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Date: 1914
Location: Ontario, Canada
Summary: Eight witnesses saw a UFO floating on the water of Georgian Bay. Entities were manipulating a hose dipped into the water. On seeing the witnesses they returned inside, all except one who was still outside when the craft took off.

Date: 1914
Location: Alta, Norway
Time: 9 – 10 pm
Summary: “From Alta it is reported that Thursday evening September 17, from 9-10 o’clock a strange and so far unexplained luminous phenomenon was observed by many people and from many quarters. The sky was completely overcast and it was full dark when a luminous point like a very large star appeared to the east over Elvebakken, proceeded over Bosekop, disappeared behind Skoddevarre, came out again at Kvaenvik and after several other movements disappeared in the direction of Talvik. The light was white as a rule but shifted in part over to red and blue. It was also observed by binoculars from the small steamboat ‘Sina’. Naturally it was guessed to be from an airplane. The light moved at various heights and as a rule without particularly great speed, except when it disappeared.”

Date: 1914
Location: Morgenbladet, Norway
Summary: “An airship might have been seen here at 8 o’clock yesterday morning December 20. Many reliable people, among them the sheriff of Solum, sighted the airship. The sheriff watched it with binoculars. It was at a dizzying height and moved first inland, but then turned southward and went away to sea.”

Date: 1914
Location: Tjolta, Norway
Summary: At Midlandet in Tjolta last Saturday evening November 21, an airship was seen again cruising about Skjaervaer Lighthouse, which it lighted up with a searchlight. The airship, which had a height of about 700 meters, descended to about 400 meters altitude, wherefrom it let the searchlight play on a passing ship. Thereafter it ascended again. Between 20 and 30 people watched it simultaneously.”

Date: 1914
Location: Benton Harbor, Michigan
Summary: Three luminous UFOs fly low over.

Date: 1914
Location: Pawtucket Rhode Island
Time: 1500
Summary: The witness was at a local trash dump looking for old discards when he suddenly heard a “musical” humming sound. Turning around he then saw a strange craft hovering above a fence and partially above the street in front of a church. The object was gray in color with a high dome on top and a slight dome on the bottom. An opening, like two sliding doors, then appeared. Then two short figures emerged and took positions each on one side of the object, more came out until there were eight abreast. The beings were humanoid in appearance with round heads. They suddenly began to sing in a beautiful harmony albeit in an unknown language. When they finished the doors to the craft opened again and they all filed back inside of it. The object then went up slowly and gradually disappeared over the church.
Source: Witness letter, Cufos Associate Newsletter Vol. 3 # 6

Date: 1914
Location: Santiago del Estero, Argentina
Time: evening
Summary: A short dwarf-like female entity wearing shiny “flashy green clothing” chased a young child persistently in a wooded area. A similar entity pursued a young girl at another local ranch.
Source: Fabio Picasso, Small Entities in Argentina

Date: 1914
Location: Inverary, Scotland
Time: afternoon
Summary: While riding his tricycle along a pathway near this city, the witness, a young boy, took a hard tumble, and thinks to this day that he probably broke his arm. After he’d been sitting there alone and crying for a few minutes, a little person—no more than two and a half feet tall…appeared out of nowhere to assist him. Somehow he tended to the boy and healed his injury almost instantly. The young boy asked the little man who he was, and the reply came that he was a gnome; the boy observed that he resembled more a “leprechaun” and the little man corrected him patiently, saying that no, he was a gnome. About this time the boy’s parents who had been looking for him, came near to the scene, and the little man scurried away into the underbrush. His parents did not believe his story.
Source: Wm Michael Mott, Hidden Neighbors

Date: 1914
Location: St. Didier sur Rochefort, Loire, France
Time: 0400A
Summary: A Mr. Perret was at home sleeping when someone tapping on his back suddenly awakened him. He turns and sees a luminous being the size of a 10-12 year old child. The being had a white glittering face and wore a very shiny outfit. He illuminated the room completely. The being then walked through the door and vanished. An afterglow remained behind for about 3 seconds. The frightened witness remained in bed.
Source: LDLN # 243

