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Date:   May  1976
Location:  Suscon, Pennsylvania
Time:  daytime
Summary:  A family driving around a lake during the day when they saw four hairy erect walking figures varying from 8’ to 10’ tall. The creatures had long arms, large heads, no necks, and thick black hair. They waddled from side to side as if they were stiff legged. No other information.
Source:  Paul Johnson/Stan Gordon

Date:   May  1976
Location:  Poissy Yvelines France
Time:  afternoon
Summary:  Four children from the Sablons School, out with their class near a pond, observe at some distance a figure approximately 6-foot tall. He was covered with gray black hair, had a small, round head, wrinkled and violet colored, and he held his arms in front of him, slightly bent. He appeared to move without taking strides, gliding smoothly over the ground at a rather high speed. The children were unable to seen any legs. His body seemed to be surrounded by a “transparent light,” creating an effect similar to the head waves above a toaster. Frightened, the children ran to find their teacher who, upon returning to the scene, was unable to find any trace of the monster. Although there was no object seen, there was much talk of “flying saucers.”
Source:  Beatrice Benard, LDLN # 157

Date:   May  1976
Location:  Near Alamogordo New Mexico
Time:  2230
Summary:  The witness was driving with her 4-year old son and a friend when she noticed some multicolored lights in the sky. They soon found themselves on a back road approaching an apparent wreck with a “police officer” nearby. He seemed to be well dressed and had an icy touch. They finally reached a truck stop and realized they had experienced a time lapse. Later under hypnosis she recalled that the police officer had helped her out and led her to a nearby craft shaped like a coolie hat. She climbed inside and sat on a chair, watching a screen with lines and stars while the police officer operated some controls. She was then taken to a room with two surgical tables. There she saw her daughter being watched by three hairless beings with large heads, large dark almond shaped eyes, and small noses. They had thin bodies and white skin. She was laid on a table and examined with various devices. She was also scraped and a skin sample was taken and fluid was apparently removed from her eyes.
Source:   Thomas E Bullard, UFO Abductions The Measure of A Mystery

Date: May 1976
Location: Torreon, Coahuila, Mexico
Time: 2330
Summary: During a very hot night the witness had been attempting to sleep while reading a novel while he had left the patio door opened due to the extreme heat. Around 2330 he attempted to get up to close the door but found he couldn’t move a muscle, at the same time he spotted a human-like figure standing at the bedroom door. The figure was covered from head to toe by a shiny “black” suit. The figure stood still without moving, while the terrified witness attempted to move but could not. For 20 seconds the figure stood at the doorway it then turned around and disappeared towards the direction of the darkened patio. At this moment the witness was able to move and jumped up closing the door of the bedroom. He quickly dressed and went to a nearby hotel where he stayed the whole night unable to sleep. Three years later while traveling near Zacatecas the witness encountered a large disc-shaped craft with multi-colored lights that briefly followed his vehicle.
Source:Ovnis Mexico, http://foro.ovnis.com.mx

Date: May 2 1976
Location: Hawkins Wisconsin
Time: unknown
Summary: Miss Dagmar Noel and Lloyd Pringle were driving from Winter to Waukesha when they saw on the road in front of them a “machine that looked like a car and yet it didn’t look like one”, of a whitish or faded bluish color. When it stopped 200 ft ahead, a slender man dressed in a dark colored jumpsuit jumped out and ran very fast across the road and back again to the UFO, which he got into without opening a door. They then noticed a larger UFO, covering the whole road, 200 ft farther on, it was dark red and shaped like an upside down bowl, with some dark markings on it. Both objects disappeared simultaneously—they did not see them take off.
Source: Humcat quoting, Newspaper source

