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Date:  September 4 2017
Location:  Boca Raton, Florida
Time:  17:30:00
Summary:  Was on the beach in boca raton hanging with3 other friends. looked up ,noticed 2-3 orbs, ie spheres, white in color, appeared to be white, maybe 10,000 or more feet up. hovering. than they disappeared

Date:  September 2017

Date:  September 9 2017
Location:  S. Harding Ave., just past W. 25th St. in La Villita, Chicago
Time:  10:30 pm
Summary:  On September 09, 2017 at about 10:30 pm, I was standing outside with some friends, grilling carnitas, drinking beer and listening to some music. We were on S. Harding Ave., just past W. 25th St. in La Villita (the Little Village neighborhood of Chicago). We were talking when we heard a very loud sound, like a scream that was loud enough that the entire neighborhood must have heard it. As we looked around to see if someone needed help, one of my friends saw a large black figure with large black wings landing across the street near (Name Redacted for Privacy) house. It landed right past the tree and was standing by the gate to (Name Redacted for Privacy) fence. It was easy to see because the fence is white and the streetlight across the street was lighting up the area. It stood there and it seemed to be doing something with its wings. At one point this thing stretched out its wings and they must have been about 9 feet wide but did not look like the wings of a bird. The thing stood there for about 15 seconds longer before it must have noticed us and looked right at us with large glowing red eyes. Then shot up into the air, over the houses and was gone. We all saw it and it looked like a black demon with large wings.

Date:  September 10 2017
Location:  Dalgety Bay UK
Time:  1:30am
Summary:  My friends and I noticed a very loud helicopter flying faster than usual, we all looked to see that it was coming towards us, then we noticed that it was perusing another black object in front of it roughly the same size but more cigar shaped then suddenly both vanished.
Source:  www.uk-ufo.co.uk

Date:  September 10 2017
Location:  Sofitel Chicago Magnificent Mile (20 E Chestnut St)
Time:  7 pm
Summary:  I’m a former Chicagoan and I was on a visit last week. I stayed a night downtown at Sofitel Chicago Magnificent Mile (20 E Chestnut St). During the early evening, I looked out our window from the 30th floor and saw what I, at the time, assumed was a maintenance man or something in the roof of a shorter building below ours. But, it moved too fluidly and disappeared too quickly for a man. It was gray in color and the shape I would definitely describe as a male (with no clothes). I’d say it was about 6 ft. tall. There were no unfurled wings. It occurred on Sunday September 10, 2017 at approximately 7PM CT and the thought of it hasn’t left me. I couldn’t see a door or anything that would allow a person to slip out of sight. It was odd to see someone/something on a roof with no rooftop features like a pool or outdoor seating, and it didn’t look like there was any window-washing, construction, etc. that would easily explain why a person was on a high rise roof and then disappear so quickly. I told myself it was nothing and forgot about it….but on a whim I called my friend, who’d been with me, and he told me that there have been lots of sightings of humanoids in Chicago. I immediately panicked a bit, and I have to tell you, I am very scared of things like these. I hope it doesn’t mean any harm towards me or anyone else. Luckily, I live in Nashville. Are these things vindictive? I’m a humble tarot reader but I don’t want to cause trouble. AL
Source:  The Phantoms & Monsters

Date:  September 11 2017
Location:  Cwmbran s wales
Time:  3.30am
Summary:  Number of UFO(s), including the Color(s), Size(s) and Shape(s): one ufo changing shape fro cylindrical to circular to triangular. Distance of UFO(s) in sky: 500-800 metres. Direction of Travel for UFO(s): initially westward then stationary. Other Known Object(s) (For possible reference, or contrast): none Further Description of Sighting: on my way to work at 4am I noticed a bright white light travelling from the distance toward me over my neighbours house it passed over and stopped motionless and silent in the sky there were no normal red/green identification lights as per a plane or helicopter. the object made no sound. I took several pictures with my mobile phone and observed it for over 30 minutes not moving most of the photos show just a bright white light however when I changed settings and looked at the pics I noticed that the shape had changed and that it was triangular with 5 distinct white lights along the perimeter any one know where I can post the pics as its really strange
Source:  UFO.net

