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Date: 900 AD
Location: Japan
Summary: This illustration depicts the sighting of a burning wheel over Japan, in the year 900 AD. The winged creature on the left may be seen waving to, or flying away from the craft ~ but more likely waving goodbye to the two venerable monks on the right, who may symbolically represent Grays,
(artist and date unknown).

Date: March 900 AD
Location: China
Summary: The New Book of the Tang records that during the year of Guang Hua, “a fat star, as large as 500 meters square, yellow in color, flew towards the southwest. It had a pointed head and the rear was cylindrical…” The same book records another “star-like object” that was five times bigger than the above one and flew in a north-westerly direction. When it descended to a point some thirty meters from the ground the witnesses could see its upper part emit red-orange flames. “It moved like a snake, accompanied by numerous small stars that disappeared suddenly.” 
Source: Shi Bo, La Chine et les Extraterrestres, op.cit., 31.

Date: 904 AD
Location: Constantinople
Summary: In AD 904, the Russian Prince Oleg began his campaign against the Greeks. He marched out of Kiev in the direction of Constantinople, with a huge force of men, pushing on by horse, ship, and, apparently, “flying apparatuses.” Upon his arrival Oleg discovered that the Greeks had fortified the strait and closed up their city. Oleg disembarked upon the shore and ordered his troops to beach the ships. The resultant battle with the Greeks raged for many weeks, becoming too prolonged for Oleg’s taste. In the hope of inducing a swift conclusion he commanded his troops to make wheels, which they attached to the ships. When the wind was favorable, they spread the sails and bore down upon the city from the open country. According to the chronicles, the Russians launched “horses” into the air that were well equipped and “colored golden.” From these the warriors threw fiery arrows at Constantinople. However, to ascend into the air for the purpose of destroying a city the Russians would have to have been in possession of a level of technology that they definitely did not possess in AD 904. Where did the Russians borrow such horses? Who was interested in aiding them to conquer Constantinople? The emperors Leo and Alexander both made peace with Oleg, and after agreeing to pay the tribute and mutually binding themselves by oath, they kissed the cross. They invited Prince Oleg and his men to swear an oath likewise. According to the religion of the Russians, the victors swore by their weapons and by their deity Perun, as well by Volos, the god of cattle, and thus confirmed the treaty. His people called Oleg “the wise.” He was still a pagan ruler, but one that apparently had powerful friends.

Date: 905 AD
Location: China
Summary: A large fiery globe appeared at the zenith and flew towards the northwest. It stopped 100 feet away as many tiny stars moved above it. It left a greenish vapor.
Source: Abel Remusat, “Bolides en Chine” Journal de Physique (1819), 358.

Date: 919 AD
Location: Hungary
Summary: An object like a flaming torch was seen in the sky, together with spheres, which flew over giving out a brighter light than the stars. 

Date: 921 AD
Location: England
Summary: ” In this year appeared the wilde fyr such as no man before remembered: and moreover it did harm in many places.”

Date: May 12 922 AD
Location: Bulgaria
Summary: In July 921 the ambassador Susan ar-Rassi headed a mission that left Baghdad for Vulga Bulgaria with the aim of seeking support from King Almush to form a military alliance against Khazar Kaganate. On 12 May 922, the first night they spent in Almush’s country, a strange phenomenon was seen in the sky. The secretary of the mission, Ahmad ibn Fadlan described the sighting thus: “I saw that before the final disappearance of sunlight, at the usual hour of prayer, the sky horizon reddened considerably. And I heard in the air loud sounds and a strong hubbub. Then I lifted up my head and lo! A cloud [ was seen J not far from me, red like fire,
and this hubbub and these sounds came from it. And lo! [there were] seen in it something like men and horses, and in the hands of some figures inside it, similar to men, [there were] bows, arrows, spears, and naked swords. And they seemed to me sometimes absolutely clear, sometimes just apparent. And lo! [there appeared] near them another similar armed group, a black one, in which I also saw men, horses and weaponry. And this detachment began to attack the other one, as a cavalry troop attacks another cavalry troop.” The phenomenon lasted for some time. Ibn-Fadlan writes that the men asked the king what it may have meant. The king replied that his forefathers, who were accustomed to seeing such things, believed the riders were “Jinni” (Jinns). Ambassador ar-Rassi also gave his version of the event. His account coincided with that of the secretary, except in that he noticed two red clouds rather than one. He also noted that the sighting began an hour before sunset and ended at around 1:00 A.M.
Source: A. Kovalevskiy, The book by Ahmad ibn-Fadlan about his voyage to the Volga in the years 921-922. Papers, Translations, and Comments (Kharkov, 1956).