Date:   May  1976

Location. Near Carman, Manitoba Canada
Date: May 2 1976
Time: afternoon
Mr. And Mrs F and their 4 children were traveling near Carman, which happened to be the center of a major UFO flap at the time. A deeply religious man, F was pondering some grave concerns as he drove. Something gave him the impression that they would see something and at approximately ¾ of a mile outside of Carman F noted “a small cloud appeared in the sky west of them, very bright and strange.” He drew his family’s attention to the cloud, and as he drove one of his children commented that the cloud appeared to have rainbow colored stripes. The cloud suddenly “opened up” with a noiseless explosion. F pulled the car off the road and all gazed upward. They claimed they could see a “big, colorful war” taking place, with armored horses running to battle in the west, and in the east “quite a few white angels, each surrounded by pillars of fire.” After a few minutes the tableau disappeared and they drove on. Soon the 10-year old son yelled out that there was a “big red dragon in the sky.” F stopped the car and saw a very bright, colorful funnel upside down over the car, two great big hands coming down underneath the car and felt as if were lifted up into the heavens. F claims that their bodies became weightless and he saw an angel-like figure above them. He saw bright colorful pillars of fire burning around them; they also saw several bright “stars” shooting by. His other children saw other images in the sky, a lion, a deer, an eagle, a witch, etc. (Religious vision?)
Source: Christ Rutkowski, Abductions & Aliens What’s really going on?

uo60Date: May 2 1976
Location: Matton & L’Etang de Banel Ardennes France
Time: 2115
Summary: Dominique Menuge, 31, was driving in the dusk in “Le bois de Rappes” and had just reached a crossroads when his headlights illuminated a group of about 50 little men standing beside the crossroads, to his left. They were not quite 4 ft tall and green in color, their hands and feet were webbed, like frogs. They were fairly “corpulent”, with long thin arms, and seemed to be wearing masks or helmets, with two big red eyes 4” in diameter that reflected the headlights. If they wore any clothes, they were very tight fitting. They were standing motionless, doing nothing. The witness took fright, and turned his car around to retrace his path. While doing this he saw yet another of the little men, standing on the other side of the road from the others, only 3 or 4 yards from him. An investigation by the Carignan gendarmerie a week later found no traces at the spot.
Source: M Spingler, FSR Vol. 22 # 6

Date: May 5 1976
Location: Suva Tamavua Fiji Islands
Time: 1100A
Summary: The witness, a taxi driver was looking around for passengers when he noticed a very tall man resting against a street lamp who called him. The man was described as strongly built, very pale, with long black hair, wide eyebrows, and a small mustache. He also had large black eyes and a sharp pointed nose. He wore normal clothing that seemed wet, a leather belt, and linen shoes. He sat in the front of the cab and demanded to be taken to a certain location. He refused to answer any questions from the witness and tells him to go faster. Later he asked the witness to stop, telling him he has to meet somebody; he gives him a wet letter and walks away. The witness drives away and throws the letter away fearing a bomb. He then returns on foot and sees the strange individual talking on a walkie-talkie. The witness then leaves the area and notifies the police. The letter is later found and it turns out to contain a mundane message.
Source:Denys Breysse, Project Becassine

Date:   May 9 1976
Location:  Braine-le-Comte, Belgium
Time:  10:30 p.m.
Summary:  A 22-year-old couple saw a rectangular object in the northwestern part of the sky. In the middle portion of the object protruded something like a funnel. It flew off to the north, describing a large circle in the sky as it did so.
Source:  Rudy de Groote, UFO Register (Volume 7), 1977, p. 32, citing the Gazzette Antwerpen

Date: May 11 1976
Location: Higher Fold Lancashire England
Time: 0615A
Summary: Mrs Kent, a middle aged woman, on her way to work saw a strange figure atop a grassed over slagheap. Of normal height, it wore a gleaming silver suit with pointed lapels, and a cloak, as well as a Viking like helmet. Beside it was a silver sphere that appeared only half as high as the figure. When the witness passed by again at 0620A, the figure had not moved, but a beam of light was shining down the hill from the sphere. By 0640A, figure and sphere had vanished.
Source: Jenny Randles, Awareness Autumn 1976

Date:   May 12 1976
Location:  Nowra, New South Wales, Australia
Time:  unknown
Summary:  An alien spacecraft crashed into the waters near the coastline in the vicinity of Nowra and Robertson, NSW approximately 100-120 km south of Sydney, about 1.5 to 2 km from shore. A retrieval team was sent to investigate. Divers found a disk shaped object, approximately 9-12 meters in diameter. The matter was immediately classified. Special equipment was delivered on place to pull the disk out from the ocean bottom. At night the craft was pulled out from the water. The joint US/Australian operation was possibly named project “Apotheosis”. Subsequently, again at night time, the craft was loaded upon a ship and moved to the USA across the Pacific to a base in California, from which the disk was transported to the S4 base in Nevada (Nellis Range). In 1987 Derek Hennessy saw the disc at the S4 facility bay # 6. The bodies of three dead aliens were found onboard. They were reportedly small with gray-greenish skins and with four fingered extremities.
Source:   Anton Anfalov, Lenura Azizova

