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Date: May 1969
Location: Wisconsin, exact location not given
Time: 0300A
Summary: The witness was sleeping in her sleeping bag in a wooded area next to a stream when she awoke to see a streak of light shoot overhead and come down into the nearby forest. Later as she lay down half sleep she became aware of some movement in the forest and what appeared to be the sounds of men and women singing. Suddenly several small figures with large heads and with grotesque facial features stepped out of the woods, they all seemed to be carrying small flashlights. They had very large eyes and resembled large reptile-like beings. One carried a box-like object in his hands that emitted strange crackling sounds and beams of light shot out of it. Suddenly the being carrying the box stopped and began making high-pitched squeaking noises. The other beings gathered around and began looking into the forest. The frightened witness thought that the beings were searching for her and as she was about to run form the area she felt a touch on her shoulder, as she turned around she was confronted by a very handsome man with golden shoulder length hair and large beautiful blue eyes. The witness by now had forgotten about the short humanoids and had become sexually aroused. She remembers having intercourse with the golden haired man then waking up the next morning on the forest floor. (Apparently the witness became pregnant and gave birth to a child that resembled the golden haired entity)
Source: Brad Steiger, The UFO Abductors

Date: May 1969
Location: Orlando Florida
Time: morning
Summary: The young witness was waiting outside the school for it to open when a strange 1965 black Cadillac pulled up. The occupants sat motionless for a few moments. Finally they got out of the car, both were dressed in old-fashioned black suits, dark tinted glasses, and hats. One stayed by the car, the other walked up to the witness and other students and began asking questions about a fellow student. The stranger was apparently dressed in drag, (lipstick, white pancake makeup) and disheveled clothing. Eventually they left. The student that the stranger was inquiring about had experienced several strange incidents and was reported missing soon after the black Cadillac episode.
Source: CAUS

Date: May 1969
Location: New Westminster British Columbia Canada
Time: 0930A
Summary: Pearl Ardron and her 5-year old niece were walking along 6th Avenue when they came up with a couple of “big children,” as she thought at first, who had their arms around each other. Their skin was copper toned and they had very slanted eyes; they were about 4’9” tall. Both wore dark blue 2 piece suits with some gold brocade on the chest and sleeves, and high peaked caps also with some gold brocade; they wore black boots. Their heads were “round as a ball.” They kept looking up at the sky, Mrs Ardron “got a very scared feeling” about these people, even though they smiled at her as she passed. “I have never had such an uneasy feeling,” she told the investigator. She is sure they were not merely Orientals.
Source: Soren Buus, for Mufon

Date: May 1969: The Edge Of My Bed

Date: May 1969
Location: Gibbonsville, Idaho
Time: 2300
Summary: 18-year old Bettina Comfort was walking through a pine forest when she experienced a period of confusion and apparently suffered a period of missing time. Later under hypnosis she recalled encounter a 2.50 m tall gray colored humanoid with huge red phosphorescent eyes and a flat nose. The humanoid apparently scanned her with an unknown instrument and then sexually assaulted her. She apparently blacked out again and woke up on the ground in the woods.
Source: Denys Breysse, Project Becassine

Date: May 4 1969: Dwarves From The Underworld

Date: May 4 1969: Abduction of José Antonio da Silva

Date: May 5 1969
Location:  Jaboticatubas Minas Gerais Brazil
Time: daytime
Summary: About the same time as the Bebedouro incident, a deaf mute named Antonio Rodrigues, 60, of the Fazenda Constantino on the Rio Das Velhas, was fishing when he was confronted by apparently the same type of being encountered by Da Silva at Bebedouro, 20 km to the east. When they made signs for the man to approach, he fled, terrified; he was pursued and knocked to the ground by an implement one of the little beings drew from his belt. They gathered around the deaf mute, felt his arm and conversed amongst themselves in an unintelligible language, and shook their heads, departing toward a machine parked nearby, into which they climbed and ascended vertically. The witness identified the beings from various drawings, including Da Silva’s that were shown to him by the investigators.
Source: Hulvio Aleixo & Dr. Walter Buhler