Date: March 927 AD
Location: Reims, France
Summary: “”An army of fire was seen in the sky in Reims on a Sunday morning in the month of March. After this sign a pestilence followed.” This citation from Flodoard is an example of a frequent description for which we have no precise correlation in terms of optical or atmospheric phenomena.
Source: Flodoardi Annates, in Monumenta Germaniae Historiae, trans. G. H. Pertz, Tome III (Hanover, 1839).

Date: 944 AD
Location: Trans-Rhenan Germany
Summary: “”In some districts, burning iron globes were seen in the air, some of which, while flying, burnt some farms and houses. But in some places they were repelled by opposing them with crucifixes, episcopal blessing and holy water.”
Source: Flodoardi Annates, in Monumenta Germaniae Historiae, trans. G. H. Pertz, Tome III (Hanover, 1839). 

Date: July 29, 966 AD
Summary: One green green fireball was observed.
Source: Vallee, Jacques

Date: Sept. 9, 967 AD
Location: Japan
Summary: Numerous objects in triangular formation flying under the rain clouds, trajectory east-west. This description, if it is reliable, excludes the meteoric interpretation.
Source: Brothers III, 1, 1964. No original source given.

Date: 989 AD
Location: Constantinople (Istanbul), Turkey
Summary: “The star appeared in the west after sunset; it rose in the evening and had no fixed place in the sky. It spread bright rays, visible from a great distance, and kept moving, appearing further north or further south, and once when it rose changed its place in the sky, making sudden and fast movements. The people who saw the comet (sic) were stunned, in awe, and believe that such strange movements are an evil omen. And just as people expected, something happened: in the evening of the day when they usually celebrated the memory of Velikomuchenik (a martyr of early Christianity), a tremendous earthquake brought down the towers of Byzantium…” It seems to us today that an object that “changes its place in the sky, making sudden and fast movements,” cannot be a comet if the description is accurate. However Gary Kronk’s Cometography indicates that Halley’s Comet was visible in the night sky during July and August of 989, based on Chinese accounts, so some confusion is possible.
Source: Istoria (“History”), a 10th century manuscript by Byzantian writer Lev Diakon. Quoted from a modern Russian edition: Lev Diakon, Istoria, trans. M. Kopylenko (Moscow: G. Litavrin, 1988), 91.

Date: August 3 989 AD
Location: Japan
Summary: “The three objects became bright, in extraordinary fashion, and met at the same point of
their trajectory.”

Source: Christian Piens, Les Ovni du passe (Paris: Marabout, 1977), 41.

Date: 998 AD
Location: Budapest, Hungary
Summary: “as detailed in Chartruis’ Life of St. Stephen, King of Hungary : “While praying in his tent, he was lifted into the air by the hands of angels.”
Source: A Dictionary of Miracles. London, 1901.

Date: 999 AD
Location: Abbey of Saint-Leger, Cote d’Or, France
Summary: Rodulphus Glaber, a monk and chronicler, writes “Not so long ago such (visions) happened to me, by the favor of God. At the time I was staying in the monastery of the martyr Saint-Leger, also named Abbaye de Champeaux. I saw one night, before Matines, a hideous little monster of vaguely human form appear at the foot of my bed. It seemed to be, as much as I could discern, of medium size with a frail neck, a thin face, very black eyes, a wrinkled and narrow forehead, a goatee, straight and pointed ears, straight and dirty hair, dog teeth, a sharp occiput, its breast swollen, a bump on the back, hanging buttocks and dirty clothes, with its whole body appearing to shake. “He grabbed the edge of the bed in which I was lying and shook it with terrible violence and said: ‘You will not stay here any longer.’ And at once I woke up terrified, and suddenly I saw the figure I just described. It was gnashing its teeth while repeating the same thing: ‘You will not stay here any longer.’ I got up from bed at once and ran to the monastery, where I kneeled in front of the altar of the very Holy Father Benedict, extremely terrified. And I began to recall the offenses and serious sins I had committed by being impudent or negligent.”
Source: Rudolphi Glabri, Historiarum Libri Quinque ab anno incarnationis DCCC usque ad annum MXLIV, book V, chapter I, paragraph 2. According to Ernest Petit (“Raoul Glaber,” in Revue Historique, XLVIII, 1892) Glaber stayed in Saint-Leger between 997 and 1005 AD. This is the first of his visions. The five books of his Historiae contain other such experiences as well as many anecdotic accounts of superstitions around the year 1000.

