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‘2002 Sightings’

2002: January UFO & Alien Sightings

Date: January 2002 Location: Calama, Chile Time: 0300A Summary: An employee at the local Minera Escondida was on his way to the storage freezer in order to pick up some supplies when an unknown creature jumped him from behind. He could only describe it as hairy and dark. He was left with deep scratches and in a state of shock. Terrified he ran away and bumped into two other employees who were able to see a shadowy creature in the dark. Source: La Estrella del Loa de Calama, Chile Date: January 2002 Location: Caracas, Venezuela Time:  late night Summary: Late one night in a dream-like state the witness woke up to see seven to eight strange figures in her bedroom. They were dark gray in color and very thin, with… Read More

2002: February UFO & Alien Sightings

Date: February 2002 Location:  Near Palmyra, Wisconsin Time:  0200A Summary:  Two men reported seeing a creature that resembled a bipedal “gigantic wolf” walking down a road west of the city. They said the creature was at least 7 ft tall with a wolf-like head. Source:  Linda Godfrey Date: February 2002 Location:  West Garo Hills, Meghalaya, India Time:  afternoon Summary:  Nebilson Sangma reported encountering a scary furry creature on a hunting trip in the jungles. He reportedly took a video of the creature’s nesting place. According to Sangma, the creature walked erect like a human, had built a house like nesting place, and would emerge from it frequently to feast on a banana grove. Sangma and his brother observed the… Read More

2002: March UFO & Alien Sightings

Date: early March 2002 Location:  Wycliffe Well Roadhouse, Northern Territory Australia Time:  evening Summary:  While workers in the area watched unusual lights in the sky an aboriginal woman encountered a triangular sort of object in a paddock and all of the sudden she saw three silvery clad human like figures that began to move toward her vehicle. She turned the vehicle around and took off. Source:   Lou Farcus ABC On-line Date: March 2002 Location:  Near Canberra Australia Time:  1700 Summary:  Several friends were taking a trip to the coast and it was already very dark. They had already entered a tropical forest area and there was a mist rolling along the ground. As they turned around they saw… Read More

2002: April UFO & Alien Sightings

Date: Spring  2002 Location:  near Ajo, Arizona Time:   2:30 am Summary:  A 59 year-old man wondered about something or someone he saw one night while driving in the desert on the road to Ajo. He and his friends would go to Puerto Penasco, Mexico every year to fish and enjoy the sea of Cortez. To avoid the heat they would leave Colorado (San Luis Valley) about 3:00 pm and be on the road to Ajo about 3:00 am. His story: This night I was driving a rental car and everyone else was asleep when I was passed by a naked man running in the opposite lane of the direction I was driving. He was barefoot and moving really fast! I… Read More

2002: May UFO & Alien Sightings

Date: early May 2002 Location:  Puente Santamaria, Colón, Argentina Time:  early morning Summary:  Two young men observed a dark object descend towards the ground about 100 meters away. According to the two witnesses from the craft descended a small humanoid, orange in color. Very scared they both ran from the area and reported their experience to others. Source:  Fabio Picasso, quoting Semanario Colon Date: early May 2002 Location:  Merceditas, Colon, Argentina Time:  evening Summary:  An elderly couple was walking along National Route # 8 when about 800 meters from their location they noticed a very strong light. The light descended next to a puddle at about 70 meters from the witness. Both then saw two very short orange colored humanoids that… Read More

2002: June UFO & Alien Sightings

Date: early June 2002 Location:  General Acha, La Pampa, Argentina Time:  various Summary:  A resident of the Oeste neighborhood informed newspaper sources that a short green-colored dwarf like entity has appeared twice on her property: once in the morning and once in the afternoon. When her husband ran out responding to her screams, the mysterious entity vanished by rapidly climbing up a tree. All versions agree in that the entity is short in stature. Another resident added that it moved so quickly that it was hard to describe it. In the same area mysterious cattle mutilations have also been reported. Source:  Loren Coleman in UFO Updates Date: June 2002 Location:  Ojo De Agua, Argentina Time:  afternoon Summary:  Several passengers onboard two… Read More

