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2017: March UFO & Alien Sightings

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Date:  March 1 2017
Location:  Mesa Arizona
Time:  night
Summary:  Photo
Source:  MUFON

Date:  March 2 2017
Location:  Albuquerque New Mexico
Time:  12:30 p.m.
Summary:  The witness was outside on a lunch break at 12:30 p.m. on March 2, 2017, when a light gray shape was first seen. “The object was approximately 500 feet away, about 50 feet in the air over a building,” the witness stated.“ At first I thought it was a flock of birds, and I said, that’s interesting, what kind of birds would those be? It seemed to be moving east in a slow flutter. Then it disappeared, like it folded back into the sky.”  The witness at first simply dismissed the sighting as something strange. “It then reappeared in a fat boomerang shape. It seemed to be made up of multiple, light gray, possibly reflective objects but working together, like a school of fish, or sequins on a purse or dress. It did seem to have a common background that was dark gray or black. It was still fluttering, but it paused and hovered and moved backward, just slightly.” The view was blocked by a bare tree and the witness continued to walk. “When I saw the shape again, it had changed, and it seemed to be a soft, billowy, upside down parachute shape, or the bottom of a puffy cloud or a puff of factory smoke. I almost convinced myself it was a deflated weather balloon, but there was no top to the shape, only a distinct bottom. The color of this object seemed to blend with the sky. I could only decipher a dark gray sitting in the bottom of the cloud/parachute.” The object changed again, and became almost transparent, as if the sun were reflecting on an invisible craft. “Now there really is no overall shape that I can make out. I saw a few smaller very rigid shapes, like flat prisms or solar panels, and they seemed to fold backwards into the object and then the whole object faded away.” The entire sighting had last about 20 – 25 seconds. “At this point, another sparse tree is blocking my view. I assumed the object would reappear, as it already had, so I said to myself, I will take a picture with my phone when I get to the other side of the tree, but it never appeared again. I looked for it for about 6 more minutes, but saw no sign of it. The object made no sound during this encounter. The other objects in the sky were two passenger planes flying east almost parallel to each other, but they were a mile away. There was a helicopter about 10 miles east circling. There is also a military base close by, and planes are frequently seen. A military cargo plane flew over a few minutes later. Additionally, a CV-22 osprey plane flew over a few minutes after the first military plane. I do not know if it lingered in the vicinity, as I had to go back to work. Of note, the building I believe the object was moving over, processes precious metals.”
Source:  MUFON Case 82456

Date:  March 7 2017
Location:  Dupont, Pennsylvania 
Time:  Night
Summary:  Sleeping, awoke to black shadow over me! Thought I was dreaming! Felt like someone holding me down and sitting on my neck, then sharp pain like needles being inserted in my neck! Hurt extreme now have 3 red needle marks on the back of my neck. Kept shouting get off me let me up! The black shadow go away and a bright white light fading! Scared once again! Also foul smell like something burning! Then noticed 4 black short creatures with large almond shaped eyes leaving thru the locked door! 
Source:  MUFON

Date:  March 19 2017
Location:  Miami, Florida
Time:  11:39 PM
Summary:  As me and my girlfriend were leaving Bayside in Downtown Miami I looked to the Northwestern sky and noticed a white light traveling very fast and I told my girlfriend thinking it was a drone but the light was not blinking as drones usually have flashing lights and than it went from NW to Southeast suddenly for a few seconds and than went in the NW direction and the white light suddenly disappeared. Number of UFO(s), including the Color(s), Size(s) and Shape(s): 1 small light round in the distance. Whitish colored. Distance of UFO(s) in sky: Not sure. Maybe 15,000 feet Direction of Travel for UFO(s): Traveling Northwest.

Date:  March 31 2017
Location:  Columbus, Ohio
Time:  Night
Summary:  I was half asleep and woke up slightly. Was able to see the figures surround my bed and I was unable to move with sleep paralysis. Long appendages, dark outlines of what looked like odd shaped humans. Long fingers. I was trying to move and about (what felt like an hour and fifteen minutes) I became unstuck out of the sleep paralysis and threw my body forward in an attempt to scare whatever they were away and by the time I flung upwards they were gone. Did not see any mode of transportation but has effected me psychologically since the occurrence. Unable to sleep, dreams of the encounter etc… was not a dream. I was unable to look at the clock due to the paralysis and I have had no history of sleep paralysis or dreams like this of any kind. I am convinced I was visited and studied to some degree by whatever surrounded me. It felt like I was under some sort of spell.
Source:  MUFON

Date:  March  2017



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