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‘1988 Sightings’

1988: January UFO & Alien Sightings

Date: early January 1988 Location:  Barrio De La Serena, Mar Del Plata, Argentina Time:  0100A Summary:  Two young men were returning home late one night when they spotted a bright light approaching form the direction of a nearby wooded area. The light began performing circular movements and zigzagging at high speed. After a minute they stopped looking at the light, suddenly they both were engulfed in a bright flash of light from an unknown source, a mist of multicolored smoke began forming around them. Suddenly they saw a short brown furry looking figure with two large red eyes staring at them. It appeared to float just above the ground. The figure approached and began staring at one of the… Read More

1988: February UFO & Alien Sightings

Date:  February 13 1988 Location:  Lancashire, England (exact location not given) Time:  0230A Summary:  A woman was apparently abducted from her home by several short entities wearing silvery suits then taken up a ramp into a landed craft. There she was placed on a table and examined by these beings who had leathery skin and smelt like cinnamon. Later she awoke back home with a terrible soreness around her genitals. Strange puncture wounds were also found on her arms. Source:  Jenny Randles, Star Children Date:  February 14 1988 Location:  Greensburg Pennsylvania Time:  0150A Summary:  The witness observed a large delta shaped craft hovering at 20 feet altitude. Through several windows, humanoid figures could be seen inside. It emitted a… Read More

1988: March UFO & Alien Sightings

Date: Spring  1988 Location:  Comerio Puerto Rico Time:   Summary:  Several local residents reportedly watched a large lighted disc shaped object land in an isolated area. Several “persons” were seen to emerge from the object.  Source:  Jorge Martin, Enigma # 18 Date: Spring  1988 Location:  Boynton Canyon Arizona Time:   Summary:  A well-known mountain climber reportedly was followed for a considerable distance in the canyon area by a small three-foot tall creature (not described) that was not human in appearance. Source:  Tom Dongo, The Mysteries of Sedona Date: Spring  1988 Location:  Ottawa, Ontario, Canada Time:   Summary:  An unusual object that flew into his apartment confronted the witness, it was about 2 ft in diameter and made a rather… Read More

1988: April UFO & Alien Sightings

Date: April 4 1988 Location: Las Carolinas Argentina Time: 1630 Summary: The witness was taking a walk in a wooded area near his home when he sat down to rest. He then heard a loud humming sound, looked around, and could not determine the source. Suddenly a bright light temporarily blinded him and he felt something taking control of him. Then 7 metes away a large multi colored sphere appeared, inside he could see three 5-foot tall humanoids, with long thin faces, large slanted eyes and wearing bright green outfits. The witness began to receive telepathic messages from the entities; he was told that they “had come to visit their mother Earth.” All three beings carried a small gadget that seemed to be a communicator.… Read More

1988: May UFO & Alien Sightings

Date: May 1988 Location: Quantock Hills, Somerset England Time: daytime Summary: The witness had been out taking photographs of the countryside when he noticed a large object approaching and making a low noise. The craft flew directly over his head at very low altitude. The craft was shaped like a saucer with stacked decks and protruding wings. It was an extremely complex structure. A humanoid figure was seen standing on the rim of the craft. The witness took several photographs but as the craft left it emitted a strong heat wave that destroyed the negatives. The witness developed very serious ill aftereffects after the incident. Source: Ken Phillips, Judith Jaafar, Northern UFO News # 162 Date:  May 1988 Location:  Near Leningrad Russia Time:  0943… Read More

1988: June UFO & Alien Sightings

Date:  Summer 1988 Location:  Little North River, near Aberdeen Washington Time:  afternoon Summary:  A 12-year old boy, fishing for crayfish on a small creek, having arrived at the site by motorcycle, looked up to see a white “Sasquatch” with a ‘pot” belly, bloodshot blue eyes, a pink complexion, a wide, flat pink nose, and buckteeth hunkering and looking at him from the opposite bank, approximately 20′ or less away. He thought at first that it was an “alien”. He described the hair as mostly white, very white from the chin down to the chest and belly, gray on the head, shoulders, arms and back and gray from the knees on down. He estimated its height to be over 6’.… Read More