Date: April 25, 1001
Location: Foggia, Italy
Summary: The count of Aviemore, tired after a day of hunting, decided to spend the night in a rustic hut. In the middle of the night he was awakened by servants and friends frightened by strange flashes, who urged the hunters to flee with them, fearing a forest fire. He decided not to run away with his companions but to cautiously study the strange phenomenon. Heading for the place where the flashes came from, the Count realized that there was no fire or burning trees, but a strange light. Among the flashes he saw a beautiful lady, whom he took to be the Virgin Mary. A farmer named Nicholas, nicknamed Strazzacappa, who was going to work, saw the vision as well and reportedly heard a request from the apparition for a place of worship to be erected there. The case received publicity and a small chapel built at the spot became a center of pilgrimage. After a few years the Verginiani, led by William of Vercelli, settled there. When they merged with the Cistercians, the now famous monastery passed to the care of these monks. The church was elevated to the dignity of basilica by Pope Paul VI 70 on 31 May 1978.
Source: Marino Gamba, Apparizioni mariane nel corso di due millenni (Udine: Ediz. II Segno, 1999).

Date: 1010
Location: Ostium, Italy
Summary: Peter Damian, Cardinal-Bishop of the Italian city of Ostium (1007-1072), recorded what would be regarded today as a typical abduction involving the five-year-old son of a nobleman: “One night he was carried out of the monastery into a locked mill, where he was found in the morning. And when he was questioned, he said that he had been carried by strangers to a great feast and bidden to eat; and afterwards he was put into the mill through the roof.” What we see here is an early instance of a thread that will become increasingly important as the chronology develops, focusing on alleged interaction between human witnesses and creatures of another order. While a simplistic Christian interpretation classifies them as “demons,” more sophisticated scholars recognized they did not fit easily within the biblical definitions of good and evil. In the Moslem world they would be recognized as the Djinni. In the later medieval world they will become the Fairies, the elves, the Elementals of the Alchemical tradition, the “Good Neighbors” of the Celtic world. The parallels are obvious between the beliefs in such beings and contemporary abduction stories made popular by television. “Great feasts” are a staple of fairy folklore. Abductees were usually “bidden to eat” when the fairies whisked them off to their hidden palaces, just as people often claim to be given pills or liquids to swallow in today’s accounts. Even being pulled, pushed or dragged through the roof has its parallel in modern UFO lore.
Source: Malleus Maleficarum, written in 1486 by Heinrich Kramer and James Sprenger, translated with an introduction, bibliography and notes by Montague Summers (London: Bracken Books, 1996), 105. The works of S. Peter Damian, which have been more than once collected, may be found in Migne, Patres Latini, CXLIV-CXLV. 

Date: 1011
Location: Russia
Summary: In AD 921, the Caliph of Baghdad, Al-Muktadir, sent Ibn Fadlan, an Arabian chronicler, with an embassy to the King of the Bulgars of the Middle Volga. Ibn Fadlan wrote an account of his journeys with the embassy. According to this account, during the very first night spent in the palace of the Bulgar king, Ibn Fadlan witnessed very strange celestial phenomena.  Just before sunset, the horizon became bright red, and from above came a deafening low rumble. Ibn Fadlan raised his eyes to the sky and saw two fiery-reddish clouds moving above him, which continued to merge and then separate during the course of the sighting. The chronicler described incredibly vivid human – and horse-like shapes inside the clouds. He also saw weapons in the arms of the beings within the clouds as if they were engaged in a battle. The Arabs were terrified by these incredible phenomena and knelt down in prayer, but the Bulgars explained the “riders in the sky” as Jinni (in Moslem legends, a supernatural being who can take human or animal form and influence human affairs); the “faithful” ones against the “unfaithful”.

