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‘Czech Republic Sightings’

2006: Observation of red, star-like object near Polish-Czech border.

THINK ABOUTIT SIGHTING REPORT Date: June 20th 2006 Sighting Time: 23:26 – 23:31 Day/Night: Night Location: Near Polish-Czech Border Urban or Rural: Rural Hynek Classification: NL (Nocturnal Light) Point or extended luminous source observed at night Duration: 5 mins No. of Object(s):  1 Size of Object(s): Distance to Object(s): 25 km Shape of Object(s): star-like Color of Object(s): red Number of Witnesses: 1 Source: NPN © –, 21/06/06 Summary:  Glimmering object was seen near Polish – Czech border in Golkowice. As far as now there are any other information about other possible sightings of similar object. Additional information will be revealed in further publications concerning this case. The sighting was witnessed from a place located on Polish side of the… Read More