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‘New Brunswick Sightings’

1955: Stanley, New Brunswick, Canada Sighting

THINK ABOUTIT SIGHTING REPORT Date:  October 3 1955 Sighting Time:  0600A Day/Night:   Location:  Near Stanley, New Brunswick, Canada Urban or Rural: – They were in a narrow valley, surrounded on their right by woods; behind them slightly to their left was a steep wooded hill. To their left at about 45% toward their front there was a large barn, presumably used by local farmers for hay storage. No other buildings or structures were visible. No. of Entity(‘s):  3 to 4 Entity Type:  human-like Entity Description:  silhouettes Hynek Classification:  CE-III (Close Encounter III) Close observation with animate beings associated with the object. Duration:  almost an hour No. of Object(s):  Multiples Height & Speed: about 50 to 60 ft from the ground.… Read More

2003: Flying orange orb witnessed in New Brunswick

THINK ABOUTIT SIGHTING REPORT Date: February 9, 2003 Sighting Time: early morning Day/Night: Location: Indian Mountain, New Brunswick, Canada Urban or Rural: – Hynek Classification: NL Duration: No. of Object(s): 1 Height & Speed: Size of Object(s): Distance to Object(s): Shape of Object(s): Round Color of Object(s): fiery orange ball Number of Witnesses: Multiple Source: Times & Transcript, October 30, 2003 (New Brunswick, Canada)  Original Source Summary/Description: It was a clear, cold early February morning when Amy Wilbur saw a flying orange orb in the sky. “It was a round orange ball in the sky hovering across the road and field to the west in front of our house,” she said. “It was bright and light orange, the edges even brighter, a red-orange.” The orange ball moved very slowly, downward… Read More