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‘1940 – 1944 Sightings’

1940: UFO & Alien Sightings

Date: 1940s                           Foo Fighters Location: Europe Time: Summary: UFOs in World War 2. Nazi ovni sightings in 1940s. Source: Date: 1940 Location: Bata, Hungary Time: Summary: “Fiery cartwheel” UFO is seen ascending from a hilltop in Bata, Hungary Source: Date: 1940 Location: Japan Time: Summary: While flying over Japan, Wing Commander D.J. Blakeslee sighted an object he described as having red, green and white lights. The craft moved rapidly to escape detection. Blakeslee was guided by ground radar. He was reported to be stable and reliable. The Air Force officially ruled the sighting to be Jupiter, although it was tracked by radar. Source: Date: 1940: The alien… Read More

1941: UFO & Alien Sightings

Date: 1941 Location: Germany Time: Summary: German aviatrix Hannah Reisch sees a UFO speeding by at an altitude of 66,000 feet. Source: Date: 1941 (Spring?) Location: Cape Girardeau, Missouri Time: Summary: Charlotte Mann states her grandfather, Rev. Wm. Huffman, told her about a UFO crash site story which occurred in July 1941 outside of Cape Girardeau.  The Cape Girardeau police department and some military personnel were at what they thought was a plane crash site, but Rev. Hoffman said it obviously was not a plane.  There was crumpled aluminum like metal debris scattered over the area and an object that was disc shaped.  There were three humanoid bodies, child-like with large heads, big black eyes, no nose, slit for… Read More

1942: UFO & Alien Sightings

Date: 1942 Location: Federal Base, California Time: Summary: Captured Disc incident. Remnant trace Flying discs were observed. Metallic traces found. Seven discs were observed by one experienced male witness. Source: CUFOS Date: 1942 Location: Japan Time: Summary: An Imperial Japanese Sally bomber aircraft, on a mission over the Sea of Japan, was approached by a small dark spherical object which flew around and between the aircraft in the formation. An alert gun-cameraman snapped one photograph. Source:  Date: 1942 Location: Prouvy, Nord, France Time: 01:00 a.m Summary: A ufology catalogue reports circa 2003 that according to the French ufologists Joel Mesnard and Jean Marie Bigorne, in Prouvy, France, in 1942, at 01:00 a.m., a woman returning home by the garden found herself face… Read More

1943: UFO & Alien Sightings

Date: 1943 Location: Burma Time: Summary: US bomber pilots flying missions from Burma to China reported being buzzed and circled by ‘glittering’ objects. Instruments failed to operate until the objects flew off. Source: Date: 1943 Location: Sea of Japan Time: Summary: World War II sighting Source: Date: 1943 Location: Washington, D.C. Time: Summary: Sighting of UFO formation by Metropolitan policeman Source: NICAP UFO Evidence, 1964, Hall, VII Date: 1943 Location: Time: Summary: A domed UFO that emitted a white light was seen flying less than 20 feet above the ground. Source: Date: 1943 (exact date unknown) Location: California Time:  Summary: Object, international orange in color, elliptical shape; wobbled in unstable manner; no wings, jet exhaust, smoke, or vapor trails. Source: Page 51 Ref.1 Date: 1943… Read More

1944: UFO & Alien Sightings

Date: 1944 Location: Royaume, England Time: Summary: UFO sightings photos in the history of UK. Source: Date: 1944 Location:  Germany Time:  Summary: World War II pilots on both sides of the conflict reported, “Foo fighters,” bright, unidentified flying objects that move in the sky in a strange manner. Source: Date: 1944 Location: Austria, Klagenfurt Time:  Summary: Major Leet, a bomber pilot, saw a luminous disc follow his plane and its maneuvers. Source: Date: Jan. 2/3, 1944 Location: Halberstadt, Germany Time: Summary: Two rockets; altered course; fiery head and blazing stern. Source:Page 54  Ref.1 Date: Jan. 5, 1943 Location: Kiel, Germany Time: Summary: Black plate-sized discs. Source:Page 55 Ref.1 Date: Jan. 28, 1944 Location: Somewhere over France Time: Summary: Airborne red light. Source: Page 56… Read More