Date: 1914 
Location:  Indiana
Summary: Unusual objects were sighted, that had unconventional appearance and performance. Three objects were observed by two witnesses
Source: Lore, Jr., Gordon I. R. Mysteries of the Skies: UFOs in Perspective Prentice-Hall, Englewood Cliffs, 1968

Date: 1914
Location: Vansbro, Sweden
Summary: A flying disc was observed. One disc was observed by one male 15-year-old witness (Lindskold).
Source: UFO Information Sweden

Date: 1914
Location:  St Leonard-De-Noblat, France
Summary:  Round greenish object seen resting on hilltop, several beings around it. Object climbed slowly, then flew away at great speed.
Source: Hall, Richard H. From Airships to Arnold: A Preliminary Catalogue of UFO Reports in the Early 20th Century (1900-1946) UFO Research Coalition, Fairfax, 2000 ISBN:1-928957-01-3

Date: 1914
Location: Rachyn, Rovno Dist, Ukraine 
Time: Evening 
Summary:  Angel hair. (?) Several brilliant cigar-shaped objects passed over north to south, jelly like substance “angel hair” fell, smelt unpleasant
Source: BUFORA

Date: 1914
Location: Grover, Colorado
Time: 21:00
Summary:  One object was observed by two witness
Source: Condon Committee

Date: January 1914 
Location: Leon, Spain
Time: 12:00
Summary: A Close encounter with a an unidentified craft and its occupants. A daytime disc was reported.
Source: Vicente-Juan Ballester Olmos investigation files

Date: February 15 1914
Location: Chanco, Maule Region, Chile
Time: 1800
Summary: Published newspaper reports describe a “bolide” like object that crossed the firmament from west to east leaving behind a white smoky trail that took about 15 minutes to dissipate. The event was also observed from Argentina in which witnesses reported a “celestial object” that emitted a large plume of white smoke from its rear, which remained visible for a long time, witnesses thought that whatever it was had crashed into the Pacific Ocean or Chile. A local witness, 104-year old Juana Anduar, only 14-years old at the time remembers that the classes were dismissed early and everyone stopped what they were doing to watch the strange spectacle. Anduar remembers seeing an object approaching from the west that the shape of a modern “airplane fuselage”, it flew diagonally emitting a tremendous noise. The frightened witnesses could see what appeared to be flames behind the object. The object apparently impacted into an isolated area in the forest quickly producing a large fire. According to reports searchers failed to locate a crater or any signs of the object. Some in the area speculate that the object remains buried underground.
Source: Josep Guijarro Año Cero # 10

Date: March 1914
Location: Lajoumard Haute Vienne France
Time: evening
Summary: A farmer, now deceased, was returning to his farmhouse at twilight when he chanced to see atop a nearby hill a round luminous object, green in color, hovering just above the ground. When he was about 100 to 200 meters away he saw several beings of small stature emerge from the machine, stroll about briefly, then disappear once again inside. The object then took off in a spiral, or zigzag, trajectory, and then streaked off at very high speed. He spoke to his family of the incident and asked that they never speak of it to anyone else. It was only after his death that the incident was revealed.
Source: Joel Mesnard & Jean Marie Bigorne

Date: early May 1914 (13)
Location: 2.5 miles W of Farmersville Texas
Time: 1000 am
Summary: Silbie J Latham, then 13 or 14, had gone to the fields with his two older brothers Sid and Clyde. Two dogs, Bob and Fox, accompanied them. They were “chopping cotton” when they heard the two dogs set up a “deathly howl.” The three boys walked about 75 feet to a fencerow where the dogs had something cornered. Clyde got there first and turned to the other two and said, “Boys, there’s something in there. It must be something kinda bad.” Then he said, “Boys, it’s a little man!” Silbie looked and saw a little man some 18 inches high, just standing still, staring toward the north. He was green all over and either naked or with a frogman’s type outfit on, green in color. There was a hat with a wide brim on the back of his head, but it was all of one piece with the rest of the body. He said nothing and id not even acknowledge the dogs, by now worked up to a frenzy. Right after the three boys arrived the dogs finally attacked the being, literally tearing it limb from limb. “Blood and guts went everywhere. The blood was red and the guts looked like guts look. We were all just country as hell and didn’t know what to do…the dogs just chewed him to pieces…after they killed him we just went back to hoeing.” They told their folks but no one believe them; they went back to the site several times that day, but after that they never returned.
Source: Ted Bloecher

