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Date: September 25th 2005

Sighting Time: 7:30

Day/Night: Night



Urban or Rural: Rural

Type of Report:

Hynek Classification:

Duration: 2-3 minutes

No. of Object(s): 1

Size of Object(s):

Distance to Object(s): 30-100 miles out

Shape of Object(s): fire ball

Color of Object(s):

Number of Witnesses: 7


Summary/Description: I happened to see the unidentified object sept 25th in japan airspace, I was flying inbound Taipei, at 7:30 local time. this object was about 50,000 feet above ground (since we were at 35000 feet, this is my estimate), and initially was stationary, but the smoke it created was huge and like a lollipop shape, estimated a few miles in circle.then with extremely speed (at least 5 times speed of sound) flying westbound and disappeared. this thing could not be manmade and also very unlikely to be a nature phenomenon. contact me if I can be of any more help.

Additional Information

I am a commercial airline pilot, and there were 6 others onboard and all agree that was unusual and they never saw anything like that during their aviation career.

Heading 240, object 3:00 o’clock and about 30-100 miles out, hard to tell, As for the location, we were 1:30 to go to Taipei, trip from Seattle to Taipei. The object was more like north-west bound, when we discover the object, it was there already, not moving at first. It was stationary for the first 2-3 minutes, producing huge white contrail and spray outward, object remained at same place, then started to fly away. The object pretty much was the same altitude for the whole process until it disappear before us.

I checked with Tokyo traffic control right away, no other aircraft or military exercise that night. Yes, a big contrail as I mentioned, or at least big white smoke circled few miles in diameter. No sound at all, too far away, and the 747 was noisy enough

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