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1970: Good Hart, Michigan Close Encounter

THINK ABOUTIT SIGHTING REPORT Date:  August 15 1970 Sighting Time:  2230 Day/Night:  Night Location:  Near Good Hart, Michigan Urban or Rural: –  No. of Entity(‘s):  5 Entity Type:  humanoid Entity Description:  five figures, all with his backs to him. The figures were humanoid in form, with large heads. They seemed to be occupied with a series of processes. The five figures were all dressed in a similar style. The outfits were form-fitted, and tended to give off a bluish glow. The middle of the figure turned slowly to face him. The eyes of the humanoid were much larger than human’s and spread farther around the sides of the head. No nose was visible, with flat cheekbones, lending to the face… Read More

1964: Two Alien Craft Land in Berlin, New York

THINK ABOUTIT LANDING REPORT Date: November 25, 1964 Sighting Time: Day/Night: night Location: Berlin, New York Urban or Rural: -Urban No. of Entity(‘s): 10 – 15 Entity Type: Humanoid Entity Description: they seemed to be dressed in something like a skin diver’s wetsuit.” It was a dark color and their hands were visible… out from the wrist of the suit. Their skin was lighter than the suit that they were wearing. They were built like men… the only difference [was that they] were slightly taller… between 6 1/2 and 8 feet tall… they seemed to have hair like we do, although their hair wasn’t long… it seemed to be well barbered, fairly close to their heads. Hynek Classification: CE3 Duration: four hours No.… Read More

2014: Mynydd Islwyn, Blackwood, South Wales Sighting

THINK ABOUTIT SIGHTING REPORT Date: October 20th 2014 Sighting Time: 8.45 AM Day/Night: Day Location:  Mynydd Islwyn, Blackwood, South Wales Urban or Rural: -Urban Hynek Classification: DD (Daylight Disc) Metallic or whitish object seen in the day. Duration: 5 minutes No. of Object(s): 1 Height & Speed: 1000 feet up Size of Object(s): about the size of a large van/single decker bus Distance to Object(s): Shape of Object(s): The object was reminiscent of a Toothpaste box (!) with a slope at the front end Color of Object(s): all white apart from 3 or 4 black circles along the length Number of Witnesses: multiple Source: Steve Thomas Summary/Description: Sat with colleague in works van at Mynydd Islwyn covered reservoir having a coffee before starting work and I noticed what I thought… Read More

Vallee’s & Hynek Original Classification System 

This is the final form of Jacques Vallee’s original classification system. It still remains one of the best and most descriptive classification systems, particularly when the subtypes are used. Class Name Description Type – I (a,b,c,d) Observation of an unusual object, spherical discoidal, or more complex in form, on or close to the ground (no higher than tree height), which may be associated with traces – physical effects of a thermal, luminous, or mechanical order. a – On or near ground b – Near or over body of water c – Occupants displaying interest in witnesses by gestures or luminous signals d – Scouting a terrestrial vehicle Type – II (a,b,c) Observation of an unusual object with vertical cylindrical formation in the sky, associated… Read More

1983: Albert Burtoo Abduction Rejection – Article

Aldershot, Hampshire, United Kingdom Night Fishing As 77-year-old Alfred Burtoo was fishing the Basingstoke Canal in the peaceful early hours of the morning of August 12, 1983, he saw a brilliant light descend from the sky and settle on the nearby towpath. Thinking it must be a helicopter from the nearby MOD base, he took no notice, and poured himself a cup of tea from his Thermos flask. Then his dog, Tiny, began whining furiously and two figures emerged from the darkness. “They were about four foot high, dressed in pale green coveralls from head to foot,” Burtoo told reporters. “And they had helmets of the same colour with a visor that was blacked out.” The strangers gestured to… Read More

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