Date:  May 11 1969
Location:  Rockville, Virginia
Time:  0145A
Summary: 20-year old Mike Luczkowich, a student at Manakin, Virginia, was returning home after a date with his girlfriend. Just a he passed the Rockville General Store; Mike noticed something about 50 yards ahead of his car. At first he thought it might be a couple of deer, but he soon realized that he was observing two figures about three and a half to four feet tall. The creatures were wearing spherical helmets that looked as large as basketballs. Circling each helmet was a pale green band that reflected the headlights of the vehicle. The beings were motionless at first, but they soon scurried off and ran up an embankment to the left of the witness. The first two creatures had barely disappeared when a third small creature appeared from the right side of the road and quickly joined the others by climbing over the embankment. Luczkowich reported that the little men were dressed in light-brown coveralls that were somewhat baggy in the legs but were tight-fitting at the ankles. He did not see any arms, and he could not detect features behind the oversized helmets. The student was shaken by the experience, and he did not tell anyone of the encounter until Sunday. On Monday Luczkowich and three other men returned to the site. They were able to locate a definite trail through the poison ivy and honeysuckle on the embankment the three beings had scaled. Beyond the embankment they found a barley field with a path through it, such as the three humanoids might have made. After a few feet they noticed two flattened areas, where small entities might have thrown themselves down in the grain field. The crushed barley at one of the impressions, according to Luczkowich showed the imprint of two small bodies, while another impression outlined one small body. About a half mile west of the area, and about two hours earlier 18-year old Debbie Payne had reported seeing an oval-shaped luminous object over her house as she arrived home from a date. The object appeared rather bright, then dimmed and became bright twice more before she and her date reached the house.
Source: Ted Bloecher, “Occupant Case Detailed” Skylook November 1974

Date: May 11, 1969
Location: Pembroke, Ontario, Canada
Time: 2:00 AM. 
Summary: Chapeau/Ile aux Allumettes, Quebec [there is some confusion about the location of this event, and it is sometimes labelled for the town across the river, Pembroke, Ontario]. The dog was making a howling racket. The husband and wife were awakened and saw about 600 feet away in their farm field a bright light source. The man went outside noting that the source was so intense that it was easily casting shadows. The thing was hovering, apparently, 15 feet or less above the ground. The light switched off, but he could still hear a purring sound. This purring seemed to recede into the distance and all was back to normal. Before the switch-off the husband thought he could resolve the structure of the object into a dome-shaped object with a flat bottom. The following day, the man went out to the location where he judged the disk to have been and found “three circular depressions, equally spaced to form a triangle with a rectangular depression one to two inches in depth near the midpoint of the base of the triangle”. A guess to explain this would be three “landing legs” and a hatchway which extended out of the object to press into the earth. Now, at this point it must be admitted that the various references describing this case don’t agree. What has just been described was the most conservative of them [by J.Allen Hynek], but it is probably not the most accurate. Landing trace expert, Ted Phillips, says that yes such a trace was there but it was only one of four such markings. Phillips describes the circles as 32ft, 28ft, a 28 1/2ft half-circle, and a 9ft circle. The first was most like Hynek’s with a true external ring [2ft 6in wide] of depressed grass and the three “pod-marks” arranged in the center grass. The second was similar, with again three internal marks in a perfect triangle. The half-ring had a rockpile placed at the centerpoint. The small circle was entirely of depressed grass. As Phillips is a trace specialist, this is probably fairly accurate and everyone else is dealing with second-hand newsprint. One element of the newsprint may have been true, however, in that some burning was allegedly evident. This caused samples to be taken and sent to the Ontario Department of Lands and Forests for testing. This apparently did happen but the report came back that nothing unusual was found. As a post-script to the case, less than a month later, and less than 15 miles away [at Meath,Ontario] another large [33ft] annular ring trace was found that had occurred overnight. In this case the affected ground would not grow plants for three years.
Source: Mike Swords; References: a) Ted Phillips. Trace Catalog; and b) J.Allen Hynek. The UFO Experience; and c) Lore and Keyhoe. Strange Effects from UFOs (1969); and a more sensational presentation in Saucers, Space, and Science 56: 1969 (“Farm Invaded by Flying Saucers”). 

