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‘2003 Sightings’

2003: January UFO & Alien Sightings

Date: January 2003 Location: Bolam Lake, Northumberland, England Time: after midnight Summary: Three men out in a fishing trip reported encountering a tall dark muscular figure standing on a patch of woods near the lake. The figure was dark, about 8 ft tall, heavy built and it had glowing eyes. Terrified the witnesses ran to their vehicle, which was parked nearby. Source: Geoff Lincoln, British Hominid Research Date: early January 2003 Location: Orizaba, Veracruz, Mexico Time: 0230A Summary: Delfino Garcia Zarate was at his post as security guard at the Technical Secondary school # 98 Mariano Escobedo and was making the rounds in the patio area when he heard a strong sound resembling a bird moving its wings at a very high rate of speed. Curious he looked… Read More

2003: February UFO & Alien Sightings

Date:  February 2003 Location:   Tualatin, Oregon Time:  night Summary:  As the witness boyfriend lay sleeping in bed she got up to use the bathroom. After she left the bathroom she decided to walk out to the living room and have a cigarette before she tried to go back to sleep. The apartment was pitch black. There were no windows except in the bedroom, which was covered with blinds and curtains, and the living room had a sliding glass door to a balcony that was right along side the main door and completely closed up with a drape as well. As she started down the path to the front of the living room she could sense someone walking up… Read More

2003: March UFO & Alien Sightings

Date:  early March 2003 Location:  Near Houston, Texas Time:  evening Summary:  The witness noticed his dog chasing something in the yard, thinking it was a cat he went out to investigate and yell at his dog. But when he got there he saw a 1 foot tall figure wearing red clothing—something resembling a clown suit without the big shoes and nose. He wore a pointy red hat and had white beard. The witness called his dog over to him; he pulled him inside and closed the door. Then looked out the window to see the figure eating birdseed in the yard. As he looked out, the gnome like figure looked straight at him. It seemed to become afraid and… Read More

2003: April UFO & Aliens Sightings

Date: early April 2003 Location:  Quininde, Ecuador Time: night Summary: A number of local residents called police after seeing what they described as a “gnome” in the town center. They all described the creature as being very small, green and ugly. Marco Preciado reported that the humanoid was less than three feet tall and that he had seen it about 3 times. He tried to follow it but it disappeared. Cecilia Cedeño who owns a liquor shop that the humanoid appeared in front of a shop to a group of people. The creature gave out a loud laugh and ran away. Police were called in to investigate the story. Source:UFO Casebook Forum Date: April 2003 Location: Hollywood, Florida Time: 0100A Summary: Two women came to the side of… Read More

2003: May UFO & Aliens Sightings

Date:   May 2003 Location:  Regensburg, Germany Time:  night Summary:  The witness, an elderly woman, woke up in the middle of the night to see a large gray head of an “alien” floating next to her bed. It appeared to be some kind of hologram. She could not believe it and rubbed her eyes, but the floating head remained. She got up and checked if it was only some kind of weird effect of the lights and shadow. But it was not, the head just floated in the room. After a few minutes it seemed to dissolve into nothingness. Source:  UFO Casebook Forums Date:   May 2 2003 Location:  Illinois, exact location not given Time:  0330A Summary:  Three young women returning… Read More

2003: June UFO & Aliens Sightings

Date: June 2003 Location: Mt Shasta, California Time: afternoon Summary: The witness (involved in a previous encounter) had gone up the mountain and was meditating when he asked specifically, to visit the “Telos” and in the stillness, a trunk of a tree presented itself and there was a doorway in the tree. The witness asked permission of the deva of the mountain, the deva of nature. He then walked down at an angle downwards through the mountain. He didn’t exactly walk, he floated down, and his feet were not quite touching the ground. He floated down; the atmosphere was faintly red, with a red tinge to it. There was a group of “people” waiting, in the mountain, and it… Read More

