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Alien Types


In order to save confusion in one’s attempt to categorize all of the various alien entities encountered during paranormal events, it is possible to ‘break down’ most if not all of the reports into just a few ‘entity’ types or categories, though not necessarily all benevolent, or so called ‘Evil‘entities’. We leave it up to the reader to come to their own conclusions concerning the plausibility of the existence of the SPECIFIC ‘alien’ groups mentioned in the paragraphs below, based on their own review of the evidence and documentation contained in THESE files.

We are convinced, regardless of the reliability of specific accounts, that the OVERALL evidence strongly suggests that these  ‘entity groups’ inhabit this general sector of the galaxy, and that some of these groups are– generally speaking–in conflict with each other to some extent. Aside from this obvious fact there are numerous accounts which seem to corroborate this thesis, yet which should nevertheless be weighed by the reader in light of their corroborative elements, documentation, the sincerity and reputation of the numerous witnesses, and other evidences both physical and circumstantial.

We must however remember that this is an outgrowth of a so-called ‘dualistic reality’, or rather the idea that good-positive and evil-negative cannot exist without the other, which is entirely fallacious. This should instead be viewed as a ‘Cancer’ or ‘Virus’ which plagues the Universe, an unnatural ‘disease‘ which does not belong in creation, but remember, “we created this”. The following list of humanoid, sauroid and other entities inhabiting Terran, Subterranean and Exterran realms is by no means complete.

The appellations or names given to the various groupings are for the most part the names which are already in use to describe them, except for some cases where the actual name of the entities is uncertain, in which cases we have given them descriptive titles for want of other terms. We relate those groups which have consistently been ‘reported‘ by VARIOUS sources, regardless of any substantial evidence whether such alien groups actually exist or not. Many of the groupings may go by various other names as well.

The following synopsis of the various ‘alien’ groups is based upon hundreds of corroborating accounts over a period of several years.

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