
Source:  MUFON 83214

Date:  April 18 2017
Location:  Long beach, Mississippi
Time:  22:46:00
Summary:  My son and i saw a bright green glowing oval shape in the sky. it hovered stood still moved slow and came down low. then it moved fast when i reached for my phone. it made no sound even when it seemed to move too fast. it changed from green to.Purple and disappeared. when we tried to walk home it was behind us every time we looked back but went down when we turned around. my wife said we were gone over an hour. we run every night for less than 20 min. it was silent fast glowing with an aura around it. it moved in.Every direction too fast for a regular craft
Source:  MUFON 83217

Date:  April 19 2017
Location:  Sesto Fiorentino, Toscana
Time:  22:30:00
Summary:  Una luce grande nel cielo notturno di sesto fiorentino che piano svanisce nel cielo eseguendo un movimento zig zag.E la luce da grande si riduce in grandezza.Escluderei stelle cadenti per il movimento chiaramente ondulatorio che eseguiva.Movimento a gran velocita’.Durata totale dell’evento pochi secondi. A big light in the night sky that fly down too fast in a serpent movement
Source:  MUFON 83224

Date:  April 2017



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