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‘El Salvador Sightings’

2006: Police Chief and 17 Officers see a strange light

THINK ABOUTIT SIGHTING REPORT Date: January 24th 2006 Sighting Time: Day/Night: Night Reported: Location: San Salvador Urban or Rural: Rural Type of Report: Hynek Classification: NL (Nocturnal Light) Point or extended luminous source observed at night. Duration: several minutes No. of Object(s):  1 Size of Object(s): Distance to Object(s): Shape of Object(s): Color of Object(s): silent light Number of Witnesses: 18 Source: Summary: A strange event is under investigation by the police. The deputy chief of the San Salvador police force and 17 of his men were witnesses to what still has not been given a rational explanation – they allegedly came across a powerful silent radiation that enveloped them for several minutes. Full Report AFP DIGITAL – In the… Read More