Date: Summer of 1914: Alien Encounter

Date: June 1914
Location: Hamburg Germany
Time: 0400 AM
Summary: Gustav Herwagen opened the door of his house & saw in a field a shining cigar shaped object with illuminated windows. Near it were 4 or 5 dwarfs 4 ft tall, clad in light clothing. He approached them, but they went aboard the object as soon as they were aware of his presence. A door closed, and the craft took off silently, climbing vertically.
Source: Jacques Vallee, Passport to Magonia

Date: June 1914
Location: Spike Island, Cork Harbor, Ireland
Time: afternoon
Summary: The 6-year old witness walking along a path located next to the sea, absorbed in her past time with her eyes mostly on the ground she happened to look up when she was about five yards away from the wall of local doctor’s house and saw something bizarre. A strange figure was looking over the all across the harbor to Cobh. She walked a few more steps nearer before she realized that what it was, and then she became rooted to the ground with fear. It was not ten paces away and she could see it only to clearly. It must have been a very tall creature that was looking over the wall, because she could almost see it to its waist—and the wall was at least five feet high. It was in the rough shape of a human being—that is, it had a head and shoulders and arms—though she did not see the hands, which were behind the wall. Except for two dark caverns, which represented the eyes, the whole thing was of one color, a sort of glistening yellow. As the wall was parallel to the road and on her left, the thing was looking past her—across the little road and straight across to Cobh. As the witness stood petrified, the thing began to turn its head very slowly toward her. At this point the young witness heard a voice in her ear—“If it looks straight at you, Eileen, you will die.” Her feet seemed to be anchored to the ground by heavy weights, but somehow she managed to turn and run. She ran into a nearby cottage about 15 yards away. Her next memory was of Mrs. Reilly (the owner of the cottage) sponging her face with water, as she shook all over with shock and terror. She told Mrs. Reilly that she had seen something dreadful in the Doctor’s garden. Mrs. Reilly told the young witness that she was not the first to see it and would not be the last.
Source: Dermot Mac Manus, “The Middle Kingdom”

Date: August 1914     This was shown to be as a hoax
Location: Georgian Bay, Canada
Summary: William J. Kiehl and seven other persons saw a spherical craft on the surface of the water. On its deck were two small men wearing green-purple clothes. They seemed to be busy with a hose, plunging it into the water. On the opposite side were three men dressed in light brown, wearing square masks down to their shoulders. Seeing the witnesses, they reentered the craft except for one dwarf, wearing shoes with a curved, pointed tip, who remained outside while the craft rose 3 m above the water and shot upward, leaving a short trail.
Source: Magonia #40, 199

Date: August 2 1914
Location: Vykhino near Strizhov Russia
Time: daytime
Summary: Two local peasant females were in a field when they noticed 2 strange figures on a remote and isolated meadow. The strange couple was dressed in unusual “red suits” and moving near something grayish that lay on the ground. Both women became frightened and ran away from the area. Another peasant reported that something “big and dark” flew in the direction of the meadow. The object emitted a “rustling” sound as it flew over his head.
Source: Mikhail Gershtein, Anton Anfalov

Date: August 3, 1914
Location: Noirétable, the Loire, France
Time: 0400A
Summary: Patrick Berlier and Michel Sabatier published about this case in 1984 in the ufology magazine “Lumières Dans La Nuit”.

