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‘Uzbekistan Sightings’

1989: Alien’s try to abduct a local woman

THINK ABOUTIT ABDUCTION REPORT Date: October 22, 1989 Sighting Time: noon Day/Night: Day Location: Badamzar, Kashkadar’yinskaya region, Uzbekistan Urban or Rural: Rural No. of Entity(‘s): 3 Entity Type: Entity Description: The alien was about 2 m in height, with a flat body and no neck, long arms reaching down below his knees. The head was almost bald with small patches of gray hair jutting out near the ears. The color of the entity’s skin was dark, almost black or dark gray. Instead of a nose the humanoid had small openings. The clothing appeared to be made out of leather, on the chest there was an emblem resembling a “red cross” or two diagonal red lines that crossed in the middle. Hynek Classification: CE-IV… Read More