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‘1984 Sightings’

1984: January UFO & Alien Sightings

Date: January  1984 Location:  Navalmoral De La Mata Spain Time:  night Summary:  A truck driver approaching the village saw a tall transparent woman suddenly standing on the roadway ahead of him, apparently he was unable to stop the truck, and it ran right through the figure without causing any apparent damage. The figure was still standing there as the witness drove away. Source:   J J Benitez, LA Quinta Columna  Date: January  1984 Location:  Buenos Aires Province Argentina Time:  2200 Summary:  A man returning home after doing some shopping was walking near the house on a field when he noticed a round luminous object approaching his position slowly. As the craft approached he noticed that it was transparent and… Read More

1984: February UFO & Alien Sightings

Date: February 3 1984 Location:  Near Tingsryd Sweden Time:  0150A Summary:  The witness was driving back home on an isolated road when he noticed a huge oblong shaped object hovering silently above a nearby meadow. The craft resembled a submarine with curved ends and a turret in the middle; it was completely black in color. The witness drove quickly home to fetch his camera and returned to the area but the object was now gone. He drove around searching and suddenly spotted something blocking the roadway ahead. He stepped on the brakes and the car skidded making a full circle. It stopped a few feet from a dark object on the roadway. Beneath the object the witness could see three… Read More

1984: March UFO & Alien Sightings

Date: March 1984 Location: Cerro De La Silla, Nuevo Leon Mexico Time: evening Summary: In an isolated canyon several locals had seen a bizarre winged dark colored man-like humanoid flying low over the area. Two investigators found strangely mutilated animals including a wild boar, hanging from trees. Terrified they left the area. Source:  Marco A Reynoso Date: March 6 1984 Location:  west of Norris, SD Time:  10:00 PM. Summary:   A large boomerang or U-shaped UFO was seen by two police officers, Jensen and Myers, west of Norris, South Dakota, after having been called out on a reported sighting of the UFO by a citizen ten minutes earlier.  Source:   J. Allen Hynek, International UFO Reporter, March 1984, p. 6 Date: March 11 1984 Location:… Read More

1984: April UFO & Alien Sightings

Date: Spring 1984 Location: Vancouver Washington Time: afternoon Summary: The witness had been taking a walk through a wooded area when he entered a large clearing. He then came upon a small domed silvery disc shaped object about one meter in diameter. The witness bent down to look and was surprised to see inside the clear dome a very tiny man-like figure that appeared to be holding some kind of control rod. The witness picked up the disc and saw the little man cringe in fear, but the little man apparently recovered his composure and accelerated the disc which then emitted a high pitched hum and began to oscillate, causing the witness to release it, it then took off vanishing at very high speed.… Read More

1984: May UFO & Alien Sightings

Date:  May 5 1984 Location:  Over Indian Ocean & in Space Time:  At 1400 hours GMT Summary:   a ultra-sensitive orbiting US DSP (Defense Support Program) spy satellite detected the entry of an unknown object that passes 15 miles in front of it, and then flew below it over the Indian Ocean. An alert was triggered at the North America Air Defense Command. Object moving at 22,000 miles per hour., changed course, and flew back out into outer space.  Source:  Michael D. Hall, UFOs: A Century of Sightings, p. 324 Date:  May 6 1984 Location:  Williston, FL Time:  Time not given.  Summary:  A 13-year-old boy working at a kennel in Williston, Florida heard a humming noise, and noticed that the… Read More

1984: June UFO & Alien Sightings

Date: Early Summer 1984: Clarksburg, Indiana Sighting Date: Summer of 1984: Incident at Whaley Lake Date: Summer  1984 Location:  Dukinfield England Time:  night Summary:  The witness was at home in her bedroom when she heard a low humming noise coming from outside. She went to the window and saw a white egg shaped object with a dome on top hovering close to the ground. A door opened and a woman stood there, she was described as being six-foot tall, with long blond hair, beautiful pale blue eyes, and extremely white skin.She wore a long gown. She beckoned at the witness to come with her. The witness climbed out the window and apparently followed the woman onboard the object. The witness was unable to… Read More

1984: July UFO & Alien Sightings

Date: middle of 1984 Location: Brentford West London England Time: 1700 Summary: A man walking down a street looked up to see a strange creature flying level with the top of some nearby buildings. It resembled a large flying dog with wings, it had a long muzzle, and four legs with paws a tail and large eyes and was dark in color. It was flapping its wings very slowly and was lost from sight behind some of the buildings. Source:  Graham J McEwan, Mystery Animals of Britain & Ireland Date: July 1984: Boomerrang-shaped, large craft flying low over East Fishkill, New York Date: July 1984: Triangle Sighting in Germany Date: July 1984 Location: Ormoc City Philippines Time: evening Summary: Several children reported a large disc shaped object that landed nearby. A hatch… Read More

