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‘2009 Sightings’

2009: January UFO & Alien Sightings

Date: January  2009 Location:  Benton Harbor, Michigan Time:  9am. Summary:  The road I was on headed due west towards Lake Michigan before turning north. At the point in which the road turns north, there is a brief elevation increase that allows for a quick view of Lake Michigan. I was about 3/4 mile east of Lake Michigan, it was approximately 9am. I saw a bronze disc rising from the water about 1 mile west of the beach access area of St. Joseph, MI. This disc was HUGE. Massive amounts of water could be seen falling from it. The disc was facing the shoreline during it’s assent. By this I mean, it was like looking at the face of a quarter. The… Read More

2009: February UFO & Alien Sightings

Date: February  2009 Location:  Ocala, Florida Time:  evening Summary:  Two men were parked on their driveway talking when they heard something very large hovering above but when they looked at the sky they saw absolutely nothing. Then they heard something in the woods behind them and saw several figures with large black eyes looking at them from the woods. When they tried to approach the figures the hovering noise stopped and the shadowy figures vanished. Source:  Direct communication Date: February 1 2009 Location: Near Los Lunas, New Mexico Time: 11:30 pm Summary: The main witness and his friend ‘Will’ were in Will’s car driving home in this town just south of Albuquerque. As they were getting within 10 miles… Read More

2009: March UFO & Alien Sightings

Date:  early March 2009 Location:  (Wilderness area) Canada (exact location not given) Time: night Summary: The witness who lives alone in a remote cabin one night saw a light outside the window. The nearest town is a few hours away, so of course I was confused. He rarely sees lights outside at night where he lives. So he went to the window, he looked out and saw a “massive UFO”, the craft was huge. As he looked up stunned he began to feel a sense that he was floating. Then the next thing he knew he woke up in a totally white room. Four beings came out first; they were small, probably 4-5 feet tall with gray skin. (He claims he had never sent these before from previous… Read More

2009: April UFO & Alien Sightings

Date:  April  2009 Location:  Puerto Huarmey, Peru Time:  various Summary:  A strange looking “animal” which resembles a small bear and leaps with great agility has reportedly mutilated numerous farm animals, including ducks, pigs, and even dogs, causing great alarm among the locals. The men have organized nightly “hunting parties” in order to look for the animal. According to different testimonies the bizarre creature resembles a bear but the size of a dog, perhaps 45cm in height, with a yellow chest, and large fangs protruding out of its mouth. It apparently has the ability to leap over tall hedges and animals pens. Madeleine Flores, a community leader reports that so far about 14 households have been affected, they have asked… Read More

2009: May – June UFO & Alien Sightings

Date:  May 4 2009 Location: Lake District, England Time: 0130a Summary:  After a long day the witness had eventually settled down for the night in his tent at around 2300hrs. He was woken up by a deep humming sound, not loud but really deep so much that it seemed to vibrate through him, the inside of his tent was also lit up by a dim glow. What is most puzzling and very disturbing is that from about that time the witness remembers nothing until dawn on Wednesday morning when he woke up outside his tent stark naked and very cold. His tent and all his clothes had a very strong ‘ozone’ type smell. He only has a vague recollection of being laid face down on something hard… Read More

2009: July UFO & Alien Sightings

Date: July 2009 Location:  Between Cushman & Mapleton Oregon Time: after midnight Summary:  The main witness, Scott Riddle, was driving with five friends going east on highway 126 when he saw a light coming low over the mountain about 5-6 miles up ahead & just off to the right at the one o’clock position. At first he didn’t think much of it as he continued driving and looking at it. It was flying very low just over the treetops as it approached following along the valley floor. As it came closer he could see that it was very big, like a large airliner. That made him think that something was very wrong, a jet airliner shouldn’t be that low and slow. Soon he realized… Read More

2009: August UFO & Alien Sightings

Date: August 2009 Location: New Zealand (exact location not provided) Time: late night Summary:  The witness was lying on his bed asleep having a nice dream about something or other, when suddenly he awoke for no apparent reason. His bed was situated so that his head was facing out a window and his feet were facing out the doorway, which is totally against the laws of Feng Shui. He also slept with the door to his room open so that he could see out into the hallway. He looked out into the hallway and saw what looked like his ‘dad’. It was wearing a gray jersey, white pants, and sandals and socks. It just walked straight past his room, completely ignoring the witness. As it… Read More

2009: September UFO & Alien Sightings

Date: September 2009 Location: Near San Diego de Alcala, Chihuahua, Mexico Time: night Summary: A lone motorist traveling on a deserted road reported seeing a large transparent sphere crossing low over the road ahead of his vehicle. Inside the sphere he was able to see a group of humanoids apparently of the ‘gray type’ variety, about 10 of them that were accompanied by a very tall blond haired humanoid with a very athletic body, who when noticing the presence of the witness, stared at him in a very ‘intense and aggressive’ manner. Afraid the witness stopped his vehicle and watched as the sphere continued on slowly and at a very low altitude until it disappeared into the distance. Source: Date: September 2 2009 Location:  Butler, Missouri… Read More

2009: October UFO & Alien Sightings

Date: October 2009 Location: Spring Lake Park, Minnesota Time: 0530a Summary: The witness was driving to work past Spring Lake when he approached a stop sign; he got a clear view of the lake. From the stop, to the lake, its maybe 20 yards. He looked over and crouched down next to the lake were two figures. At first he didn’t think anything of them, but as he went through the stop, one of the creatures stood up and looked at him. He pulled over and stared at it. They looked like two large ‘mutant bears’, but muscular and had human features. He could see fingers with claws. Its face was human-like, but with a snout. After watching for… Read More

2009: November UFO & Alien Sightings

Date: November 2009 Location: Barrio Sintonía de la Cumbre, Capilla del Monte, Argentina Time: night Summary: Several young witnesses hanging out at a local plaza (Plaza Fatima) reported being approached on several occasions by short dwarf-like beings, about 1 m in height, wearing black pants, white shirts, with large feet and using quick “aggressive movements”. According to some of the witnesses the “dwarves” approach witnesses and ask for ‘cigarettes’ if refused they would hit the unsuspecting witness. Allegedly one of the witnesses reportedly committed suicide after encountering the strange entities. They have been seen several nights in a row. No other information. Source: Proyecto Catent, Capilla del Monte Argentina Date: November 1 2009 Location: Cardiff Wales Time: 20:00 Summary: I took photo of a constant brilliant star… Read More

2009: December UFO & Alien Sightings

Date: December 2009 Location: Australia (exact location not given) Time: night? Summary: A mother outlines a recent event experience by her son (involved in other encounters). He was shown a ‘van’ and he got inside as there was no feeling of fear present. All 5 beings were ‘Asian’ in appearance. The two at the controls did not once turn to him so he did not see their actual faces. The ‘van’ changed from, it turned into a ship of some sort. He was taken straight up at a speed that made his stomach feel like he was on a lift. He was, in seconds, looking down at the earth from space. He was then taken to another location where… Read More

2009: Unknown Date UFO & Alien Sightings

Date: 2009 Location:  North Carolina Time:  night Summary:   in 2009 from a United States Marine. This marine stated that one night he was alone in his room watching a movie when he heard a knock on his door. At first he thought that it must be his roommate as his roommate was always forgetting his keys. And when the Marine opened the door he was very surprised to see two small children standing there. And right away he was filled with a sense of dred. And for a couple of seconds they just stared at each other. Then this Marine noticed that both of these children had solid black eyes. And then he asked them what they wanted and… Read More