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Date: July 1 1969
Location:  Olds Alberta Canada
Time:  0615A
Summary: Fred Yoos, 62, heard a clattering sound that shook the building; looking out the window, he saw a 20-foot green oval object descending from a dense cloud in the northwest. It hovered just above the ground 50 ft away. By the light of the rising sun, he could see the movement of two figures through a window-like opening. The object ascended vertically, leaving an imprint.
Source: Ted Phillips, Cufos

Date: July 2 1969: The Little People of Malaysia

apro14Date: July 4 1969
Location: Anolaima Colombia
Time: 2000
Summary: Mauricio Gnecco saw a yellow red light moving in the sky. When he signaled with a flashlight, it approached within 150 ft of the house, and was seen as a yellow-orange Saturn shaped object with 2 bent blue and green legs; then it seemed to land on a nearby hill. Arcesio Bermudez, an adult, went to the site and approached to within 20 ft; he saw inside the object a person whose upper half was normal but who resembled from the waist down a luminous letter “A”. The object then ‘blinked on” again, rose and disappeared. Two days later Bermudez became very ill, and within a few days he died of gastroenteritis.


Source: John Simhon for Apro

Date: July 4 1969
Location: Eau Claire, Wisconsin
Time: 2230
Summary: The witness and her father had gone to a local racetrack and at one point were sitting by herself on the top bleachers when she had a feeling of being watched. She looked to her right and saw an object hovering about 1000 feet away. Described as an oval shaped craft with a transparent rectangular section on the center. There she saw several man-shaped silhouettes apparently looking down at her. At one point she looked briefly the other way and the object disappeared.
Source: Minnesota Mufon

Date: July 11 1969
Location: Fort Worth Texas
Time: midnight
Summary: Jack Harris saw a tall white shaggy creature cross the only road going through the area around the Lake Worth Nature Center, and he tried to photograph the creature, but his flash failed. He then took a second hasty picture. The creature ran up and down a bluff as other cars arrived, eventually 30 or 40 people had gathered to watch the creature. Many of the onlookers were armed with guns, and when it seemed that people were ready to go after the creature it grabbed a spare tire with a rim on it and threw it at the onlooker’s cars. Apparently more than 500 feet in distance. The creature walked like a man, was whitish gray and hairy. It was estimated to have been at least 7 feet tall and weighing perhaps 300 pounds. It emitted a “pitiful cry.” The creature was seen again, and shots were fired at it, a trail of blood to the edge of the lake was found. Others found dead and mutilated sheep in the area.
Source: Mark Chorvinsky, Fate October 1992

Date: July 13, 1969
Location: Van Horne, IA
Time: 11:00 PM. 
Summary: A high school girl was having her cousin [a beautician] over for a visit and a sleep-over. The two young women were still up when they heard a sound outside. Looking out their window, they saw an object above the field across the road. It was less than a mile away. The thing appeared to be a gray metallic disk, non-luminous, but with a orange-red band of light around the circumference. This light enabled the girls to see the shape clearly: like “a shallow inverted bowl with a curved bottom”. The object was “clean” [no protrusions nor individual lights]. The object came directly over the farmhouse, its vibrations rattling the bedroom windows. [The parents were asleep already and did not awaken]. The girls felt that the disk was “the size of an automobile” and was rotating counter-clockwise as it rose and sailed away. The next morning they told the one girl’s parents what had happened but were not believed. That morning however, the father was out walking the fields and came across a forty foot diameter circle of dried out soybean crop, which had not previously been there. This area was not only a “perfect” circle but in the proper location for the sighting of the UFO. The appearance of the affected crop was “all of the leaves of each plant were hanging wilted from the stalks” as if, the UFO field researcher hypothesized, “they had been subjected to intense heat”. The spot was apparently the result of a “near-landing” rather than an actual touch-down, as the plants were not broken off nor crushed. A fine aerial photo of this circle has been made and is attached to this report. The UFO community was on the scene relatively early, with the APRO investigator taking the photos and soil samples, and Walt Andrus of MUFON/APRO interviewing the daughter [the only early interview of the cousin was by news persons]. As was almost universally the case APRO dropped the ball on the analysis of the samples and reported only that the plants were dry, shriveled, and not radioactive.  Dr. J. Allen Hynek even visited the site and was later quoted: “I still don’t know what the hell this thing is all about… It looked as though a big heater had been held six feet above the ground”. Neighbors of the family contributed the remarks that their dogs were making a racket that evening. Van Horne stands as one of the best “landing effects” cases on record. This is because it has multiple witnesses, an immediate corroberation of the trace by someone who knew exactly the state of his farm fields, no desire for publicity [in fact a parent who blocked almost all of it], no motivation [in fact, a loss of valuable crop], multiple, early-on-scene investigators with good track records for straight-shooting, and a fairly large and mysterious effect. On some scales of rating “trace” cases, this might be #1.
Source: Mike Swords; References: a). APRO UFO Report Form (case field investigation), undated but c. September 1969 (Hynek/CUFOS files); “Saucer Near Landing In Iowa”, SKYLOOK #23, October 1969; “UFO Over Iowa Bean Field”, APRO Bulletin, July-August 1969: Kevin Randle, “The Iowa UFO Landings”, Official UFO Fall 1976; [news note] DATA-NET V(9): September 1971; Al Swegle, “Sight UFO Over Benton County Farm”, Cedar Rapids Gazette, August 15, 1969.

