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‘Aircraft Encounters’


By Jan Aldrich Aviators reported few encounters with unusual aerial phenomena prior to 1942. After consulting much of the literature, talking to UFO historians, and visiting Dr. Richard Haines, here are the few known cases. Some are of very doubtful reliability. Jeff Lindell, a major researcher into World War II reports, said he had vague references to sightings by French military pilots in War World I, but he had nothing specific. New cases and further details are welcome. (Thanks to Murray Bott, Dr. Thomas Bullard, Jerome Clark, William Chalker, Dr. Richard Haines, Larry Hatch, and John Stepkowski. They all contributed information concerning these sightings.)   # indicates the report is of doubtful reliability. The other codes and abbreviations are… Read More

1955: Radar-Visual Sightings, June 1-8: Article

A number of researchers have amassed large files containing UFO reports made by highly skilled military and civilian personnel.  Many of these reports contain eye-witnessed accounts of aircraft UFO encounters, backed by radar reports of the same objects.  Often, multiple radar sites tracked the same objects. The following account of a radar-visual sighting was extracted from a report by Captain Laddie Marin, of the Air Force Special Security Office, Headquarters, Northeast Air Command, APO 862, New York, N.Y.  The report was sent to the Director of the National Security Agency in Washington, D.C. on July 18, 1955. Capt. Marin began the report with a series of radar and visual sightings by RB-47 bomber crews from June 1 through June… Read More

1994: UFO Sighting of Flight AF-3532

On January 28, 1994, at the beginning of the afternoon, the crew of Air-France flight AF-3532 (Nice to London) observed an unusual phenomenon. UFOCOM asked some questions to the pilot and commander of the flight, Jean-Charles Duboc. INTERVIEW OF COMMANDANT DUBOC: You were a flight commanding officer at AIR France and on January 28, 1994, you have encountered an unusual phenomenon as you were doing the Nice to London flight 3532. Could you tell what you witnessed? I was indeed commander of flight AF-3532 of January 28, 1994, with copilot Valerie Chauffour, and 24 passengers on board. I have kept a copy of the “OCTAVE”, which is the data-processing follow-up of the flight and I can specify that above… Read More

1995: The American West UFO Sighting – Article

A west bound America West B-757 airliner encountered a UFO with flashing lights along its length on May 25, 1995. The passenger jet was flying over the panhandle of Texas when it observed the unknown object. Thanks be to investigator Walter N. Webb, of the UFO Research Coalition for his thorough investigation of the case. Webb was able to get copies of the FAA voice tapes of chatter between the plane and ground. He also interviewed the crew and air traffic controllers. The plane was designated as America West Flight 564, and was at 39,000 feet near Bovina, Texas, when First Officer John J. Waller and a flight attendant observed a row of white lights which flashed from left… Read More

Passenger Plane Sightings

Passenger Plane Sightings Space 2001   Passenger Plane Encounters. Statistics show that across the world UFO sightings occur at a rate of around one every two or three minutes. Not surprising then that pilots of commercial airliners should be high on the list of people to have most witnessed them. It is a fact that ever since the beginning of flight and commercial aviation strange craft or disk shaped objects have proved the bafflement of many a professional pilot. In many cases the sightings have been witnessed by the entire crew and passengers – literally hundreds of separate witnesses to each individual incident. In the early days of commercial aviation these sightings proved something of a novelty. Pilots and… Read More

Pilot Sightings

Pilot Sightings Space 2001   Pilot Encounters Considering the mystery of UFO’s is essentially an aerial phenomenon it isn’t surprising that a large percentage of the best sightings are made by military pilots on routine missions! So frequent are these sightings that one expert on the subject believes up to thirty per cent of all pilots have experienced a UFO encounter at some point in their careers! In fact since man first realised the potential of the plane as a weapon of war there have been literally thousands of instances of UFO’s buzzing military aircraft, and playing havoc with their controls! In the early days these sightings and encounters were relatively well reported, but since then, pilots, both military… Read More

When Pilots See UFOs

Dennis Stacy, Air & Space Magazine   People have been seeing unidentified flying objects in the skies for years. But when the eyewitness is up there with the UFO, is the sighting more difficult to explain? By Dennis Stacy for Air & Space Magazine December 1987/January 1988 In the late afternoon of November 17, 1986, Japan Air Lines flight 1628, (1) a Boeing 747 with a crew of three, was nearing the end of a trip from Iceland to Anchorage, Alaska. The jet, carrying a cargo of French wine, was flying at 35,000 feet through darkening skies, a red glow from the setting sun lighting one horizon and a full moon rising above the other. A little after six… Read More