Date:  September 11 2017
Location:  E. 47th St. & S. Lake Park Ave. in the Kenwood community in the south side of Chicago.
Time:  11:39 AM
Summary:  I received a telephone call today (Monday September 11, 2017) at 11:39 AM ET from a witness ‘PM’ who states that she observed a ‘huge winged object’ at 10:25 AM CT (15 minutes prior to the telephone call). This was the second time she has seen this winged object (previously seen in May). The witness lives on the 25th floor of a high-rise building at E. 47th St. & S. Lake Park Ave. in the Kenwood community in the south side of Chicago. The witness told me that she saw a huge bat-like being circling above and along the tall buildings located on S. Lake Park Ave. and then out toward the lake. She states that she frequently observes airplanes from her home, but that this object was definitely not a fixed winged aircraft. As well, she has never seen a bird as large as this being. She described it having a 6-7 foot human-like body that was dark brown in color, with wide black triangular-like shaped wings that closely resembled those of a bat and spanned at least 12 foot. She mentioned that the wings moved occasionally when it gained altitude. The winged being eventually headed north toward downtown. I asked if she attempted to take a photograph. Her response was that when she was watching the flying humanoid, she had an ‘overwhelming creepiness’ come over her. She wasn’t paralyzed or unable to move, but was shocked and transfixed by what she was observing and never had a notion of taking a photograph. When I talked to the witness, it was obvious that she was shaken by the incident and exhibited nervousness in her voice…though she was very well-spoken and forthright. She stated that when she looked below from her apartment, she noticed people on the street looking toward the being and pointing it out to others. Other residents in her building have also seen this flying being in the past, having commented to each other and to the witness. The witness will be letting others know that I would like them to contact me and to forward any photographs.
Source:  The Phantoms & Monsters

Date:  September 12 2017
Location:  Millard Avenue in the Little Village neighborhood of Chicago, 
Time:  10:30 PM CT
Summary:  On Monday September 12, 2017 at about 10:30PM CT I was leaving work and walking down the street toward Millard Avenue in the Little Village neighborhood of Chicago. I stopped at the store to pick up a couple of items that I needed at home and left, turning to my left onto Millard Avenue to walk toward home. As I was walking I saw something that looked like a large person but had huge black wings and a pair of glowing orange eyes. At first, I thought it might be a large owl, but as I got closer I realized that this person was at least 7 ft tall. I’m 5 foot 4 and this thing towered over me. It stood there and looked right at me for about 10 seconds and made a sort of chirping sound as I approached it. My first thought was that this was the devil and started praying as I walked. I kept walking because I felt that if I stopped I was going to be paralyzed with fear. As I got to about 20 ft from where it was standing it let out a very loud screech that sounded as it was trying to warn me, before leaping up into the air and taking off in the direction of West 25th Street. I watched it disappear into the night and continued saying my prayers as I walked toward home. When I got home I was hysterical and crying and my family came rushing to my side when they saw me crying uncontrollably. I related the story to everybody in the living room and my grandmother said that it was either the devil or a Lechusa. She stated that either way I was very lucky to make it home and that saying my prayers had protected me from this thing. I slept at night with the window locked, curtains drawn and a light from my desk on. Even though I slept with the lights on I still dreamed of this horrific thing and that it was coming to get me. I pray to God that I never see this thing again and now I know that my prayers protected me from whatever this thing was.
Source:  ufoclearinghouse

Date:  September 13 2017
Location:  Pomancillo, department of Fray Mamerto Esquiú, Argentina
Summary:  A resident of the locality of Pomancillo, department of Fray Mamerto Esquiú, told Valle Viejo Radio that he had seen an unidentified flying object (UFO). According to the statement made by Rufino [no surname given], he was with his family and friends, stepped outside for a moment and was able to see the UFO. The unknown object remained visible for 30 seconds and the vanished heading southward. As for the UFOs shape, Rufino said that it was rounded and had a “special glow”. The man added that the object was seen over the road running along the edge of the summit leading to the locality of Las Piriquitas.
Source:  Elesquiu.com and Planeta UFO

Date:  September 14 2017
Location:  Thorpe Mandeville Banbury
Time:  20:04
Summary:  Fast bright moving object, was in view for 2-3 seconds, was definitely not a plane/helicopter/shooting star.
Source:   www.uk-ufo.co.uk

Date:  September 16 2017
Location:  S. Ridgeway Ave. and W. 24th St. Chicago, Illinois
Time:  10:00 pm
Summary:  We were walking back from visiting a family member’s house, when we saw what looked like a huge bat (later described as having ‘large wings and black’) fly over our heads and continue down the street. As we continued walking, we saw that the bat had landed on the ground across the street from the tiendita (convenience store) on the corner of S. Ridgeway Ave. and W. 24th St. We also noticed that it was looking right at us as we walked toward the intersection, it was very easy to see it with the lights. As we got nearer, we saw someone come out of the tiendita across the street and this thing turned its attention toward the person, who saw it and screamed and took off running. It was then that it turned back to us and opened its wings and took a step toward us. My sister and I did not stand around to see what was going to happen next and took off running back toward W. 23rd St. The family members house where we had come from was near the viaduct where the train goes over. This large bat let out a shriek and took off into the air, because it flew just over our heads and then landed about 15 feet in front of us on the road. It looked right at us and shrieked at us. At that time a car turned onto S. Ridgeway Ave. from behind us on W. 24th St. This bat took off from the road and flew off, leaving us cowering on the sidewalk. We have never been so scared in all of our lives and we hate to think what would have happened to us if that car had not turned the corner when it did. The car continued its way, not even stopping and we headed back to our family member’s house and her son gave us a ride home.
Source:  phantomsandmonsters.com