Date: July 7, 1015
Location: Kyoto, Western Japan
Summary: The Director General of Saemonfu [the Royal Guard] said that he had witnessed two stars meeting at night. ” The circumstances were as follows: Both stars flew slowly towards each other and the moment they were 10 meters or so from each other, there came little stars rushing out of each big star, coming towards the other big star, and soon returned to their respective mother star, then the two mother stars flew away swiftly. After this meeting, clouds appeared and covered the sky. I hear that people in ancient times also witnessed such a phenomenon, but recently it was so rare that I was impressed not a little.”
Source: Masaru Mori, “The Female Alien in a Hollow Vessel,” Fortean Times, 48 (1987): 48; Inforespace 23:35.

Date: August 23, 1015
Location: Tokyo
Summary: “There were seen in the southern part of the sky in the Sign of the Lion, two stars that fought each other all Autumn; the largest and most luminous of the two came from the east, the smallest one from the west, the small one rushed furiously and fearfully at the biggest one which didn’t allow the speck to approach, but he struck her with his mane of light, repulsing her far towards the east.”
Source: Ademar de Chabannes, Chronicon, book 3, ch. 62, in J. Chavanon, Ademarde Chabannes, Chronique (Paris: A. Picard, 1897).

Date: Autumn 1023
Location: France
Summary: “There were seen in the southern part of the sky in the Sign of the Lion, two stars that fought each other all Autumn; the largest and most luminous of the two came from the east, the smallest one from the west, the small one rushed furiously and fearfully at the biggest one which didn’t allow the speck to approach, but he struck her with his mane of light, repulsing her far towards the east.”
Source: Ademar de Chabannes, Chronicon, book 3, ch. 62, in J. Chavanon, Ademarde Chabannes, Chronique (Paris: A. Picard, 1897).

Date: August 1027
Location: Cairo in Egypt
Summary:  , , the Nile merchants have seen a “big stick of fire” above Cairo. “.. The month of Redjeb, very many stars passed over Cairo and the Nile Delta. They were flying with great noise and emitting a bright light.”
Source: Michel BOUGARD: “The chronicle of UFO” – Delarge 1977 p 66.

Date: 1028 
Location: Russia
Summary: “In 1028 there was a serpent-like sign in the sky, so big that it could be seen throughout the Russian lands. It terrified the natives who fled in terror. The UFO hovered ominously for over two days.”

Date: 1034: UFO over Europe

Date: 1036
Location: Taicang China
Summary: A cloud carrying a female from the sky is said to have come down to the bedroom of Wang’s daughter and flown away with her. Chinese writer Sheng Gua reports: “Under the reign of Jinyou (1034-1038) a scholar from Taichang named Wang Lun saw (goddess) Zigu flying down into his daughter’s bedroom. This goddess knew how to write and was very pretty. A cloud floated under her feet, and she moved fast without effort. Zigu asked Wang Lun’s daughter: ‘Do you want to travel with me?’ She agreed with a sign of her head. At once, clouds formed in the courtyard and the girl was lifted, but the clouds could not carry her. Zigu said at once: ‘There is dust on your shoes, take them off before coming up.’ The girl did as she was told and she rose in the clouds that lifted her to the sky.”
Source: Lycosthenes, Prodigiorum ac Ostentorum Chronicon (Basel, 1557). Translation from the Latin by Stephen Batman, The Doome, warning ali men to judgment… (London, 1581).

Date: 1045
Location: England
Summary: “When Henrie the third of that name was Emperor of Rome, in England a certain soothsaying Witch was carried away by the Devil, whyche being drawn after him upon his horse with a horrible crye, he carried away up into the ayre, the cry of witch old woman was heard for certain hours almost four miles in that Countrey.” This constitutes only one of hundreds of similar stories about witches carried away by
paranormal means or by non-human beings, usually thought to be demonic.

Date: 1050
Location: Vinland (Newfoundland)
Summary: The Greenlanders Saga includes a report about a woman named Gudrid who was sitting near the doorway beside the cradle of her son Snorri when “a shadow fell across the door and a woman entered dressed in a black close-fitting dress. She was rather short, wore a band round her head and had light-brown hair; she was pale and had such large eyes that their equal had never been seen in a human head.”
The entity walked over to where Gudrid was sitting and said: “What is your name?” “My name is Gudrid, but what is your name?” “My name is Gudrid,” she replied.
“Then Gudrid the housewife held out her hand, that she should sit by her. But it happened at the same moment, that Gudrid heard a great crack, and was then the woman lost to sight, and at the same time one Skraling was killed by a house carle of Karlsefni, because he would have taken their weapons. And went they now away as usual, and their clothes lay there behind, and their wares; no man had seen this woman, but Gudrid alone.” This episode, an early instance of the meme of a “Woman-in-black,” took place in the days of Thorfinn Karlsefni, the son of Thord Horsehead, the son of Snorri Thordason of Hofdi. Karlsefni was a companion of Leif Eiriksson at Brattahlid. The two authors have disagreed about this case, since it could be considered a ghost story rather than a UFO case, but numerous modern claims of alien visitation fall in the same category and follow the identical model.
Source: Helge Ingstad, Westward to Vinland (London: Jonathan Cape, 1969).