2003: July UFO & Alien Sightings

Date: July 2003 Location:  Brooklyn Center, Minneapolis, Minnesota Time: evening Summary: Kim Courteau and her sister were attending a monthly MUFON meeting. At the meeting they noticed a woman there whom Kim (a regular attendee) had not seen before. She was different. Her features were severe and noticeably pronounced, especially from a side view of her face. They could not help but notice that her face was large in size and elongated slightly with a rounded head and ending in a very pointy chin. Another striking feature of her appearance was her oversized sunglasses, which she kept on during the entire meeting, even when the room was darkened to watch a video, the dark sunglasses never came off. They took half of her face. Kim and… Read More

2003: August UFO & Alien Sightings

Date: August 2003 Location: Near Seward, Alaska Time: night Summary: Several youngsters were out in the area trying to snag salmon in the tidal pools late one night (it was very light out, just like twilight) when they saw on a field what they could only describe as “stick people” about three feet high, with large heads and eyes that reflected greenish light when the youngster shone their flashlights on them. The terrified youngsters felt that they were being stalked as they saw 15 pairs coming towards them. At this point the kids made a mad run for the main road. Upon arriving there, they confronted at least 15 to 20 more “stick people” hiding in the tall grass.… Read More

2003: September UFO & Alien Sightings

Date: September 2003 Location: Near Arivaca, Arizona Time: sundown Summary: The witness was scouting for deer on horseback in the Cerro Colorado Mountains about 1.5 miles from his camp and as twilight approached he found a dead bighorn sheep lamb. It looked like it had been killed within the hour. It had a gory looking bloody hole in its throat, just above the chest area. It appeared that the predator had eaten the heart and drank the blood, nothing else. There was some blood on the ground. The witness looked around and picked up the trail of a three—possibly four-toed animal with each toe about the length of a human finger with a claw or nail on the end… Read More

2003: October UFO & Alien Sighting

Date: October 2003 Location: Beshtau Mountain, near Lermontova Russia Time: daytime Summary: Boris Sinitzin, his wife Tatiana and several friends were relaxing at the hydrogen sulfide springs not far from the “Second Athos Monastery”. When suddenly the woman focused her attention on three figures, standing about 400 meters away on the slopes of the mountain. The figures were about 2 meters in height, yellow, silvery and blue in color. They stood motionlessly, emitting noticeable radiance from their bodies. For some reason the witnesses felt no fear and somehow knew immediately that these were “aliens”. The strange trio stared at the witnesses from the slopes and one of them pointed a finger at the group. As soon as the aliens realized they were being… Read More

2003: November UFO & Alien Sighting

Date:   November 2003 Location:  Moscow region, Russia Time:  late night Summary:  The witness who was staying at an “education camp” along with hundreds of other young men was sleeping in the barracks that night in a room that contained 6 other companions; he slept on the top bunk. That night he suddenly woke up as if in a dream and observed several “alien figures” or humanoids (not described), which appeared to be busy at different tasks in the room. He was completely paralyzed and in terrible fear. The encounter lasted for about a couple of minutes then the witness suddenly was awake in bed sweating profusely and shaking. He got up and checked the doors and windows but these… Read More

2003: December UFO & Alien Sighting

Date: December 2003 Location: Constanza, Dominican Republic Time: evening Summary: Sixto Paz Wells along with about 37 other persons had gathered in a mountainous area in order to meditate, during the so call “Worldwide Moment of Contact” the first one held in the Dominican Republic. After performing numerous breathing and meditating exercises the group noticed a strange fog or mist approaching their position at about 300 meters away. The strange fog seemed to move at ground level. As it approached their location the fog seemed to rise up into the air acquiring a half-moon shape, turning a pale blue or silvery color. Wells immediately decided to approach the strange fog with the intention to verify what the group was… Read More

2003: Unknown Date UFO & Alien Sightings

Date:   2003 Location:  Grappenhall Warrington. Cheshire. Time:  Afternoon Summary:  I was stood at my flat door.And saw across the road just above the houses. A silent moving object. That looked no more than thirty foot long. With a triangle end to it. When it moved across the houses .the front. Bit separated and moved along on its own.with the other end following.Then when it got to the end of the row of houses it vanished into thin air. And I heard a noise like it was taking off at a fast speed. Source:  Kevin stones Date:   2003 Location:   Time:   Summary:   Source:   Date:   2003 Location:   Time:   Summary:   Source:   Related articles The Synthetic… Read More