1988: July UFO & Alien Sightings

Date: July 1988 Location: Elora Ontario Canada Time: 0350A Summary: The witness was in her house and was just coming downstairs after going to the bathroom when she noticed a short 3-foot tall figure standing by the patio window. She dozed off for a few moments but was woken up by a throbbing sound and could not move. She then was taken up into a small craft by two short beings. She was later transported to a larger “mother ship.” There she was examined on a long skinny bed by five beings, one taller than the others. These beings were dark and she could not see any facial features. She also remembers seeing a large hangar type room where several small-domed disc shaped… Read More

1988: August UFO & Alien Sightings

Date:  August 1988 Location:   Near Vyatsky, Kama region, Russia Time:  0300A Summary:  A brigade of soldiers was in the area engaged in fishing and foraging when one night the brigade commander suddenly awoke feeling uneasy. After walking out of the camp and approaching the area where the launch was at the edge of the lake he felt someone looking at him and turned to see at about 50 meters away the silhouette of a giant figure about 2.8 meters in height with long dangling arms, a round head and no discernible neck. The witness felt terrified and was unable to move a muscle; he attempted to pull out his pistol but was unable to. The figure finally disappeared… Read More

1988: September UFO & Alien Sightings

Date:    Fall 1988 Location:  Hamilton Ontario Canada Time:  2300 Summary:  A couple was walking home after having dinner at a friend’s home when they saw a small light resembling a car headlight flying towards them. Both became extremely frightened and hid between two houses nearby. Next thing they knew they were sitting in their apartment, sitting straight up, facing the balcony door. Later they recalled that as they were hiding in between the two houses they ran towards a bridge near a small “village” resembling a German storybook village. They both saw standing next to the bridge railing a seven-foot tall dark human like figure that stood staring at them with an amused look. He seemed to have… Read More

1988: October UFO & Alien Sightings

Date: October 1988 Location: Tehachapi Mountains California Time: 0200A Summary: A couple that had driven to a plateau on the south side of the mountain saw a large flashing orb of light rise from the ground and fly slowly up into the sky. They then experienced two hours of missing time. Later under hypnosis the man recalled being taken into an underground facility that was occupied by “human” military personnel and short gray humanoids. The gray humanoids apparently examined his wife. No other information. Source:  William Hamilton, “Alien Magic” Date: October 1988 Location: Near Natchez, Mississippi Time: 1700 Summary: The witness was riding his three-wheel ATC on a deer hunting expedition along the Mississippi River when the engine suddenly stalled. He then noticed two of his friends up… Read More

1988: November UFO & Alien Sightings

Date:  November 1988 Location:  St Paul, Minnesota Time:  late night Summary:  The witness woke up when the alarm clock went off; she sat up, sprung forward and then fell backwards again. She could not move at all and was only able to think. She finally managed to move a foot, then her leg and finally sat up on the edge of the bed. Things felt like they were out of sync, like a wave moving. She got up and walked toward the bathroom, looked to the right into the dining room and saw a black figure; it was as if reflected no light at all. She then went into the bathroom. She then peeked out and the figure was… Read More

1988: December UFO & Alien Sightings

Date: Winter 1988 Location: west of Vanderhoof British Columbia Time: Summary: one 3 dimensional rectangular shape red and partially transparent the size of a football field in sky ufo: approximately 200 ft in air motionless Source: Date:  Winter 1988 Location:  El Dique Los Alazanes, Argentina Time:  daytime Summary:  During a spate of wildfires in the area and on numerous occasions local firefighters sighted a strange man-like figure that did not answer their calls and moved at very high speed never letting anyone approach him. This being ran at very high speed among the burning foliage and was able to make prodigious jumps and athletic feats. No footprints were ever found. Source:  Alejandro Cesar Agostinelli, Año Cero 1992 Date:  Winter 1988 Location:  … Read More

1988: Unknown Date UFO & Alien Sightings

Date: 1988 Location: Mt. Orab Ohio Time: unknown Summary: On a property owned by an Indian there is a report of a UFO crash and supposedly three “female” aliens were recovered from the wreckage. The Federal government then purchased the farm property. The object was then put on a flatbed with military tank like tire threads and wheeled off. No other information. Source: CSETI Crash list Date: 1988: Son Of Military Man Witnesses Object Over Clark Airforce Base Date: 1988 Location: Giza, Egypt Time: unknown Summary: French Egyptologist Louis Caparat reportedly “discovered a secret room in the Great Pyramid of Cheops.” A dead alien humanoid “was found in a crystalline transparent case. At first the alien (not described) appeared to be hibernating,” or in a state of suspended animation.… Read More