Apparently, the report says that “little after the beginning” of WW1, therefore a date after August 3, 1914, at 04:00 a.m., close to Noirétable, the Loire, France, there was a case without UFO, atypical in its catalogue, because it is a “bedroom visitor”, and that he lists it because it is a French case, and that the witness was questioned by Misters Patrick Berlier and Michel Sabatier, whose report was published in the Lumières Dans La Nuit magazine. >One “Mr. Perret” resided in an old house with his mother, his brother, his sister, and his grandparents. His father had been drafted for the war. He was sleeping with his brother in a room separated by a curtain, his two brothers shared the same bed on the other side of the curtain, his mother and her sister slept on the other side, and the grandparents occupied the nearby room. He was awakened by what seemed to be a hand which taps his back. Looking around, he saw a luminous “being” described as looking like a 10 to 12 years old child, with a face white like snow and a dress white like snow going down to the feet, and very shining. He does not remember to have seen hair on the head of the “entity”. All the room was lighted. The being came out of the bedroom of the grandparents while passing directly through the door. It went in direction of the opposed wall, passed close to the bed, looked at the witness and gave him a smile. Then he crossed a second door giving on the outside and disappeared. A clearness remained in the room during two to three seconds. Mr. Perret, who until then was frozen with fear and could not even speak, started to shout; which awoke all the family. It is said that a local legend tells that in Mont-Verdun, the night of September 8, 1914, a procession of “beings of light” climbed the steep slope, entered in the old priory and disappeared there.
Source: Report by Patrick Berlier and Michel Sabatier, in the ufology magazine Lumières Dans La Nuit (LDLN), France, #243-244, page 28, October 1984.

Date: August 7 1914
Location: Southern Krasnoufimsk, Ural, Russia
Time: unknown
Summary: Albert Rosales indicates that in a region of southern Krasnoufimsk, in the Ural, Russia, there were mass observations of “mysterious flying machines” reported in the Press in August 1914; which worried the population. He says that in Asanova, Sarinskaya volost, Yekaterinburg area, Perm, Ural, Russia, on August 7, 1914, at an unknown time, a strange flying device landed near the village with two unknown persons onboard.
The local clerk shot three times at the uninvited visitors, but without result. The Bashkirs who saw the two men close enough reported that they were dressed warmly.

Source: Newspaper Zauralsky Kray, Ural, Russia, August 1914.

Date: August 23 1914
Location:  Savernake, New South Wales, Australia
Time: Dawn 
Summary:  An object was sighted that had an appearance and performance beyond the capability of known earthly aircraft. One object was observed by two male witnesses, typical age 12, in a forest (Sloane). A noise was heard
Source: FSR

Date: Late August 1914
Location: Georgian Bay, Ontario, Canada
Time:  17:00
Summary: Nautical Strange vessel floating in cove with 5 little men in light brown clothes,square helmets, taking on water through a hose. Vari-colored flashes, then rose 12′, took off silently trailing white vapor. One gray ball, about 20 feet across, was observed by seven male witnesses, typical age 18, at a lake for ten minutes (Kiehl). No sound was heard. Five 3-foot-tall dwarves, each wearing a brown suit and helmet, were seen.
Source:  Webb, David HUMCAT: Catalogue of Humanoid Reports

Date: end of August 1914
Location: Alastaro, Finland
Time: about noon
Summary: A 10-year old boy, Arvo Kuoppala was sitting in the living room of a farmhouse with his grandmother, Maria Falt, when suddenly it became dark outside like an eclipse of the sun, and a loud blowing noise could be heard. Then a bright wall of light came from the east and soon after a large shining globe became visible. The globe approached the house and stopped outside the window, after which, an oval window opened on its side through which the top part of two male beings could be seen. The larger one of the beings was in the middle of the oval-shaped window, the second was more to the side but also well visible. Their heads were large in comparison to their bodies, the faces were broad and angular, but the eyes appeared friendly. The being that was standing on the side was more midget-like and looked “ugly”. Arvo became terrified by the thought that the men could come in through the window, but his grandmother assured him that they would not, that they only had “something” to say. The larger humanoid now began to smile and started to speak. His lips and face moved as if he was speaking but no voice was heard. Arvo exclaimed with excitement, “He is talking, he is saying something” and immediately after the creature ceased talking and the face abruptly disappeared inside the globe, although no movement could be seen when the oval opening closed. After a moment a loud “thump” was heard, and then a bright flash and the object rose to into the sky and vanished towards the west with great speed. The observation had lasted only some minutes, but Arvo felt tired and went immediately to sleep, waking up later in the evening. His grandmother seems to have anticipated the event and she later told Arvo that the strangers were not from heaven, but from a distant place, and the globe was intended to travel short distances and that it had come from a “sky” ship to which it had also returned. Of the beings she said that they had large heads and were much more intelligent than humans, but somehow were related to us, and visited now and then. It seems clear that she had a lot of information about the humanoids and she claimed to have made an observation by herself years earlier (no details on that).
Source: Mervi Virtanen, Finland

