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‘1967 Sightings’

1967: January Sightings


Date: January 1967 Location: Near Warminster Wiltshire England Time: unknown Summary: An old age pensioner saw a UFO come down to hover 4-6 ft above the grass; 2 helmeted figures descended from it & walked stiffly into the woods, 100 ft away. They were fairly tall and wore dark gray close fitting clothing “with a peculiar sheen”, with black “plastic” helmets. When the witness approached to within 65 ft of them, one raised a gloved hand, and both vanished. A cloud of thick yellow smoke or vapor surrounded the UFO; he saw a light fly up out of this smoke. Source: Arthur Shuttlewood Date: January 1967 Location: Poyace Cundinamarca Colombia Time: unknown Summary: A shepherd lad named Martin told of seeing “angels” who came from heaven in a “gigantic oval house” surrounded by a “luminous halo.” The “angels” were somewhat shorter than the boy, dressed in “brilliant clothing” and with “eyes set far apart.” While they did not have “wings,” they were able to “fly in the air when they walked.” Source: Richard Heiden Date:  January 1967 Location: Near Frankfort Kentucky Time: unknown Summary: Lola Dills was driving when she saw ” a black object with long spindly legs or stems at the bottom and… Read More

1967: February Sightings


Date:  February 1967 Location: Washington Crossing Park New Jersey Time: late night Summary: Four persons driving through a park had briefly stopped their vehicle to take a short walk when they suddenly head a loud roar. As they ran back to the car they noticed an eight-foot tall creature gliding towards them from a nearby grassy knoll. The witnesses fled the area. Source: Timothy Green Beckley, Saga UFO Annual 1975 Date: February 1967 Location: Stevens Point, Portage County, Wisconsin Time: about midnight Summary: While on his way home the witness was approaching the intersection of Whiting Avenue and Water Street. As he came to a stop at this intersection he looked to his right and saw a very large object in the sky just above Whiting Avenue heading his way. The witness got out of his car in order to get a better look at the object. It was a clear moonlit night. The object appeared as a typical flying saucer shape, smooth metallic in appearance, round, and domed on both the top and the bottom. What initially caught his eye was what he thought were lights around the… Read More

1967: March Sightings


Date: March 1967 Location: Long Island New York, exact location not given Time: afternoon Summary: A family of seven driving through a rural area noticed a large disc shaped object descend and land on a nearby field. They pulled over to watch. Stunned they watch a large sedan type vehicle drive off the road and towards the UFO. As the car approached, a door opened on the craft and two men stepped out. Both then entered the car, which drove across the field and into the road, leaving quickly. The craft then rose up and disappeared into the distance. Source: R Perry Collins, UFO Universe January 1990 Date: March 1967 Location: Not given Time: night Summary: Sales executive “John Gilbert” reported being abducted and subjected to “several startling medical, biological and sexual experiments” by aliens. His car was stopped at an undisclosed location and he was surrounded by a group of strange men about 3.5 meters tall with broad foreheads, elongated eyes and hawk-like noses. Their eyes disturbed him and as a result he did not look at them too closely, but he got the impression they had… Read More

1967: April – May Sightings


Date: early April 1967 Location: Moulton Iowa Time: evening Summary: Jimmy D and his wife, a young farm couple, were driving home when they saw 3 strange men standing in a ploughed field; as they approached, these figures literally faded from sight. The couple, perplexed, turned around and drove back past the site, this time observing 7 men, who likewise disappeared from view. Later in the evening the couple saw an object, or something “like a dust cloud” coming from the same field that frightened so they fled to town where they stayed for the next several days. Source:Taylor M Jackson for Nicap Date: April 1967 Location: Near Chief Cornstalk Hunting Grounds West Virginia Time: night Summary: On a rainy night a man was driving along Route 2 when a large black form rose from the woods and flew over his car. “It was at least ten feet wide,” he claimed. He stepped on the gas but it kept right up with him at about 70 mph. It then moved ahead of him and turned toward the river. Source: John Keel, The Mothman Prophecies Date:  Location: Time: Summary: April, No date, 1967; Moberly, MOEvening. A couple saw an… Read More

