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‘2001 Sightings’

2001: January UFO & Alien Sightings

Date: January  2001 Location:  Burnaby British Columbia, Canada Time:  daytime Summary:  Two peculiar strangers again visited the witness to a previous UFO encounter. These two were different from the others. They were at least six-feet tall, very bony, with head, hands and feet out of proportion to the rest of the body. They wore gray suits that seemed to be “oily”, had black ties and hats plus wrap around sunglasses that they never took off. When questioned about the glasses they remarked that they could see perfectly well. Their ears stood out from their heads and their skin was pale white, whereas their fingernails were gray in color. They never removed the hats during their visit. And throughout the… Read More

2001: Febuary UFO & Alien Sightings

Date: February  2001 Location:  Szamotuly, Poznan, Poland Time:  0400A Summary:  A 21-year old woman woke up in her bedroom to find three strange creatures standing close to her bed. They communicated with here telepathically. They told her that she was one of them and had a special mission to do on earth. The humanoids were small and thin. They wore dark gray suits, and had small thin heads.  Source:  Marcin Mizera, Robert Lesniakiewicz Date: February  2001 Location:  Norfolk, England Time:  2000 Summary:  CK was at his computer when he sensed something, glancing to his left; he saw a dark winged humanoid in his room. CK was abruptly brought back to “reality” by the phone ringing, and remembers wondering who… Read More

2001: March UFO & Alien Sightings

Date: Spring 2001 Location: Northern Mexico, exact location not given Time: late afternoon Summary: 16-year old Jose and three friends had gone fishing at a lake about 3 miles from their home. On the way to the lake, they chatted about everyday things after a couple of hours they reached the lake. Unfortunately the wind was still blowing strongly, and the dark lake rolled with violent waves that lashed the rocky shore ferociously. After walking around for about an hour looking a spot they finally found a perfect spot when a gust of wind struck them so violently that Jose and another of the boys were knocked from their feet. Jose’s head struck a boulder behind him and he clearly felt the back of his head getting… Read More

2001: April UFO & Alien Sightings

Date:  April 2001 Location:  Vernon, British Columbia, Canada Time:  unknown Summary:  Several campers encountered strange humanoids in a forest clearing. A photograph was supposedly taken. Source:  UFOROM Date:  April 2001 Location:  Lake Delton, Wisconsin Time:  night Summary:  On April 4 at about 0130A a family was woke up by a small balloon-like object that flew around inside the house. They followed it outside and saw numerous lighted objects flying over the area. The husband using binoculars saw different shaped craft including discs and football shaped objects. Some of the objects displayed purple and blue lights. Around the same time their young son reported encountering a 10-foot tall blue humanoid in the room that abducted him. They boy said that… Read More

2001: May UFO & Alien Sightings

Date: May 2001 Location: Dolby Forest, Yorkshire, England Time: mid afternoon Summary: On a beautiful sunny day John Peterson, his wife Jean, and their two children, Peter 9-years old and Laura 7 years old were picnicking in an isolated area among the trees. As they prepared the table with food and drinks the children were busy playing nearby, John and his wife became aware of two figures approaching them from across the field. As the figures got closer they saw a man and woman who both appeared to be naked. John and Jean were furious and John unable to contain himself shouted to them to cover themselves up in the presence of the children. The two figures did not acknowledge the man shouting at them and did not… Read More

2001: June UFO & Alien Sightings

Date:  Summer 2001 Location:  Palawan, Philippines Time:  evening Summary:  Daniel Carter and several other witnesses were hiking in a thick jungle area and had taken a little rest in a clearing. Soon they began hearing strange grunts, at first they thought it was a wild boar but the grunts became high-pitched almost like a long soft scream. About 5 to 7 minutes after these sounds there was an abrupt rustling of leaves and snapping of branches and suddenly a strange creature appeared. It was about five to six feet tall and very slim. It had the same shape and appearance of some kind of ape but it was clearly not a mammal. It had dark reddish/brownish skin that appeared… Read More

2001: July UFO & Alien Sightings

Date: July 2001 Location: West Weber, Utah Time: 0400A Summary: The witness was delivering newspapers as usual and had her son along with her to help out. It was still very dark. After dropping a paper into the box she began to driver forward to the next house and noted a late model white pick up truck coming up behind her. She pulled out onto the side of the road and waited for the truck to pass. She claims that everything seemed to be in slow motion at that point. As the truck passed there did not seem to be a driver. The passenger turned to look into the car. She says it was not a natural movement, it seemed to turn its… Read More

