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‘1987 Sightings’

1987: January UFO & Alien Sightings

Date: January 1987 Location: Palms California Time: 0300A Summary: The witness suddenly woke up to see two short gray skin humanoids with large heads and huge black oval shaped eyes standing in her room. Both wore dark suits and wide belts. They paid no attention to her and instead were apparently examining her books, furniture and specially her pet snake. The witness screamed causing her parents to come running into her room. The parents briefly saw the short humanoids as they both touched the center of their belts and disappeared in a flash of light. Source: Barry Taff, UFO Vol. 4 # 1 Date:  January 1987 Location:  Manhattan New York Time:  evening Summary:  William & Morrow editor Bruce Lee… Read More

1987: February UFO & Alien Sightings

Date:  February 1987 Location:  Not stated Time:  0200A Summary:  The witness was sleeping next to her husband when she was awakened by two people, one male the other female, both human looking but with their eyes set far apart and very dark. They wore tan colored coveralls. She attempted to wake her husband but was unable to. The beings communicated by telepathy and led her down the hall and out the front door. Her next memory was being in a brightly lit, cold, hospital like room, apparently made out of stainless steel. Several beings stood around her and began inserting needle like instruments under her arms. Next she woke up next to her husband. Several scars and blisters were… Read More

1987: March UFO & Alien Sightings

Date:  Spring 1987 Location:  Sedona Arizona Time:   late night Summary:  A man and his wife had gone to visit a local channeler known to be in contact with possible “space entities” but due to some miscommunication the night they went no one was home and the house was totally dark. They then noticed a light at the rear of the house and saw someone moving around. Thinking that everyone was in the patio they decided to walk around the back. As they made their way around to the rear of the house they were stunned to see a line of luminous beings that were apparently descending from the sky in stairway-like fashion. The beings gave off a bright… Read More

1987: April UFO & Alien Sightings

Date: April 1987 Location: Pensacola Florida Time:  late night Summary: A woman was returning to bed after going to the bathroom when she became aware of a brilliant light in the room. She then saw a column of white light with multiple colors within coming down from the ceiling. Inside this column floated a 3-1/2 foot tall humanoid. It was described as having a very large head, gray skin, no hair, black almond shaped eyes, a slit like mouth nostrils and long arms. It wore a tight-fitting dark olive jumpsuit. The woman turned on a lamp and stared at the being without communicating for several minutes. Finally she yelled, “Get out of here”! The column of light then began to “boil” and the… Read More

1987: May UFO & Alien Sightings

Date:  May 1987 Location:  Boynton Canyon Arizona Time:  afternoon Summary:  Christa Tilton  and her friend Barbara had gone walking up a mountain and were resting under the shade of a tree when soon they heard a car engine on the road below, turning to look at it they saw the weirdest black car they had ever seen. It was an old fashioned limo that was ‘so shiny they could see their reflection on it.” Everything about it was black. Suddenly the rear door opened and a man, dressed in all black, peered out and rotated very mechanically as if her were a robot, gesturing to Christa that she should follow. Screaming to her friend that had kept walking up the… Read More

1987: June UFO & Alien Sightings

Date:  Summer 1987 Location:  Mount Shasta California Time:  daytime Summary:  A group of hikers belonging to “New age” organizations were hiking beyond the tree line, when as they rounded a boulder near the peak a woman suddenly appeared in front of them. She was described as human-like about 5 feet 6 inches tall with red hair and wearing a white jumpsuit like outfit. The woman spoke to the group for about 2 hours and suddenly vanished as the group prepared to leave. The group refuses to elaborate on what was said. (A photograph is supposedly on file.) Source:   UFONS # 234 Date:  Summer 1987 Location:  Near Frankfort Germany Time:  evening Summary:  A British family traveling on the Autobahn… Read More

1987: July UFO & Alien Sightings

Date: July 1987 Location: Wortley, England Time: night Summary: On the B6088 Road, Judy Simpson and her husband saw a figure running through a field next to the road. It was “just a gray outline of a person” and was not quite touching the ground. It leapt from the field over an embankment landing on the road in front of the Simpson’s car. They screeched to a halt too late to avoid impact, but the figure just seemed to melt into the car. Source:  Paul Devereux, Haunted Land Date: July 1987 Location: Near Wortley, England Time: night Summary: On another occasion, Graham Brooke and his young teenage son were jogging along the same stretch of road. Up the road he saw a figure wearing a dark brown hood… Read More