Date: April 14 1054
Location: Rome, Italy
Summary: “The most blessed Pope Leo, after the beginning of the construction of the aforementioned church of St. Peter, in the following year, on the 18th day before the first of May (i.e., 14t h April 1054), a Monday, around midday, happily departed this world. And at the same time and hour as his leaving of the flesh, not only in Rome, where his body lies, but also all over the world appeared to men a circle in the sky of extraordinary brightness which lasted for about half an hour. Perhaps the Lord wished to say that he [the Pope] was worthy to receive a crown in Heaven between those who love Him.”
Source: E. Guibodoni, C. Marmo and V.F. Polcaro, “Do we Need to Redate the Birth of the Carb Nebula?” Memorie della Societa Astronomica Italiana 65 (1994): 624.

Date: 1059
Location: Fanliang, China
“Meng Xi Bi Tan”: “Jiayou in (1056 -1063), The Yangzhou has a large pearl, dark days, more common. Tianchang County Pei Ze early after the onset of Pi in the lake community, it is in the new lake after several years, residents of Commons pedestrians. I den friends on the lake one night to find that the beads close to open its first micro-chamber, the light of that kiss, like a golden cross. Russia and rolled abruptly Zhang shell as big as a seat and a half, shell white, like silver, pearls as big as your fist, shiny is not treated, over a decade between the trees Jieyou film, that never in the pictures see the red sky as far a single wildfire. quietly away, fly line, hover over the wave, Yao Yao like Japan. old moon beads, pearls are not class this month, Yingying, a Mount flame, sunlight near category. Cui Bo Yi to try Pearl Fu. ‘”Bo Yi, Gaoyou routine coverage See. recent years do not come back, whatever. Daliang past because Fan office, pedestrians now, often through the night to be to join some boat gambling County Pavilion Pearl “”
Source: Shi Bo, La Chine et les Extraterrestres, op.cit., 26. 

Date: 1065: Kiev, Ukraine Alien Sighting

Date: 1067
Location: Northumberland, England 
Summary: “In this year, truly, several people saw a sign; in appearance it was fire: it flamed and burned fiercely in the air; it came near to the earth, and for a little time quite illuminated it; afterwards it revolved and ascended up on high, then descended into the bottom of the sea; in several places it burned woods and plains. No man knew with certainty what this divined, nor what this sign signified. In the country of the  Northumbrians this fire showed itself; and in two seasons of one year were these demonstrations.” The original account, in Gaimar’s History of the English (in Chronicles and Memorials of Great Britain and Ireland during the Middle Ages. London: Her Majesty’s Stationery Office, 1889, Kraus reprint, 1966) runs thus:

Many folks saw a sign
In likeness of fire it was,
In the air it greatly flamed and burned:
Towards the earth it approached,
For a little it quite lighted up.
Then it revolved above,
Then fell into the deep sea.
In many places it burnt woods and plains.

Source: C. E. Britton, A Meteorological Chronology to A.D. 1450 (London: H.M.S.O., 1937), 44. Britton comments: “Anglo-Saxon Chronicle gives the date of the return from Normandy as December 6 but does not mention the auroral appearances.” Also mentioned by Geoffrey Gaimar in L’Estoire des Engles solum la Translacion Maistre Geffri Gaimar, a 12th century manuscript.

Date: 1067
Location: at sea, in La Mancha
Summary: “… From Normandy, several crew members perished at sea in La Mancha … A fire was burning and shining beautifully in the air. He came close to the ground and lit up for some time. Then he returned, got high and then spun to the inside waters. in many places it burned woods and crops. in Northumberland this fire was seen twice in the year ..
Source: Michel BOUGARD: “the chronicle UFO “- Delarge 1977 p 66

Date: December 1071
Location: Zhejiang China
Summary: Scholar Su Dongpo saw a big light emerge from the Yangtse River, scaring away the mountain birds.
Source: Shi Bo, La Chine et les Extraterrestres, op.cit., 26.

