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‘Romania Sighting’

1968 The Cluj, Romania pictures

THINK ABOUTIT SIGHTING REPORT Date: August 18, 1968 Sighting Time: Day/Night: Location: Cluj, Romania Urban or Rural: Rural Hynek Classification: CE-I (Close Encounter I) Observation of an object in close proximity to the witness (i.e. within 500’) Duration: No. of Object(s):  1 Size of Object(s): 30 meters Distance to Object(s): 600 meters Shape of Object(s): disc Color of Object(s): metallic Number of Witnesses: 2 Source: UFOs at Close Sight (Patrick Gross) Summary/Description: One among the series of four photographs of a diurnal disc captured on photograph near Cluj in Romania by Mr. Emil Barnea on August 18, 1968. The weather was splendid, 36°C without any wind while Barnea and his friend Miss Matea walked in the forest with a couple… Read More

2007: Cluj Napoca, Romania Cigar Disc Or Possibly Donut Shaped UFO

THINK ABOUTIT SIGHTING REPORT Date: December 16, 2007 Sighting Time: 2:37 p.m. Day/Night: Day Reported: Location: Cluj Napoca, Romania Urban or Rural: Type of Report: Hynek Classification: Duration: No. of Object(s):  Size of Object(s): 1 Distance to Object(s): Shape of Object(s): Cigar, disc or possibly donut shaped. Color of Object(s): Number of Witnesses: 1 Special Features/Characteristics:   Source: Summary/Description: I’m an amateur photographer. I was at an elevated area that over looks the town to take some scenes of the snow on the rooftops. Normally I would use a tripod, but this day I’d forgotten to bring it. I took a wide shot looking south east. I then repeated the same shot 16 seconds later as I felt that I… Read More