Date: May, 12 1976: Saturn-shaped Object seen and photographed in Brazil

Date: May 14 1976
Location: Tapalque Buenos Aires Argentina
Time: early am
Summary: A truck driver, Nestor Urruti, 47, was driving over a bridge in Olavarria in a thick fog when he saw something “like a gigantic oyster” emitting a blinding light. It opened up, and he found himself and his truck inside, in darkness. As his eyes adjusted, he could see a luminous horseshoe-shaped instrument panel 9-12 ft long, with dials and luminous figures. He felt a cask with several cables on it being put on his head, and heard “many things that I don’t want to relate, because I don’t want anything to happen to my wife and children.” He finally arrived at his trucking agency “with a strong attack of nerves.” Afterward he suffered strange sensations between 0300A and 0315A, feeling as he was someone else and waking with sharp pains in his waist and neck; he was given psychiatric treatment at the Olavarria hospital.
Source: Humcat, quoting Newspaper source

Date:   May  1976

Location. Monte Parodi Italy
Date: May 14 1976
Time: 1630
Summary: A witness on Monte Parodi near a local military barracks saw a strange figure walking clumsily, following a level course on the ground but at a very quick pace. It disappeared from sight in a field completely lacking vegetation. The witness described the figure as about 1 meter, 30 cm in height, slim of built, wearing a dull black tight fitting suit that covered him from head to toe. At eye level there were two glowing oblique openings and the top of his head was slightly pointed.
Source: SUF

Date: May 15 1976
Location: Near William’s Lake Michigan
Time: late night
Summary: A couple who had observed a peculiar light that hovered and oscillated rapidly over the area above the lake earlier, were parked in an isolated spot next to the lake at night when they suddenly spotted another light above the waters. The boyfriend leaned out the window for a better look when something grabbed him. He jumped back inside then a huge dark humanoid shape leaned over the car and began scratching and rocking the vehicle. Then a creature, described as having a huge reptilian like face with a wide slit mouth and bulbous eyes thrust itself partly through the window and grabbed one of the witnesses with a larger flipper like hand. The second witness struck the creature on the face with a bottle and it withdrew outside. The creature then retreated and apparently jumped into the lake, as the witness heard a loud splash.
Source:Gray Barker, Saga UFO Report March 1977

Date: May 16 1976
Location: St Louis, Missouri
Time: 1600
Summary: A woman waiting at a bus stop sees a very strange man, normally dressed, but with pallid facial features, and wearing goggles. He had a long sharp nose, pointed chin, small mouth. She watched him for 15 minutes before taking the bus.
Source: D. Webb in UFOCAT

Location. Sant Onofrio Italy
Date: May 18 1976
Time: 2230
Summary: A man and his family observed a large house sized object hovering near a nearby hill. The object came near the witness home and from its top section shone a strong yellow light over the area. It had a large round opening from which a red light shone. From inside the opening a dark man like figure looked at the witnesses briefly then moved away. A second object resembling a gray sphere with a ring was seen hovering above an abandoned house at the same time.
Source: Maurizio Verga, Itacat

Date:   May  1976

Date:   May  1976
Time: May 20, 1976; Jamestown, TN
C1, one witness, no details. (EGBA,494)

Date:   May  1976
Time: May 21, 1976; near Alamogordo, NM
A luminous UFO shaped like coolie hat paced a car in the desert near Alamogordo, containing three occupants. One of the passengers, a 28-year-old woman named Bryant, experienced five hours of missing time and later related an abduction experience. She reported being taken aboard the UFO where she was given intensive medical examinations and had several body samples taken. Among other procedures they scraped her skin, and drew fluid from one of her eyes. The occupants were short, about four feet tall, and had large hairless heads with large dark almond-shaped eyes. They also wore uniforms that resembled police uniforms. (Sources: Thomas E. Bullard, UFO Abductions: The Measure of a Mystery, case 093, citing the San Antonio (Texas) Light, March 20, 1983; John F. Schuessler, Physiological Effects from UFOs, p. 70

