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‘1930 – 1939 Sightings’

1930: UFO & Alien Sightings

Date: 1930′s Location: Germany Time: Summary: Victalen German super metal special armor called Victalen or Viktalen or Viktalon (Frozen Smoke) developed by German metallurgists to be used as protective skin for saucer shaped spacecraft hulls. Source: Date: 1930′s Location: Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania Time: Summary: An object was sighted that had an appearance and performance beyond the capability of known earthly aircraft. One object was observed by a group of male children at a lake. Source: APRO Date: 1930: Kyrgyzstan Sightings Date: 1930 Location: Central Desert, Western Australia Time: Summary: An aboriginal man remembered camping with his tribe when they saw a green light spinning around in the sky. It landed behind some trees. Soon, lots of little men shining with green light… Read More

1931: UFO & Alien Sightings

Date: 1931 Location: Tasman Sea Time: Summary: The late Sir Francis Chichester was on a flight across the Tasman Sea when what looked like a dull gray-white airship approached him. It was pearl-shaped, flashing brightly, periodically vanishing, re-appearing, accelerating and finally disappeared. Source: Date: 1931 Location: Near Simferopol, Crimea, Ukraine Time: morning Summary: A local resident, Mr. Yakov Tabunshikov reported seeing a strange globe hovering above the roof of a nearby house. Its diameter was no more than 2 meters. The globe was completely transparent, with no visible engines. It floated between his home and a nearby home approximately 40 meters from him. He was amazed to see a man seating inside the globe, as if seating on an… Read More

1932: UFO & Alien Sightings

Date: 1932: Vnukovo, Yaroslavl Province, Russia Date: 1932 Location: Near High Bridge New Jersey Time: afternoon Summary: In a quiet wooded area, 10-year old Howard Menger encountered, sitting on a rock, “the most exquisite woman he had ever seen.” She had golden hair and eyes, and wore a shiny nylon-like seamless outfit similar to what a skier would wear. She said, “I have come a long way to see you, Howard…and talk to you.” She knew where I had come from and what my purpose would be on Earth. She said her people had been watching him for a long time and “we are contacting our own.” The woman was able to answer questions before he could ask them;… Read More

1933: UFO & Alien Sightings

Date: 1933 Location: Ubatuba, Sao Paulo, Brazil Time: Summary: In Two fisherman witnessed flying disc explode just off beach of small fishing village in 1933 or 1934. Pieces showered down, passed to Sued and Fontes in 1957. Explanation: Prank. Source: APRO Bulletin Date: 1933 Location: Near Mirny, Yakutia, Russia Time: Summary: In an isolated area called “The Valley of the Dead” an elderly nomad reported entering “a metallic cave” where he encountered very thin, one-eyed men in metallic clothing. No other information. Source: Valeriy Uvarov, FSR Vol. 42 # 1 Date: 1933 Location: Pitea, Sweden Time:  Summary: The author indicates that in 1933, in the summer, in Pitea, Sweden, there was a close encounter of the third kind amidst a wave of unknown… Read More

1934: UFO & Alien Sightings

Date: 1934 Location: Near Campbell Lake South Dakota Time: Summary: A local farmer claimed that a giant, four-legged reptile forced his tractor off the road before disappearing into the nearby lake. Huge tracks were found on the shore. Prior to this incident sheep & other small animals had been disappearing mysteriously in the area. Source: Jerome Clark, The Unexplained Date: 1934 Location: Mayaguez Puerto Rico Time: morning Summary: A young man Juan Rivera Feliberti was flying a kite in a field outside of town when suddenly he felt something pulling on the kite, looking up he now could see a silvery sphere, about 20 ft in diameter, hovering over him. A beam of light was directed at the witness… Read More

1935: UFO & Alien Sightings

Date: 1935 Location: Saskatchewan, Canada Time:  Summary: Three witnesses saw landed UFO at Nipawin, and watched several little entities in silver suits ascending and descending a ladder. Square imprints and burnt areas seen and photographed at the location the next day. Source: Date: 1935  Location: from Edinburgh, Scotland to his home base in Andover, England Time:  Summary: In 1935, Air Marshal Sir Victor Goddard of the British Royal Air Force had a harrowing experience in his Hawker Hart biplane. Goddard was a Wing Commander at the time and while on a flight from Edinburgh, Scotland to his home base in Andover, England, he decided to fly over an abandoned airfield at Drem, not far from Edinburgh. The useless airfield was overgrown with foliage, the hangars… Read More

1936: UFO & Alien Sightings

Date: 1936 – Black Forest, Germany – UFO Crash? Date: 1936 Location: Dourdan Woods, France Time: unknown Summary: A lone witness reported encountering in a wooded area a 3-meter tall humanoid female figure wearing a long black cape and dark outfit. There is no other information. Source: .Denys Breysse, Project Becassin Date: 1936 Location: Great Falls Maryland Time: 0200A Summary: A night security guard at the local “Maryland mine” while doing his rounds encountered a bizarre being in one of the shafts. The being was described as a man-like creature with fiery eyes and a ten-foot long tail. The creature crawled out of the mine and disappeared into the forest. Source: .Mark Chorvinsky & Mark Opsasnick, Strange Magazine # 5… Read More

1937: UFO & Alien Sightings

Date: 1937 Location: Vancouver, BC, Canada Time: Summary: Mass Effect UFO craft taken in 1930’s over Canada Source: Date: 1937 Location: Near London England Time: daytime Summary: An eight-year old girl was walking alone in a meadow when she saw a huge silvery object with stilt like protrusions hovering above her. A platform of some kind descended from the object and three tall men, dressed in red stepped down. One carried her onboard the object as she realized she was unable to move. The interior of the object appeared much larger and she recalled being placed on a molded chair facing a dazzling bright light. She then experienced unique thoughts and visions. Later she was taken to an enormous… Read More

1938: UFO & Alien Sightings

Date: 1938 Location: Near St Louis Missouri Time: unknown Summary: The mother, in a family involved with numerous encounters, recalled seeing a craft on the ground and numerous entities that appeared to be in a rush, around it. They re-entered the craft, which left the area at a tremendous rate of speed. One of the entities appeared to be a little girl, hybrid in nature, fragile looking, with large black eyes and no white parts apparent, but with more rounded eyes than a “typical gray humanoid.” The girl also had a pointed chin, high forehead, and very fine thin hair. The mother noticed at least one other entity accompanying the hybrid girl that looked entirely human. It was described… Read More

1939: UFO & Alien Sightings

Date: January 1, 1939 Location: Organ Cave, West Virginia Time: Summary: ABOVE Source: Date: 1939 Location: Achladocambos, Arcadia, Greece Time: unknown Summary: A shepherd, Takis Paravantis encountered a humanoid with an enormous head that appeared and then vanished into thin air after a loud bang. The door of the sheepfold was shattered into pieces. Source: J Anagnostopoulos Date: 1939 Location: Mannerheim Line, Russo-Finnish border Time: unknown Summary: Finnish troops, holding the Mannerheim Line against Russian Soviet troops, declared that they had seen hundreds of figures attributed to have been angels floating in the sky. Source: T Peter Park, The Anomalist # 10 Date: 1939 Location: Near Boisey France Time: unknown Summary: The witness, 18, was walking through a wood… Read More