2001: August UFO & Alien Sightings

Date:  August 2001 Location:  Mulini De Villatoro, Padova, Italy Time:  evening Summary:  An elderly peasant encountered a child-sized creature, about 1.10meters in height in a field. He alerted two other witnesses that described it as resembling a “puppet” that walked in very stiff movements and taking short steps, almost robotic in nature. It approached the witness, who quickly left the area. Source:  CUN Italy Date:  August 2001 Location:  Fortin, Veracruz, Mexico Time:  evening Summary:  Luis Francisco Cortes was walking through a field in his uncle’s coffee plantation when he spotted a strange humanoid moving among the brush. He described the figure as tall, thin, wearing what appeared to be torn clothing and a strange hat. The skin was dark… Read More

2001: September UFO & Alien Sightings

Date: September, 2001: Black triangle with glowing red portholes in the Arizona desert Date:  September 1 2001 Location:  Tres Pontas, Minas Gerais, Brazil Time:  night Summary:  Several witnesses including Jussar Vandri watched a disc shaped object land on a nearby field. It was about 5 meters in diameter and emitted multicolored lights. It landed on a small tripod landing gear. Several of the witnesses reported seeing small humanoids inside the object through transparent windows. After a few minutes the craft left. Source:  Thiago Luiz Ticchetti EBE-ET Date:  September 2001 Location:   Time:   Summary:   Source:   Location. La Joya, Guanica, Puerto Rico Date: September 2 2001 Time: 0130A A teenager living on the second story of Mr. Sepulveda’s house saw… Read More

2001: October UFO & Alien Sightings

Date: early October 2001 Location:  Los Cipreses, Chile Time: night Summary: For a number of nights local residents reported encountering a strange, entity in their midst. It was reported to have been an amorphous “bird” responsible for the deaths of 32 geese, which were mutilated and exsanguinated under cover of darkness. Some witnesses claimed having seen the strange creature flying over their properties at night seeking shelter in a cave at the foot of a gorge near Los Cipreses. The cave covered by dense vegetation and located roughly half a mile from town provided an ideal shelter for the predator. Local farmers claimed to have found over 40, clawed prints, which were clearly marked on the soil. Source:  Scott Corrales, Fate December 2001 Date: October… Read More

2001: November UFO & Alien Sightings

Date:  November 5 2001 Location:  Bristol Connecticut Time:  dawn Summary:  A local resident out walking his dog reported seeing a giant, bird-like creature, the size of an ultra light plane, flapping away over a community center in Bristol.  Source:  The Anomalist Date:  November 7 2001 Location:  Osasco, Sao Paulo, Brazil Time:  evening Summary:  Several motorists including Marcelo Alfonso Silva watched a round object hovering over the SP-109 Road. The craft emitted a very strong yellow light from several windows around its edge. Some of the witnesses reported seeing two helmeted figures that appeared to be moving levers inside the object. Source:  Thiago Luiz Ticchetti EBE-ET Date:  November 2001 Location:   Time:   Summary:   Source:   Location. Rosario, Argentina… Read More

2001: December UFO & Alien Sightings

Date:  December 2001 Location:  Near Cupira, Pernambuco, Brazil Time:  unknown Summary:  Some employees at a ranch near this city saw a disc shaped object land on a field and disgorge several “little men” that proceeded to help themselves to some of the guava fruit from nearby trees. There were other reports in the area of low flying cylindrical shaped objects. Source:  Edison Boaventura Date:  December 2001 Location:  Sheepshead Bay Brooklyn New York Time:  12 AM Summary:  “My story begins on the Long Island Expressway back in December of 2001. I drove a black sedan for a car service from Delaware to JFK airport in New York. I made the trip dozens of times and knew my way around the side… Read More

2001: Unknown Date UFO & Alien Sightings

Date: 2001 Location: Russell Park, New York Time: night Summary: After seeing UFOs in a park the witness experienced a period of missing time. Later he was able to recall the incident fully. He saw a noiseless alien craft come down and land. He saw a ramp open as if inviting him inside. He went up the ramp ducking as he went in. The floor of the ramp felt strange on the bottom of his feet. Almost like a skin more than a metal ramp. Inside it was dimly lit, his cousin that had accompanied him was nowhere in sight. Inside he saw huge octagonal metallic walls or doors, about 9 feet high. The inside of the craft appeared to be larger than the outside of the… Read More