Date: 1077
Location: France
Summary: One object was observed.
Source:  Flying Saucers Magazine

Date: 1078 
Location: England
Summary: ” In this year appeared the wilde fyr such as no man before remembered: and moreover it did harm in many places.”

Date: April 11, 1079
Location: Cracow, Poland
Summary: On this day the Kingdom of Poland survived the worst crisis as a result of a terrible conflict between the bishop Stanislaw of Szczepanowo who had been sentenced to death by King Boleslaw II the Generous for treason and executed on that same day. According to old chronicles; the skies opened themselves above the capital of Cracow and four eagles with a great sphere came down. The bishop’s body was then restored to one piece again; something the locals recognized as a miracle. People also saw strange things and lights in the sky on that day.
Source:  Robert K. Leśniakiewicz

Date: July 1085
Location: Estella, Navarra, Spain
Summary: Estella, in Navarra, is another place named after an unusual aerial sighting. The Virgin and a great star are said to have appeared to a group of shepherds on the mountain. The consequent worship of the area brought in pilgrims by the hundreds and King Sancho Ramirez built a sanctuary there. A sign on its capilla reads: This is the star  That came down from the Sky to Estella To observe it.
Source: Javier Sierra and Jesus Callejo, La España Extraña (Madrid: Editorial EDAF, 1997), 131-2.

Date: 1092: Drutsk and Polotsk, Ukraine

Date: July 1096
Location: Japan
Summary: Ten flying objects combined to form a necklace in the sky in the northwest. In the absence of an original quote, it is impossible to analyze this event further.
Source: Takao Ikeda, Nihon nu ufo (Tokyo: Tairiku shobo, 1974).

Date: 1098
Location: Antioch, Turkey
Summary: In the Historia Francorum qui Ceperint Jerusalem of Raymond d’Aguilers, Count of Toulouse, we read that during the First Crusade: “very many things were revealed to us through our brethren; and we beheld a marvelous sign in the sky. For during the night there stood over the city a very large star, which, after a short time, divided into three parts and fell in the camp of the Turks.” Alfred of Aachen writes: “In the silence of the night, when benevolent sleep restores men’s strength, all Christians on guard duty were struck by a marvelous sight in the sky. It seemed that all the stars were concentrated in a dense group, in a space the size of about three arpents, fiery and bright as coals in a furnace, and gathered as a globe, scintillating. And after burning for a long time, they thinned out and formed the likeness of a crown, exactly above the city; and after remaining for a long time gathered in a circle without separating, they broke the chain at a point on that circle, and all followed the same path.”
Source: August C. Krey, The First Crusade: The Accounts of Eyewitnesses and Participants (Princeton, 1921); Albert d’Aix, Aiberti Aquensis Historia Hierosolymitana in Recueil des Historiens des Croisades. Historiens Occidentaux. RHC. OCCO Tome IV, 265-715. Translation by Yannis Deliyannis. 

enluminure2520hildegarde2520de2520bingen2520codex2520ilDate: From 1098 to 1179
Summary: – Life of (St.) Hildegard of Bingen – Hildegard was the tenth child of a large family, his parents very devoted believers in the Lord from an early age, under the rule of the Old Testament: thou shalt give unto the Lord a tenth of all that belong to you. This is from the age of 8 years that the small Hildegard entered the Benedictine convent of Disibodenberg, first for his education and then to take the veil from the age of fourteen under the tutelage of Mother Superior Jutta of Sponheim.

4-099She pronounced his final vows and death Jutta of Sponheim she became the Mother Superior of the convent at the age of 38 years. This is the age of 43 that began “visions” that she described in a ledger that includes all of his work that remains carefully preserved in the Regional Library of Hesse in Wiesbaden. This exceptional work written on parchment of 50 cm is sealed by steel fittings and weighs over 50 kg.

Hildegard receiving visions and prophetic visions regarding the great figures of his time. It broadcast “these messages from the beyond not only around him but sent to Bernard of Clairvaux to ask his opinion. Bernard replied that her visions were a gift from heaven, a manifestation of the Holy Spirit and need to continue to publish them.


Date: 1098
Location: Worms, GERMANY
Summary: “cavalry forces in the sky near Worms”
Source: (Meland 2, No. 5) (Michel BOUGARD: “The chronicle of UFO” – Delarge 1977 p. 67)

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