Date: May 19 1969
Location: Fernandes Santa Catarina Brazil
Time: 1930
Summary: Two women, Dona Aurora & Clair Mefessoli, were going to a neighbor’s house for milk when they saw an elongated yellowish luminous object descend behind them, not quite to the ground. Two little beings, 3-foot tall, with features like humans, got out of it; terrified the women fled.
Source: FSR Vol. 14 # 4

Date: May 19 1969
Location:  Rising Sun Indiana
Time: 1930
Summary: George Kaiser noticed a strange figure 25 ft away, the size of a man and covered with black fur. The head sat directly on the shoulders and the face was black, with close-set eyes and very low forehead. When Kaiser made a move to get into his car, the creature grunted, jumped over a ditch, and ran down the road at high speed. Footprints were found that showed only 4 toes. On the following night, an object was observed over the same area by neighbors.
Source: Jerome Clark & Loren Coleman

Date: May 20 1969
Location: Vila Operaria Minas Gerais Brazil
Time: 0100A
Summary: Jose Pereira Sacramento was awakened by a noise; going out his back door, he saw “the white face of an animal” and a light in the sky which came down toward him. He was paralyzed, and could not re-enter the house or call out. An “enormous object” landed beside him, and he was “pulled through an opening” into the ship, finding himself inside a small elevator, which rose to a brightly lit circular compartment with a curved ceiling, about 45 ft in diameter. In this room were six small entities only 31” tall, with big heads, entirely covered by a close-fitting plastic film of light cream color having openings only for the eyes and ears. The eyeholes were slanted. Each entity stood inside a cylinder 3 ft in diameter and 15” high, and above its head was a curved plate with a lever. They spoke among themselves in “a language of short sounds repeated shrilly, like pigs grunting.” After 4 or 5 minutes, one of the beings moved a control, and the illumination increased in brightness to such a point that Pereira lost consciousness. At 0600A he woke in his bed, not knowing how he got there. Inflammation of the eyelids lasted a month, and a year after the event he still felt light-headed and had difficulty concentrating.

Date:  May 21 1969
Location:  Belo Horizonte Minas Gerais Brazil
Time: midnight
Summary: Jose Antonio Da Silva had a sudden impulse to get out of bed and go into his garden. He stepped out his door and saw three of the same entities he had encountered earlier that month at Bebedouro, dressed in the same flight-suits. They stood motionless, looking at him. He quickly stepped back indoors and bolted the door, without saying a word or hearing a sound from them. He then explained to investigators that they wanted him to “work against my own people,” and expressed his great fear that the world was in great danger, without knowing from where the danger would come.
Source: Hulvio Aleixo & Dr. Walter Buhler

Date:  May 30 1969
Location: Warminster England
Time: 2330
Summary: The witnesses were staying in a caravan on Cradle Hill and were looking out for any mysterious lights that might appear when suddenly they saw a crimson red oval shaped light passing over the area, it was completely silent. Later one of the witnesses noticed a luminous cloud-like humanoid figure standing by a nearby gate, it appeared to be covered entirely by tiny pinpricks of white light. No facial features could be seen.
Source: Arthur Shuttlewood, UFOs Visions of a New Age

Date: May 31, 1969
Location: Memphis, TN
Summary: C1 reported by Baird. No details available.
Source: MUFON Skylook 8, 6

Date:  May 1969

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