2002: July UFO & Alien Sightings

Date: July 3 2002 Location: Adelia Maria, Cordoba, Argentina Time: 2100 Summary: Pedro and Estela Moine had decided to visit the business district of town called Barrio Norte and crossed the old railroad yard through a pedestrian pathway that ran through a pasture area between some silos, old railroad depots and abandoned wreckage. As the couple moved through the premises they suddenly became aware of a strange and incomprehensible conversation between many voices. Startled, they stopped walking moved a few meters more and then heard the voices again which now sounded like strange “O” sounds. Pedro looked toward the silos and was able to see resembling humanoid but lacking upper and lower extremities. Despite the pleas of his wife, Pedro ran several meters toward an inner… Read More

2002: August UFO & Alien Sightings

Date: August 2002 Location: Catania, Italy Time: Summary: August 2002 an UFO was observed above Catania, Italy. An amateur photographer has taken a photo on which was then detected a strange object. Intrigued by the finding, he informed about the photo the Centro Ufologico Mediterraneo (C.UFO.M.), whose president, dr. Angelo Carannante, has received the interesting picture on the mail of official website,, and alerted the specialists of the research center. On official CUFOM youtube channel, “CUFOMTV”, ,   it’s possible to find a video trailer about this interesting UFO sighting. News updates and further information about the results of the investigations will be given soon. Source: The President of the Centro Ufologico Mediterraneo (CUFOM) Dr. Angelo Carannante Date:  early August… Read More

2002: September UFO & Alien Sightings

Date:  September 2002 Location:  Chicago, Illinois Time:  2300 Summary:  The witness was awakened by a bright light shining through the blinds of his south-side home. After being fully awake he observed that the source of the light was a bright object hovering in the sky, it covered three panels of one inch mini-blinds. He got out of bed and went to the porch for a closer observation. The object hovered and he watched as it changed colors and directions. He was able to shoot some video of two maneuvering luminous crafts overhead. A few weeks later the same witness was awaken by an alien creature doing something to his hand. He could only move his head and in the… Read More

2002: October UFO & Alien Sightings

Date:  early October 2002 Location:  San Antonio, Texas Time:  early morning Summary:  Carre Obregon was walking through her neighborhood when it was still dark (she lives in a suburban neighborhood surrounded in on at least 3 sides by extensive wooded areas). She happened to see something out of the corner of her eye as she walked along and when she looked in that direction she saw what initially impressed her to be a very small, stark white person squatting on the ground in the alley about 25 ft away. It was still somewhat dark with moderate rain falling, so she was not able to get a detailed look at the creature. She was however able to describe it as… Read More

2002: November UFO & Alien Sightings

Date:  November 17 2002 Location:  Paphos, Cyprus Time:  2000 Summary:  A man and his girlfriend had driven to an isolated area and were talking quietly when suddenly it felt very hot and there was a flash of light and a strange “car” appeared next to them, it was dark and appeared to have no lights. Afraid and unable to move both stood staring at the strange vehicle. Suddenly a normal man like figure emerged from the vehicle and asked the witnesses, apparently by using telepathy if they had seen any “strange smoke” in the area, the witnesses said no. He then went back into the vehicle, which then disappeared, in plain sight. Source:  NUFORC Date: November 22 2002 Location:… Read More

2002: December UFO & Alien Sightings

Date:  Winter 2002 Location:  Burnett Heads, Australia Time:   Summary:   Source:   Date:  December 7 2002 Location:  Hermitage Pennsylvania Time:  2130 Summary:  The witness had not been able to sleep and went into his backyard to pray. Suddenly a beam of light surrounded him, his next memory was of being alone in a room. He thinks he then passed out. When he woke up two men accompanied him. They were talking. The witness could not remember anything else until he woke up on the ground in his backyard. Source:  NUFORC Date: December 8 2002 Location: Brookfield, Ohio Time: 0430A Summary: The main witness was away in a hunting trip with a companion when they retired for the night.… Read More

2002: Unknown Date UFO & Alien Sightings

Date:  2002 Location:  Eloy, Arizona Time:   Summary:  A man on Thursday said he saw a dinosaur-like bird at a public park about 50 miles northwest of Tucson. 28-year-old construction worker Ruben Navarrete told Cryptozoology News that he and a friend were driving through the north side of Eloy, Arizona, when he spotted the large bird 13 years ago at North Park, a place dedicated to provide the city residents with sports and a variety of recreational activities. “I saw the bird  sitting on  top  of  some  over  grown  trees,” he said about the winged creature. The man claims the sighting lasted about 15 seconds and that they did not stop the vehicle to investigate. His friend Rey, who… Read More