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‘2005 Sightings’

2005: January UFO & Alien Sightings

Date: January 2005 Location: La Playosa, Cordoba, Argentina Time: night Summary: Since early January numerous residents of this community in Cordoba have reported the presence of a bizarre creature they call a “lobizon” (wolfman). The intruder has attempted to enter local residents while at the same time emitting blood curling howls. It generally targets homes where there are no men around; it attempts to enter the home through the rear open patio area. Thankfully so far he has no been able to gain access to any of the residences where women and children have been alone there to confront him. Several women have described the entity as very tall, hairy, thin, and very agile, with blood shot eyes and wearing all black clothing. Police… Read More

2005: February UFO & Alien Sightings

Date:  February 2005 Location:  Esquenapas, Sinaloa, Mexico Time:  various Summary:  The anonymous witness has reported strange beams of light appearing around his ranch and finding mutilated cattle and finding strange crop formations in the fields. Others in the area have reported seeing strange objects in the sky and in their fields. The witness has been able to see several small humanoids about 3 to 4 ft tall with large heads and huge black eyes in his fields. One time he was sitting in his porch when a purplish glow appeared on one of the nearby fields, he grabbed his shotgun and went to investigate. In the field the witness was stunned to see what appeared to have been a… Read More

2005: March UFO & Alien Sightings

Date: Early March 2005 Location: Santa Fe, Argentina Time: night Summary: Numerous local residents have reported to the police encountering or seeing a peculiar character, dubbed the “Crazy man of the roofs”. He is said to jump from roof to roof using uncanny acrobatic ability. Witnesses describe him as over 2 meters in height, wearing all black, with cape and carrying some type of walking stick or “cane”. His eyes are said to glow red when he is confronted by witnesses. Some describe him as some sort of “cat-man”, who they could only see in silhouette and conceals his face, but when his face is seen his eyes are said to be glowing red. He is said to have first appeared in the suburb of… Read More

2005: April UFO & Alien Sightings

Date: April 2005 (?) Location: Near Ulan Bator, Mongolia Time: unknown Summary: Local shepherds tending their sheep at night have reported seeing large plate-shaped objects hovering close to the ground. They could see “people” that didn’t look like humans. They were very tall, bronze and shiny. Others have reported seeing the tall bronzed humanoids that reportedly have long arms and very long legs. Still others have seen the large plates hovering close to the ground. According to locals, these humanoids show themselves only to “certain type of people with higher thinking” Source:Santiago Yturria Garza in: quoting Kathy Adelaide Date: April 2005 Location: Wilmington North Carolina Time: night Summary: Kathleen Gay (involved in other encounters) was awakened by a light that went through the house, a bedroom, a… Read More

2005: May UFO & Alien Sightings

Date:  early May 2005 Location:  Baltow, Poland Time:  0300A Summary:  The 55-year old witness (involved in the previous encounter) woke up suddenly feeling that something was going to happen. She noticed that the wall had become transparent and she was able to see the gate and the front of the house. She then saw a strange, terrifying entity. It was 2.5m tall and appeared to be “sad in appearance”. She could feel evil emanating from it. She sat on the bed and stared at the entity. The atmosphere around her was very strange. The creature had reddish orange hair matted in a strange way, solid looking in appearance. After a minute the entity vanished. After speaking to her husband… Read More

2005: June UFO & Alien Sightings

Date: summer 2005 Location: Poltava region, Ukraine Time: daytime Summary: A young woman named Irina B, was living in a countryside cottage and was visiting a secluded beach on the banks of the great River Dnepr. She frequented the area often and knew it well. Her favorite area was an isolated small inlet covered with sandy beaches and bushes, the area had numerous gaping holes or crevices all around, some of them quite large, and possibly artificially made by locals. On this day she was lying by the beach sunning herself, and dozing off when she suddenly awoke with the feeling that someone staring at her. She opened her eyes and was terrified to see a huge bipedal lizard-like being about 2meters in height and covered with greenish… Read More