1987: August UFO & Alien Sightings

Date: August 1987 Location:  Near Wuhnan Hubei Province China Time:  afternoon Summary:  A team of scientists from Peking University, led by biology professor Chen Mok Chun, was investigating some deep fresh water pools in the area in order to film the local wildlife. While setting up their television cameras and in full view of the nine scientists, three huge creatures rose out of the pools and moved towards them. The stunned witnesses described the three huge creatures as resembling toad like beasts, with grayish white skins, mouths that were six feet across, and eyes larger than rice bowls. These grotesque creatures silently watched the scientists for a short time. One of the creatures opened its mouth and extended an… Read More

1987: September UFO & Alien Sightings

Date:  Fall 1987: Middletown, New York Abduction Date: early September 1987 Location:  Near Vyborg, Russia Time:  evening Summary:  A helicopter flying around the environs of this city found a UFO similar to a rocket of a matte sandy color with a length of about 13 meters. The UFO was taken to a nearby airfield in Monchegorsk where it was stored in a military facility. There were several failed attempts to open the craft and it was later buried on a hillside. Later specialists from Moscow arrived and were able to open the object using an ultrasonic scanning device. Inside they found a small compartment with two small seats, other sections of the craft could not be penetrated, and several bright… Read More

1987: October UFO & Alien Sightings

Date: October 1987 Location: Near Ochate, Las Hurdes, Spain Time: evening Summary: Ham radio enthusiast Mikel Colmenero was driving in the area in order to test some new radio batteries when for some unexplained reason the batteries stopped functioning. Somewhat miffed he drove slowly away from the area when he noticed two very tall figures moving parallel to the road on a dirt track. Stunned he slowed the car down and noticed that the figure wore tight-fitting gray outfits with two lighter bands on a darker background on the trunk area. They had oval shaped featureless heads. The witness stopped the car and watched the two giant 3-meter tall figures slowly move pass a fence and disappear from sight. Terrified he drove away… Read More

1987: November UFO & Alien Sightings

Date: November 1987 Location:  Cozumel, Mexico Time:  unknown Summary:  Mr. Luis Moreno Luna and his wife claimed that they had been on their honeymoon holiday on Cozumel and learned from local people that a “greenish dwarf”,” about 30 cm high, had been knocked down by a vehicle and killed, and that the critter had been sent to the local museum, but no report about it was ever published. But the local folk also told them creatures of this sort were often killed there in traffic accidents. Around the same time there were reports of “mysterious lights” in the skies. Source:  Luis Ramirez Reyes, FSR Vol. 42 # 1 Date: November 1987 Location:  Winnipeg Manitoba Canada Time:  0100A Summary:  Dave… Read More

1987: December UFO & Alien Sightings

Date: December 1987 Location:  Vaxholm Sweden Time:  unknown Summary:  Several figures wearing “frogman” type outfits were seen in the water by Swedish soldiers who were under orders to only shoot in self-defense. Later that month another witness in Braviken reported seeing a frogman riding a “water moped.” One fisherman was so close that he tried to tear off the frogman’s equipment with a boat hook. (Of Soviet origin?) Source:   Fortean Times # 51 Date: December 1987 Location:  Morongo Valley, California Time:  night Summary:  A man was awakened by the sound of something going through the garbage can outside the camper where he was sleeping. Peering outside, he was startled to see an animal-like creature unlike any he’d seen… Read More

1987: Unknown Date UFO & Alien Sightings

Date: early 1987 Location:  Near Cave Creek Arizona Time:  unknown Summary:  An elderly man was driving through the desert when the engine of his car stalled. He then pulled off the road and began looking under the hood. Suddenly a tall blond man walked out of the desert towards him. The man told the witness that he was from another planet and told him that he would one day return. He then walked back into the desert and vanished. He gave the impression of great kindness. The witness then was able to re-start his vehicle. Source:  Tom Dongo, “Alien Tide” Date:  early 1987 Location:   Cheshire England Time:  night Summary:  The witness woke up in the middle of the… Read More