1984: August UFO & Alien Sightings

Date: Early August 1984 Location:   Las Truchas, Tlaxcala, Mexico Time:  night Summary:  Young Wenceslao Cabrera was camping in an isolated area along with a group of other boy scouts. That night he was alone in his tent when a little man awakened him that touched his arm. He felt at ease at the presence of the little man. The small figure motioned Cabrera to follow him. He followed the little man to a field where he saw a landed six-meter long craft. The small humanoid did not speak or communicated, it just pointed at the landed object and then waved goodbye to Cabrera, that left and did not tell anybody what had occurred. Source:  Fabio Picasso  Date: August 1984 Location:… Read More

1984: September UFO & Alien Sightings

Date: September 1984 Location:  Arizona  Time:   Summary:  Driving south on HWY 89 a few miles south of Keyenta, AZ at approx 60 MPH. A person dressed in total white appeared in the middle of the road, 40ft in front. Skidded to a stop, but not in time to avoid hitting the person. Checked the area and the vehicle and found nothing. Bright moon lite, so had good view of a large area. No sound of impact as if I had hit something. Left area. 1/2 mile later, engine dies and headlites fail. Interior lites, brake lites, emergency flashers, radio are all dead. Checked battery with VOM and flashlite and registered 0 volts. Escorted family into a safe area… Read More

1984: October UFO & Alien Sightings

Date: October  1984 Location:   Hudson Valley, NY Time:   Summary:  Astronomer and UFO expert J. Allen Hynek, accompanied by field investigators Philip Imbrogno and Dennis, saw a “Ferris wheel” shaped UFO in the sky in Hudson Valley, New York that turned on its side and then disappeared.  Source: J. Allen Hynek, Philip J. Imbrogno & Bob Pratt, Night Seige: The Hudson Valley UFO Sightings, p. 151 Date: October 1 1984 Location: Oilton, Oklahoma Time: Night Summary: FILLED OUT AT MUFON HQ, WITH WITNESS ON THE PHONE BY FIELD INVESTIGATOR L.FLECHTNER ON APRIL 5TH, 2016. IN 1964, DURING THE FALL/WINTER MONTHS, ON A DARK MAIN HIGHWAY, MY FATHER AND I WERE RETURNING HOME TO OILTON, FROM TULSA WHERE WE WORKED. WE CAME… Read More

1984: November UFO & Alien Sightings

Date: November  1984 Location:  New York City, New York Time:  late night Summary:  12-year old Monica Ortega was sleeping in her bedroom when suddenly she saw two lights and felt a presence in the room. One light was red and the other green, both were spherical. A voice from the lights told her not to be afraid. She began to fall asleep, in spite of the luminous globes presence; she then felt caresses and kisses all over her body as her nightclothes were removed. She felt something spread her legs and a sharp pain soon after. She woke up terrified to see a tall, blond, green-eyed being in a tight fitting outfit in bed with her. His eyes were so… Read More

1984: December UFO & Alien Sightings

Date: Winter  1984 Location:   Reseda California Time:  0230A Summary:  After seeing odd spinning lights floating around the house the day before, the witness again saw the football size lights in the house. The lights suddenly descended on the witness and he passed out. He then woke up hearing three very loud metallic bangs. He then saw a light fly from the house and into the sky. He then realized that six hours had passed. Later under hypnosis the witness was able to recall floating up at very high speed and entering an object. He then found himself inside a round white room lying on a table in the center of the room. A light shone on his face and… Read More

1984: Unknown Date UFO & Alien Sightings

Date: 1984  Location: Dylife Wales Time: unknown Summary: A man exploring a disused mine was making slow progress through one of the levels when he suddenly heard a humming sound coming from the other side of a pool of water. He could not see anything with his flashlight then he switched it off. Then about 10 yards ahead he saw a white pale blue short man-like shape, that was giving off a soft glow. The witness quickly left the area. Source: Paul Devereux, Earth Lights Revelation Date: 1984  Location:  Icacos Trinidad and Tobago Time: 0400 A Summary: A 70-year old man driving back from his plantation suddenly felt a presence in the passenger side of his vehicle and at the same time he smelled a sweet perfume like… Read More