Date: May 22 1976
Location:  Paris, France
Time: afternoon
Summary: At a meeting of the UFO group “GEPA” Mrs. Annick Dargaud reportedly met two tall beautiful blond “extraterrestrials” which were accompanied by two men dressed in totally black costumes. The four strangers remained for half an hour and then disappeared. Apparently the witness received telepathic messages from the group.
Source:GEPA, France

Location. Hall Valley Colorado
Date: May 23 1976
Time: around noon
Summary: Three mountain climbers were near the summit on a very isolated area and had found some very peculiar tracks on the snow when they spotted four figures approaching them, two men, and two women. Despite the inhospitable location all four were wearing light clothing and each had a peculiar strap across their chests and backs. One of the men, apparently their leader was tall and husky, with a crew cut and deep set blue piercing eyes, his female companion was also tall and very attractive. The second couple seemed normal but was considerably older. After a brief conversation in which the odd foursome gave conflicting answers and called motorcycles “two wheeled vehicles” the four left quickly walking up the steep mountainside at impossible speed apparently without leaving tracks and quickly disappeared from sight.
Source: Early Mortimeyer, The World’s Strangest Stories

Date:   May 23 1976
Location:  Sedona, AZ 
Time:  9:00 p.m. 
Summary:  A dog and cat reacted with panic when a bottle-shaped silver UFO flew near a mountainside in Sedona. There were separate witnesses to the nocturnal fly by.
Source:  APRO Bulletin, May-June 1976, p. 5

Date: May 30 1976
Location: Daw Park South Australia
Time: 0200A
Summary: Trevor White, 17, noticed static on his radio, and his dog began to bark. Looking out into his backyard, he saw, 30 ft away, a humanoid figure standing, 5’6” tall, wearing a silver one piece suit with white boots; strapped to his chest was a foot square box like object, on which was the symbol “8”. This entity patted the dog, then looked up & addressed some unintelligible words to White; then it approached him. He retreated to his bedroom door, where he saw the figure fly into the air and enter a cigar shaped object, metallic silver in color with a red glow at the rear and a green glow on top, which had been hovering above some nearby trees. The object then moved off. 3 days later footprints and yellow grass were noticed in the lawn.
Source:Horrie Aspinall & Darren Mitchell, UFO Research Inc.

Date: May 30 1976
Location:  Pasadena California
Time: 1830
Summary: Francis Dejohn was standing in his driveway when he noticed an object floating in the air 10 ft above his neighbor’s yard, which was slowly drifting in his direction and losing height as it moved. It came into his yard and floated right by him, within arm’s length. When it reached his doorstep it rose to about 4 ft, then moved back toward him and passed by him again. When it was 5 ft past him and t ft off the ground, he walked up, thinking to capture it, and looked inside it. He saw there “3 lives side by side,” one of which said to him, “Would you do that to an object from another world?” His answer was “No.” The object moved away, rising slowly, made a turn, and disappeared between 2 houses. Mr. Dejohn found this “a pleasant and enjoyable experience.”
Source: National Enquirer

Date:   late May  1976
Location:  Near Lunde British Columbia Canada
Time:  0100A
Summary:  Someone calling her name suddenly awakened the witness, a cancer patient at the time; she was then instructed to drive to a nearby town. As she drove west of the town she noticed a large white globe of light descending towards a nearby clearing. As the car approached the field the engine stalled. The vehicle came to a stop at a nearby gully. The huge craft hovered above the clearing and a shaft of light came out of the center of the craft towards the ground. The witness walked towards it and saw two beings descend in the shaft of light. The beings were four foot tall, with child like bodies and large slanted eyes. They wore tight fitting metallic suits, with a large buckle with an insignia resembling a triangle within a triangle printed on it. The same design was on the uniform. They also wore boots and a tight fitting hood over their heads. The witness was told not to be afraid and was taken up into the object. She saw a control panel with padded chairs and a large window. There was a smell like ozone in the air. She was then told to disrobe and lay down on a large plexi-glass table blue in color. A female being stood by the witness who could see a panel of light next to the bed. An object resembling an upside down mushroom was passed over her body beginning with the head. Other procedures were performed and a black blood like liquid was removed from her navel. (The witness was apparently cured of her cancer.)
Source:   Aileen Edwards, On the UFO Road Again

Date:   May  1976


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