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‘Togo Sightings’

1974: Object hovers and immobilizes witnesses in Togo, Africa

THINK ABOUTIT SIGHTING REPORT Date: March 29, 1974 Sighting Time: 1:45 am Day/Night: Night Location: Lomé, Togo Urban or Rural: rural Hynek Classification: CE2 Duration: about 20 min. No. of Object(s): 1 Height & Speed: Size of Object(s): Distance to Object(s): 200-300 meters Shape of Object(s): Color of Object(s): dark mass Number of Witnesses: Multiple Source: / Joel Mesnard, Phenomenes Spatiaux, Mar. ’76 Summary/Description: A French worker on vacation on the coast of Togo, along with a Togolese woman, were on the beach when they noticed a sharp whistle coming from the sea. They saw a dark mass which approached from over water and which stopped at 200-300 m in front of the witnesses. Suddenly, three bright lights from the object paralyzed the witnesses. Several physiological effects plagued… Read More