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‘1967 Sightings’

1967: January Sightings


Date: January 1967 Location: Near Warminster Wiltshire England Time: unknown Summary: An old age pensioner saw a UFO come down to hover 4-6 ft above the grass; 2 helmeted figures descended from it & walked stiffly into the woods, 100 ft away. They were fairly tall and wore dark gray close fitting clothing “with a peculiar sheen”, with black… Read More

1967: February Sightings


Date:  February 1967 Location: Washington Crossing Park New Jersey Time: late night Summary: Four persons driving through a park had briefly stopped their vehicle to take a short walk when they suddenly head a loud roar. As they ran back to the car they noticed an eight-foot tall creature gliding towards them from a nearby… Read More

1967: March Sightings


Date: March 1967 Location: Long Island New York, exact location not given Time: afternoon Summary: A family of seven driving through a rural area noticed a large disc shaped object descend and land on a nearby field. They pulled over to watch. Stunned they watch a large sedan type vehicle drive off the road and… Read More

1967: April – May Sightings


Date: early April 1967 Location: Moulton Iowa Time: evening Summary: Jimmy D and his wife, a young farm couple, were driving home when they saw 3 strange men standing in a ploughed field; as they approached, these figures literally faded from sight. The couple, perplexed, turned around and drove back past the site, this time observing 7 men, who… Read More

1967: June Sightings


Date: Summer 1967 Location: Near Middletown Ohio Time: unknown Summary: A huge bird like creature was sighted flying over several farms. James Morgan said it had a wingspan from about 15-20 feet and was dark in color, resembling a pterodactyl. Four other witnesses saw the creature as it glided over their porch. Source: : Ron Schaffner Date: Summer 1967 Location:  Oklahoma City,… Read More

1967: July – August Sighting


Date: July 1967 Location: Miami Florida Time: midnight Summary: The witness was lying in bed on her stomach when she felt a strange sensation on her back, like a suction pulling her up. Moments later she sat in bed and looked around, then she heard a noise in the hallway, like someone dragging their feet.… Read More

1967: September – October Sightings


Date:  Fall 1967 Location: Blanca, Costilla County Colorado Time: unknown Summary: Two witnesses saw a huge 50-foot saucer resting on the ground on the Trinchera Ranch. A humanoid (not described) is seen standing briefly next to the object. No other information. Source:Christopher O’Brien, San Luis Valley Event log Quoting Kansas City Star 11-17-68 Date: Fall 1967 Location: night Time: Point Isabel Ohio… Read More

1967: November – December Sightings


Location. Burgo de Ebro Spain Date: November 1967 Time: sunset Baltasar C Andreu was headed back home in his motorcycle after having placed his flock of sheep in their pens 2 kilometers from town when halfway along the road, he noticed three men standing on the road. He soon came to within 40 or 50… Read More

1967: Unknown Dates Sightings


Date: 1967: Abducted by Aliens in New South Wales, Australia Date: 1967: Lake Worth, Texas Creature Date: 1967: Hairy Dwarf spotted in Clare South, Australia Date: 1967: Chenou Seine et Marne, France Encounter Date: 1967 Location: Cordillera Nahuelbuta, Chile Time: afternoon Summary: Harmington Garay and a friend were exploring an area filled with old conquistador tombs and other relics and towards the afternoon had… Read More