2005: July UFO & Alien Sightings

Date: July 2005 Location: Kota Bharu, Kelantan, Malaysia Time: daylight Summary: On the night of 13 July 2005 a private TV channel showed a video footage taken from a CCTV camera placed on top of a tall building. The footage showed a hazy black mass of no definitive shape measuring about 3.5ft by 2.5 ft sliding or crawling swiftly on top of the roofs of several houses below. When it reached a drainage pipe of a 4-story building, it climbed upwards. The movement of this entity seemed to show that it was actually using its hands and legs to climb up the pipe. Upon reaching the top, it turned around and descended back down and then moved over the nearby roofs until it… Read More

2005: August UFO & Alien Sightings

Date:  August 2005 Location:  Szczecin, Poland Time:  night Summary:  Monika B’s 7-year old son had asked her to sleep in the bedroom with her and of course she agreed. They were about to get into bed when the boy suddenly remarked, “Mommy! Look at the wall behind the window. What a green color. It looks like a skull”. She looked at the wall and indeed a skull was visible in the center of a greenish background. They then went to bed. Turning her head her son asked her not to look in that direction but her curiosity prevailed. She peered at the wall and she noticed that the skull had begun to transform itself into the image of a… Read More

2005: September UFO & Alien Sightings

Date:  September 2005 Location:  Lexington Park, Maryland Time:  late night Summary:  The 37-year old witness was sleeping when she suddenly found herself standing on a street corner—no cars were around. It was late at night and there was another girl standing near her, to her left side. She did not know her. She felt as if she was waiting for something but did not know what exactly. The intersection reminded her of one in North Dakota where she had lived a few years ago…because the surroundings were flat unlike her current residence where there are lots of trees and hills. She looked to the sky and saw a dark object resembling a dark sphere without lights. She soon realized… Read More

2005: October UFO & Alien Sightings

Date: October 2005 Location: Newberry, South Carolina Time: Summary: In October 2005, a woman in Newberry, South Carolina reported to the police that she had seen two creatures resembling the Lizard Man outside her home. Source: Date: October 1 2005 Location: Charbonier, Capilla del Monte, Argentina Time: night Summary: A man heard a ruckus coming from the farm animal pens where he kept his chickens, horses, etc and armed with a flashlight he went to check what the problem was. Arriving at the corral he almost ran into a huge black bird-like creature with red eyes, as he pointed his flashlight at it the flashlight “exploded” (!). The strange bird then flew low over the witness and disappeared towards nearby route 38. The creature was about 1m in height. According… Read More

2005: November UFO & Alien Sightings

Date: November  2005 Location:  Xalapa, Mexico Time:  afternoon Summary:  A man named Roberto (involved in other encounters) was standing in front of his home when he saw four strange figures walking casually by, all were dressed in white and among them one of the figures stood out. It was that of a very tall man, with oblique eyes, large pointy ears, and what appeared to be scaly skin, this one wore a red cross on his back. The rest of the people apparently ignored the group as they disappeared quietly into the crowds. According to Roberto the tall entity was definitely reptilian in appearance. Source:    Rossana Tejeda Lopez “El Durmiente de Orizaba” Date: November 1 2005 Location:  Portland… Read More

2005: December UFO & Alien Sightings

Date: December 2 2005 Location:  Green Bay Wisconsin Time:   Summary:   Source:   Date: December 7 2005 Location:  Over California from aircraft Time:   Summary:   Source:   Date: December 8 2005 Location: Chehalis, Washington Time: 05:30 Summary: Clear early morning (0530), noticed a bright light in a direction southwest of my location that appeared to be a star or planet. Observed object for 20 minutes after noticing it was randomly moving up to 5 degrees on the horizon at a high rate of speed. Object omitted green and orange lights at a distance of several miles. Went inside and informed 2nd witness who saw exactly what I saw. After observing it for 40 minutes, went in and got the video… Read More

2005: Unknown Date UFO & Alien Sightings

Date: 2005 Location: Poland, exact location unknown yet Time: unknown Summary: The witness was driving on state road 19 when he noticed 3 large strange figures several dozen meters ahead. According to him the entities were “bipedal animals” which were swinging their arms and took off in a run apparently bewildered by the human’s presence. The witness claimed that they had been standing on the side of the road and when the car approached they quickly turned left toward a nearby wood located about 10 meters away. Due to the fog that enveloped the area the witness wasn’t able to describe the beings stating that, “Surely they weren’t any wild animals or humans, what can explain their stride and size”. Source: NPN ORG Poland Date:  2005 Location:  Tintagel Cornwall, England.… Read More