Date: July 13 1969: Garrison, Iowa Crop Circle

apro12Date: July 16. 1969
Location: Flippin, Arkansas
Summary: OBJECT PHOTOGRAPHED IN ARKANSAS The accompanying photograph was taken by Miss Vivian Kocher on July 16. 1969 l0:00 a.m.’ at Flippin Airport, Flippin, Arkansas. Mr. Lawrence Willett, manager of the airport and brother-in-law to the photographer, informed APRO of the incident and Miss Kocher, who lives in California, was contacted. She kindly provided the original color negative and this is now being analyzed. None of the persons present during the photographing observed the disk shaped object over the Lear Jet. Miss Kocher says: “Unfortunately, I was not looking at the sky, so cannot confirm what type of object might have been there. I can only say that the marking which appears on the film was not repeated in any of the other pictures on the roll, nor have I ever seen anything similar to it in any other picture I have ever taken.” Miss Kocher used a Rollei 35 camera with Kodacolor film. Approximate setting was 125 at f.8.

Date: July 17. 1969
Location: Eastern Vermont
Time: 10:30 p.m.
Summary: On the night of July 17. 1969, at 10:30 p.m. Mr. X and Miss Y (names withheld on request) were parked in a lot adjacent to a flood control dam in an eastern Vermont town. Through the right side of the windshield a bright light, described as “brighter than several flash bulbs,” was observed and appeared to be located approximately 300 yards from the car and a dead tree which was located at the end of the neld was silhouetted against the light. The light appeared to be triangular shaped. Mr. X got the impression that the light was the bright glare from a metallic surface with what appeared to be a railing at the top. The “railtrxg,” he said, seemed to be made up of narrow areas of bright light with dark areas between each light. The whole apparition was estimated to be about 20 x 20 feet. Suddenly, without the occupants of the car seeing the object move, it appeared in a position in front of their car which made it visible at the extreme upper part of the windshield. Mr. X became frightened, started the car and drove about a hundred feet toward the road leading out of the area. But Miss Y wanted to stop again and “see what it was.,, Mr. X stopped the car, but could not see the object. A sensation which he could not describe seized him, and he felt as though he was being drawn out of the car. He said it was not a shock, and nothing like he had ever felt before. However, it started with his head and spread throughout his body. He became unconscious momentarily and when he recovered he felt as if he v/as being lifted out of the seat. His first reaction was to throw his body forward, grasping the steering wheel with both arms just below the steering wheel. Almost instantly, he said, the sensation left him and he and Miss Y drove out of the area and returned to their homes. Miss Y’s testimony indicates that she was conscious all of the time and felt no unusual sensations. She did notice Mr. x “flinch” or shudder and fall forward, placing his arms around the steering post. However, she did not notice any lifting of Mr. X,s body. After X arrived home he called the police who referred him to the Vermont State Police who in turn referred him to Mr. Walter P. Eicken, ApRO’s Field Investigator in New Hampshire to whom we are very grateful for the µinvestigation and ensuing report.

Date: July 18, 1969: Astronaut Buzz Aldrin Recounts Apollo 11 UFO Encounter

Date: July 18 1969
Location: Sobral Ceara Brazil
Time: unknown
Summary: A shining flying saucer stopped and remained stationary for half a minute near the cement plant, and opposite the house of Neusa Rodrigues. Through the window of the craft was seen “a little bluish colored man with eyes that gave off flashes.” The UFO performed various maneuvers over the cement plant and drew the attention of many of the employees, who stopped work briefly to watch it. Lt. Pedro Edvaldo De Souza took statements from eyewitnesses, on instructions from the Brazilian Air Force base at Fortaleza,
Source: Lt Pedro Edvaldo De Souza, Brazilian Air Force

Date: late July 1969
Location: Trois Rivieres Quebec Canada
Time: 2100
Summary: As dusk fell, three youths aged 12, 15, and 16 were in an abandoned field beside a car that was out of gas. In the direction of a nearby pond, 500 feet away, they noticed a pulsing luminosity, and then perceived that this was coming from a dark discoid object with a cupola, hovering 15-20 feet above the pond, beyond some intervening fir trees. Then from behind the trees emerged a procession of seven or more white luminous “objects,” or figures, consisting of vertical cylinders with a lump on top, vaguely resembling a human without arms or legs; they were five to six feet high and were floating a foot above the ground. Where the face should be was a darker oval. As these figures turned toward them, the three teenagers sought refuge in the rear seat of the car, closing its windows and locking the doors, and hiding under a blanket. The entities soon surrounded the car, and seemingly attempted without success to open the doors; one rose up and “walked” on the car’s roof, leaving traces on the metal. The siege of the car lasted for more than an hour. When the lights of an approaching car, containing friends of the witnesses, became visible, the entities returned to the UFO, which then rose at great speed. The youngest witness had nightmares for a week.
Source Phillipe Blaquiere and Wido Hoville

Date:  July 1969

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