Date:  September 22 2017
Location:   Zephyrhills, Florida (on Rt. 98 / US 301)
Time:  3:30PM
Summary:  On September 22, 2017 I received a report of a winged gargoyle-like being encounter along a Florida road. There have been an increased number of sightings & encounters, similar to those in the Chicago area, that are surfacing nationwide. I was contacted by AP who stated that a driver, who was filling him for him one night two weeks prior, encountered a winged being between his third and fourth stop near Zephyrhills (on Rt. 98 / US 301 at about 3:30PM). He said the driver saw this “thing” floating stationary about 15 feet off the ground next to a tree: “As he got closer he realized it looked like a dark-colored humanoid in a cannonball position just floating in the air. Like frozen. He said by the time he asked himself “WTF is that?” The creature unraveled itself and it spread out its legs and giant bat-like wings. He didn’t know what color the creature was but he said it was definitely a dark color and it had human-like legs. And he said at the same moment it spread its wings and legs it flew toward his truck at an unrealistic speed like a fighter jet. He said he almost crashed the truck in the ditch because it basically paralyzed him with fear. He said it happened so fast he didn’t get a look at the face but he said it was probably between 5 and 6 feet tall and dark colored and it had human legs with bat wings. He also said that about a 1/2 mile before he saw the creature he saw a bunch of dead deer on the side of the road. Like piles of deer, 2 separate piles of at least four deer. He assumes it was eating them. The witness is a pretty soft-spoken dude and intelligent. The way he tells the story, I can tell it really freaked him out.”  Last night, I was once again contacted by AP with the following information:”Hey Lon. This is AP. I spoke to you on the phone a couple weeks ago about how one of the drivers on my route saw the monster up in Zephyrhills, Florida. Well, I wanted to update you and tell you that I was off of work a couple nights ago and the guy who covered my shift,a different driver from the original email I sent you, also saw the creature. He texted me early in the morning and told me he was a believer now because he also saw the thing. His description was that it was tall like 6 ft or so. He said it was dark gray and he also said that it had a big wingspan. Its body was very skinny and in segments like an ant. Thorax, abdomen, etc. He said it flew over the road from right to left. He said it flew so fast that it was hard to really make out what it definitively looked like. It was in the same area as well. But instead of on Rt. 98 it was on US 301 which is a road that 98 leads to. US 301 is a much longer and a darker road than Rt. 98. He also said that there were deer everywhere. So I’m starting to think that this thing eats deer. Also I’m starting to think that the full moon has something to do with this creature’s activity. But obviously I’m just guessing. I’m driving out there right now, so if I see anything I will obviously update you again. Have a good day.”
Source:  link for further information.

Date:  September 24 2017
Location:  Chino, California
Summary:  I was inside my car when I saw the object and took out my camera and it did not make any noise. It disappeared behind a tree, so I  got out of the car to see it, but it was not gone or disappeared.
Source:  MUFON #88726

Date:  September 24 2017
Location:  Hull
Time:  5 pm
Summary:  Driving back from Hull to Plymouth we both saw a oval shaped object in the sky thought it was a telegraph pole far away as we got closer it changed shaped n colour then darted across the sky in such speed and maneuverability that no man made machine could do.
Source:  www.uk-ufo.co.uk

Date:  September 27 2017
Location:  Central Park Ave. Chicago, Illinois
Time:  9:15 PM 
Summary:  Hello, I just found your email and want to tell you what I saw. Please do not contact me. I live near the elementary school on Central Park Ave. Last night (Tuesday September 26, 2017) at 9:15 PM I heard the neighbor dog barking like crazy. I looked out the back door and turned on the porch light. We saw this monster bat spread open its wings in my backyard. My son saw it too. It took off into the air in just a second or two. We both fell to our knees. I am so scared by this. My son drew this sketch. The red eyes were very bright and it looked at us. UPDATE: I was able to talk to the witness this evening. I sent an email and was given a telephone number to contact them. The woman and her adult son witnessed the winged being and are sticking to most of the original story…though there were a few revisions. I asked how long they observed the being, and I was told by the son that he watched it for at least 10 seconds. His mother had an immediate reaction to it and dropped to the floor. He continued to watch the being until it flapped it’s wings and ascended quickly. He said that the wings were about 15 ft. wide when fully open, judging by the width of the yard. He thought the height was about 6-7 ft. He never heard a sound, even when it flapped the wings. It was standing in front of the garage at the end of the yard, so there was a good backdrop for him to see detail. The son actually wrote the original email…seems his mother doesn’t use a computer.
Source:  lonstrickler@phantomsandmonsters.com

Date:  September 28 2017
Location:  Bishop Monkton
Time:  10.30 Pm
Summary: Object flashing red green and white lights at first I thought it was a star until it shot off a little white light from left to right they looked like a shooting star coming from it I still keep seeing the object every few nights between 8pm and 10pm 
Source:  www.uk-ufo.co.uk

Date:  September 2017

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