Date: September 1914
Location: Caerphilly Wales
Time: afternoon
Summary: Two persons, Mr. Uden & Mr. Hopkins, were—as children—wandering on a mountainside after school, and on their way home, when they suddenly encountered a widespread mist at the edge of which were two small humanoid figures totally white all over. They advanced towards the children who became frightened and fled. Both beings wore abnormally tall hats, rather like those worn by chefs, and had piercing eyes.
Source: Rupert Drew

Date: September 1914
Location: Greytown South Africa
Time: evening
Summary: A farmer encountered a machine resembling a biplane while walking home across the veldt. Nearby were 2 pilots paling water from a stream. There were few, if any, viable planes in the country at the time.
Source: FSR Vol. 8 # 3.

Date: September 23 1914
Location: Hurtsugly, Harahusovskiy area, Kalmyk province Astrakhan region, Russia
Time: 0330A
Summary: A witness named Vasiliy Alexandrovich Sokolov, contractor for stone works, had stopped to spend the night at the small village. After drinking tea, early in the morning he continued on his journey. He went to the yard, harnessed his horse, but did not get far away as a bright star-like object suddenly appeared in the sky. The object began increasing in size, descending from its high altitude moving in a declining trajectory. Soon he began to make out a cigar-shaped body, outlined in a bright light. The cylinder was brown in color, with a bright light on the front. The half moon was shining and the stars were visible, and the sky with completely cloud free. Then the witness saw a kind of “suspended boat” under the cigar shaped object, it was about 7 times smaller than the cigar shape object. The shadows of several men could be seen in it. In total there were six “men”. Five of them were sitting and one was standing, as he looked higher than the rest. The witness did not see the figures move and he did not hear any noise or sound. The object was seen in front of him towards the village of Harahusy. After seeing this the witness became afraid and ran to the yard, yelling at those present to switch the light of the room off and calling the Tatars there to come outside and watch the object. Then a beam of light projected from the cigar-shaped object, flashing like a thunderbolt, which lit a square on the ground and temporarily blinded the witness. At this very same moment the cigar shaped object turned perpendicular to the previous direction of flight with its front lighted section pointed towards Astrakhan. The light became dim and decreased in size. During the turn of the object a fast moving device was noticed on the stern section of the craft. The witness saw the object for about 10 minutes. Then the object turned and flew northward vanishing from sight. Sokolov was convinced that he had seen some kind of foreign dirigible. An official inquest was conducted by the chairman of the Kalmyk Province, B. Krishtafovich. Authorities in Saint Petersburg had been worried about possible German dirigibles penetrating Russian territory.
Source: Mikhail Gershtein, “Mystery of the Astrakhanian Steppes” “Crossroads of Centaurs” # 2 1999

Date: October 5 1914
Location: Silver Bell Siding, Tasmania, Australia 
Summary:  Light appeared traveling from Macquarie Heads over Mount Dundas. Two lights from object distinctly visible, intermittently rays of light were thrown to the ground.
Source: Australasian Ufologist

Date: December 6, 1914: Alien Abduction in Bolivia

Date: Dec 22, 1914.
Location: Europe
Summary: “A zeppelin-like object rose straight towards the clouds in the rear of our lines not like a flying machine, but straight up. After running vertically, it suddenly darted forward at a pace which must have been 200 m.p.h.  It then turned around and darted backwards and then suddenly rising, disappeared in the clouds.” Maurice Philip Tuteur, a soldier on the British front during WWI, in a letter to his parents.  The object was also allegedly witnessed by two sergeant majors.

Date: 1914

Date: late December 1914
Location: Leon, Spain
Time: 1730
Summary: Independent witnesses living in the outskirts of this city reported seeing two identical tall thin figures that carried something on their backs resembling rucksacks. Both humanoids were about two meters in height and walked in unison along a path. They seemed to be joined together by one of the arms. Both wore tight-fitting green colored shiny coveralls. At one point both figures suddenly rose into the air and disappeared into the distance.
Source: Iker Jimenez, Encuentros, La Historia de Los Ovni en España 

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