1967: June Sightings


Date: Summer 1967 Location: Near Middletown Ohio Time: unknown Summary: A huge bird like creature was sighted flying over several farms. James Morgan said it had a wingspan from about 15-20 feet and was dark in color, resembling a pterodactyl. Four other witnesses saw the creature as it glided over their porch. Source: : Ron Schaffner Date: Summer 1967 Location:  Oklahoma City, Oklahoma Time: 0200A Summary: The witness had gone outside to lie down on the grass & look at the star-filled sky, when he noticed three odd looking green lights arranged in an equilateral triangle, hovering high above the area. He began concentrating his thoughts towards the lights, thinking about the possibility of extraterrestrial life. Suddenly one of them shot away from the formation & began moving closer to the witness. The object, which now appeared to be saucer shaped, with its bottom spinning, with red lights on top & green lights on the bottom, hovered briefly above the witness, then landed behind a nearby church. Soon, a humanoid figure at least 12-feet tall appeared. The figure was accompanied by an odd looking animal described as a cross between an ostrich and a buzzard. The giant… Read More

1967: July – August Sighting


Date: July 1967 Location: Miami Florida Time: midnight Summary: The witness was lying in bed on her stomach when she felt a strange sensation on her back, like a suction pulling her up. Moments later she sat in bed and looked around, then she heard a noise in the hallway, like someone dragging their feet. The frightened witness pulled the sheet over her head and apparently dozed off. Later she woke up and began inspecting the house. As she walked past a closet door she noticed a shadow and turned the lights on and on a corner she saw a three-foot tall deep red humanoid figure described as having skin that was layered like fish scales, no feet, no waistline, no neck and no facial features at all. It had its right arm extended up pointing to the closet. As the witness moved closer an arm like protrusion started coming out of the left side of the chest area. The now terrified witness stepped back and turned around hoping that the creature will go away. She began hanging clothes and as she turned around again the creature had… Read More

1967: September – October Sightings


Date:  Fall 1967 Location: Blanca, Costilla County Colorado Time: unknown Summary: Two witnesses saw a huge 50-foot saucer resting on the ground on the Trinchera Ranch. A humanoid (not described) is seen standing briefly next to the object. No other information. Source:Christopher O’Brien, San Luis Valley Event log Quoting Kansas City Star 11-17-68 Date: Fall 1967 Location: night Time: Point Isabel Ohio Summary: Perry Adams, 15, heard a metallic kind of noise outside his home and, with his father and brother in law, went outside with a flashlight to investigate. About 50 feet away, “we saw it, a monster, raising up…it was walking toward us.” It was 10-feet tall and four feet across the shoulders, with long arms, and of a light tan color. It had pointed ears, short horns, large glowing eyes, and large teeth. It wore no clothing and seemed hairy. The men retreated indoors where Adams and his brother in law armed themselves with a .22 rifle. Outside, on seeing the creature again, they fired three shots at it, hitting it at least once. The being screamed, and then “changed into a white colored mist or cloud” that dissipated. No trace of its… Read More

1967: November – December Sightings


Location. Burgo de Ebro Spain Date: November 1967 Time: sunset Baltasar C Andreu was headed back home in his motorcycle after having placed his flock of sheep in their pens 2 kilometers from town when halfway along the road, he noticed three men standing on the road. He soon came to within 40 or 50 meters of the strange men. Puzzled, the witness turned on his high beams. The “men” turned around and began running downhill. Baltasar followed them for some 200 meters, but after doubling a curve, he was unable to find any trace of them. The three “men” were almost 7-feet tall were clad in white and had blue bands on the back of their outfits that reached from their shoulders down to their waists. Two days later he ran into the strangers again. On that occasion, Baltasar was heading to the pens to make sure his animals were well when he noticed something unusual was going on, the sheep and dogs were exhibiting strange excitement—they were huddled against one of the walls. As he tried to open the lock to the pen’s large door, he… Read More

1967: Unknown Dates Sightings


Date: 1967: Abducted by Aliens in New South Wales, Australia Date: 1967: Lake Worth, Texas Creature Date: 1967: Hairy Dwarf spotted in Clare South, Australia Date: 1967: Chenou Seine et Marne, France Encounter Date: 1967 Location: Cordillera Nahuelbuta, Chile Time: afternoon Summary: Harmington Garay and a friend were exploring an area filled with old conquistador tombs and other relics and towards the afternoon had retire to their campsite by a river. While fishing, Hamilton noticed a man standing on the old rustic bridge apparently watching them. Immediately he was surprised to see anybody else in the area but soon was filled with a strange state of aloofness and sleepiness. Suddenly the stranger is standing next to Harmington, also standing in the river. The stranger asks in perfect English, “Is the fishing good?” Hamilton does not remember what his answer was. His next memory is walking on a trail, carrying his backpacks along with his friend and the stranger, and feeling very hot. He described the man as a typical Caucasian, tall, blond haired, of athletic build, whose face did not possess the typical local traits. A curious detail was that the stranger seemed to possess “extra” skin… Read More